Turnkey Preloaded Dropshipping Websites And Stores For Sale

Where can I buy Turnkey Dropship? – No Preloaded Sales Websites!

If you’re reading this article, you need to be interested to start your dropshipping business. You are in the right place if you don’t know anything about setting up dropshipping websites or purchasing turnkey dropship sites.

Who will need Dropship Turkey websites?

Ready-to-use websites offer those with a limited budget the chance to start a new business online or save time and effort.

You can still make a lot of money by purchasing a well-established eCommerce store. The same opportunity exists to own a company that has already made a handsome profit. Only the previous owner can own a business.

However, if your budget is tight, you can opt for a starter shop without paying upfront fees.

Websites can be launched by people looking for passive income . However, some websites are designed to drive more traffic to their sites and generate huge revenue for them.

While the ordinary platforms take more effort and time, dropship websites are much easier to manage. It is possible to get started quickly. You can increase your revenue by purchasing multiple online shops simultaneously.

Where can I buy preloaded dropship websites?

Many online sellers offer turnkey dropship websites for sale. Some are more reliable than others.

When you decide to purchase a turnkey dropshipping store, you need to be able to see that the shop will not guarantee your success.

Six trusted places have been identified to buy a pre-built shop. Trust is always a concern.

Facebook Groups and private online forums are one place I would strongly discourage you from buying a shop.

These platforms do not have any responsibility for sellers. It is better to buy through a market that is recognized as having responsibility.

These are the top 6 best places to buy a dropshipping shop pre-built.


TurnKey Preloaded Dropshipping Stores with the Best Professional Theme. Trending products loaded. Fast delivery supplier app (5-8 days shipping time). One click product import. Easy order fulfillment. We also offer Facebook Ads Audience Builder and High Engaged Instagram Influencer List.


ECOMMERCEiFY offers a number of dropshipping shops that are attractive and ready to go. Their shops are built around niche-specific topics, which I love.

It is better to start with a niche shop than a general store. The pre-designed shops are priced at around $150 and include everything you might need to get started.

This includes a logo design (which can be okay), a selection of tested products, and an expert quality style.

Everything is also established. All you need to do is provide your payment information for Stripe or Paypal.

ECOMMERCEiFY offers 2 plans for $149 with an upgrade available for $299. This upgrade uses SEO and social media posts, which I find not worth the cost. The $149 plan is a good value for the price.

They don’t use exclusivity, so all their shops can be made available to many users with very minor tweaks.


BeBiggy, one of the most well-known Shopify designers, offers pre-developed dropshipping shops. They have been in business longer and have offered the same shop for over a year. This could indicate that there are many similar shops.

BeBiggy has a spy tool that can be used to find winning items. This is a huge advantage. The cost for a standalone tool is 19.99/month. This is also the tool that they use to find items for their shops.

BeBiggy’s dropshipping shop will cost you $299 to purchase a routine Shopify Shop’ and $599 to buy a premium Shopify Shop’. Although the differences between the two are not obvious, the more expensive shops have more up-to-date items and are generally more affordable.

The newer shops also tend to be less crowded and offer fewer products than some of the older ones.

BeBiggy is a solid place to buy a shop. Their shops look great and offer a strong structure. They also offer support after sales, if needed.


Alidropship is a popular dropshipping app for WordPress and Woocommerce. It does exactly what Shopify offers with AliDropship.

Alidropship has expanded their services in many directions. One of these is to use Woocommerce pre-built websites.

This is the place to be if you don’t want to lower your Shopify paid membership.

AliDropship’s team is made up of dropshippers with years of experience. Their item selections and styles are top-notch.

A pre-built dropshipping shop by AliDropship costs $299. This includes a copy the AliDropship plugin, which is $89 worth, and one of their AliDropship designs which is $67 worth. Hosting is not included.

AliDropship is a great place to shop because they don’t just sell cookie-cutter shops. You have some control over the shop you receive when you purchase it from AliDropship.

A supervisor will help you find the perfect niche for you. Your $299 shop will contain 50 items, expert descriptions and expert images.

You can also purchase a $999 bundle with 200 items, but that may be too expensive if you’re just starting.

AliDropship is my top choice if you are looking to buy a dropshipping shop.

Dropshipping Stores for Premade Products

Premade Stores are a bit different than some of the other sellers of shops because they can personalize every shop they sell. This is something I really like, as you’re not just buying a cookie-cutter shop.

You can pick your niche and create a company for your service. They start at $180 and include a logo design ($25), and item descriptions ($35). These add-ons are worth it.

They have a 24-hour turnaround time which is great. They also offer pre-built shops in popular niches.

These will be comparable to the products you could buy on previous platforms.

Their pre-built shops are not my favorite. They import Aliexpress product descriptions, which I find a big no-no.

These are great starter shops and look extremely professional. I highly recommend using their custom-made option, especially at that rate.

Flippa and Marketplace Exchange

Flippa is a well-known marketplace for digital possessions. You can find a wide range of domains and websites on Flippa. They are primarily known for having domains with proven profits histories or sites that have a high value (just like domain).

You will find dropshipping shops with incomes on Flippa’s eCommerce section. These are more expensive.

You can search for shops that have less than one year of age and no declared revenues to find’starter shops.

These shops can be purchased for as little as $50 to $500. Flippa can be used to buy sites, but there are many shops available. You will need persistence to find some hidden gems.

Shopify’s Exchange Marketplace offers another great market to purchase a starter store. Similar to Flippa, they also have many well-known shops but tend to have more starter shops.

Although Shopify owns and runs it, this gives you some security but not many. The periodic gem is a bad shop.


Fiverr has some truly amazing gigs, and Shopify is a great option. There are many sellers who offer pre-built shops. I recommend that you choose a custom-made option on Fiverr.

You can purchase a Shopify shop ‘custom-made,’ for $350 or a generic one for $200 on Fiverr.

Fiverr’s reputation for reliability is the best thing about it. You can trust gigs with over 100 5-star reviews.

These Fiverr gigs can guarantee you a unique shop, but it does not mean that it is.

If you are looking for something more customized and still within a budget, I recommend the Fiverr route.

Make sure you know exactly what you are getting and that you have a conversation with the seller before you make a purchase. This will ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Ask about their logo/name. Make sure they don’t just use the Wix Logo Maker. Ask about their style (is it a unique style or just a free one), and, most importantly, how they select items.

Dropship Websites

Millions of people use turnkey dropship websites. It is easy to launch a low-cost business. The platform allows you to buy the right products at an affordable price and generates more revenue through turnkey dropship sites.

You should not be disappointed with the launch of an ecommerce website after enduring a loss. Instead, look for a website that generates revenue for a dropship. This is a safe investment that many customers worldwide trust.

Tips: How To Buy Websites For Turnkey Dropship

Turnkey dropship websites are easy to purchase. It’s affordable and can provide a new source for income to its owners. Dropshipping is easy and simple for anyone to do. Dropshipping websites is offered by many platforms.

While you can browse on turnkeydropshipwebsites.com for many professionally developed dropshipping websites. There are many benefits to purchasing a professionally designed dropshipping website. Dropshipping is so simple and easy that many customers have multiple sites and make six figures.

These are some things to consider when buying a website.

Uniqueness in the Business

It is important to understand what makes your business stand out from the rest and why customers should choose you over your competitors. It is crucial because it helps you to establish your brand identity amongst thousands of online businesses.


It is important to ensure that the SSL certificate is properly secured to protect customer data. You will be more concerned about the security of your customers’ sensitive information if you are part an ecommerce company. You must use the Secure Socket Layer on the website that you intend to purchase.

Clear Processes

The customer must be clear about how to place an order online. They should also know the steps. Customers would like to know how your return policies handle their complaints. Contacting your business should be simple and straightforward.

Domain Authority

When buying a website, domain authority is important. A website with a high domain authority is considered high-quality.

Social Media

Social media plays an important role in ecommerce businesses’ success. Websites that are not well-known on social media will not be considered in contact with the community.

Keyword Ranking

Your website can be ranked for the most relevant keywords to increase traffic and revenue . Google Analytics data can be used to check for pages that are most popular on your site.

Preloaded dropship sites can be purchased to start your online business quickly. Just visit and review active and well-established sites on Turkeydropshipwebsites.com.

After you’ve completed the purchase process, you can search Quick Start for your business using their other online services. These services include web design, SEO and digital marketing. You can also count on our experts to help you use your website and provide all the support you require.

Shopify Dropshipping Shop Business Established and Websites Available For Sale

“Hot Offer! Dropshipping business for sale! “Why Dropshipping Business Owners Say Goodbye to Their Stores

How do you respond to promotions from Dropshippers who are selling their business? How to find a reliable pre-claimed store and which one is the best? Why would you sell your store? This article will address these and other questions. Some Internet clients find it easy to start a successful business by purchasing a well-constructed, drop-shipping site from the previous owner. Others, however, consider it dangerous.

We should therefore be able to address the most common questions and concerns that are frequently raised in the area of Drop Shipping Business Obtaining.

Dropshipping is a great business idea.

It’s not a remarkable situation: An individual notices a promotion for an instant Dropshipping website for sale and immediately believes that there is something seriously wrong with the store.

“Why would the proprietor say goodbye to a reliable source of income?” The shop does not bring any cash and the vendor simply wants to get rid of it by tricking some inept purchaser. This could be true, but you need to be careful when purchasing a second-hand store. (Read the important guidelines below!)

The owner should still sell the store, no matter how well it runs and whether it looks good from a budgetary standpoint. It serves many purposes:


Some Dropshipping shops owners treat them as long-term speculations. They don’t get a steady income by preparing customer requests; they make a huge one-time profit by offering the entire store for sale to another person.

If a store attracts lots of visitors, receives steady requests and is high in Google rankings, then it has great potential for further development. The owner can turn a store like this into a major source of self-produced income by being savvy. The storekeeper can find someone who is willing to sell the store with sensible net income and build a well-performing store.

Development Opportunity

The former owner of a store can sell it to raise funds for his/her future endeavors. The store dealer might want to try a different specialty or send a store with a different plan and format. This is the typical scenario for late-comers who request an immediate store without much thought to the specialty decision. They get an attractive store that performs well, but they don’t feel any connection to the specialty. As a result, they quickly lose enthusiasm for such an ‘arbitrary store’.

This is how Dropship sites can be viewed. The owner gets the chance to grow and test out potential business opportunities.

Investment funds

We can see that drop shipping business owners are often affected by time. Alex’s situation was to maintain the outstanding performance of 5 of his stores. To avoid any responsibility of low quality, Alex decided to sell one of his online stores and concentrate on the other locations.

‘Spring cleaning’

The proprietor may decide to sell the store if they don’t have the time. Sometimes business owners get really excited about dropshipping businesses (which is extremely affordable :)), buy or build a few stores quickly… and find that they have more locations than they would normally need. Otto, our customer, admits that he’s too tired to manage the majority of his stores and doesn’t concentrate on any of them. This situation is where it’s clear that selling these stores to someone else is the best option.

A few people, like Daniel, understand the problem of ‘overloading’ by hiring remote helpers. They are responsible for minor administrative tasks and client service. As you can see, this adds to the cost of running the business. If the owner needs to reduce operational costs, then the obvious choice is to sell a portion.

It was as it was. If you do see an instant store being sold by the current proprietor, don’t assume it’s fake. The odds are that the storekeeper is simply reviewing their business procedures. You might be able to profit from it and open a store.

Choose from a variety of Dropshipping websites for sale.

You are looking for an Dropshipping shop that has been previously operational. Before you make the purchase, what are some other perspectives?

The advantages and disadvantages of the arrangement

Think about why you are buying a “second-hand” store before you make a purchase. If you are looking to purchase a store that is already in operation and don’t want to have to prepare a website, it might be easier to request a site from a specialist.

If you are looking to buy a store with a history of smooth operation and benefiting the owner, it is a good idea to acquire a “second-hand” store. No matter if this is your main inspiration to buy a pre-owned business, you won’t likely have the ability to make any changes to the site. Fundamentally, you should acknowledge most of improvement/structure/item choices made by the past proprietor, and adjust to them.

Dropshipping Business Speciality

You may not see any distinction between pet supplies and kawaii stationery. However, regardless of your general preference, you must ensure that this specialty is in demand and will not be out of fashion in the near future.

You can use our free specialty assessment tool to find out if you are able to profit from this particular specialty. This will provide you with a general idea of the Dropshipping shop that you are going to buy and the potential for profit. You should also assess your niche potential in SEO. This will help you understand if people are interested in these dropshipping products. You can use Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner to highlight various internet-based lives.

Our article will help you to understand how to evaluate the specialty from a SEO perspective and find the most profitable items to sell online.

Store structure

The store’s configuration has a significant impact on the guest’s decision to buy and also impacts the transformation rate of the store – and thus your benefit level. You, as another proprietor, have the ability to modify logos, flags and other on-location photos. However, the overall structure and design will remain the same.

To assess the online shop configuration part of the website you are going to buy, you don’t need to be an expert. Visit the site and make notes. Is it worthwhile and feasible for you to do so? Can you think clearly about where the best item is located and how to make a request? It could be a new site designed by a master or a relic from the 2000s.

Site traffic, performance

The vendor should provide screen captures of the administrator board which reveal the number of guests and the volume of sales, or other performance indicators. Even our examples of people who have overcome adversity can do this! You can also make your own examination and check out this site on SEMrush. Although you won’t be able to see the site’s budget performance, you can access important SEO indicators like the amount of backlinks, principal natural competitors, and natural traffic. This will allow you to assess the effectiveness of the website for your business.

Price of the deal

Is the current proprietor able to set a reasonable price for the store? What is the reasonable price for site’s performance and structure highlights? It would be cheaper and easier to have a store completely modified by a specialist company.

Remember that you can only determine the true value of a store by doing a thorough research on its center measurements. Don’t rush to make your decision!

The vendor’s conduct

If the first proprietor replies to your questions quickly and clearly, then you don’t need to worry. You’ve just met a fair person who needs to modify his or her business procedures.

If the vendor seems eager to sell you something, doesn’t answer your questions, or does not show ‘within the’ website, it is best to steer clear of this ‘deal’. You shouldn’t give up, no matter how difficult it is to find a reliable merchant or a suitable web store. There is a person out there that can sell exactly what you are looking for.

Pre-built & Ready Made Shopify Dropshipping Sites

Dropshipping shops that have been pre-built are easier to find and more affordable than ever before. In 2016, a Shopify Dropshipping Shop built on Upwork cost well over $1000.

There are many online marketplaces where you can buy a dropshipping shop that is pore-developed for less than $150. You can get everything you need to create your own professional and practical service.

These dropshipping websites have a lot of good and bad points. Some are even more sinister, with fraudsters always hiding and ready to strike.

Dropshipping seems like the perfect company design. It is possible to start with very little capital. You simply need stock to make sales.

Designers who sell pre-built shops often harp about these benefits and, like great sales pages, they make it seem easy to just ‘turn the key and start generating income.

Dropshipping is now very competitive. Dropshipping from China is fraught with dangers. It is not a simple service by any stretch of the creativity.Purchasing a prepared made dropshipping site could be an excellent alternative as it can assist you get rid of a great deal of the difficulties that hold lots of people back.

Earn Quick Cash from Dropship Stores

Dropshipping is a crowded area with 16-year-old morons and experts who are positioned in leased Lambo’s online. They never show the true nature and challenges of running a dropshipping business.

It can be difficult. It is often difficult. Those who fail early on are more likely to lose their luck later.

Copywriters dream of the possibility of buying a dropshipping store and turning it into a turnkey service’. This concept can be offered any day of week because people who are hungry for success will love every bullet point.

Your shop is just one part of your ecommerce services.

Although it is an essential part, it will not make a shop’make you’ more effective.

Dropshipping has taught me a lot about how many people can quit working with one item, and then someone else makes 7 figures with that exact item.

What is the difference?

They all offer the exact same item and source it from China at almost the identical rate. All of them use Shopify, and most have an expert-looking shop.

This distinction is only available to the person who has her marketing just right. The best angle, ideal branding, and the best message.

This is true for all organizations.

It’s not what you do, but HOW you do it. Your shop eventually becomes a means to an end. Many people spend weeks creating their shops and making every tweak and adjustment to make it the best.

It is very harmful to invest a lot of energy in developing your shop. If your shop stops working, you can feel depressed and deflated.

To succeed with dropshipping or eCommerce generally, you need three essential mental states.

  • How can I best serve my customers to fix their problem or satisfy their desires?
  • It is important to remember that this is only a test. Don’t get attached to your items or fall for your own ideas.
  • Don’t try to get it perfect, just get it started.

These 3 concepts will help you make your dropshipping shop work.

You will be disappointed if you want to buy a pre-made dropshipping shop because you want to “purchase success”.

Never believe that buying a pre-made shop will make you a millionaire overnight. Although it might, it is unlikely.

It is a real problem to search for a quicker way to success.

Advantages of Dropshipping Ready Made Stores

Is it possible to start a business and have it up and running within 24 hours? There aren’t many service models that could do this, besides purchasing a pre-designed dropshipping shop.

It is able to move quickly and it also eliminates many technical issues that keep people from trying eCommerce.

It is difficult to get a Shopify store established. Items must be included. The shop should look professional.

However, you can still buy a pre-built shop. Let’s take a quick look at the main benefits of pre-built shops.


Cash is time. This is something we’ve heard so many times, that we’ve become tone deaf to its worth.

This is something I have done as often as anyone else.

It is easy to get caught up in unproductive jobs that take up half of your day, jobs that don’t require the time you put in. These are often jobs that you may have paid someone on Upwork $50 for.

Dropshipping, like in many other eCommerce channels, isn’t about finding winning products. It’s more about finding out which items don’t work.

It is essential to be fast. Dropshipping is an example of this.
It is not worth spending months creating a shop only to have it stop working within the first week.

A winning item will usually offer itself if you have the right’sort of’ ideal, even if it is not your ideal.

A pre-built shop allows you to quickly start screening products. Pre-built shops look professional and have items that can be offered, so you will get a good start.

In 24 hours, you can start screening items. You can start screening items in 24 hours or less.

Every single one of the winning items I’ve ever owned, transformed almost immediately after being purchased. It is easy to see if you can match the perfect item to the right audience.

Once you have this match, you can start improving your sales process since it is time and money well spent.

It is a waste of time and money to spend on fine-tuning sales procedures before an item is offered.


It might be difficult to create a Shopify shop if you don’t have any experience with building websites and/or using graphic design skills. Woocommerce can be difficult if you don’t have the technical or graphic skills.

A quality shop requires both technical and graphic skills. It is no longer possible to create a terrible shop with an uninspired style.

To be a viable dropshipper, your shop must look professional and well-organized.

Although you might be able to purchase a beautiful style, there are always modifications that can be made. There are logo designs and graphics that need to be added and optimizations that must be done.

It is shocking to me how obvious amateur shops are. I am always struck by the fact that it takes weeks for people to create such a look.

Pre-built dropshipping shops allow to view exactly what you are buying. Most of the pre-built shops are beautiful.
These images are often very well-formatted and optimized with appropriate mobile optimization and image sizes.

You can also get a professional logo design created with your shop, which is an option.

A shop purchased if you are unable to make it as close to a standard shop, will be more cost-effective than buying a shop.

Studying the Curve

No matter whether you choose to use Woocommerce, Shopify or both, there will be a learning curve. The discovering curve won’t be too difficult if you already have a basic understanding of CSS and sites.

It can really eat up valuable time if you don’t. Shopify is much easier to use, but you’ll still need to learn how to make basic edits and manage certain elements of your shop in Shopify’s backend.

Pre-built dropshipping shops can help you avoid a lot of the learning curve. This is especially true if you opt for Woocommerce.

You will be able to set up a shop from scratch and only need to learn how to run it.

Modifying is something you can avoid. This is a great option if you don’t have any technical skills.

Picking Items

Dropshipping can be difficult because of the limited selection of items available. Dropshipping is easy with the many options available.

The key to success is to offer the best products to the right audience at the right time. You need to have a lot of experience and screen your work to know what works.

Many spy tools are now available that aim to simplify item selection. EcomHunt and BigSpy use Facebook ads to find dropshipping products that are being regularly marketed.

It is a theory that someone who is constantly investing in promoting an item should be earning a positive ROI.

It could be a good idea to offer items that you have not yet shown to offer, especially if this is your first venture.

It is expensive to search for unique items that could end up being the best-selling products.

A pore-developed dropshipping shop will likely come with anywhere from 10 to 50 prepopulated items.

Pre-designed shops tend to be based on extremely popular products which can make your life easier.

It is very appealing to have a plug and play shop that sells tested products. Although it doesn’t guarantee success, it makes the extremely difficult task of selecting items much easier.

Analytic Paralysis

Overthinking everything is a real problem, especially for dropshippers who aren’t skilled. You will learn (primarily through experimentation) what works well and what doesn’t.

This makes the process much easier, but if you don’t have the experience it can be difficult.

Many dropshippers spend weeks or even months researching a niche. Some spent weeks choosing a style, a name, or domain.

Analyse paralysis is commonly known as this. The idea is that you’re not being assisted by all of the options available to you, but rather are immobilizing yourself.

This is especially true when it comes to item options. Aliexpress will present you with many options. What are you going to do? How do you start?

A turnkey shop is a great option. This helps you get rid of analysis paralysis because most of the decisions have been made by people who (ideally) have already existed and done this.

Dropships can be a great option if you suffer from analysis paralysis. It will save you time and help you think more clearly.


You will understand that I am a professional. I also understand the cons of buying a dropshipping store.

The fact is that dropping cash to purchase a dropshipping store can have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on your financial situation.

Spend $50 to find great items with the Spy Tool, $100 to create a Shopify style, and maybe even $100 to $500 to have your style customized and a professional logo designed. The costs can quickly add up.

This is why it makes sense to invest $150-200 in a pre-designed shop that offers a completely new style and has tested products.

The disadvantages of Turnkey Dropshipping Shops

A shop that is beautifully designed and fully prepared for business sounds very appealing, especially if it costs $149.95.

Pre-built shops have many problems. The biggest concern is that you could be one of many who buys the exact same shop, or at least a shop that is very similar to others.

You have very little room to be innovative. This allows you to really stand out from your competitors.

You should also be careful as many fraudsters are out there trying to take advantage of dropshipping business owners.


One of my biggest complaints about pre-built dropshipping shops, is that they can be offered to multiple buyers.

This means that you might be one of many shopkeepers who have the exact same shop but offer the exact same products.

You can also use a spy tool, which will help you find the right items. The most popular selling items were long before that.

A problem that can lead to saturation is called “saturation”. It can be very spammy if many people offer the same products and have the same marketing materials.

USP (Unique Selling Position)

Dropshipping shops that have been developed are often very generic. It lacks a unique USP and is not truly original.

Your unique selling position (USP), also known as an angle or hook, is the way you place your item.

A USP allows you to concentrate more on WHAT you are offering than what you are selling. Angles allow you to provide information about the item that may appeal directly to a segment of your audience.

This allows you to be different from others and in turn gives your item a higher perceived value.

You will likely offer a diaper bag. Most shops will only offer the diaper bag according to its function and function.

How about offering a diaper bag to mothers with twins? You could also make the bag 100% natural and target parents who travel a lot.

It is very difficult to do this with a pre-developed shop. Your USP will require a significant overhaul of your name and logo design, as well as much of the text.

A USP is a distinction between an item failing to work or succeeding.