What are the Top Indian Dropshipping Courses Online?

NIHT Dropshipping Course India

Drop shipping and E-commerce courses

NIHT introduces Drop Shipping and E-commerce courses in Kolkata for the first time.

Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a new e-commerce strategy that allows the owner to ship out their product immediately. It is shipped direct from the manufacturer to the owner. This helps him maximize profit.



Participate in new age learning, where you can develop your digital assets such as your website and other Digital Marketing tools with experienced mentors.

Work on Live Projects

All students have the opportunity to participate in live projects that help them master digital marketing.


NIHT will issue a certificate upon successful completion of this course. This certification will increase your credibility and enhance your resume.


NIHT has tie ups with many renowned international and national companies. All our students receive 100% placement support.


Students intern at leading companies.
Multinational & national companies

Live projects training

To prepare students for various industry challenges, we train them on multiple live campaigns.

Global Certification

Get professionally certified to master various digital tools and complete them.

100% Placement Support

Students have been placed in NIHT by the NIHT
More than 150 organizations across the country

120+ Hours of Training

Students are provided with a rigorous classroom training so they can be industry-ready.

Capstone Project

A capstone project should be based on real-life examples and case studies.


Students who are looking for a promising career will find the Course covers a wide range of modules.


This course will teach you the basics of HTML tags that are used to organize HTML pages. You will learn HTML5 to create responsive layouts and overcome cross-browser responsive problems. Dreamweaver allows you to create engaging websites.


Learn how to create a custom, profitable responsive website using WordPress’s most popular Content Management System (CMS).


Learn the basics of WooCommerce and how to set up your online store. Get the training that you need to keep up with the times.


Learn the basics of drop shipping and how to select the right dropshipping products. You will learn the skills required to start a dropshipping company and make it a lucrative revenue stream.


Learn the terms of web hosting and how to use FTP client for file management. Learn how to manage your web presence with cPanel. This will make managing your website easier.


SEO is the best way to improve your website’s visibility. Google Analytics can help you to understand the customer’s activities and determine the best ways to attract them.

W3training School Dropship Course India

Drop-Shipping Training

Drop-shipping refers to a business model in which a person markets products online without purchasing them. Advertisement goods and services from large businesses are used to promote a business online. This module will teach you how to drop-ship.

Module on Digital Marketing

This module is part of the Digital Marketing Course.

  • Drop Shipping
  • Learn How Drop-shipping Works.
  • Essentials for setting up a drop-shipping business
  • Drop-shipping platforms (Indians and internationals)
  • Find Profitable Products With High Demand and Margin.
  • Create a website for drop-shipping guides
  • Woo-commerce vs Shopify
  • Drop-shipping with Woocommerce
  • Drop-shipping: Product Listing and Management
  • Connecting website with drop-shipping portal
  • Use digital marketing to drive traffic to your drop-shipping portal

Drop Shipping: How to Make Money

Dropshipping refers to a type of trade where the company has an agreement with suppliers or manufacturers to market their products. The company does business via digital marketing. It displays the products of manufacturers and suppliers on its website. This can also be considered online marketing.

Drop-shipping can be the quickest and easiest way to make money, without having to invest in inventory. Drop-shipping allows you to sell other people’s products and make income. Dropshipping modules will teach you how to reach your customers and encourage them make sales. To tell people about your products, you can link your website to the shopping cart. You can also use social media ads, blogging, and other strategies such as ads and social media. Digital marketing strategies and skills can be used to reach more people and increase conversion rates.

Drop-shipping via Amazon FBA is possible on Amazon.

How Drop-Shipping works

  • This is where the drop-shipper agrees to a deal with managers and business professionals in order to market their products online.
  • Drop-shippers or mediators can place orders and notify manufacturers and companies about it.
  • These orders are then fulfilled by the suppliers. The payment is then collected.
  • Once payment is received by the manufacturer, supplier or business, they will then pay the appropriate amount to the drop-shipper.

Drop-Shipping Benefits

Customers to Increase

Drop shipping allows wholesale customers to increase their sales as they can have the products displayed in both their physical and online stores. They can then market the product directly through their customers. Drop shipping can be used as an advertisement to reach a large number of customers via whole-seller showrooms or stores. The drop-ship product can be displayed to a wider audience through digital marketing, which includes online services as well as the retail stores of the manufacturer or wholesale supplier.

You can save money and require less effort.

You can dropship for very little money. Dropshipping is a great way to save money on inventory. The money borrowed to start a business can be used to save significant amounts of money and interest. Because payments are only made after the consumer has paid, there is less chance of losing the money.

Very limited capital requirements

Dropshipping products via digital marketing is extremely cost-effective. Dropshipping allows you to open e-commerce shops with relatively low capital investments. This system allows the wholesaler to pay the product only after the customer has received it.

Drop-shipping is easy to start

Dropshipping is easy online. Dropshipping is an online business that does not require you to handle the products. The supplier handles the physical handling of the products. You don’t have to worry about returning or inbound goods. Dropshipping removes the need to manage stock records.

Flexible Location

It doesn’t take much equipment to start a business. There are no restrictions on the locations that can be used. You can start it anywhere. You can even start it from your home. You only need a laptop and an internet connection. It is not necessary to have a large office. Recurrent expenditures are very low-cost.

A wide range of products can be advertised and marketable

Dropshipping products aren’t required to be purchased in advance and kept in stock for future supply. This allows for the inclusion of a variety of trendy products for potential customers. If any supplier or producer adds to its product line, they can also be added to your website’s sale list.

FREE Shopify Dropshipping Course India (Hindi)

Part 1: Understanding The Business

Business Model Explained

Learn how dropshipping works. This is a great example for beginners.

Mindset & Money Matters

You can fine-tune your mind to achieve success. Here are some core mindset hacks and how to handle failure.

Buyer Psychology

Why would someone shop at your store over Amazon or Flipkart instead?

Winning Product Formula

Dropshipping is just one step away – What is the winning product concept?

Investment Mindset

A business is built by thinking differently about risk and money.

PART 2: Pre-Requisites

Company Registration + VAT

How to open a legal business and obtain a GST number. Boring concepts, but essential.

Payment Gateways

Indians have always had a difficult time collecting USD payments. There are options.

Store Name Selection

Here are some examples and concepts that can help you choose a store name. This is where the real adventure begins.

How to Make a Catchy Logo

Your logo will be the first thing customers see. It doesn’t take a designer to design a logo.

Part 3: Setup

Basic Store Setting Up Tutorial

Follow this video to learn how to set up a basic store in just one day.

How to Find Winning Products

For your product discovery strategy, you can use the following:

Shopify Tutorial

Are you paying for it? How to design your store for a high conversion rate

Adding Products to Store

Oberlo allows us to import AliExpress products using automated processes.

Product Descriptions Copywriting

Before publishing your product, it is important to write compelling copy.

Part 4: Facebook ads

Facebook Ads 101

This video will explain Facebook Ads in detail.

How to Make Image & Video Ads

Here are some examples of high-quality ads that people will buy.

FB Ads Testing Strategy

It is essential to test your product in order to determine if it is the right one. Updated 2019 First Sales Chart.

Launching a FB Ads Campaign

Your FB Ads journey begins right now. Start with your first campaign.

Part 5: Growing your Business

Automated Order Fulfillment

Oberlo is a semi-automated method to fulfill orders. It’s simple.

Custom Audiences & Lookalikes

This is key to scaling Facebook ads. Build your audience first, then lookalikes.

Retargeting Strategy

Don’t leave money on the table. Give your audience another reason to purchase from you.

FB Ads Scaling Blueprint

This updated 2019 FB Ads Scaling Plan will help you reach ad spends of thousands of dollars each day.

Dropshipping Course India

Dropshipping Expert Certified

Dropshipping is a lucrative and exciting way to start a business.

What is the course’s focus?

Do you want to start an online business? This Certified Dropshipping Expert course covers everything you need to know about running a dropshipping business. Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Learn the basics of drop shipping and how to select the right products. Drop shipping products can be easy!

What course objectives are there?

1. Understanding Dropshipping
2. Supply Chain and Fulfillment Process
3. Locating and working with suppliers
4. Dropshipping Products
5. Start Your Business
6. Evaluating Sales Channels
7. Dropshipping Company
8. The Key Elements to Success