List of Best Dropshipping Suppliers For South Africa

You’ll know 9 of the best dropping suppliers in South Africa, including some dropshipping FAQs in this article.

Dropshipping in South Africa is quite new. It could open up a wider opportunity to spread dropshipping to all African countries with ongoing technological progress in South Africa.

The dropshipping market in South Africa has increased exponentially by up to 10 percent annually. This shows that dropshipping is one of the most lucrative business models.

While I would like to commend the country for its progress, it still has a long way to go before developing a completely stable dropshipping company.

List of Dropship suppliers in South Africa

Wholesalers of computers:

Computer wholesalers collect and deliver inventories directly to customers from suppliers. For example, you can fill in bills for your details so that customers can see the parcel was sent to your company.

The website contains a large number of computers and computer supplies you can use. Computers and electronics are mainly shipped in South Africa, depending on your budget. You negotiate a reduced rate for hand delivery of parcels with your courier company. Delivery usually takes 2-4 days, depending on the delivery place.


You can drop your inventory at one of Parcel Ninja’s smart warehouse locations. When customer orders are sent, their warehouse system will be updated automatically. The order is then selected and packaged in a branded package. Your order will then be sent to the customer housing from the warehouse on a track. You will receive inventory reporting in real time as it moves through the completion cycle.

Mens Republic

Without these guys, it would not even be possible to drop South Africa. If you order, packing slip or selling invoice, the items will be picked up. They include them in the package without adding any Men’s Republic material. You will send your order according to your request. Updates of status and tracking information are always transmitted to you when the order has been sent.

Buy Fast

When it comes to the South African dropshipping provider located in Johannesburg, Parktown, South Africa, we cannot forget to mention Buy Fast. It is one of the best online shipping companies dealing with clothes, accessories, bricolage and home products.

Buy season offers safe and secure shopping and offers excellent customer services and flexible options at competitive prices for a wide range of products and leading brands. It’s a private company with a strong background and financial support.

Why was it set up?

The idea behind its establishment was to be the largest, simplest and customer – centered online shopping destination in South Africa. They provide a great customer experience from the time you enter your website to the time you order a product.


Mantality offers a wide variety of gadgets, accessories and gifts from a wide range of categories. When dripping in South Africa, they offer their products in a highly reduced product. Their product is intended primarily for resellers, bulk customers and collaborators looking for unique, cool and innovative products. They provide R499 or higher free delivery.

Your delivery system is fast and takes about 3-4 days to deliver and you can collect your product. They also have a secure payment system. You will have access to a B2B dealer website when using Mantality where you can see live stock figures and place orders. All tracking information will also be provided once customer orders are shipped.


Chinabrands, I bet, somewhere you heard, somebody mentioned that name. This is one of the trusted dropshipping sites. With over 300k products, a seller has a range of options. Not all of that, the products will be updated and added weekly to meet the customer’s needs.

Chinabrands is the best when it comes to customer security. It has partnered with well-known payment systems such as PayPal, Alipay, West Union, and Norton. Dropshipping with Chinabrands in South Africa is very profitable as the customer has the cheapest Chinese products. Chinese brand suppliers offer some of the best value-added connectivity rates to maximize profits. By offering quality products, Chinabrands has maintained customer satisfaction.

Each product on site has been scrutinized and monitored in high quality. It offers global delivery and has a wide network of trusted suppliers. It has several facilities to make it easy for sellers to start their South African dropshipping business.

Dropshipping From China to South Africa

You can also go from China to South Africa. AliExpress is a renowned website with a product inventory of over 500 K. They also offer the best customer service to their customers.

With secure shipping companies like EUB and DPEX, you can easily drop your products to South Africa. It may take time, but it is worth it. Under the Alibaba Group, AliExpress has the best quality products from verified suppliers. Products can also be purchased at customer budget prices.

Third Wave Distribution  

Third Wave Distribution was established in July 2016 to import exceptional electronics into South Africa. They have expanded to distribute more than 25 brands, with over 400 products across multiple categories. They provide cutting-edge brands and products that have yet to reach South Africa. Select products are shipped to their office in Shenzhen in China, where they undergo quality control before being shipped to their Cape Town warehouse.

Dropshipping third-wave in South Africa is done by having their products distributed on Dropstore, and then having them delivered to clients.

They are a major supplier of high-end electronics products for dropshipping in South Africa. The delivery usually takes between 2 and 4 days depending on the location.

Distributors of Men’s Republic

These guys make dropshipping South Africa easy. They offer over 80 products. When you send them a packing slip, sales invoice or order, they will pack the items from them. They pack them with no Men’s Republic material. They will ship your order according to your instructions. Once your order is dispatched, you will receive status updates and tracking information.


Calasca is without doubt one of the largest dropshipping suppliers South Africa, with more than 1000 products. Without these guys, dropshipping South Africa wouldn’t be possible. They have everything: homeware, kitchenware and toys for kids & babies, outdoor, pet, travel, solar, beauty, and luggage.

Dropshipping South Africa is a service that provides innovative and quality products. They are trending and functional. The company is privately owned and has strong financial support.

Calasca offers two ways to dropship in South Africa. You can either do it through their reseller program, which is free but requires that you open an account. Also, Dropstore is more expensive but the pricing starts at R99.


Planet54 is the most popular dropshipper in South Africa for clothing accessories , with more than 7000 products. Planet54 is a dropshipping exclusive supplier. Their website states that they supply over 100 African online stores from South Africa. Dropshipping clients can expect delivery within 3 to 5 days

Dropshipping products from Planet54 is possible by either joining their reseller entrepreneurship program which allows you to access thousands of products sold through Planet54 or by sourcing Planet54 products via Dropstore. Dropshipping directly with planet54 allows you to dropship on Whatsapp or Facebook, while Dropshipping via Dropstore with Planet54 will enable you to Dropship from your website.

The Scents

Dropshipping with The Scents will allow you to access their entire wholesale inventory, including genuine fragrances, skin care products, makeups, and candles. They have state-of-the-art fulfillment capabilities.

South Africa’s shipping costs start at R50, and each additional item will incur an additional R20.

All orders can be placed online through their website. Their secure server software protects your financial information. It is completely encrypted to ensure that it cannot easily be accessed by anyone via the internet.

After your order has been placed, The Scents Bay will provide you with a tracking number to track the shipment of your order. You will be notified by email every day that your order has shipped.

Orders placed within 24 – 48 hours of being placed are shipped out. Most orders are delivered within 4-7 business days after you place the order.

You can make payments by wire transfer or credit card.


Dropstore is rated number one on the list of drop shipping businesses. Dropshipping companies in South Africa are scarce, but Dropstore is the dropshipper you need. Dropstore is the most popular dropshipping supplier in South Africa. It uses eCommerce plugin technology that allows you to import products directly into your e-commerce store and ship them to your customers.

Dropstore automatically integrates with platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce. This integration will keep your product inventory and prices up-to-date. Dropstore can import orders from your store and provide tracking details so that Dropstore can automatically fulfil your order. This track information is automatically emailed to the customer so that they can shop online without any hassle and saves you time on repetitive tasks.

Dropstore knows that finding the right supplier can sometimes be difficult. Dropstore has a list of over 200 suppliers verified (and growing). You can purchase what you need wholesale at wholesale prices with zero minimum order quantity.

Dropstore connects you with suppliers in South Africa to help you find the right product to dropship or sell online. Dropstore has a wide range of products that you can easily add to your cart.


Gadgetgyz Online, a South African online gadget store, is based in Capetown. They stock a variety of Android phones, accessories and smartwatches, including brands such as Xiaomi, Cubot and Ulefone.

Gadgetgyz has been verified as a Dropshipping Supplier by Dropstore South Africa. The delivery process is quick and usually takes 3-4 business days. Once your orders have been dispatched, you will be provided all tracking information.


Niche, a Durban-based supplier, provides all the tools its customers need to organize their space and lives.

Neat Freak is a supplier of niche products and does not have all its stock available for immediate delivery. Why? They aren’t an online giant with huge funding. Instead, they spend their money on products that you like. If you don’t see the product listed, they will tell you.

Neat Freak recognizes that resellers need an easier method to source and resell their products. This is why you’ll find a dropshipping marketplace listing of their products.


Shopstar, a South African eCommerce platform similar to Shopify, has a Shopstar Dropshipping marketplace that allows South African dropshippers. Shopstar imports dropship products from South African Dropship suppliers and has more than 900 products.

Shopstar requires you to have a Shopstar Store. Prices start at R 220 per month for up to 25 products. Shopstar Marketplace allows you to browse the products and select the ones that best suit your business. The supplier will notify you once your products are sold from your shop. Your customer will receive the product from the supplier and you will get a commission. The supplier also gets paid for their product.

Wheelatrend (Print On Demand Dropship Supplier)

Wheelatrend South Africa is a Dropship supplier of Print on Demand products. Their niche market was found by focusing on printed merchandise. Dropshipping is available through their website. For a one-off fee, R95, they will allow you to become a reseller and you can also purchase products wholesale.

Wheelatrend products can be loaded to Dropstore. This will allow you to automate inventory updates, pricing and fulfilment of dropshipping orders.

Cosmic Pets

Cosmic Pets is South Africa’s dropshipping wholesale distributor company. We supply only pet shops, vet clinics, and pet care professionals like groomers, pet sitters and breeders.

To dropship with Cosmic pets, you need to first join their partnership program. You can get free shipping for orders over R2000. They also deliver your order within five days of the date you place it.

Dropshipping FAQs in South Africa

Q. Can you dropship products through Aliexpress or Shopify to South African customers?

A. Dropshipping has never been easier thanks to Shopify. In just a few days you can complete all requirements to set up your Shopify website. You can then start dropshipping Aliexpress products through the Oberlo app. You can dropship products from Aliexpress to South Africa using Shopify

Q. What are the requirements to start a dropshipping company in South Africa?

A. If your goal is to open a dropshipping company in South Africa, I strongly recommend that you focus on online dropshipping. What are you looking for?

* Select a Niche

You should choose a profitable niche and be interested in it. It is important to choose a niche that is narrowly focused. It might be difficult to market a product niche that isn’t narrowly focused. Dropshipping can be difficult so it is important to avoid picking a niche you don’t like.

* Competition Research

You should look for a product that is competitive. A product that is competitive means that it is in high demand and has high profits. It is also sustainable. Do not be afraid to compete against established retailers like Bidorbuy and Takealot. Do not choose products with no competition. This is what has caused a lot of dropshipping businesses to fail.

* Search for a supplier

Dropshipping requires you to partner with a reliable and trustworthy supplier. If you partner with the wrong supplier, your chances of ruining your business are high. Don’t hurry and take your time. Find the right supplier to meet your needs and keep you in touch.

* Create an E-commerce Website

A website can help increase the profitability of your business. Dropstore and Shopify make it easy to create a website in a matter of hours. Once money is flowing, you can go for more customization and website creation options.

* Get Traction

It’s important to have a website that is well-designed and offers the best products. However, these are not enough if you don’t have customers. Plan for acquiring customers. You need to think both long-term and short-term in order to have a steady customer flow. Short-term: Use an Instagram list or Instagram influencers. For dropshipping success, long-term use of Facebook Ad campaigns, Google Adwords and Email marketing.

* Optimize

To grow your business, you must always keep track of data and metrics. You can track customer conversations to determine the path that led to sales. This will allow you to determine what works and what does not.


This article has shown that South Africa’s dropshipping is extremely successful. It is as easy as choosing the right dropshipping site. Dropshipping is still a new concept in South Africa.

If you believe I have missed any Dropship supplier you think should be included in the top 12, please comment below with their name, website and contact information.