Nandansons Perfume And Cologne Dropshipping


Nandansons International Inc. is a leader in wholesale dropshipping, distribution and brand-name prestige fragrances. Since 1979, Nandansons International Inc. boasts customers in over 60 countries and has a rich history in trading, retail, wholesale, and trading. It offers 8,000 SKUs across 200 brands. We are the preferred partner for wholesale, department stores, and retail.

Wholesale dropshipping and distribution services are available for both men’s and women’s perfumes. We work closely with clients to develop custom programs and solutions that support all aspects of the supply chain. Our professional team is committed to providing high-quality service and efficiency. We foster teamwork, forward thinking, and encourage innovation. Our diverse and passionate team brings a wide range of perspectives to every project we do. They are able to perform core business functions such as sales, IT, finance, logistics, and accounting in-house.


  • Financial Stability and Support
  • Sales expertise and industry knowledge
  • Partnerships for Enterprise-Level Logistics
  • Brand Management and Support
  • Marketing Solutions Customized
  • Advanced Logistics Capabilities
  • Convenient Drop Shipping
  • Packaging and shrink wrapping
  • Real-Time Analytics and Support for POS
  • Management of Returns and Reverse Logistics
  • Management of corporate promotions


Our New Jersey warehouse is 55,000 square feet and our team works 24/7 to process, dropship, and quality-check orders within 24 to 48 hours. Every order will be fulfilled in the fastest, most cost-effective, and on-time manner. For state-of the-art operations, our wholesale dropshipping and distribution are made possible by sophisticated electronic tracking, automated packaging, and redundancy protocols. Our reliable and efficient operations are supported by:

  • Innovative enterprise resource planning software allows us to integrate multiple applications to manage all aspects of our business.
  • Fully automated order fulfillment and order processing, allowing us to achieve new levels of efficiency.
  • Barcode scanners wireless that can be used to ensure product selection accuracy
  • Instant order processing and transfer of 8,000 SKUs
  • For precise and real-time inventory management, you can monitor your inventory from receipt until dispatch.

Our clients also enjoy our advanced technology and systems that allow for web and mobile account access to view real-time order statuses, analytics, and reporting.

When it comes to satisfying our customers, only the absolute will do:

We are a family-owned business with over three decades of experience in dropshipping and wholesale fragrance distribution. Our reputation has been built on providing top-quality products and services at extremely competitive prices. Our clients also appreciate our responsiveness and attention. We have a large selection of high-end brands of men’s and women’s perfumes and colognes and a global network of vendors that allows us to seamlessly integrate you into our business, providing you with the best pricing and customer service.

We respond quickly and with quality, reliability to all requests, no matter how big or small, strategic or tactical. We are strategic consultants that listen to our clients and quickly resolve any issues. Our services make it easy to manage your business, especially during seasonal fluctuations. We offer customized services and programs that cover:

  • Inventory Management
  • Product customization
  • Brand Management
  • Wholesale Dropship and Distribution Strategy
  • Category Management
  • Strategic Consulting and Partnership

We are the premier partner in fragrances(tm). Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business.

What’s the difference between Perfume and Eau de Parfum?

These differences can be explained by the concentration or amount of oils used in the fragrance. These oils are known as “juice”. Perfume (or parfum) contains the highest amount of “juice”. Eau de Parfum would be next, followed by Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne.

Eau de Toilette is often interchangeable with Eau de Cologne, especially in men’s fragrances. After Shave contains the smallest amount of oils. The more “juice”, the longer your fragrance will last and the less oil you have to apply.

Why does some fragrances last longer than others?

Because oily skin retains more moisture, people with dry skin tend to have a shorter fragrance retention time than those with oily.

The PH (the amount of acidity in the skin) can also vary from one person to another. Each person’s PH level will affect how each fragrance ingredient will react.

What can I do to make my scent last longer

Because of the differences in skin (oily and dry), as well as our PH levels, fragrances last longer for some people than others. Layering fragrances can help you achieve a longer lasting effect. You can usually get a longer-lasting effect by layering your fragrance.

Apply your perfume low on your body. Light sprays on hair can last for the whole day.

What’s the difference between spray and splash?

The fragrance is the same. The only difference is in how the fragrance is applied. Spray bottles, which are sealed continuously, might have a shorter shelf life. It is up to you to decide which spray or splash option you prefer.

What is the difference between men who wear After Shave and those who wear Cologne?

After Shave’s scent will last a lot longer than cologne’s. Many men prefer to wear both. You can last longer with the After Shave, as you can use less fragrance, and it has the same benefits for your skin.

What is the purpose of fragrances containing alcohol?

The fragrance is made from alcohol. You wouldn’t be able to tell anyone that you are wearing any fragrance if you didn’t have alcohol.

What are the differences in After Shave Balm, After Shave Gel and After Shave Lotion?

After Shave Lotion can sting and help close pores. After Shave Balm is soothing for the skin. After Shave Gel not only soothes the skin but also cools it and reduces razor burn.

What is a shower gel?

Shower gel is soap in a different form. Shower gel is suitable for both men and women. It foams well and leaves your preferred fragrance on the skin. The fragrance will last longer because it enhances the scent of your perfume or cologne.

What are fragrance notes?

Fragrances can be made up of many scents. These scents are known as “notes”.

Top notes are very subtle and last only a few seconds (5-10 minutes). After application, middle notes are visible in approximately 15 minutes. These notes can last for up to an hour. The heavier ingredients are at the bottom notes. These last for the longest time, often for many hours.

What can I do to keep my fragrance fresh?

All fragrances should be kept in cool and dry areas. Avoid direct sunlight as it can cause imbalances. To prolong the shelf life of a bottle that has been opened, it should be kept in its original box.

What does it mean to be a tester?

The testers are authentic, fresh, and 100% original. Department stores use testers to promote particular fragrances. The manufacturer makes the testers. Sometimes they come in a plain cardboard box and other times with a fancy cap. These items are not packaged in any decorative way, so we can buy them for less and pass the savings onto you.

What does it mean to be “unboxed?”

Items that are not boxed are authentic, fresh, and genuine. Sometimes, the outer box is damaged during transit and it is replaced. The original scent of unboxed items is the same as that in the boxed version. These are the best way of saving money. Sometimes boxes can get damaged during shipping or handling.


(Puerto Rico and other US territories are considered International Orders).

  • Customers can send purchase orders to their email address or place orders online.
  • Once the order has been received, it will be processed and an invoice sent to the customer.
  • Once funds clear our bank, orders are available for shipping immediately. Bank transfer/wire/TT are accepted.

All orders must be placed at least $1000 USD. Orders will take 24-48 hours to process. Bank deposit or wire transfer are acceptable payment terms. Sometimes, COD Cashiers Check/Money order can be accepted. Sorry, PayPal and Credit Cards are not accepted. The order size will determine the shipping cost. Most orders below $10,000 ship via UPS. The speed of delivery (ground or 3 day select, 2nd-day air, next day) is left up to the customer. We recommend that orders over 10,000 be shipped using trusted LTL carriers like Fedex, Daylight or Gold Coast. Customers can also make their own arrangements.


Export restrictions may apply to certain brands and products

  • Customers can send purchase orders to their email address or place orders online.
  • Once the order has been received, it will be processed and an invoice sent to the customer.
  • Once funds clear our bank, orders are available for shipping immediately. Bank transfer/wire/TT are accepted.

All orders must be placed at least $5000 USD. Orders will take 24-48 hours to process. International payment terms require payment in full by bank transfer before any shipment can be released. After funds have cleared, orders are sent immediately. International orders cannot be placed using Credit Cards or PayPal. Shipping costs depend on how large the order is. We either ship via one of our trusted freight forwarders, or we let customers make their arrangements. We work to find the best shipping solution for our customers, regardless of whether it is cost-effective or not.