What is Shopify Favicon Size and Tools to Generate?

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Favicons were used in the early days to measure the website’s traffic by counting how many people had bookmarked the page. Nowadays, however, favicons are used to enhance user experience. Websites without favicons are more likely not to have their generic browser symbol.

What about Favicons in Shopify What is a favicon and why should every Shopify online store pay attention? How do you embed a Shopify favicon?

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What is Favicon?

Let’s get straight to the point about what a Favicon is. A favicon is an iconic, small image that displays a visual representation of the site visited. It represents your website. Favorite-icon is how favicon sounds. You will find it in your browser’s address bar.

Users will be able to quickly recognize your website if it has a favicon that matches the theme or logo of your website.

Types of Shopify Favicon

favicon can be recognized as PNG or GIF for modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. These formats don’t work with Internet Explorer. It is therefore recommended that you move to the Microsoft ICO format as it works in all browsers.

Shopify Favicon size

Favicons are small square images (16×16 pixels). This is the minimum version. However, there are many sizes within an ICO file. There are also versions 32×32, 48×48 and 64×64. If users drag the bookmark onto their desktops, they’ll see a scaled version instead of the 16×16 pixels stretched out version.

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You will find these sizes of favicons on most occasions: 16×16 and 32×32. 48×48, 64×64, 128×128.

Free Shopify Favicon generator

With the right tools, you don’t have to be a designer in order to create a Shopify Favicon. A Shopify favicon generator is what you need. This tool allows you to upload a pre-existing image and create a favicon. Upload your logo to any of these sites to download the favicon. The top five Shopify Favicon Generators are completely free and will assist you in finding the right one.


This website provides a fast and simple way to create logos. It has been used by logo designers who have created over 6,000,000 logos. Many templates are available for customization. A favicon is possible at any moment, provided you have the right tools.


Favicon.cc can be used as a favicon generator and creator. You can use it to create your favicon or import an image from an existing logo. You can also create animated favicons.

Favicon Generator ORG

Favicon-generator can be used to generate icons for Android, Microsoft, the website, and even iOS apps. To convert an image from your computer to a.ico, simply choose it in PNG, JPG or GIF format. If your image isn’t available for upload, you can browse the Favicon-generator icon library.

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Xiconeditor has been praised as one of the best tools for creating your favicon. The type tool, pencil, eraser, brush tool and pencil tools are all free. You can also import your icon to crop it directly from the tool. You can preview all your work before exporting it so you know how it will look for your users.


Favicon can create favicons and apple touch icons as well as HTML headers for all browsers and devices. You can upload an image, and convert it as necessary. Advanced features allow you to name your Shopify favicon as well as the favicon folder.

How to Add Favicon on Shopify

There are many tools to help you create your favicon. But how do you add it on Shopify. You can have a favicon on your Shopify online store to help strengthen your brand and add a professional look. This tutorial will show you how to add a Favicon to your Shopify.


Shopify Favicons are one those small things we don’t usually pay much attention to. We can see that they are an important part of the web from both a user interface and branding perspective. This article will help you learn more about Shopify and how to add them in your Shopify store.

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Shopify will assist you if there are any problems with your Shopify experience.