What Are The Benefits Of Gearbest Dropshipping? Secrets

The excellent application case for Facebook Messenger Bot was featured at the Facebook F8 Global Developer Conference, May 1, U.S. Time. David Marcus, the Messenger Bot head, proudly announced to everyone that this brand is the first to join the Facebook Messenger Bot project. David has many high-quality examples including popular brands like Adidas, Apple Music and Clarins, Samsung and Motorola, as well as ecommerce companies such as Booking, Gearbest and ZALORA.

Gearbest Dropshipping launched Facebook Messenger Bot in February 2017. This was the first Chinese company to use the technology. Gearbest developed the Messenger Bot independently and has implemented many automated functions on Facebook such as check orders, online customer support, submit tickets, shipping notices and more.

Gearbest has increased its investment in R&D to develop the mobile terminal over the past two decades. The rapid growth of both revenue and traffic has led to the introduction of Facebook Messenger Bot, which has greatly improved Gearbest’s mobile services capabilities. It also helps Gearbest lower operating costs.

What is gearbest?

Gearbest is an online platform that sells electronic products, gadgets, and men’s fashion clothing. Gearbest is part of the same company, Globalegrow E-commerce, as the world’s leading distributor, Chinabrands is. Each day, new gadgets are made available to customers.

Gearbest Dropshipping is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and is satisfied with all customers. Gearbest’s goal is to be the top seller of electronic products online by offering the best product and an unparalleled shopping experience. Drop shipping Gearbest provides after-sales support. It offers a 45-day no-failure return policy and a 24-hour technical support line to resolve any customer problem.

Suppliers have the ability to upload all product images, customize the supply price and set the minimum price for the sales platform. Globalegrow ecommerce.

The number of suppliers directly connected to sales is over 500. This includes electronic 3C products, consumer electronics, computer peripherals and apparel. There are close to 10 ten thousand SKUs. You are responsible only for shipping. Other people do not have control. As long as the goods have been shipped to the warehouse, suppliers do not need to manage sales, logistics or after-sales service operations.

It can be said that Gear best has a high reputation overseas. Gearbest hopes to be one of the top five e-commerce businesses in 10 countries and regions by 2018. BrandZ selected Gearbest for its Top 30 China Sea Brands 2016. Independently design and develop fashionable swimwear and women’s clothing brands on zaful.com. They sell approximately 100,000 products each day. It has also established its own brands on platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, Aliexpress, Wish, and made remarkable achievements in the sales of major platforms.

Price protection plan for 72 hours

There are many benefits to this store. The best advantage is the low price. The store works only with the manufacturers of merchandise. This ensures that every item in the store is very affordable. They will always be the lowest priced. Simply open any product page and look for a line that reads: Price protection.

Gearbest is committed to providing high-quality products at a low price. Gearbest will return any price difference if you order Gearbest products within 72 hours of placing your order. For more information, please contact the support center. Flash-Deal products are not eligible for the 72-hour price protection.

This is an important feature that gives this store the special “protection pricing” program. It allows you to purchase goods at a very low price, essentially, the lowest on the market. The price of goods varies depending on where they are purchased. GearBest, in this instance, is equivalent to the direct supplier (the manufacturer), which is the lowest priced on the market.

In this instance, you can still take any product without having to worry about the price. Even if the price change happens quickly. You can then write down the links to the products in these support within 72 hours and recover the difference. Gearbest dropshipping is an excellent partner for your company.

The variety is another important aspect.

It is easy to classify the store. You can find everything you need in one place, even though electronics, gadgets, and trendy clothes are the top priority areas. Although this is convenient, it’s not the most important. However, it’s the most popular category. The most important thing about the product is its latest novelty. You have the chance to not only purchase products at the lowest price but also to buy the most innovative products before your competitors.

Gearbest is the largest electronic product platform. However, the actual product range includes everything: mobile phones and tablet accessories, computers and networks as well as simple tools and electrical tools. Clothing, bags, shoes, toys, hobbies and jewelry are all included. Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Health Products & Sports, LED Flashlights, Apple Accessories, Car & Motorcycle, Baby Products, Office & School Supplies and more. Each category can be subcategorized, although the main categories are only listed.

Drop shipping Gearbest has great sales results and a positive customer evaluation. “I have been buying from Gearbest for many years. This is a wonderful store. I prefer to see interesting prices compared to other competitors. It is possible to send packaged products at the right time. The product is shipped to the customer with all necessary support. My order has a manufacturing issue. I can help the shop resolve the problem.

Customer issues 

Russian merchants complained that their packages were being intercepted at customs. CDECLS Logistics sent this parcel. China made errors when it passed the customs in Suifenhe. The Chinese also indicated that the parcels were “finished issues”. The parcel has been detained. Merchants must confirm that the address is correct and contact the nearest post office immediately.

The customer service team at Gearbest will respond to the merchants’ feedback within 5-7 days. They will then resolve any carrier-related issues. The long-awaited reply is that delays could be due to Russia’s remote areas, weather conditions or festivals and festivals. The delivery schedule in Moscow and China’s logistics conditions are excellent, so the street weather is good and there are no holidays.

The merchants wait, repeating the error three times more during the waiting period. The merchant wrote another letter to GearBest and was still not able to get a response about the holiday delay. He suggested they wait. The next step is to wait for no result.

It was stated that 60 days had passed without any new state. GearBest was contacted by the merchant to request a refund. However, GearBest has not yet received a satisfactory response. This incident shows that Gearbest’s logistics are still not perfect. The after-sales service isn’t professional, doesn’t put customers first, or can’t solve merchant problems in a timely fashion. This does not bode well for Gearbest’s future development.

How gearbest dropship works?

Dropshipping is so popular at Gearbest. What is Gearbest’s working principle?

There are four types of cooperation programs on the site that allow you to profit from your products or receive your favourite products free. You can get gift cards or vouchers for free by inviting friends to purchase the products, as well as posting comments and reviews about the product and participating in the professional GearBest review process.

Gearbest safe payment method

It is the easiest way to pay for goods and services in the world. American Express, MasterCard and Discover are all accepted. Gearbest is not responsible if additional expenses are incurred such as IOF tax or interest.

If they pay in full, customers in the United States will be eligible for interest-free payments for six month. Gearbest also offers Brazilian customers installments.

Quora users frequently ask: Is Gearbest safe? You now know the answer.

GearBest mode for transportation

GearBest offers four shipping options and covers all of the globe.

Airmail that is not registered: It’s free, though some countries may require longer. You can’t provide tracking numbers so you don’t know where your packages are. It is possible that your parcel could be lost or damaged in an accident. This method is best for items with a low value of less than $30 and orders that are not urgent. Drop shipping Gearbest warehouses to your country is free of charge.

Registered Airmail: Orders over $30 will automatically be transferred to registered mail. This shipping method is the most economical and provides you with a tracking code. Delivery time will vary depending on where you are located, but generally takes one month.

Priority: Within 2 weeks of the Americas, Europe, and Australia. Within 1 month for Russia. The tracking number used during shipping can be used to check the status of your package.

Express shipping: This option will expedite your parcel’s delivery to the customer. Please note that shipping costs don’t include customs fees. Shipping costs vary by country. It is a good idea to contact local customs before you travel.

How to save money shipping You can choose from any of the above four shipping options, depending on how long you have to wait. Registering airmail is free. Registered airmail is the second option. To save shipping costs, choose the closest warehouse delivery to you. Gearbest dropshipping offers a wide range of international warehouses. It is worth noting that these warehouses are all within easy reach.

Other projects

Partner Program

GearBest Prishlo time Make Money Quickly and Safely by Using Industry Leaders. There are no commissions or sales, just regular income opportunities with unlimited potential. The store provides all the tools and support.

Get free

Refer a friend to your product and they will get it for you. Or, you can choose the same amount as a gift card. You can share links easily and quickly with your friends using the system. There is a chance that you can get all the products you want for free!

Gift card included

Write a review on the product and receive a gift certificate up to $100. Gearbest will give you a gift card if you tell the world about your cool gadgets. You will get more if your comments are popular.

Pro program

Want to receive the latest and greatest free stuff every month. You can now. You can get the best gadgets if your reviews online are helpful and solve many people’s issues.

GearBest is a dropshipping marketplace?

GearBest is a rising competitor to AliExpress, a marketplace that sells Chinese products. It focuses on menswear and electronics as well as more high-end brands. This means they have a strong reputation and are able to compete with the rest of their competitors. The site features a simple-to-navigate product catalog and can ship to any part of the world.

Despite this, AliExpress still has a much smaller worldwide traffic than AliExpress. SimilarWeb, an engine for ranking websites, says AliExpress is nearly three times larger than GearBest. This means drop shipping sellers have more chances of selling unique products on AliExpress.

Is there a dropshipping program?

GearBest doesn’t yet offer a drop shipping program. GearBest appears to be moving in this direction. You can add an “Order Requirement Dropshipping” button during your order process. This indicates that the item will not need a receipt and GearBest becomes a more dropshipping-friendly marketplace.

What dropshipping products are available on GearBest?

GearBest is a specialist in gadgets and consumer electronics. The online store is updated daily with the most recent and greatest gadgets to ensure that you have the latest tech news. Your strategy as a seller will determine whether or not you sell electronics. However, even if you don’t want to sell the electronics directly you can still aim for accessories. You could sell phone cases, instead of selling the phones.

It has a lot of interesting sections, including clothing and electronic gadgets. This section is great for drop shipping sellers who are interested in selling unique products. However, it’s important to check the item and all the details that make it a good product to market, such as customer reviews, rating, price, delivery options, and price.

The product’s ranking and reviews can be found in the title. If you aren’t sure, ask the seller for clarification.

The site sells clothing that is not suitable for dropshipping. This is due to the high return rate.

If your e-commerce store it’s based on eBay, be vigilant on items that might be a Vero brands. GearBest products may infringe intellectual property rights.

Return Policies

7-day Dead on Arrival (DOA), Guarantee

You can reach their support team within seven days of receiving your order if the item arrives damaged or not working. You can return the product to the provided address and they will send you a replacement item (or reimburse you for the return shipping costs). Or, you can opt to get a full refund.

30 day unconditional refund guarantee for unopened and unused items

You can also contact support to request a refund or return if you are not satisfied with the item after 30 days. For a refund, the shipping cost is non-refundable. Products must be returned in their original packaging.

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Most items are returnable within 45 days. You can exchange or get a refund for most items. This does not include the possibility of receiving a return shipping reimbursement.