Wholesale Mobile Phone Accessories in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore

It is a fact that every city and town has a mobile wholesale market in India. Mumbai, Dehli, and Banglore are some of the most famous wholesale markets.

This article will discuss the top markets in India to buy wholesale mobile phones. How to find mobile phone wholesale distributors and suppliers in India. You can also buy wholesale mobile accessories in india from the large mobile accessories wholesale market. Technicians are very familiar with the mobile accessories wholesale market of Mumbai.

India’s Top Markets for Wholesale Cell Phones and Accessories

Ghaffar Market is the most well-known local market that sells cheap accessories and mobile phones in Delhi. Nehru Place is also a popular one. The mobile accessories wholesale market in Dehli and the mobile wholesale market for mobile phones in Dehli are easily accessible. Wholesale mobile accessories and spare parts in Dehli

Gaffar Market

This market was founded in 1952 and is named after Gaffar Khan, a Dehli-based free down fighter. The Gaffar Market will have goods that are not yet available in the country. People who enjoy bargaining love this place. There are many shops selling everything from smartphones and cameras to accessories. Many shops that sell products made in China are well-known for selling their products and services at a bargain price. An iPhone can be purchased for as little as 10,000 dollars or less. The warranty will only be valid for a year if the phone isn’t new. Kalra Electronics is a great place to buy first-hand goods at low prices.


“The best place to find cheap parts and accessories for mobile phones (Memory/Battery, Cover, etc.) Be careful when buying as it might not be original and of the same quality. You are responsible for your own actions. Here, Chole bhathure is well-known as Punjabi lassi em>

Nehru Place

Nehru Place, which is located in Dehli, is known for being one of the most important financial, commercial and business centres. Jawaharlal Naehru, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, is its name. It is one of the busiest electronic markets in Dehli. If you want to get the best price, you will need to negotiate with the dealers.

Nehru Place is a well-known place for buying electronic accessories. There are many brands to choose from. Mobile phone accessories can be purchased at extremely affordable prices.


This is the right place to go if you’re looking to repair/buy/sell tech items such as phones, computers, and laptops. You should bargain for the product and service. Different vendors .” may charge different rates for the same product or service.

Other mobile accessories wholesale markets in Delhi include:

* Series on Shopping

* JPW Mobile Accessories

* Signature Mobile Accessories

* Callone Imports Pvt Ltd

* Vivaan Infotel Pvt Ltd

* Rohit Telecom Center

* Ankit Communication

* Metro International

* Arora Electronics

* Javed Electronics

It is a good idea to plan to visit the mobile accessory wholesale market in Dehli. They are known for selling mobile accessories and spare parts wholesale.

Mumbai’s Best Places to Buy Mobile Phones and Accessories

It is easy to visit the mobile wholesale market and mobile accessories wholesale markets in Mumbai. Wholesale mobile accessories and spare parts in mumbai

Manish Market

Manish market is one of Mumbai’s oldest markets that sells accessories and mobile phones. This market is famous for its Chinese phones and electronic products. Unbranded Chinese phones will be available as well as the best mobile repair services in Mumbai. This market is home to many mobile repairing specialists. This market is a great place to buy second-hand phones at wholesale prices. Sahara market is a great place to buy mobile accessories at low prices. This market also houses Canara Telecom, a mobile repair shop that dates back to the beginning of time.


“Manish Market is one the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Here you can find both repairs and mobile accessories. You can reach it by walking from Masjid Bunder Railway Station in 15 to 20 minutes. You should be careful when dealing with shop owners. They are very professional and if you want to purchase cheaply, you will need to wander around the market searching for the products.

Sahara Market

Sahara market, which is famous for its mobile accessories and spare parts, is one of the oldest markets in Mumbai. This market is opposite the Manish market. There are 500 shops selling spare parts, tools, and accessories in the Sahara market. The majority of customers who shop in this market are technicians or owners of mobile shops. This market is the wholesale hub for customers from across India, and Maharashtra specifically, who visit it to purchase spare parts and accessories for their mobile phones. It is also known for its low-cost mobile repair services.

Other mobile accessories wholesale markets in Mumbai include:

* Zee telecom

* Rhythm

* Areena

* Softtouch

* Mamta Mobile Accessories

* China collection

* Sana Telecom

* Zamzam

* Tech2mobile

* Sahil mobiles

The mobile accessories wholesale market Mumbai and the mobile wholesale market Mumbai are both well-known in the city. They can be visited to buy wholesale mobile accessories in Mumbai and mobile spare parts wholesale from Mumbai.

Bangalore’s Best Markets for Wholesale Accessories and Phones

Perhaps you are looking for the best mobile accessories wholesaler in bangalore Or Mobile wholesale market in bangalore Wholesale can be done from the National market or S.P. road.

National Market

The most popular and well-known place to buy electronics is the national market. It was primarily a place to buy products mainly from Korea and Japan. It sold durable mobile phones at a bargain price. There has been a dramatic shift in the products over the years. It is now known for mobile repairs and second-hand mobile phones. Smartphones from Motorola, Samsung and iPhones will be available at half the price or less.


It’s really a great deal. It offers great discounts on all mobile brands and accessories. They were always very helpful with customers. If you are a good bargainer, you can find it at great prices. “

S.P Road

Electronic buyers are familiar with the S.P Road, which is located near Town Hall. They are searching for affordable parts at reasonable prices. This road is also known by the spare parts road. There are many items available, including mobile phones, computers, and electronics. If you are able to bargain, mobile phone accessories can also be found at the lowest prices.


“They gave me a discount on the original price when I bought a new phone. This phone also comes with a 2-year warranty. The Sangeetha Mobile Store is a great service centre. It is much cheaper than other shops or mobile centres. My advice to you is to buy your mobile at S.P road em>

Other mobile accessories wholesale markets in Banglore include:

* Mobile bazar

* Hero telecom

* Uniserve telecom Pvt Limited

* Khan telecom

* Airtalk

* P T mobiles

* Vaishnavi communication

* K G N Mobile Service Centre

* Bell Connect

* Shipa electronics

The mobile accessories wholesale market and the mobile wholesale market are both well-known in the city.

Why Wholesale Phones and Accessories Should Be Sold Online


The main problem with buying wholesale mobile phones and accessories at local shops is that you cannot guarantee the originality of the product. It is impossible to ensure that the mobile phones you purchase are authentic and in good working order. It is possible to lose your mobile phones and accessories by wholesaling them.

Defective Products

These phones were most likely purchased from Chinese suppliers. If any of the 10 phones are defective, they will go to your trash. You will make a profit on the wholesale mobile phones. The most common problem that users might face is the automatic shutting off of their mobile phones and gradually fading the sound.

India’s Top Online Suppliers of Wholesale Mobile Phones and Accessories

Chinabrands is a trusted wholesaler that has earned the trust of millions of customers all over the globe. It’s a trusted platform that offers the best customer service.

You will find top brands such as Samsung, Apple, Canon, and Nixon at an affordable price here in India. It often offers customers exciting discounts. The platform allows you to view all of their products.

Chinabrands.com is the best place to buy mobile phones at the lowest prices, and with no defects.

It is regarded as one of the most prominent platforms in its field. The platform allows you to easily buy wholesale products from multiple suppliers. The platform has more than 100 product categories and more than 1,000,000 products.

Chinabrands boasts more than 10,000 logistics lines, which almost cover 200 countries. You can get your package within 2 days if you purchase accessories or mobile phones in India.

One of the greatest benefits of buying products from Chinabrands are the fact that customer service is available in nearly 10 languages. This allows you to contact Spanish, German Chinese, Russian and French representatives.

The key benefits of buying from Chinabrands include:

* No need to verify the product’s quality. The company can visit factories in China and observe the production process.

* The company is responsible to all background work, including customizing the information and physical checking the goods.

* Shipping is not an issue. You can order your products online and then relax.

What customers have to say about Chinabrands

“I’ve tried many Chinese dropshipping platforms, but Chinabrands is my favorite. China products can be expensive, but they are sometimes of poor quality. Chinabrands has a professional QC team and all products are certified. You can get both high quality and low prices. Chinabrands has arrangements with more than 200 logistics companies around the globe for product delivery and shipment. 99.67% will be delivered within 24 hours. My customers don’t have to wait .”

Last Thoughts

What are you waiting to do? Mobile accessories wholesalers in Mumbai aren’t reliable enough to sell mobile phones in India.

You now know more about mobile phones wholesale suppliers india, and mobile phone wholesale distributors. India’s huge mobile wholesale market and the possibility of buying wholesale mobile accessories in india from top mobile accessories wholesalers in india.

Chinabrands.com offers the best prices on mobile phones and accessories. Chinabrands will provide you with the best mobile phones at the lowest prices.