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With over 500,000 businesses powered by Shopify in 175 countries, it’s safe to say that many merchants rely on this eCommerce platform to get their business online. Branding is, of course, an important part of that.

While Shopify only comes with nine basic themes (each with its own set of templates), there are hundreds of premium themes to choose from. Additionally, users have access to an active community of other design-conscious online store owners. Considering everything, there are plenty of resources available to assist you in creating your dream eCommerce store.

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As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Shopify website examples in this article. These websites feature creative and memorable design choices that perfectly highlight their brands!

So, without further ado, let’s get this party started.

When you visit Sugargoop’s website, you are greeted by a burst of colour. To create a striking, stark contrast, this Shopify store uses yellow and blue. It’ll be not easy to find another website that compares.

Sugergoop offers sunscreen, which explains the bright coastal colour scheme. The colour messaging is so clear! All imagery, including product packaging and website pictures, is blue and yellow.

The website header has a 90s vibe to it, perfectly complementing their talk-show-inspired video header with yellow daffodils (who would have guessed – *gasp*).

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Overall, Sugargoop’s website is a perfect example of colour branding executed perfectly!

The New York Times Store

Everything from personalised presents to branded clothes, cooking sets, book editions, wall paintings, and more is available at the New York Times Store.

Despite having many products, the site’s design is fairly consistent. Most notably, Store employs a muted pastel colour palette that is earthy, soft, and straightforward. This helps ensure that the website’s design and layout do not overwhelm visitors. In addition, the Store’s use of bolder colours serves as a booming accent that immediately draws your attention.

In a nutshell, its colour theory done correctly.


“On the go nutrition for an active life” is Soylent’s motto. Their meal replacement, like their site design, is a classic. Soylent’s website is modest and understated in every way. There’s a lot of white space and clean, clear text and colour boxes. Its simplicity is reminiscent of the Soylent bottle, which does not scream for attention. Soylent’s branding is on their main product: straightforward, gimmick-free meal replacements.

The user-focused content towards the website’s bottom is likewise effective. A variety of clients with simple soylent bottles can be seen here. This extraordinary social evidence not only builds credibility with their target audience but also matches their consistent web design — a win-win!

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Mayhabis specialises in a certain type of footwear. The multilayer construction ensures comfort in every environment and has a distinctive appearance. Mayhabis evolved comfy slippers into trendy, adaptable items that can be worn anywhere and in any weather.

The horizontal layers of colour are what make the sneaker stand out. The website’s design reflects this, with flat areas of grey and yellow highlighting crucial information. The background is also kept basic, making the web site’s colour scheme easy to follow layer by layer.


Hydrant is a brand that helps you stay hydrated, as the name suggests. They sell energy flavour packs that you may dissolve in water to get extra vitamins and a boost.

You might be wondering how the website’s design communicates this.

The website’s predominant colour is a fresh pastel blue, enhanced with yellows, reds, and oranges. These accent colours provide a welcome flash of colour to help bring attention to products and other key website features.

The wave-shaped divider farther down the page is also one of our favourites. This is an animation that moves around like water before settling. This striking effect catches the eye and creates a good contrast to the site’s generally clean, straight lines.

The Sill

Beautiful potted plants, plant-care kits, and flower bouquets are available at The Sill for your window sill or as a gift. The Sill has a subtle grey colour scheme that contrasts beautifully with the vibrant plants. You get the idea that a live plant could truly brighten up an otherwise drab area.

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The logo heading at the top of the site is another design element we like. The title of The Sill is divided into two words by a lengthy, unbroken line. This almost appears to be two plants on opposing ends of a window sill. Isn’t that clever?

The popup that appears on the homepage is also appealing. Popups might be bothersome at times, but the subtle colouring and promise of a 15% savings are quite appealing!

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shopify dropshipping store set up

In conclusion, The Sill is a great illustration of what great product photography can accomplish for a website when each image is ideally matched to the entire web design. What’s the result? A smooth, well-coordinated aesthetic.

EU Polaroid

Have you seen the old printer logo with the rainbow colour swatches? That’s essentially the EU Polaroid website in motion.

EU Polaroid sells small, instant analogue cameras. With its bright print hues, the rainbow isn’t just on the goods. It’s all over the place, from the animated header to the multiple product previews in various colours. As a result, you’ll see a vibrant blend of blue, red, green, and yellow throughout the site.

EU Polaroid balances this out with enough white space to avoid seeming cheesy on the web. Again, product design and the website design are inextricably linked. The same colour scheme and font family (print-favourite Helvetica typefaces) are employed in this example.

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Artifox is a web-based furniture business that specialises in elegant, artistic, and minimalist wooden furniture. Their items are inherently warm and big in colour, with various wooden browns, whites, and blacks.

The website of Artifox allows its items to speak for themselves. The website is clean and basic, ensuring that visitors are drawn to the product photographs. These images are featured prominently on the website. Each product photo is set against a simple grey background that enlarges when you hover over it when you go through to the homepage.

Another lovely touch is that the layout of the site never changes. You know exactly what to expect as you move from one page to the next. The super-simple and the easy-to-navigate menu stays on the left and never changes. Overall, Artifox is a shining example of truly solid and dependable site design.

Caldera Lab

Caldera Lab is a green technology skincare company. With nature at its foundation, it’s no surprise that olive greens and browns dominate the colour scheme. It stays away from harsher blacks, giving the site a nice softness that complements the modern, clean style. Caldera Lab’s sleek and basic iconography, which employs simple line images, is very appealing. It’s also worth noting that a testimonial and a CTA button are prominently displayed on the homepage. It entices potential buyers without coming across as pushy.

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Fetching Fields

You’re welcomed with a delicious, healthy-looking breakfast spread when you first visit Fetching Field’s website. There’s honey in a bowl, cereal breaking onto the tabletop from a wooden spoon, and bright red apples off to the side.

At first appearance, nothing implies you’re looking at dog food.

On the other hand, Fetching Fields sells human-grade, certified, organic, plant-based dog food! Their product is designed to promote doggie wellness and activity at a level that no one would be ashamed of — and they achieve!

Fetching Fields employs a novel and unexpected technique that defies initial preconceptions, earning them a spot on this list!


Shampoos and conditioners are among the cosmetics available at Gemmist. The brand keeps things simple on their packaging, with clear text and stylish peachy pinks and blues, following the trend of minimalist and transparent cosmetics.

A questionnaire offers individualised product recommendations for the best shampoo fit, which we believe is a lovely touch! This is not only a brilliant technique to increase visitor interaction, but it also allows the company to gain a better understanding of its clients. They can then apply what they’ve learned to better their products and marketing methods. Win-win!


Golde takes website design standards and discreetly breaks them to build a vivid and entertaining site.

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A smooth, blodged colour backdrop of yellows, peaches, apricots, and greens is used for advertising the Latte Whisk. The product box follows a wavey, blotted pattern in greens and yellows.

As you go down the page, you’ll see that the motif is remarkably consistent. All product shots are shot against the same backdrop, which is white with pastel splashes. In addition, colour transitions that are slightly wavey introduce just enough motion to keep things interesting between sections.

We appreciate how Golde uses a dark brown for the primary typography and headings, which complements the colour palette. It softens the impact of normally black writing and complements the brand’s soft, welcoming aesthetic.

Harper Wilde

Harper Wilde is a company that sells bras for ‘leading ladies,’ and its Shopify website design reflects this. The site makes use of hues that aren’t typically associated with femininity. Instead, sporty dark blues and reds convey the brand’s message of strength, commitment, and dependability.

The site feels incredibly active with animated banners and high-quality photos that crossfade into other views. The underlining of terms that displays as you browse through is another fantastic element.

Leo et Violette

The full-width feature photography on Leo et Violette’s Shopify website immediately draws you in. The earthy, natural hues are wonderfully harmonised throughout the website, with each image complementing the last.

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Because the products are made in Italy, the sandy tones combined with ocean blues and seascapes represent the brand’s origins.

To display multiple views, some product photos include a slideshow effect. When you hover over the snaps, you’ll see an image of a model wearing the accessory instead of the object itself. Isn’t it amazing?


With its brightly coloured website, Brightland lives up to its name. A sunset palette of golden yellows, reds, and blues is pleasing and bold. Because the company sells extra virgin olive oils, letting viewers feel as if they’re standing on a Mediterranean beach gazing out into the horizon is a natural fit. The incredibly vivid and energetic colours contrast beautifully with the plain, black-and-white design of the menus and paragraphs.

The site also incorporates rustic textures and hues in its photographs, such as rocky walls in the background of product photography with apricot halves and herb bundles.

The site’s animations, though, are where the design shines. Small forms animate as you scroll down to align with the text and photographs. It’s almost as though everything clicks into place as you go. The movement is just enough to keep you interested in the page and direct your attention to important content without being distracting.

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Smol has created a high-performing laundry capsule that is so little and compact that it can be mailed through your letterbox. On the website, this selling element is prominent. To emphasise the point, Smol places all-important product images in the centre column of their website, where it takes up very little space.

A washing capsule rotates on its own in an empty white space in the main header video. As a result, nothing stands in the way of your attention being drawn to the small but effective item that provides the page’s largest flash of colour.

Smol’s website is designed with green and blue gradients for a fresh, clean aesthetic, with soft grey and white text to highlight the more colourful product photographs.

Not Pot

Not Pot’s Shopify store is one-of-a-kind. The simplicity of 90s web design, with clean fonts, nostalgic graphics, blocks, and a single backdrop colour block, is what we’re talking about.

This design choice is entirely intentional, and it’s complemented by snippets and images of vintage manga art. Not to add that it’s all done in nice colours.

While the site offers cannabis, they have developed a “safe, effective, and enjoyable.” As such, Not Pot’s web design purposefully steers away from everything you’d traditionally associate with cannabis. With its shop and service, the company appears to be having a lot of fun, and it succeeds in differentiating out from the competition in very unexpected ways.

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Area Ware

Area Ware sells one-of-a-kind and natural home, workplace, and puzzle items, as well as toys. Colourful product photos on a clean white background make each image pop on their Shopify website.

The splashes of colour create a welcoming atmosphere that is ideal for families with children. In addition, they’ve picked a bright yellow as an accent colour, which works nicely to balance out the navigation options.


Blume is a peachy and baby blue colour palette cosmetics and self-care brand. It follows in the footsteps of a slew of other clean and natural cosmetics that keep their packaging basic and unobtrusive. This goes a long way toward making them appear more genuine, grounded, and honest.

The simple typography and photos don’t make much noise, so it feels like they’re getting right to the point. The entire website, including the checkout procedure, is extremely user-friendly. You could choose an item and buy it in a matter of minutes.


While you won’t be buying with Room anytime soon because offices are closed, their concept is intriguing. The Room has created personalised cubicles, conference rooms, and more using purpose-built booths that can be set up within your office space. The goal is to provide a more flexible alternative to the fixed structure while modernising traditional office design.

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The eCommerce website has a video header that shows people working in their different “Rooms,” including phone booths, video conference rooms, and other applications. This is quite appealing!

This dynamic theme features animated colour blocks that enhance the infographics — it’s highly fascinating and well-designed!

Counter Print

Counter Print and the previously mentioned EU Polaroid have several ideas in common. This website’s style is primarily black on white, with simple lettering and vibrant graphics. Counter Print, on the other hand, doesn’t exactly go with the rainbow’s brightest hues; instead, they favour slightly more subdued pastels.

Rachel Comey

You might be confused by Rachel Comey’s clothing website at first. The retailer is so simple that it doesn’t even identify menu items right away, and the homepage also doesn’t tell you much. Instead, the first thing you see is a very textured graphic that clearly expresses what the brand’s clothes is all about: urban, youthful, and stylish.

Rachel Comey uses an interesting visual gallery when looking at the latest arrivals. The picture is remarkably consistent, with real-life models looking calm and stoic against a blank grey backdrop. When you hover your mouse over the photographs, you’ll get close-ups or alternate design stances that will entice you back in.

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The product detail pages provide you with a full-screen view of the product so you can see it in all its splendour. You must click additional to receive text details for further information.

Rachel Comey’s website design selections may not be to everyone’s taste. Nonetheless, it dared to be unconventional, which perfectly matched their brand.


Ugmonk sells high-quality analogue productivity tools such as stationery and notepads with unique designs. The wood-themed colour scheme, like their products, is subtle, giving off a simple yet elegant vibe.

The extraordinarily fluid navigation preview, which fades seamlessly as you hover from one item to another, is an intriguing design element. In addition, more images and a sub-menu illustrating Ugmonk’s many collections accompany each menu item. In summary, the website exudes luxury and sophistication in every way.

Jackie Smith

Jackie Smith is a statement-making accessory line. With thick, heavy typefaces and icons for its graphics, this eCommerce business evokes the attraction of comic books, giving you that “kapow” the brand is striving for.

You’ll frequently see heroically strong oranges, reds, and blues that work well together on the website. In addition, every image on the site works wonders, and hovering over photographs on product pages gives you a second look at each handbag.

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We also enjoy the small social network icons at the bottom of the homepage.

When you click on them, you’ll be taken immediately to their social media accounts, making it simple for visitors to follow Jackie Smith on social media.

Did these Shopify website examples serve as a source of inspiration for you?

If these Shopify website examples teach us anything about online business, it’s that you can utilise Shopify to develop unique and brand-fitting storefronts in a variety of ways. So many of these website examples express their company’s narrative in ways that no one else could. Some people completely defy expectations and turn preconceptions on their heads.

We hope this has shown you how to make your Shopify theme work for you by customising it with colour, menu options, animations, and photography on your eCommerce site. You don’t need to do anything too complicated to stand out, just like these finest website examples. It only requires a clear understanding of your brand messaging to articulate it effectively.