Why Use Shopify Platform to Sell ABS Stimulator?

Social media and fitness websites are full of ads for ab stimulators. The devices claim to increase abdominal muscle strength via electrical stimulation. Ab stimulators may cause the abdominal muscles contraction, but they won’t burn fat or cause weight loss.

There is very little research on the effectiveness of ab stimulators for toning muscles. We review the evidence supporting their use and discuss alternative methods to strengthen abdominal muscles.

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What is an ab stimulator and how does it work?

For decades, doctors and physical therapists used electric devices to treat paralyzed or injured muscles. Functional electrical stimulation (FES), uses an electric pulse to cause muscles to contract. It prevents muscle wasting by stimulating blood flow and preventing muscle wasting. It can also be used to repair any damage.

Recently, manufacturers of ab stimulators have started selling these devices to the public. Some companies claim their devices can help you lose weight or strengthen your ab muscles without the need to exercise. There is no evidence to suggest that a muscle stimulator can significantly alter a person’s body.

These devices are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Source, however some manufacturers, especially those from outside the United States, now sell unregulated products.

Are they effective?

FES is a great tool for physical therapy in the treatment of serious muscle injuries.

A doctor might recommend that an ab stimulation be done after a spinal injury in order to improve abdominal muscle function and allow the patient to breathe normally. An analysis of 14 studies from the past found that people with spinal cord injuries who had received FES were more able to breath on their own than those who were acting as controls.

People who want to increase muscle strength, improve posture, and slim down their waistlines have less evidence that abdominal stimulators work. These devices have not been shown to make a significant difference in appearance, according to limited research.

Source, 2005. This study followed 24 adults who used stimulators five days per week for eight weeks. Each session lasted between 20-40 minutes. Researchers compared them to 16 adults who did not use ab stimulators or performed ab exercises during the study period.

The study group experienced a 58% increase of ab strength. This was measured by the team using an isokinetic dynamometer. The curl-up test revealed that the study group had an increase of 100% in abdominal endurance compared to 28% in the control.

On average, the waist circumference of the study group decreased by 3.5 centimeters (1.4 inches) on average. The stimulation group had 24 participants who reported that their abdominals were toned and 54% of them reported that their posture was better. The controls did not experience similar results and had no decrease in their waist circumference.

These results suggest that ab stimulators may improve strength and posture, while reducing waist size. Researchers have not replicated the results of this study. It is therefore impossible to draw solid scientific conclusions regarding the effectiveness of ab stimulators.

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Another study, which involved trained athletes, found that 12 weeks of FES did no increase the size abdominal muscles.

Source – Although there is not much evidence to support the claim that ab stimulators can help tone the muscles, FDA-regulated stimulators are safe.

Ab stimulators can’t burn fat. A person must have a calorie deficit to burn fat. This means they need to exercise more and move more than they eat every day. Although ab stimulators can temporarily strengthen muscles, they will not make a significant difference to the appearance of a person’s body if they don’t also burn fat.

Examples of stimulators

Online reviews promise rapid results and significant improvements in body shape.

Many of these reviews, however, are false. Be aware of reviews that are too short, extreme claims and reviews that do not include reviews of other products. Also, be careful about reviews that don’t give five stars or haven’t reviewed any other products. Fakespot, ReviewMeta and other sites can help you detect fake reviews online.

Many ab stimulators can be attached to the abs with adhesive pieces of cloth. The cloth provides an electric current to the abdominal muscles. This causes contractions that one might not feel.

Some stimulators can be worn as belts, which are not attached to the body and wrap around it. They may stimulate the abs or the back.

Some stimulators have apps that allow you to track your progress and adjust the intensity of muscle contractions. The stimulator must not cause pain, sting or burning, nor should it cause muscle spasms.


The most serious risk is from unregulated stimulators Source. These devices can burn the skin, contain toxic chemicals, adhesives, or deliver too strong a shock to be safe.

However, FDA-regulated stimulators can still pose dangers. These devices can interfere with pacemakers and other electrical devices. These devices can also make it appear that someone is exercising or doing something healthy, which could discourage them from engaging in more beneficial activities and lifestyle changes.


Physical therapy is a great option for people who want to improve their posture and address muscle injuries. A physical therapist can offer targeted exercises and massage. A physical therapist may recommend electrical stimulation to improve muscle function.

Two goals should be set for people who want a stronger core and a slimmer waistline.

A caloric deficit is a way to burn fat

To create a deficit, a person must consume more calories than they eat. A person can gradually lose weight by increasing their activity levels, whether they are doing intense exercise or walking every day.

Targeted exercises can help strengthen the abdominal muscles

Although these exercises won’t burn fat, they can improve core strength and posture. They also make the muscles visible to those who have lost body fat. An American Council on Exercise study found that the three best ab exercises are the crunch on an exercise balls, the bicycle, and the captain’s seat.


The promise of ab stimulators is too good to miss: toned abs, a slim waistline and toned stomachs without extra work

Although an electric current can contract the abdominal muscles and improve muscle health, it won’t change a person’s entire body.

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A doctor, physical therapist or dietitian can help people who want stronger abs and better health.

What is the average time it takes to make Shopify sales?

There are many factors that will affect the time it takes to make your first sale on Shopify.

  • You can use an existing network of contacts or create one using email lists that match your target customer.
  • If you’re buying an existing domain, the age and authority of that domain.
  • How deep your market research was conducted and how your products reflect that research.
  • How you present your products (images, product descriptions, etc)
  • You have incentives for your visitors to purchase from you

It can take a long time to sell if there is no network or you launch a site that doesn’t fit the market.

It will be hard to penetrate the market if your products are not priced appropriately or you don’t offer incentives such as free shipping for orders above a certain amount or coupons for first-time buyers . This is especially true if your niche is competitive.

Even if you don’t have a large network, Shopify will still allow you to make your first sale within a reasonable amount of time. It is important to maximize what you already have and optimize your store.

Let’s assume that you have done all your market research and have a store in place. If you are just starting out, and don’t have a Shopify site yet go to the first section of this post to get started.

Shopify’s first sales are possible when you reach out to your circle.

Have you shared your Shopify store with your family, friends, and colleagues?

Your network is not under any obligation to purchase from you. However, it is a good idea to spread the word and ask for help.

You can share the news on any social media platform that you are currently using: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Remember to include your website link in your profiles!

You can ask your closest friends to share your store via social media if they aren’t the right fit for your products. This will allow you to access other networks that could contain your target customers.

You won’t know until you ask!

Shopify Sales via Amazon and Other Marketplaces: Get More

Amazon and eBay are already generating their own traffic, which is a huge advantage. Some customers might find them more convenient due to their previous experience with Amazon Prime or the trust factor.

Shopify offers an option that allows you to list your products on additional marketplaces in addition to Shopify. Leather Honey products are an excellent example of this strategy. They can be purchased at the original store or on most of the popular marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay.

The downside? The disadvantage? It’s still important to optimize your listings for other marketplaces and include relevant keywords, just as you would for your Shopify store.

Shopify Store: Add live chat

Visitors may have questions or need assistance before making a purchase. They may not be able to afford the support they need and will decide that it is not worth it.

You can avoid this by adding a live chat to your Shopify store. Don’t be afraid to shop online 24 hours a day. You can set the chat button to not display during non-working hours, or provide the option to leave a message such as Athletic Greens.

A live chat requires more effort from both you and your team. It greatly increases your chances of selling Shopify products, so it’s worth the effort.