Inspiration to Start Dropshipping in Africa with Aliexpress Suppliers

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Alidropship Sites Africa ROCKS: The company got $80k-$150k a month!

One of our active contributors to the forum, Daniel from Uganda, tells a fantastic success story. He runs 12 sites that take him around $80k-$150k a month. Let’s just ask him how he got it.

Hello, please introduce yourself to When have you begun an online company?

I am Daniel Mickoh, a web marketer that’s mainly focused on Facebook. Uganda I live in Kampala. I live in Kampala. Seven years ago, I was involved in internet marketing.

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Did you possess previous experience in e-commerce, trade or generally online before you launched AliExpress dropshipping websites?

I run Amazon E-Sales as an affiliate, have done niche stores, which I do until now (I was hiring a lady who did this for me already). I’m still running Amazon E-Shops. So I have a few dropshipping sites already.

Why did you choose the business model for dropshipping? How did everything start?

I’m mainly choosing the dropshipping company because I found it easy for you to start without a stock and due to my Facebook marketing skills.

What platforms are you using for e-commerce? Do you use automated solutions to manage the sites? How do you manage the business exactly?

Ten of my websites on WordPress platform are run on Shopify and others. We use automated solutions including emails and automation of messages.

How many websites are you currently using? What’s their achievement?

I have 12 sites for dropshipping, which on average amount range from $80 K to $150 K a month.

How were you selecting the niches?

I came to pick these niches, especially for the 5 stores I was selling digital products from a niche business. Mainly product research for trendy products was in other stores. I spy a lot on competitors, however. I spend most of my time checking ads, top-sale dropships, and new markets for other people.

How can you find your online stores products and suppliers?

Do you have any strategy from time to time to add new products? How are the prices determined?

I mainly select products using three criteria; the number of active Facebook users with an interest in the product, the number of product review and order from a particular supplier, and the product trends over the last 12 months.

Usually, I consider how many units a supplier sells, how quickly the supplier reacts when contacted when I choose a supplier.

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In general, I set prices mainly for my advertising and storage plans and still make a profit of at least 50 percent, if possible.

Remember your first sale from your site? Do you remember? How did you accomplish that? How quickly was it?

After four hours of Facebook ad testing, the first sale took place. Then in 24 hours we made four sales.

How are your stores being promoted? Who are your target audiences, how did you understand? What are the most efficient channels for you? Have you had a few channels to give up? How much do you cost in promoting your stores on average? (a month) by growing enormous fan communities, I promote my store on Facebook and Instagram and SEO, I create inviting content for our fans and use messenger to engage with our audiences and comment on them later.

I also use some ninja tactics. I learnt most of them from following the man who started 10beasts and Brian Deans SEO who works.

How long do you need to run your shops every day? Whichtask(s) require longer than others? Which challenges are the most difficult? How are you handling them?

I have a team of virtual support personnel who help manage these stores, carry out orders and answer customer inquiries.

How do you cope with (if you have any) difficult customers? You’ve got some funny / sad stories?

Good and bad clients will always be there, but mainly fraudsters were the worst cases. We usually provide refunds on purchases for unsatisfied customers.

Have you officially registered your company? What are your country’s (if you know them) legal requirements?

It’s my fashion label that our business is legally registered in America, but I used friends in the first place to help myself in other countries. But recently, for the drug traffic and online business, I chose to register another LLC. The other company is offline and did not want any problems which could endanger the other business by hipping.

Which are your future plans?

Major brands are created for 3 of our stores and digital products with their physical products are sold.

What can you advise our readers–those who run their stores already and those that have not yet started?

Three works are my advisory. Hold on, keep working. Start.

“Start your store now with ALIDROPSHIP, look for winning products from competitors and lower prices and sell those in countries they are not targeting, test 10 different products at a time and when you find a winning one, scale that up and get more in that line.”

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