8 Websites To Sell Items Online For Free Locally

Are You Tired of Clutter in Your Home, or Looking to Dispose of Items No Longer Need? Selling them Online May Be the Solution… There are numerous websites and apps that allow for this option.

eBay is an extremely popular platform that enables sellers to list items for sale with a large audience, yet still charges listing and transaction fees that can hinder your profits.


Craigslist is an established classifieds website that allows individuals and businesses to sell items locally. While using it is free, certain categories such as jobs or services may incur charges; prioritize research of similar items to ensure competitive pricing of your own product offerings.

If you’re selling an expensive or collectible item, eBay is an ideal platform. Their proven track record speaks for itself and offer various shipping options makes selling easier than ever before. Furthermore, buyers can directly collect their purchases to avoid delivery fees and create a better customer experience overall.

5miles is another popular marketplace that specializes in local sales. Users must go through an identity verification process in order to buy or sell, although listing is free on this platform which showcases listings to buyers within 5-miles radius of each listing.


5miles local buy and sell app has quickly grown into one of the leading apps for finding goods and services within five miles. Notably, unlike many similar services, 5miles offers in-app payments and shipping; additionally it provides sellers with tools that boost their listings for maximum visibility while buyers leave reviews of items received as well as any feedback regarding quality or service delivered.

5miles offers several security measures designed to safeguard buyers and sellers alike. Users must verify their identities either via photo submission or Facebook verification, select an exchange location where transactions can occur safely, as well as bring someone with them when visiting someone’s home in order to reduce scamming attempts.

Swappa Local

Selling online can be an excellent way to clear out old technology or purge closet items while making extra cash quickly and safely. Many websites and apps exist that make selling online easy and safe, helping users quickly make sales that can lead to instant payment.

Swappa Local is an innovative feature of Swappa’s marketplace designed to make local selling easier. All Local listings are reviewed by one of our staff members before being posted, helping reduce fraud and scams as well as creating a more trustworthy experience for buyers and sellers alike.

Another popular selling site is 5miles, a local selling site which provides free listings and displays your item to potential buyers within a 5-mile radius. Furthermore, policies and protections have been put into place to make the transaction as smooth as possible for both parties involved in the sale. Mercari offers another secondhand item selling platform; their audience specializes in fashion more so than eBay does so it may be more suitable if you have clothing items to sell.


Poshmark is a social commerce platform and mobile app created for selling clothes, shoes, accessories and other items online or mobile app-style. The service features an innovative approach to marketplaces by offering brand-specific listings (like H&M shirts or Chanel bags) as well as providing sellers the ability to share their collections on the platform. Poshmark also provides sellers and buyers with tools designed to drive sales such as bundle discounts, the option to negotiate prices directly, Closet Clear Out events as well as bundle discount campaigns.

The platform boasts a community of over 7 million “Poshers,” or users, who search for clothing and other items on offer on Poshmark. Users are able to raid closets, buy/sell clothing/shoes/accessories as well as participate in daily virtual Posh Parties to increase traffic to listings. Although free to use, taxes are collected for purchases made on this website; sellers may earn additional revenue by referring new members onto this platform.


Gumtree is a free classified ads website offering local listings of goods and services available for sale. With an incredible variety of bargains to be had, and an efficient local reach that facilitates buying/selling within communities – Gumtree makes shopping and selling simple.

Buyers can use the website’s messaging system to contact sellers. This enables both parties to build trustful relationships that make the experience more pleasant for both. Furthermore, this gives sellers greater control over how they communicate with buyers and accept payments.

When posting items for sale on Gumtree, be sure to include an accurate description and photos that help buyers assess if it meets their criteria. Furthermore, ensure your products are listed under their appropriate categories (for instance furniture in Home & Garden and electronic equipment in Computers & Software). It would also help if you added a profile picture as this makes your account more appealing.


If you have old tech lying around, selling it online through websites and apps that specialize in this category could bring in fast cash. Decluttr is one such app which makes selling old computers, games, smartwatches, laptops or any other devices simple with instant quotes and free shipping – an eco-friendly option to clear away clutter without paying shipping fees!

Nextdoor offers localized sales by restricting user accounts to your neighborhood, making it easier to meet up with buyers to hand off items without fearing scammers taking advantage of your stuff. Etsy provides more wholesome options as it specializes in art crafts and handmade products.


OfferUp was established by Nick Huzar and Arean Van Veelen in 2011 to serve as one of the premier consumer-to-consumer marketplaces online for selling items directly between individuals. Their mobile-first marketplace features personal ads, job ads, ads for pets, cars or any other products for sale as well as premium features like “Bump” or “Feature”, which can promote listings to appear prominently within search, browse or category results for at least 24 hours or longer.

To list items on OfferUp, sellers need a photo, description and location for buyers to identify your item. Meeting buyers directly allows sellers to avoid shipping fees while also guaranteeing their beloved belongings are going into good homes.

Huzar believes that OfferUp and other new entrants, like LetGo, such as OfferUp aren’t competing directly against Craigslist; rather they bring new users who didn’t use Craigslist before.


No matter your home organization needs or finances, there are various websites and apps to help you sell unwanted and preloved items quickly and for free. They make selling easier by connecting you with local buyers who may purchase what you have listed for sale.

One such site, Nextdoor, specializes in local sales and requires all users to be verified before posting items for sale; others such as eBay are more global in scope, offering various selling options including local pickup.

BuybackBoss is another highly recommended tech site dedicated to secondhand electronics. They pay you for old CDs, DVDs, games and cell phones (including Apple iPhones). In addition they buy broken gadgets and collectibles like Beanie Babies and Barbies. When meeting in person for sales it is advisable to vet prospective buyers thoroughly and bring along someone you trust as a witness – it could save time and frustration otherwise!


Listia can help people declutter their homes and get rid of items that no longer meet their needs or want. By listing these items again and earning credits when other users purchase them, these people can then use these credits towards shopping for other essential or desired products.

Listia’s marketplace operates using an auction model, and users have exchanged over 100 million items through it. Furthermore, Listia uses geolocation features to show what items are for sale near you.

As with any website or app, Listia contains scammers. But you can protect yourself by reading the rules and employing common sense to spot them and avoid scammers altogether. Be wary of sellers offering more in shipping costs than they require you to provide, shipping fragile items encased in padded envelopes to prevent customers claiming they broke during shipping and refusing payment from you; avoid posting links to external websites in listing titles or descriptions; etc.