Best Wholesale Dropshipping T-Shirt Printing Companies

T-shirt Drop shipping Industry Intro

Tee shirts are an essential part of closets around the world. Additionally, the international market for the custom-made Tee shirts printing market is anticipated to cross 10 billion USD by 2025.

Smart business owners, like yourself, have actually determined the appeal of this item and have actually begun thinking of starting their own T-shirt services. Beginning an online T-shirt organization is a popular option for both newbie and veteran ecommerce business owners. As an ecommerce shop, T-shirts are cheap to source, have universal appeal, and are reasonably easy to personalize.

If you’ve been considering beginning your own online T-shirt organization, it’s crucial that you’re conscious that it’s a competitive field in ecommerce. If you wish to prosper, you’ll require to make certain that your shop stands apart from the rest. To guarantee this, it’s crucial that you source top quality items, have your own T-shirt styles, and find out how to brand name.

This might seem like a difficult procedure, particularly if it’s your very first time beginning an ecommerce service, however do not stress– we’re here to assist you.

As summer is coming, T-shirts become an essential item in our closets for almost everybody, They are one of the most comfortable items accessible to us. We can customize them in a shifted number of ways. It is a particular sort of commodity that a retailer will want to sell on their site. Would you like to start your business with zero initial investment? Then Dropshipping will be your best decision since it’s become such a mainstream plan of action lately. There are many drop shippers that we could pick. This is both acceptable and terrible: each drop shipper has its own strengths and offers its own novel products at different costs, but it can be difficult to realize who to pick. So you might want to realize which organization is best for you, Today, I’m going to show you a full list of the best t-shirt drop shippers.

How to Start an Online T-Shirt Dropship Business

Discover a Niche for Your Online T-Shirt Business

As an ecommerce business owner who is wanting to begin an effective online T-shirt organization, it might work to discover a specific niche for your shop. If you develop a T-shirt save that is genuinely distinct, either in regards to brand name image or the items that are offered, your possibilities for success will be significantly greater.

Take your time, and do your research study if you choose to produce a specific niche shop. Check out other online shops that you like, and utilize them to conceptualize T-shirt concepts for your own organization. Write anything that you believe is impressive, and after that take a while to consider how you can make your online T-shirt organization even much better. Eventually, you can target any specific niche that intrigues you. If you believe that there is an untapped market, benefit from it. It’s much easier to stand apart when there’s little competitors, and it’ll be more affordable, too!

Style Your Own T-Shirt

When you’re attempting to release an effective online T-shirt service, your style concepts are crucial. If your T-shirts have fantastic styles, you’re currently ahead of the game. Your items will serve as a strong structure for your shop’s success.

It’s a lot easier to market terrific items, so attempt to nail this part. Be innovative. Do not hesitate of believing outside package. Check out numerous T-shirt style concepts that connect to your brand name, and see which ones fit finest with your audience. If you wish to attempt making your own T-shirt styles, there are numerous style sites out there. We check out a few of these in our T-shirt design templates for your online shop post.

If you do not feel great in your own capability to develop remarkable items for your online T-shirt company, look for assistance from others. You can call regional designers for their services. You can likewise make the most of online freelance platforms, like Upwork and Fiverr, that you can utilize to communicate with freelance designers. There are a range of manner ins which you can source premium style work at an inexpensive cost point.

Verify Your T-Shirt Designs

As soon as you’ve put together a couple of strong style concepts for your online T-shirt company, you’ll require to look for recognition from others. You might believe that the styles that you’ve developed are ready for printing, however others might mention some crucial enhancements that will assist your items in the long run. It’s likewise essential that the feedback you get for your styles is impartial. You can accomplish this by publishing your styles on some online forums (make certain that you watermark your styles so no one can take them). You can likewise get some expert feedback by getting in contact with some regional specialists– they will supply you with expert, impartial viewpoints.

Online conversation platforms, like Reddit, can show to be an essential tool when you’re assessing the success of your T-shirt service’ styles. You can produce T-shirt mockups and publish your potential styles onto the appropriate sub-reddits, and you’ll get sincere feedback from people who have an interest in your items. If you get favorable responses from your post, you’ve currently equipped yourself with some prospective consumers who you can connect to when you release your items.

Source Your Products

When you’ve confirmed the styles for your online T-shirt service, you’ll require to spend some time to think about where you’ll be sourcing your T-shirts from. It is much better to source premium T-shirts for your shop’s stock due to the fact that it’ll produce an exceptional consumer experience that will equal your competitors.

One method to stand apart from your rivals is by sourcing the highest quality items that your organization can pay for. If your consumers discover that your T-shirts are diminishing or ripping after a number of uses, it’ll develop a bad credibility for your ecommerce shop. This will considerably reduce the opportunities of these clients buying from your shop once again, which is plainly something you wish to prevent. If your online T-shirt company is equipped with premium items that are constructed to last, then your shop will acquire a fantastic track record that will assist your organization grow.

Print Your Designs

Having top quality prints on your items is necessary for an effective online T-shirt organization. If your clients discover that your styles are splitting or fading after a couple of washes, this will leave them with a bad impression of your organization.

There are different alternatives that you can benefit from to print your styles. You can get in contact with regional printing organizations, which will permit you to examine the quality of your prints prior to you ship them to consumers. Nevertheless, this might be a pricey procedure, specifically when your ecommerce company grows, and the need for more prints boosts.

One method to keep expenses low to purchase t-shirts wholesale. You would be amazed just how much you can conserve by bumping an order from 10 to 20 pieces. In fact, you might wind up with more pieces than you meant to purchase for simply a couple of dollars more than you prepared to invest.

Set a Price

Another essential element of beginning a tee shirt company is identifying the rates of your items. You’ll require to consider your purchase cost plus the expense you sustain in printing the styles. Presuming you wish to cost a 50% margin, you can increase the total expense by 2 to identify your system cost.

Let’s state you purchase 50 tee shirts for $300, and it costs $500 to print a one-color style. In this case, you paid $6 for one t-shirt and $10 to get the style printed on it. Your per-unit expense would be $16 ($10+$6). So it would be perfect to offer the tee shirt at $32 (16×2). You can even charge $5-$10 more if you’re offering a retail quality tee shirt (people are typically ready to pay more for better-fitting and extremely soft product).

Factors to consider When Designing Your Own T-Shirts

There are lots of methods to print styles on T-shirts and other clothes. It is essential for you to comprehend them prior to you develop your own online T-shirt shop. Comprehending them will guarantee you are making the best choice for your service. Below are 3 of the most typical T-shirt printing choices to think about for their quality and procedure.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a fantastic choice for styles that are darker or have a high level of vibrancy. Utilizing stencils or screens, printers use layers of ink on a T-shirt, utilizing various stencils for various colored inks. Screen printing is perfect for bulk printing of 5 or less colors due to its labor-intensive setup.

Heat Transfer

With heat transfer, an image is put on heat transfer paper, cut from the paper and after that put on a T-shirt. Like a big iron, heated up to heats, the Heat Transfer paper merges the fibers of the clothes, making it part of the t-shirt without disrupting the leading image. Heat transfers can produce color images onto T-shirts fairly quickly and rapidly.

Direct to Garment

With Direct to Garment printing, ink is used straight onto a T-shirt through an inkjet printer. Utilizing professional water-based ink, T-shirt styles are downloaded to a computer system and, with a professional printer, they are straight moved onto a physical T-shirt. This is the most inexpensive print alternative, as there is reasonably no setup expense. It does take a while to print each T-shirt, so this is an excellent choice for fine print orders.

Dropshipping With Your Online T-Shirt Business

As a business owner running an online T-shirt service, dropshipping is an excellent company design. If you dropship your T-shirts, you’ll never ever require to bring any stock. Ignore having stacks of T-shirts cluttered around your home or needing to squander important resources leasing a storage area. Rather, you’ll merely get orders from your clients and your providers will ship the items directly to them from their storage facility. A dropshipping T-shirt company is structured and will permit you to handle your service from throughout the world.

If you select dropshipping for your online T-shirt organization, you can benefit from ecommerce platforms like AliExpress. AliExpress permits you to source premium items at a cost effective rate point. You’ll be quickly gotten in touch with a broad network of providers that are open to partnership. You can connect to specific providers on AliExpress that can print your styles straight onto their T-shirts. Then, they can ship stated items straight to your client’s door– it’s as easy as that.

If you choose that AliExpress dropshipping is the very best choice for your ecommerce company, then we advise you utilize Oberlo. With Oberlo, you can quickly import items straight into your ecommerce shop with simply a couple of clicks. You can likewise handle all your orders quickly with Oberlo. Oberlo is totally free, so you can begin dropshipping today.

Top 8 Best T-shirt Dropshippers


Without a doubt, is extraordinary compared to other dropshippers solely made to give you the nicest T-shirt. With 8 years of business experience, it would now be able to be said to give top notch dropshipping administrations to each buyer. With the best web based life following base and highest space authority positioning among the dropshipping organizations broke down in this blog entry, They print, pack and satisfy the request for your sake. The rates are quite pleasant. They have 2 fulfillment centers in the USA and another one in Latvia. They have T-shirt options for male, female and youngsters. They can send your items before long regardless of whether you give them a mass amount.

Integration: Bigcommerce, ShipStation, Weebly, Squarespace, Bigcartel, etc.. Printify

Printify is an unmistakable print on request t-shirt drop shipping website well known for its administrations. They have the plan of action wherein they print a custom structure and packs and ship it. Presently, they are extremely open about their valuing. They have kept the value quite reasonable. A catalog and guide will assist you with designing your T-shirts. it has in excess of 12 print suppliers and integrates with Esty, Shopify, and WooComerce, which gives dropshipping administration, it can shipping your plan t-shirt product directly to your customers. Notable individuals have invested in them in the matter of print-on-request. Their vision is to help online business websites arrive at a decent potential without spending a ton of capital.there is no monthly charge in Printify, but it takes administration expense in the event that you work with other platforms.

Integration: Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, eBay.

CJ Dropshipping is the authority Dropshipping website of China, With their quality control, you could get your T-shirt with a lower cost with great quality. One excellent feature is that their website integrates with Shopify, eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, Wix Stores, WordPress clients, and Etsy venders, CJ APP is anything but difficult to use,there is no have a base request or any assistance charge and request preparing free, you could authorize your store with CJ for nothing, Another excellent feature is that they can not just offer Print On Demand administration and White name administration but likewise as of now have several sorts of T-shirt plan for you to pick. They likewise offer international shipping at reasonable costs. Except for the basic shipping method, they have their own shipping method which named CJ packet, It’s faster and less expensive than ePacket. In addition, they additionally can offer US stockroom inventory and shipping, it makes the shipping time shorten.


Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, Amazon, Wix, eBay and Shipstation.

Printaura is likewise a great organization to pick as a t-shirt drop shipping partner. is likewise an application that is convenient and practical, and it doesn’t have a base request limit. Printaura prints and dropships a tremendous variety of products empowering thousands to sell top notch merchandise without anyone else websites and permitting customers to buy stunning structures from each corner on the planet. It offers a scope of administrations, some are for expenses and some are free. The paid administrations incorporate pressing slips and shipping marks, while free administrations incorporate shipping bundling, hang tags, etc.

Integration: Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, Storeenvy, Opencart, BigCommerce and etc.

Teelaunch is another organization which driving print on request fulfillment, and can that causes you to sell your product on either Shopify or Etsy. The steps for making a T-shirt are basic. By giving and transferring the plans and they will print it on your preferred product, then you will have the option to have the items which your clients will have the option to arrange online straight from your website. They have decent T-Shirt options which they sourced from famous brands. Additionally, there is a simplistic website with pleasant designs to assist you with understanding them better. A strong customer administration strategy is given and they will fix it on the off chance that anything turns out badly. The procedure is pretty straight forward. Teelaunch’s marketing efforts are significantly littler when contrasted and Printful and Printaura.

Integration: Shopify, Etsy.

Customcat is situated in Detroit over a 7-section of land. Their marketable strategy is about mass customization. You can customize your own T-shirts and afterward they print and send it to your customers with your marking. It’s a Shopify application and automatic fulfillment administration. This application prints your products and boats them to your customers for you. CustomCat handles all your product and physical product fulfillment needs. They offer more than 550 styles of t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, wireless cases, weaved hats, packs and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! There are numerous fulfillment applications, but CustomCat by a wide margin has the best costs. It’s likewise simple to utilize. When your business starts to take off, you can consider switching to Printful which offers slightly better quality products. But likewise has slightly more significant expenses

Integration: WooCommerce, Shopify.

QikInk is the largest t-shirt on request organization in India, offers both screen and digital printing out of their facility that gives dropshipping administration, they don’t have a base request quantity requirement. They do require a monetary deposit to be paid to be a part of their drop shipping program, Their biggest downside is that they have no automated request administration, so all requests must be submitted physically. QikInk offers custom marked administrations, for example, custom bundling for names and products, which is a decent option in the event that you want to assemble your own brand.QuikInk offers custom marking options, for example, stickers, tags and custom bundling, which makes it a great option in case you’re truly interested in establishing your image.

Integration: Shopify

Wholesale2B believes themselves to be an innovator in the arrangement of dropship products content data, tools and administrations. They offer over 1.5 million dropship products by reputable discount providers. You can do a lot of different things with Wholesale2b: sell its products on eBay, Amazon, on a Wholesale2B site, or your own WooCommerce/Shopify/Magento/BigCommerce site. Anybody of these options costs about $20 every month. Handle the requests yourself by turning into a registered affiliate with every provider or pay Wholesale2B a 3% expense to deal with that for you. Wholesale2B doesn’t have a lot of explicit information on their website and their customer administration is difficult to contact. While contacting customer administration, one must do so by means of email or web ticket. After a wait (which can be as long as three days), one can expect a reaction that could possibly respond to their initial question. A portion of the reactions from customer administration appear to be duplicate/pastes of scripts which would be better suited and increasingly accommodating in a FAQ document.

Integration: WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce.

Online T-Shirt Business Success Stories

Numerous effective ecommerce business owners produced their online T-Shirt organizations with a dropshipping organization design. Among Oberlo’s users, Melvin Chee, 22, started his own ecommerce shop as an experiment and wound up making $100K+ in simply 3 months.

Melvin chose that he wished to begin an online T-shirt organization when he came across Oberlo in a Facebook group. He understood that he would require to discover a specific niche that would allow his ecommerce shop to prosper. He decided on a bank of core items, which were fundamental T-shirts with amusing mottos printed onto them. It was these items, included with his marketing efforts, that changed this experiment into an ecommerce success story.

Online T-Shirt Business FAQs

Is offering tee shirts online successful?

In a word, yes. Typically, tee shirts cost a 40% -50% margin, so you can make a great profit by offering a high volume rapidly. Thinking about that a normal tee shirt seller makes $90,000-$ 100,000 a year, there’s capacity to make around $45,000-$ 50,000 in annual earnings. Nevertheless, you may not have the ability to make that much at first when starting. A lot will depend upon the specific niche you’re in, the marketing methods you use, and how rapidly you can grow your company.

What kind of tee shirt offers finest?

Black tee shirts offer the most with customers. That’s since they opt for whatever and put spotlight any graphic print, particularly those with light text.


Now that you’ve reviewed this post you’ll understand precisely how to begin an online T-shirt company and develop your own success story. Keep in mind, creating and offering T-shirts online in this specific niche is competitive, so make sure to use the pointers we’ve pointed out.