Zhenhub Warehousing and Fulfillment Company Review

ZhenHub: Have you ever heard of it? If you don’t know ZhenHub and are responsible for your logistics, ZhenHub could be a great option.

Intrigued? You are intrigued? Continue reading this review for more information!

Whos’s ZhenHub? What do They Do?

Services like ZhenHub have made it possible to stop wasting time and effort on endless tasks.

  • Spreadsheets
  • Paperwork
  • Emails
  • Skype calls

This doesn’t have the “norm”. Contrary to popular belief. These grievances led Zhenhub to make it their mission to help businesses: “get from point A to point B as seamlessly and efficiently as possible so that it can finally become as simple to buy it.”

They began to research and list all the problems that ecommerce vendors face in planning and executing their warehousing and packaging processes.

These workarounds are what laid the foundations for ZhenHub, as you can see.

ZhenHub is a cloud-based dashboard that allows you to plan and track all of your logistics operations.

We now have a quick overview of ZhenHub. Let’s look at ZhenHub’s warehousing solution.

ZhenHub Warehousing

ZhenHub has partnered up with numerous reliable warehouses strategically located around the world. These warehouses all share a few commonalities. They offer:

  • Storage for your wares at an affordable price
  • A secure order fulfillment system
  • Your business needs are met by a distribution network.

ZhenHub has 18 warehouses, with plans to add more. These are located in eight countries and four continents. These warehouses are strategically located near some of the most popular manufacturers and ecommerce marketplaces in the world.

Once you are up and running, then you can monitor the operational KPIs of your warehouse. ZhenHub provides an interface that connects you to your warehouse staff. This interface is great for improving communication and making sure everyone is on the same page.

Here are some of ZhenHub’s most prominent warehousing features:

* Orders can be automatically sent from the closest warehouse to your customers
* Track the live transfer of orders and other operational data in real time.
* Access to detailed reports


It is important to store your valuable wares. It is not what you want for your valuable wares to be moved from one pillar to another as they move to the warehouse shelves.

ZhenHub has equipped its warehouses to protect your products with the most advanced facilities.

Pick and Pack

Experienced staff manage every ZhenHub warehouse. ZhenHub’s proven system allows them to pick the products your customers ordered accurately and package them so that they arrive in perfect condition.

ZhenHub Software and Inventory Management Tools

ZhenHub offers customers an intuitive platform that provides a one-stop shop solution to plan and manage your inventory. This is what we mean by:

  • Locating a Warehouse: Browse ZhenHub’s 18 Warehouses to Find the One That Best Fits Your Business.
  • Shipping and organizing your products.ZhenHub offers many ecommerce integrations which allow you to import your product and order details directly from your ecommerce site (or any other ecommerce platform). This can be done in just a few clicks. You can also edit your order and product details right from the ZhenHub dashboard. You can also control when your order is ready for shipping.
  • Tracking your deliveries You can track your shipments at every stage. ZhenHub gives you continuous, real-time updates about the location of your packages.

Automating as much as possible of your business is essential for success, if you have ever read any digital marketing or business blogs.

ZhenHub users have a handy automation toggle that allows you to instantly finalize and ship orders. This means orders are processed immediately and sent out as soon as they are received by customers. This saves your team and you tons of time.

These are other important ZhenHub inventory management features.

  • All the locations you already use, such as distribution centers, warehouses and office storerooms can be connected to.
    fulfillment centers, etc.
  • Get instant access to all your global inventory. This allows you to respond faster to your customers’ needs.
  • One centralized platform allows you to connect and manage product catalogues. It also keeps track of outgoing and inbound stock, including multichannel product listings.
  • Access to price sheets that can be customized
  • Stock adjustments can be made via ZhenHub’s dashboard.

Big Data Business Analytics

Big data analytics can be used to dig deep into huge amounts of operational data. It’s the only way to make sense of such large amounts of data. ZhenHub offers invaluable insight into your company’s operational efficiency and your customers’ preferences.

These insights are what you’ll get from ZhenHub:

* We highlight areas of concern regarding funnel points
* Customers’ preferences and demographics
* Live cost analysis
* Cost simulations
* Supplier performance

Multi-Channel Management

Ecommerce has seen a rise in multi-channel and global selling. ZhenHub offers a single dashboard that allows you to monitor and manage all your inventory, online and offline.

ZhenHub offers several native plugins for popular sales platforms such as Shopify and the Walmart Marketplace, Amazon and eBay.


ZhenHub was specifically designed to communicate with other systems and allow data to be sent and received quickly and efficiently by various software.

You have access to ZhenHub’s native integrations. However, you can also customize them and use them if you have the knowledge.

Zhenhub’s Benefits

Let’s look at some of Zhenhub’s perks:

You Can Customize Customer Notifications

ZhenHub instantly notifies customers about the status of their deliveries with real-time tracking information. Customers will always be able to track the location of their orders. These notifications can be customized with fonts, logos and messaging.

Solid Shipment Tracking

ZhenHub’s shipment track functionality has been mentioned before, but it is so amazing that we wanted more. You (or your customers), simply need to enter your shipment tracking number in the system. You can then monitor your shipment live.

ZhenHub integrates with 587 international couriers to date, including household names such as Australia Post, UPS and FedEx.

Warehouse Management Assistance

You can easily check stock levels in all of your warehouses using ZhenHub software. You can also assign warehouses to specific sales channels.

You can also generate reports for individual warehouses within seconds; this is especially useful if your goal is to scale up and grow your company.

Rapid and powerful reporting

You can also create reports on these items if you want to generate quick and compelling insights.

  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Shipment

These reports can provide you with all the information that you need to better forecast your profits. These reports will also help you make better business decisions.

Customs Clearance is a Breeze

It can be difficult to get your goods cleared by customs. ZhenHub has all the resources and knowledge they need to make it easy. This is why ZhenHub can take care of everything.

ZhenHub’s pricing is transparent

ZhenHub can help you calculate how much ZhenHub’s software and fulfillment will cost.

Below are more details about ZhenHub’s pricing.

Sign up is easy

ZhenHub registration and getting started is simple. Simply fill out a 5-minute questionnaire and then upload your business registration form. ZhenHub will then review your application and get back to you within one working day. It’s that easy.

What is ZhenHub Worth?

These are the top paid-for plans ZhenHub have to offer based on an annual billing. (Please note that monthly billing may result in slightly different costs)

The Free Plan

  • 50 online orders can be processed per month
  • Get 50 shipment tracking reports per month
  • One ecommerce integration
  • One location
  • One user

The Starter Plan is $29 per Month

  • 1500 Online Orders per Month
  • 200 shipment tracking per month
  • Two ecommerce integrations
  • Two locations
  • Ten users

The Standard Plan: $69 per Month

  • 10.000 online orders per month
  • 1500 shipment tracking per month
  • Three ecommerce integrations
  • Five locations
  • 15 users

The Professional Plan: $179 per Month

  • 300.000 online orders per month
  • 3500 shipment tracking per month
  • Five ecommerce integrations
  • Ten locations
  • 20 users

Monthly billing shows that prices are slightly more expensive: $39 per month for Starter Plan, $79 per month for Standard Plan and $239 for Professional Plan.

Are you ready to start using ZhenHub?

It’s easy to see why so many Fortune 500 companies adopted ZhenHub.

ZhenHub could be a solution for your logistics needs. Are you already using ZhenHub? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Talk soon!