WordPress The7 Theme Pre-made Complete Review

When opting to use WordPress/WooCommerce for your ecommerce store, you’re opening up an incredible number of options for scaling your business, designing whatever you want, and implementing marketing tools through themes, plugins, and other extensions. It all begins with a well-designed WordPress theme that has page-building features and elegant designs. We decided to review The7 WordPress theme because it has received significant attention and high ratings.

The7 integrates seamlessly with WPBakery and Elementor, just as any other solid WooCommerce theme. You don’t have to stick with the same design. These page builders allow you to have a lot of control over your design, whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer.

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We’ll be reviewing The7 WordPress themes and discussing everything, from the best features to pricing and customer support to the theme pricing.

Keep reading to figure out if The7 is the right WooCommerce/WordPress theme for designing your store and expanding it into the future.

The7 WordPress Theme Review: The Best Features

We can’t possibly cover all the features of The7. However, we will try to compile our favorites into a list. The7 allows you to install a WordPress theme, integrate with WooCommerce and launch a design in a matter of minutes. The7 offers a wide range of design elements that can be used to create a unique online store. While you can choose from the standard website templates, it is possible to use the many theme options, page builders integrations and premium plugins to make something unique for your brand.

Continue reading to discover the top features that we love about The7.

More than 60 pre-made websites and 6 premium plugins

The7 currently has over 60 pre-made websites. These websites, also known as demos or templates, are your starting point to design a website that is professional and tailored for your store. You could create a shop to sell organic snacks or the Winery template for selling your wine online. You can even create a website using one of their templates.

We like that starter templates can be categorized according to which page builder they are being used. You could filter by The7 website to view all Elementor templates. You can also find templates that are made for WPBakery. These templates include layouts for online stores, one-page and multipage websites, as well as specific layouts.

The7 developers seem to be releasing new demos almost every day. It’s possible to reach out to them and see if they can make something more appropriate for your store. You might be able to find it in the future.

The7, one of the premium plugins that includes many paid elements in its already low price, is one of these themes. Although this is not a new trend with ThemeForest products it’s not uncommon to receive six plugins for free. These plugins are also high-quality and many are among the most popular page builders available.

You get premium plugins for free:

  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • The 7 Elements
  • Ultimate Addons
  • Slider Revolution
  • GoPricing
  • Convert Plus

WPBakery Slider Revolution are our top choices for premium plugins. Slider Revolution starts at $29/year, and WPBakery starts at $45/year. These aren’t very high prices but it’s great to know you can still get useful plugins for a fraction of the cost. WPBakery allows you to create the front and backend of your website using a variety of drag-and drop modules. You can customize templates and add content elements. A skin builder is available to help you choose the right colors for your theme. Slider Revolution is the best plugin to create professional-quality video and image sliders for your ecommerce website.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Extreme customization with more than 1000 theme options and 250+ page options

Many premium themes boast about offering 1000s of options. But sometimes, you’ll find that this is either an exaggerated claim or they aren’t that powerful. With The7, this is not true. Each theme option allows you to modify a specific area of your website, such as your menu, text content, or images. You can move elements around with a click of a button. Each module that you add to your website gives you more customization options. This theme is packed with options.

The page options are also very flexible. These options are covered in detail in the next sections. But you can create a page for a blog, gallery or other purpose with just one click. You can also customize the header, sider and footer of pages and posts with a variety of settings.

Integrations and support for the most efficient page builders on the market

We mentioned before that The7 comes with a free WPBakery plugin. This is already reason to be excited.

The7 can also be integrated with other page builders, allowing you to drag-and-drop content modules across your website. The7 integrates well with Elementor and Theme Builder.

Although you don’t have to use all the page builders, it is nice to know that there are other options. Many website demos can be used with certain page builders. You can easily install an Elementor demo and know that all the Elementor modules will be compatible with it.

A whitelabeling tool

The7 offers developers the ability to white-label all references to “The7” and convert them to their company name. You don’t have to worry about branding from other companies. Even though it may seem small, developers often put a lot of effort into incorporating branding into their themes. It’s easy to swap out The7’s branding for your logos or company name. You don’t want your website developer’s name on your ecommerce store.

Unlimitless Header Combinations

The7’s header layouts will ensure that you don’t feel restricted in what you can do for your header. There are six options for headers: an inline design (or split), a horizontal menu, and a vertical one (or both). You have complete control of the situation.

You can choose from many different header layouts so you don’t have to compromise on the location of the menu, the size of the logo or the design of the mega menu.

Mega Menu Support – You don’t need to install a premium plugin

Mega menus are covered by The7 WordPress theme.

Mega menus can be a problem for ecommerce shops as you will usually need to pay more to get a premium plugin. Although they are often quite affordable, you would think that the majority of menu functionality would come with your theme.

A mega menu is included in The7 theme. Mega menu features include multiple menu rows, styling options and subtitles.

When designing an online store, you may need to create a layout for a portfolio, blog or gallery. Many ecommerce shops have blogs. It would be shame to hire a designer to create the right look.

The7 WordPress theme review has revealed many layouts you can use to generate lists, photo scrollers and lightboxes. The layouts can also be used to implement an infinite scroll function.

The7 layouts are perfect for lazy loading, masonry grids and multiple column views.


Like other themes on ThemeForest you can download The7 for a one-time fee. Technically, you get the theme for your entire life.

The current price for The7 is $39.

This theme offers incredible value considering all the features it contains. Similar to The7 on Shopify you would normally have to spend close to $100, while multi-purpose WordPress ecommerce themes cost closer to $50 or $60.

What is the one-time cost of this payment?

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shopify dropshipping store set up

You can download the whole theme and any support documents. You don’t need to pay a monthly subscription.

The Dream Team (developers for The7) provides six months of free customer support with every purchase of The7. You can then extend your support for an additional 12 months for $24. This rate was discounted by about $10. You can also search for deals if necessary.

All future updates are sent to you free of charge. There is no need to pay for an upgrade the next year or any subsequent year. Customer support is the only extra fee.

Customer Support

There are several ways to get customer support for The7 WordPress theme.

To start with, you can always visit the ThemeForest site to leave a comment. These can be used to answer sales questions. The7 developers have been responsive to almost 20,000 comments that it received on the platform.

The Dream Theme developers have also provided a few FAQs to help you navigate through common situations. These FAQs are mostly questions that will help you install or purchase the theme. It includes questions to help you resolve fatal errors, find the purchase code, and figure out what to do about a missing stylesheet.

Dream Theme also provides support to The7 customers via its knowledgebase and support portal.

The7 customers receive the following support services:

  • Answering general questions related to the theme.
  • Answer technical questions that can help you resolve problems with design and installations.
  • Assisting with bugs or coding issues
  • Assisting with third-party assets like plugins or WordPress elements.

Although you won’t find any customization or installation services from the Dream Theme team, it is not uncommon to see them from other WordPress theme developers. However, Dream Theme developers do offer customization services. These services include theme customization and basic WordPress configuration. You can also sign-up for content management or migration services.

What’s the Dream Theme website to help you solve any issues that may arise with The7 theme?

All The7 Dream Theme customers have access to the Dream Theme Support Portal. To log in to the portal, create a username/password and submit support tickets as needed. All support tickets are answered by email and the team is known for responding in a timely manner. Although there doesn’t appear to be a number you can call to get help, it is a common way for theme developers to provide support.

The knowledgebase is your primary source of customer support. You can search for articles or browse the tutorials on the homepage. Examples of guides include “Import Elementor Demos,” “Hide The7’s Header Across Entire Website” and “The7CLI.” The guides are very comprehensive and offer coding suggestions for specific elements. Many guides include visuals that will enhance the customer experience.

The Dream Theme Support Portal includes a Troubleshooter. This asks you to describe the problem and the Theme that you are working with.

You could, for example, say you have issues with Elementor within the The7 theme. The portal then lists a number of articles related to these two elements.

We like the The7 WordPress theme’s support. It’s comparable to other ThemeForest themes’ (comments and cheap or free support as well as a ticketing system). But you also get access to something not often offered by ThemeForest developers: a support portal. This portal also contains content from the knowledgebase as well as the troubleshooter. This is a nice thing to see, as we sometimes encounter themes that have five articles in their knowledgebase.

What is The7 WordPress Theme?

The7 WordPress theme is a great choice if you are looking to create an online store using WooCommerce.

We love the fact that you can create a store that is unique from others who have purchased the theme. We recommend that you visit The7 theme to check out the demo, and possibly take advantage of the affordable pricing.