What Do You Need to Start a Facebook Business Page?

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A Facebook page allows people to connect publicly with your company, organization or brand. You can display products and services, make ads, collect donations, or pay for them.

All the articles about Facebook’s decline in organic reach might make you feel discouraged.

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But… It’s just the beginning.

Organic Facebook Still Matters

It’s unavoidable:

Facebook is a fierce competitor.

Users are flooded with information as more people upload content to the platform. They won’t be able to absorb all the information. Here is where dabblers get in on the action.

You have other options.

Popular option is to boost your post using Facebook ads. However, this is not the only option.

While promoting your post is a key part of your acquisition process, this article will show you how to get your customers organically.

Don’t underestimate the power and potential of your Facebook business Page based on other people’s experiences.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to create a Facebook business.

How to Create a Facebook Page For Your Business

You don’t need to create a separate Facebook account for your business if you already use Facebook. Once you login to your Facebook account, you can create a Facebook page for your business. The business page will not display any information from your personal Facebook account.

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These steps will help you create a Facebook business page.

1. Register

Go to Facebook.com to sign up for a Facebook business page. Log in or create a brand new account if your account is not already on Facebook.

To create a page, go to your personal account and click “Pages”.

Once you reach the next page click “Create a New Page” or “Create Page”.

This will take you to the page creation section.

You can name your page, select a category and describe your business in the panel to your left.

Page Name, Category

Your business name should be easy to remember. Choose a phrase or word that best describes what you offer. Your business should be represented in the category you choose.

You’ll receive suggestions as you type a word into the category section. These suggestions may be helpful in helping you find what you are looking for.

If you aren’t sure what category to choose, you can pick “eCommerce” or even “Brand.”

Facebook allows you to choose three categories for your business. You can choose the one your customers will most likely be able to identify first when they search for you. After you have created your business page, you can add additional categories.

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More about

You can now use the description section of your business to describe it. You can only use 255 characters to describe your business.

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Your preview page will show what you have written in the “Page Information” section.

The category you have selected can be seen directly under the page title at the top. Your description will become your “About” section. You can see the desktop and mobile icons in the top right corner of the page to get an idea of how it will look on mobile and desktop.

When you are done, click “Create page”.

If the page creation was successful, a pop-up will inform you. Next, a “Save” button replaces the “Create Page” button at the bottom.

2. Create a profile and cover photo for your new Facebook business page

Your new business page can make a great first impression. These images should be distinctive and consistent with your brand.

Your profile picture will be the first image you upload. It will be displayed at the top of your Facebook page. When you interact with users or search engines, this profile picture will also include your business name.

If you are a celebrity or public figure, your photo can be used. If you don’t have a logo or signature product, your storefront can be used. This will help your customers recognize your brand quickly. However, use high-resolution images.

Use text only. Fonts should be legible and have minimal color.

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Your Facebook profile picture should be 128×128 pixels for mobile and 170×170 pixels for desktop. Once you have chosen the one that you want, click “Upload a profile picture”.

You’ll notice that the page has been expanded to include fields for images before you click the “Save” button. This is where you might add your Facebook cover photo and profile picture. Click on “Add Profile Picture” to upload the image.

You can add the items to the page even if you have already clicked “Save”.

Click the camera icon next to your page title to add your profile photo.

From the dropdown, select “Edit Profile Image”.

Next, click on “+Update Photo” to import the image that you have selected as your profile photo.

You can adjust the focus of the image and zoom in or out to make it look how you like it.

When you are done, click “Save”, and it will be at the top of the page just behind the camera icon.

Click “Add Cover Image” to add your Facebook cover picture.

You will be presented with two options to add the cover image. You can click “Upload Photo” to upload an image from your computer. If you wish to use an image from an album, click on “Choose From Album”.

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Here you can display your slogan or banners as well as any other image that personalizes the business.

Canva is a trusted tool library that will help you find the perfect cover photo for you if you don’t already have one. You can also use it to create cover photos for Facebook.

You can also click on the “Edit” button above your profile photo.

Next, select “Upload image” from the dropdown.

When you are done, click “Save Changes”.

3. Register your username

Your username is what directs people to your Facebook page.

Facebook allows you to use up 50 characters, but it is best to keep it as short as possible. A short URL or username will make it easier for customers to remember.

Click “Create @Username” below your Facebook page name to give it a unique username.

Next, enter your username into the pop-up.

To create your username, you can use your business name and its variations. It is possible to have to try multiple usernames before you find the right one.

Nevertheless, the “Create username” button will turn blue only if you select what is available.

Once the process is completed successfully, you will receive confirmation. You’ll also see links other people can follow to reach your location in the pop-up.

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Click “Done”

Scroll down to your About Page to create your username. Click “Edit Page Information.”

Now you can enter your username.

4. You can customize your templates

After you have completed the basic steps of creating your Facebook Business Page, you can now customize your page.

Facebook offers templates for:

  • Restaurants
  • Video page
  • Shops
  • Service businesses and more

Each brand will use different tabs in these templates. You can change the default tabs you use to create your page.

You must make sure that all tabs are useful for your customers. Don’t overload them with useless tabs. If you don’t have a connection to Instagram or WhatsApp, then don’t add a tab for them. Tabs that are too numerous can also affect the professionalism of your page.

Click “Settings” in the left panel to select templates.

Select “Templates & Tabs” in the Page Settings.

This will display the active tabs and the current page template. You can also move the page to alter its look. To continue, click “Edit”.

Next, choose from the following list. You can then choose “Business”

To use the template, click “Apply Template”.

5. Learn More About Your Business

Although you might be tempted to put off filling in your business details on Facebook, don’t.

Because Facebook is the most widely used social network worldwide, it tends be the first place people look for your information.

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They want to know more about your business than just what it is.

  • How early you open your business
  • Contact information (phone number and email)
  • The business’s location

Make sure that you are accurate in your information and that your webpage links to your website.

Go to the left menu and click “Edit Page Info” to add your business details.

This will allow you to fill in more fields than what you did when you added the page title, category, description, and meta description.

You can add your information here

  • Get in touch
  • Localization
  • Service area
  • Hours of operation and more

To expand your reach, you can edit the description that you have provided when signing up.

Contact Information

You should provide contact information, such as your email address, phone number, and website.


If you are a local business, please provide your address and confirm your location on this map. Your service area should be provided so that your customers can see your shipping addresses.

Additional Details

This section lets you provide a link to your Privacy Policy. To legally declare ownership of your business in certain European countries, you will need to submit an Impressum. You can also list all products your business sells.

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This section will give you more chances to tell potential customers about your business and you. There are 10,000 characters to capture anyone who is reading your story for the first time.

This section allows you to specify your price range and provide other channels or accounts that users can use to reach you.

6. Make the right call to action

Facebook offers a CTA button, which allows you to drive visitors to your site. You can also use your Facebook page as a traffic channel for your business.

It is possible that your page does not answer all questions about your products or services. However, you can still use a CTA for users to get the information they need.

Click the blue button “+ Add A Button” at the top of your page’s right-hand side to create your CTA button.

Facebook does not allow you to fully customize the CTA button’s phrase, but it does offer a range of options. You might need to link to a website, phone number or email address in order for the CTA buttons to work.

These buttons link to websites via CTA:

  • You can watch the video
  • Gift cards available
  • Get in touch
  • Play Game
  • Order food
  • Find out more
  • Use the App
  • Register
  • Buy Now
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Click “Save” after you have selected one of the CTAs.

This will replace the blue button “+ Add A Button” with your call-to-action buttons. You can edit the content at any time.

“Call Now” or “Send WhatsApp Message”, ask for your number. “Send Email” will require your email address.

You can choose whether the “Book Now” button should link directly to a Facebook page or a website.

Selecting “Appointments on Facebook” will prompt you to:

  • Your date and time are set
  • Let people know about your services.
  • Notify them of their bookings by sending confirmations and automatic reminders.

To continue, click “Next”.

You can set your regular appointment times and dates, and also indicate your time zone. Again, click “Next”.

Click “Next” to customize your appointment confirmation preferences.

Click “Done” if your services are already listed. If not, click “Add a Service”.

Fill in the next form with an image.

This will create your service list. To finish, click “Done”.

You can add services to your order without contacting the “Book Now” call-to-action. Click the “Service tab to do this.

You will be prompted to add a service. The rest of the process remains the same as before.

7. Customize Your Messenger

You can customize your messenger with auto replies to quickly respond to customers

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Click on “Settings”, and then select “Messaging.”

Three sections are covered by the messaging settings:

  • General Settings
  • Start a Messenger Conversation
  • During a Messenger conversation

General Settings

You can enable the “Enter key” to send messages from the general settings. It allows you to set FAQs and automatic responses for customers who need immediate assistance.

Auto-responses can be set to:

  • Greet users
  • Get and share information.
  • Send confirmations
  • Follow up

Start a Messenger Conversation

The second part focuses on enabling greetings within the chat window. To encourage people to join a conversation on Facebook, you can click the link and copy it here.

Follow the steps to link your Facebook Messenger to your website by clicking “Get Started”

You can manually turn on the “Away” response or create schedules for times when you aren’t available. To continue, click “Edit”.

You can also modify the message to include more or less information.

In a Messenger Conversation

This section encourages personalization. Your customers should know who is on the chat. You can also let them choose how they want to be addressed.

By suggesting questions people may have about your page, you can create your Frequently Asked Questions. You can then provide auto-responses.

It is also a good idea to set up auto-responses for:

  • Notify users about an appointment
  • Make sure to follow up on your appointment.
  • Thanks to all who recommended your page.
  • If they don’t recommend you, apologize for the bad experience
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8. Review

Forbes reported that 84% of people trust online recommendations as much as they trust personal recommendations. It’ll allow you to create reviews for your business Facebook page if it’s a local one. You can curate positive comments for your business and social proof.

You will see the things that customers love about your services as you get more reviews. You also show your strengths to new customers.

You will need to plan how to manage reviews and deal with spam when setting up reviews. But it is worth the effort. Google searches also show star-ratings from Facebook.

Click “Settings” on the left menu or menu to set up reviews for your business page.

Choose “Templates and Tabs”.

Scroll down to “Reviews”, and then turn the tab to the right.

9. Make the First Post

Before you invite friends to like your page, make sure you have great content. You could share content from industry leaders or create your own content.

Go to the top right of your page and click “Create a Post” to create your first post.

Copy and paste your content into the section marked “Write something to Page Name”

Facebook allows you make additions to any post.

The image icon allows you to add images or videos. This icon lets you import photos from your computer to place under your post.

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Clicking the “Tag products” icon will prompt you to upload any photos or videos that you wish to tag.

You can click on the products to tag your image so people can buy it directly from your post.

Clicking the three dots will open up additional items you can add in your post.

After you have finished creating your post, you can choose to boost it before clicking “Post.”

Clicking “Post” opens additional settings that you can set:

  • Goal
  • Click on the CTA button
  • Category Ads
  • Target audience demographics
  • Ad duration
  • Total budget
  • Placement of ads (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, etc. (),
  • Method of payment

The right side is shown

  • The Ad preview
  • Daily estimates,
  • Summary of payments

You can boost your post to make it more visible to more people. However, you must agree to Facebook’s terms and conditions before clicking “Boost Post Now.”

10. Send Invitations and Publish the Page

Your page is published by Facebook once you have provided your page information. Sometimes, people remove pages from their websites when they’re not ready for the public. If you did the exact same thing, no one will see your post until you make it visible again.

To access the settings, however, you must be an administrator of the account.

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To publish your page, click “Settings” in the left menu. Next, click “Page visibility” in the general settings. This will display “Page visibility.”

It will now open and you can change the status to “Page published.” Once you’re done, click “Save Changes”.

You can limit visibility to only your target audience. Your chances of your post being seen by more people are higher if you have a smaller target audience.

After you have published your page, you can invite your Facebook friends to see your post.

Scroll down to the section “Invite Friends To Like Your Page” on the page. Click “See All Friends”.

You can also click on the three dots at the top of your page and choose “Invite Friends” in the drop-down menu.

Both are action products

People who like and follow your page receive updates in their news feed.

11. Assign Page Roles

You automatically become the administrator when you create a page. You have the ability to modify the page and can also assign roles to your team members. Multiple people can simultaneously work on the same page depending on their roles. However, each person must have a Facebook account.

Here are the main roles and their capabilities.

To assign roles, click on “Settings” and you will be taken to page settings.

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Choose “Page Roles”

Enter the email address or name in the box for roles, and then choose the role that best suits you. When you are done, click “Add”.

Promote your Facebook Business Page Organically

It was fun to create your Facebook page with the guide’s step-by-step instructions. You also know how to use Facebook ads to promote your posts. You can’t rely on ads alone.

If you’re willing to let me know, I can show you how to organically promote your page.

Get started with a Checklist

A checklist can help you keep track of what you need in order to reach the goals that you have set for your brand or business. You don’t need to have a lot of followers.

It is possible to:

  • Create a small group that will be engaged with your page
  • Book more
  • Boost a Post
  • More messages
  • Promote your page
  • More leads

This is where you should really think about.

  • Why did you create the page?
  • Who are your target audiences?
  • How to engage your existing audience
  • Attracting new people and more

To remind yourself of the important things, it is worth revisiting your checklist frequently.

Get started with your Facebook Content Marketing Strategy

Facebook has now banned marketers from using click baits or other spammy tactics to “game the system”. Facebook wants you to engage with your audience and have them discuss the matter before dropping links. Overly promotional posts on Facebook are a violation to the Terms of Service.

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Facebook best practices can help you improve your social media marketing strategy. These are some strategies that may help.

Question-based Posts

You want to be a member of the community and not the only one speaking. Listen to your audience and take their suggestions into consideration.

Posting question-based content is a natural way to get users to reply to you. You don’t need to have the exact same views, but they should be able to share their thoughts. You must be careful with the content that you post to a business page.

The above image shows high comments and shares. The Facebook algorithm will feature your content organically if more people interact with it.


Posts that include photos increase engagement by 87 per cent on Facebook. Facebook expects that you keep your content on the platform. It allows cross-posting with an Instagram business account.

It prefers photos-based posts over posts that link to other platforms. Use pictures, memes and snapshots as well as infographics, infographics and other images to spice up your posts.

Facebook is the best place to promote your products and services.

Check out the following example. This image is begging to be shared, commented upon, and responded to naturally.

This scoreboard is very rare and will engage your golf audience.

  • Woods and Nicklaus
  • Watson, Faldo and Ballesteros
  • Oosthuizen and Spieth.
  • McIlroy and Els
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You’d agree that this is a rare thing.

Take a look at the performance of this post: more than 150 reactions, 72 comments and 28 shares.

Video Updates

You get six-fold more traffic from live videos than regular videos. So you might consider it one of your strategies. They notify your audience and cause them to converge within the time limit you have set. This tactic works better than trying out Facebook’s algorithm if you have amazing content.

Updates with Photo

It’s similar to video updates. Events updates are a way to share an event that your audience will enjoy. It should appeal to their behavioral and psychographic tendencies.

If your audience is passionate about golf, then watching Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus play would be an interesting event. Take a look at this engagement number: over 700 reactions, 163 comments and 82 shares.

Facebook Stories

Encourage your followers and friends to regularly check your posts with stories-based content. You have more than 500 million Facebook story users. This gives you enough people to discover what works.

Create a Facebook Group

The migration to Facebook Groups is due to the general decline in Facebook’s organic reach. A Facebook group is a great option if your brand is focused on problem-solving and community education.

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Engage Your Audience

A majority of customers expect their brand to provide customer service via social media platforms. This makes up 63 percent. A majority of social media users have already contacted brands via their preferred platforms, which is 90 percent.

It is impossible to start a business and expect it will run on its own. Your customers will also think you aren’t serious about your Facebook business page.

Facebook Pages are used by over 80 million small businesses worldwide. If you don’t respond promptly, you can lose sales or even customers.

You can expect your family members to be glued to your phone, but you need to monitor all your messages and conversations.

Measure the performance of your Facebook Business Page

You can experiment with different content types and track your performance using Facebook Insights. Although it might take some time, you will eventually find what works.

Click on “Insights”, or scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on “See All.”

This will give an overview of all activities on your page.

To monitor performance better, you can change the time frame in the page summary.

Wrap up

This guide provided basic information about starting a Facebook business. You’ll be able to intuitively handle all the rest.

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Do not stop with your first post. You can post daily to increase your chances at meeting some of the 74% who visit Facebook every day.

Facebook rates content that appears in each user’s newsfeed. You must create engaging content, not just advertising.