Why Is AliExpress Shipping So Expensive to South Africa?

Hello there! I take it you are referring to the frustration of finding great deals on AliExpress only to discover that shipping costs are prohibitive. The same principles should be applied to the US, etc.

Costs and distance: The long distance has pushed up the prices. It also depends on the volume. So, for example, if many Americans order something, shipping costs may be higher. The same applies to the UK and Europe. Australia and New Zealand are both close to Asia so the fees should be lower. We are in a difficult spot because there are not many people ordering here.

Crime: I’ve noticed that sellers are willing to offer higher shipping costs due to our notorious Post Office and the crime. They are not to blame, it is bad for their reputation. Sometimes they must replace the goods or refund them.

Our currency is so weak that even a few US Dollars works out to be quite a bit of rands.

It all depends on the distance traveled from the country of origin to reach RSA, be it sea&road or air.

Size does matter. Every vassel has a cost. It’s even more expensive with Planes.

Nature of the commodity. The nature of the commodity. This can affect the type of packaging, how it is used, and the times that special people or machinery are required to handle.

It is important to consider the time it takes to get your goods. Air travel is quicker than rail, road and sea, depending on the country of origin.

You can take your time and browse through shipping lines, Clearing agents, and airlines to find out more information online. Or you can consult the supplier to get alternatives. Some service providers have special arrangements with suppliers for exporting overseas.

AliExpress Delivery to South Africa

It usually takes AliExpress two months to ship an item from South Africa to AliExpress. AliExpress’s app or website will provide an estimate of delivery time. This time may be more or less accurate.

It is generally better to choose the cheapest shipping option or the free, which is AliExpress Standard Shipping. Your package will arrive faster if you choose the premium shipping method.

The longest wait time was 3 months. 27 days was the fastest. My package arrived at my local post office after 2 months on average.

It is important to know that AliExpress does not ship all products at once. AliExpress is a hub for many shops to advertise on. AliExpress doesn’t ship items from one factory so your items will arrive individually.

Track your AliExpress parcel

Tracking your shipment can be done on the AliExpress app or website. 17track allows you to track all updates to your packages. Tracking your package can be done on the South African Post Office website. These sites can only be used to track your parcel if it arrives in South Africa.

To collect the AliExpress items from the Post Office, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • ID
  • The post office’s message (usually an SMS or a post card).
  • You will need to pay the appropriate amount at the post office in order to pick up the item. It’s usually R28 per parcel.

AliExpress Product Reviews

I purchased an automotive key tool. It worked exactly as I expected and it was delivered on time. The product is excellent. It was difficult to find the product in South Africa. I ended up spending R260 total, which I believe was worth it.

Before you purchase an item, make sure to read the reviews. Look through the reviews to find out if anyone bought it in South Africa. You can also check if the product is available in South Africa. Also, compare prices to determine if it’s worth purchasing.

AliExpress Refunds

Before you purchase an item, make sure to read the reviews. Look through the reviews to find out if anyone bought it in South Africa. You can also check if the product is available in South Africa. Also, compare prices to determine if the product is worth purchasing.

AliExpress is Safe?

AliExpress is safe to order products. I have always received my packages from AliExpress since I started using the app. You can reach the seller using the AliExpress App if you have any questions or are unsure about a product.

AliExpress can I make a profit?

It is not something I recommend. If you are only buying small, inexpensive items and limit your purchases to one to three items per year, it is acceptable. It becomes difficult to buy more items. You will need to pay customs fees, and fill out forms. This can make it difficult to get your goods. View all details.


You have the final say, but I strongly recommend that you only purchase items that are not available in South Africa. You will also end up paying more shipping if you ship bulk.

You can order products on the mobile app for a fraction of the price if you don’t want to buy them on the desktop site.