What is Shopify Schema, Types, and Its Implementation?

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E-Commerce is becoming more popular. More people are turning to the internet for various activities as internet access and gadgets that can be used via the internet becomes more accessible. Online shopping is one of these activities. E-commerce or online shopping has many benefits for consumers. It offers consumers a convenient and easy way to buy what they need, anytime and from anywhere, as long as there is internet access. Online products and services are often less expensive than similar brands sold in brick-and-mortar shops. Consumers don’t have to travel or commute as far to reach the local store. This allows them to cut down on fuel and other transportation costs.

Online shopping isn’t just for consumers. This new way of doing business has many benefits for the retail industry. These benefits include flexibility, convenience, better targeting of the target market, visibility and availability to a larger pool of potential customers and lower overhead costs. You need to grow and develop your online business. This means more than having great quality products and affordable marketing strategies and a beautiful E-Commerce website. Your target market doesn’t know about your online store or product, so you won’t be able to close any sales or close any deals. Before you can sell products or services, your target market must first find you.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
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Digital marketing is all about “being in the place your target markets gather”. Businesses can now find customers on various social media platforms or through search engines. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential if you want to make your business visible on these platforms. Shopify schema is a great structured data markup that can be used for SEO on your E-Commerce websites.

What is Shopify Schema and how can it help you?

Schema, a structured vocabulary, is often added to your HTML to improve the way Google and other search engines analyze and display your web pages in SERPs. It specifies the data type that can or cannot be included in your structured data. It describes elements of your E-Commerce website. It defines data that is included on your product pages, such as the name of the product and variants, color, SKU, or other pertinent information.

Similar terms:

  • Schema.org. It’s a website that explains all data in Schema. Schema.org is a standardization of HTML tags that can be used to produce rich results about your E-Commerce website.
  • Structured data. Structured data is the language you use to make Google and other search engines like Bing discover you. It allows you to analyze and understand your E-Commerce website and what products you offer.
  • Schema markup. This is a microdata type that improves description when it is added to Shopify store pages.
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Although these terms are very similar and can be used interchangeably, some of them have distinct meanings. These descriptions will provide an overview of the main differences between them.

Schema is important for your eCommerce store

Schema can be described as a rich snippet. It allows you to tell search engines relevant information such as who you are, what content are you providing, what products or services you offer, and what your business is. A well-designed schema will allow your customers to see not only a small amount of text or information about the E-Commerce store, but also relevant information about your products and services. This will improve your customers’ experience and increase your click-through rates. Why should you implement Schema in your Shopify store? Continue reading to learn more.

Shopify Schema: Why should you use it in your Shopify store?

Although Schema is not guaranteed to improve your search engine ranking, or make your store more visible in rich results (such as search engines), it can help increase the visibility of your pages on search engines’ SERPs. Here are some reasons to implement Schema on your Shopify store.

  • Helps to build authority

Shopify Schema allows you to give search engines additional information about your company and products. This makes it easier for them get to know you. You can communicate more effectively with search engines by using better language. People will view you as an authority brand if you communicate more with search engines and provide more information about your products.

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Customers are also motivated by the price. They don’t care much about which E-Commerce shop or brand they are buying from, but they do care about the cost. Today’s consumers are seeking convenience and accessibility. Consumers will click on your pages more often if you provide the price, description and any other pertinent information about your product, such as whether it is in stock, available variations, and availability. Shopify Schema gives the Google bots rich information that reflects what users are looking for.

  • Fast response and flexibility

Schema is loved by many Shopify shops for its quick response time and flexibility to modify prices and availability. Static product pages are fine if you offer products or services at a fixed cost and are not subject to availability issues such as made-to-order merchandise. If you’re in the retail industry and your product prices or availability change frequently, Shopify Schema makes it much easier and faster to make such modifications.

  • Build trust through product reviews and comments

Your potential customers will perceive you and your product based on your product reviews and comments. The statistics report “How online customer reviews impact your opinion of local businesses?” by Statista Research Department published February 9, 2021. 94% of U.S. customers surveyed said they prefer to work with businesses that have positive reviews. 92% of the respondents also stated that negative reviews make them less likely to patronize businesses. Shopify Schema allows you to add positive reviews to search engine results. This will encourage more people to visit your Shopify product website.

  • Uses PPC
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You could get in trouble if you have mismatched prices. This can damage your integrity and credibility. Google will penalize you for doing this. Shopify Schema is a great tool to ensure that your product prices remain competitive and up-to-date for consumers if you’re running a paid search campaign.

What are the various Shopify Schema types and what do they mean?


JSON-LD, a lightweight JSON Linked Data format that supports multi-dimensional arrays, is a lightweight JSON. It is easier and simpler to implement than RDFa and microdata. JSON-LD is easy to read and write. Simply paste the Schema code into the HTML page of Shopify. Implementing JSON-LD is more difficult if the markup was manually added. JSON-LD, which is based on JSON format, is recommended and supported by major search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing to implement markups. It can be used in a variety of programming environments, including Javascript and Ruby, Java, Java, Rust. C#. Erlang/Elixir.

The Linked Data format allows you to annotate elements of a page, structure data and connect and organize messy data. This allows Google to identify and group entities. This results in a more organized and better web. JSON-LD is a better choice than other types because you don’t need to embed it in the code. It can be embedded in the You can add a page to a webpage.

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How do I implement Shopify Schema

Two ways can you add Schema to a Shopify E-Commerce site. Either manually or using a plugin to do it.

A> Manual Schema implementation using the JSON-LD

  • Step 1 :

First, create your Schema Markup for Shopify. To generate your Organization Schema, you can use the Schema markup maker available at technicalseo.com. Next, copy the JSON-LD.

  • Step 2

Log in to the admin section of Shopify E-Commerce. These are the steps to follow:

Online Shop > Themes > Actions > Edit Code

Be aware that It can be intimidating. We will only make minor alterations, so don’t be alarmed. This will not cause any harm.

  • Step 3 :

Add a new snippet to your document. Scroll down the left navigation section to open the snippets directory. Click the “Add new snippet” button. You can name your snippet file any name you like. We will call it “Appwrk” in this example.

  • Step 4 :

In the empty field, paste the Organization Schema that you copied from the Schema Markup Builder tool. Click the save button. Don’t forget the script and div tags.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
  • Step 5

The new Schema snippet can be added to the homepage of your Shopify E-Commerce website. First, go to the left navigation section. Next, look for the index.liquid. It can be found in the template directory.

Enter % include “snippet-name” %. Save by replacing the snippet name in the file name of your snippet. Appwrk is used as an example name in this instance.

  • Step 6 :
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Last, test whether you have properly and successfully implemented Schema Markup on your Shopify website. Go to the Structured data Testing Tool on Google, and then enter your E-Commerce website homepage URL. Next, click “run the test”. If your Schema markup passes the test, congratulations! If not, you can go back to previous steps to see what went wrong and start again.

Schema Implementation (JSON – LD) via Shopify Schema plugins

Another way to add Schema is to use the Shopify Schema plugin. This process is easy and is great for both beginners and people who aren’t familiar with HTML. There are many Shopify Schema plugins you can use to add functionality to your E-Commerce site. Schema Plus SEO is the most popular Shopify Schema plugin. Schema Plus is an advanced schema app developed by former senior software engineers at Google. You only need to add the app to your Shopify E-Commerce site. After you have completed the installation, the schema will be activated. The schema will now add the structured data in JSON-LD format into your Shopify E-Commerce website.


Schema will make it easier for search engines to analyze your Shopify E-Commerce site and help you understand it better. You also have a better chance of getting rich results. Schema implementation can help increase search engine visibility, user engagement, improve click-through rates, and increase sales.