What is Shopify Guru and How to Become the One?

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Shopify is, as you probably know, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in America and one of the largest online shopping platforms. Shopify’s unique function is to empower merchants from all corners of the globe. You might be wondering what it takes to become a Shopify Guru.

Shopify Guru The Shopify team strives to provide the best possible service to both buyers and sellers. Shopify Guru makes entrepreneurship easier than ever.

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This article will give you some information about Shopify Guru. It will also explain how to master Shopify. How you can create Shopify portfolios and how to market Shopify. This article will help you to find the right information for your needs.

What is Shopify Guru?

Shopify’s Gurus, who are humans embedded in the community, are Shopify’s human-centered leaders. This team offers helpful tips and tricks to merchants, so Shopify can grow together. Guru is like a lifesaver to Shopify users. The team provides the right information at a right time and solves common questions that can frustrate users.

Shopify Guru can also be connected to you to discuss your business on the e-platform. You can ask anything from strategy-related questions, such as “How to market handmade jewelry effectively?” to more detailed questions, like “How do you pay for wholesale orders with your iPad at the tradeshow?”

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Shopify’s Guru members work remotely from different time zones and across countries. Guru members may be entrepreneurs who are able to solve Shopify merchants’ questions. Shopify Gurus may start out as Shopify sellers and then join the Shopify Support team.

Your questions are answered by the team members who are available around the globe. Guru is trained to offer technical support and troubleshooting guidance and assist users in utilizing Shopify’s features according to their current business situation.

How to be a Shopify Guru

This section will give you tips and tricks to help you become an expert in Shopify.

Learn Shopify Help Center to get started

Anyone who wants to work for a company should know this first. Understanding the mission of the company and the customers it targets is key. To understand Shopify’s policies and services, you can visit the Shopify Help Center.

You can have a significant impact on merchant business and people’s lives

Shopify Help Center will give you a lot of information. You should also self-study technical guides to help users with questions related to technology.

As I said, Gurus help merchants solve problems related to sales strategies and marketing campaigns. The Guru’s advice is extremely important.

You are basically business coaches. By offering the best Shopify plan for scaling users’ businesses, you not only solve their problems but also help them thrive.

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Teach people about the platform

You will be representing Shopify to assist merchants with their problems. You will need to train or teach merchants about Shopify policies, how you can set up an online store, add products, tax rates, etc.

Select an area you wish to master

Good at your current skills

It is important to invest in your abilities and learn how to use them on Shopify. You can learn quickly if you know what you’re good at and how to apply it on Shopify.

If you’re interested in e-Commerce layout design then why not learn Shopify store design.

You should find your strengths and focus your efforts in the areas you are most skilled. Shopify offers a free trial that allows you to learn more about the platform. To enhance your knowledge, team members receive a lot of videos for free.

Learn more

It is important to have a good knowledge base before you start looking for clients. Clients may find out if you’re not prepared for a project and will be very unhappy. This will allow you to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Get some experience in the beginning

You will learn a lot by working on real projects. You can market yourself on freelancing marketplaces if you’re a newbie in Shopify’s support team. You can also offer to help with small projects for free. This will appeal to clients who are cash-strapped and will give you a chance to build your portfolio.

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Create your Shopify portfolio.

Even though you’re not an expert in Shopify, you can build your brand as a Shopify freelancer. Your portfolio will be the best way to showcase your skills and past experiences so potential customers can see what you have done. You should also focus on your new skills. You can now use your skills as a customer supporter or developer to make them immediately available to customers.

Offer your services

First, you need to list your service on online marketplaces. Marketplaces allow customers to search for the services they need, whether it is one-off projects or ongoing work. You can offer the type of service you are skilled at by signing up for different online marketplaces. Join popular platforms like Upwork.com and Freelancer.com. You can gain more experience and build your portfolio to be able to move up to the best platforms that offer expert services.

Land clients

It is difficult to get your first customer. But, your professionalism and preparation will get you there. Soft skills are important as well as your knowledge and skills. Customers are satisfied with your service, but also your personality. FreeUp shows that most complaints do not concern work quality. Instead, they are about poor communication and poor commitment. Clients consider learning attitude to be the most important information when hiring.

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Rinse and Repeat

Learning, learning more, and always learning will allow you to grow. You can make changes to your portfolio, introduction and application pitch. Learn more about the working habits of clients and how they would like to work with you.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Follow the top e-commerce and Shopify Gurus

Shopify experts are a great way to learn how to work with customers.

To self-study, you can first search online for courses. There are more than 30 Shopify courses available. Each Guru claims to know the best way to start your own ecommerce business. Following top Shopify Gurus is a great way to increase your skills.

This article will introduce you three Shopify experts you need to know and follow.

1. Franklin Hatchett (New Zealand)

Franklin is an established name in New Zealand when it comes to Shopify experts. His courses are designed for Shopify users who want to improve their Shopify knowledge. Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. His course eCom Elites is well-respected and has over 2,000 members. You pay $197 for access to more than 150 HD videos and a strong Facebook support team.

You can also add Franklin’s theme to your training, ecom Turbo, and you have a professional training program with amazing high conversions for less than $300.

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2. Tristan Broughton, Australia

Tristan Broughton, Shopify’s second expert, is someone I recommend. Tristan offers online courses that will help you learn about Shopify sales, just like Franklin. What is the difference between Tristan & Franklin? Franklin’s course is for beginners or anyone who wants to learn more about e-commerce. Tristan, on the other hand, is designed for intermediates and those who already know a bit about ecommerce but want to dive into product research.

3. Kevin David (USA).

Kevin is one the most well-known Shopify experts. His course costs from $997 to $1997, depending on which package you choose. Kevin, unlike Franklin and Tristan promotes Shopify courses and holds conferences around the world so that students can get updated information and tips on Shopify sales.


This article will be of benefit to Shopify Gurus looking to expand their knowledge and make more money in e-commerce. Shopify Gurus offer useful techniques to merchants, including Shopify policies and marketing strategies for new sellers, as well as steps to opening an online shop.

You also understand what it takes to be a Shopify Guru. You will be able to understand the Shopify community by following 8 steps. It is important that Shopify pros who are not new to the platform help you. These experts will provide you with tips and background information about Shopify.

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I hope you found this article helpful. Keep following us for more interesting articles on Shopify.