10 Best Hair Extension Wholesale Suppliers

We will share 5 top hair extension brands with you, as well as tips and tricks for finding wholesale hair extensions suppliers.

The wholesale hair extension business is booming. This is true for all hair extensions, whether they are wigs, weaves, human hair, or virgin hair. This business can make a lot of money.

5 Top Human Hair Extension Brands

Here are 5 of the best human hair extensions brands.

LadyDeelish They are proud to offer only Russian hair. They create custom-made hair for each customer. They use only the weft method and sew into cornrow braids. The application is nearly invisible but you will need to move it every six weeks. You can always reuse the hair.

Showpongy Pro – Most human hair comes from Europe and India. They use high-quality human hair extensions that can be compared to your monetary worth. They rely heavily on the clip-in and tape application systems.

Seamless1 This company is pioneering a $199 per pack natural tape hair extension concept. They use clip-ins, tape, and keratin bonds – cold-fusion application methods. They are the pioneers of high-quality human hair extensions.

They can be extended to great lengths – It’s like the Rolls Royce for hair extensions. Their natural hair comes from India.

Perfect Hair – Their hair extensions use the copper bell system. The system allows you to re-use your hair but must be maintained every 8-10 week. Their human hair is a mix of Indian and Russian hair.

List of Hair Extension Wholesale Suppliers

Let’s now focus on the top hair extensions wholesalers.


It was founded in China in 1999. It is a major online wholesaler and retailer. It now serves over 200 countries. They are one of the top online retailers and have seen an increase in profits.

They will provide a large selection of hair extensions wholesale that will suit your needs. These products are very affordable. Because they come from trusted and reputable suppliers, they can be 100% assured of high quality. They provide the highest level of customer protection and secure payments.


AliExpress, an online retailer, is part of the Alibaba Group. They are primarily focused on the China market, but also the global market. They are connected to more than 20 000 Chinese suppliers that offer hair extensions at wholesale prices.

AliExpress connects buyers with businesses and has expanded to offer an affiliate program. If you’re looking for the best wholesale products, then get in touch with AliExpress to start taking advantage of their incredible offers.

Dynasty Goddess

This company offers a variety of hair extensions, including clip-in extensions, closures & frontals and virgin Remy Human Hair. These high-quality products can be purchased wholesale at affordable prices.

Dynasty Goodness, a family-owned business, is the largest online wholesaler of virgin hair extensions. They have a Florida shipping center and a factory in Thailand. They offer one of the most reliable, friendly, and fast customer services.

Dynasty Goodness hair has 100% Virgin Remy Hair. It has never been chemically altered before and is guaranteed to be in good health. You can color, straighten, curl, or wear your bundles in the original style.


This site is ranked among the top wholesale hair extension suppliers. They cater to its customers’ needs. You can find the finest hair extensions products on their website. Sellers have the ability to find all of their needs in one place. If you order bulk, they will deliver your order within 24 to 48 hours.

Private Label Extensions

Looking for hair extensions wholesalers? Private label extensions are the best choice. This group is for hair extension entrepreneurs. They work directly with salon owners, celebrities, and social media influencers to offer the highest quality products to customers and store owners.

This is possible because they offer wholesale hair extensions, branding, mink eyelashes, and exceptional customer service. They have a track record of providing human hair extensions that can be styled, colored and treated to meet or exceed your expectations.


Since 2007, Diana’s Hair has been providing high-quality Remy human extensions through their factory to salons and beauty supply stores. They offer 100% human hair collections, including tape hair, bulk hair, and hair weaving.

Their products are of high quality and they deliver quickly. Their company has enjoyed a great reputation both in China and elsewhere. They have cultivated a strong, stable and friendly relationship with customers all over the globe.

Adorable Hair Suppliers

Adorable hair supplier is one of the top wholesale suppliers and vendors of human hair in India. They sell Brazilian and raw unprocessed Indian virgin hair. They are one of the most trusted suppliers and distributors for hairs worldwide thanks to their many years of experience in hair production.

They have close relationships with small hair salons and companies around the world to supply them with high-quality hair for extensions. All products they wholesale are made with Remy hair and Virgin hair. This guarantees quality.

Glams Seamless

Glams Seamless offers tape-in hair extensions. They use a unique process to guarantee high-quality extensions. Their hair extensions are made from premium Remy and Virgin Hair, which is different than other brands. Glam Seamless continues to offer beautiful hair extensions that are worn by most women around the globe, including Australia, Germany, Dubai and Australia.

Here are 5 tips to help you find a reliable hair supplier online

These are five tips to help you find a trusted online hair extension supplier.

* Search Online For Hair Vendors

There are many options on the internet. Find the best hair sellers. I recommend you to start with Alibaba and Chinabrands.

* Asking open-ended questions

Asking open-ended questions will help you get the answers you need to make the right decisions. Find out if the vendors are manufacturers or wholesalers. The best hair products are usually made by manufacturers.

* Request Hair samples

Always request samples. You will then be able to try the product and decide if it is right for you. It is not a good idea to purchase bulk products that are low in quality.

Always read the company reviews

A hair company with a lot positive reviews online is likely to be the best. You should be aware that companies can sometimes create their own reviews. Negative reviews are a sure sign of trouble.

* Check the ratings if you shop with AliExpress

Wholesale suppliers that have received over 4.5-star ratings should be considered. This will allow you to eliminate vendors with low star ratings.

Last Word

Let’s make women even more beautiful by extending their hair Brazilian, Russian, and Indian. There are many wholesale hair extension wholesalers out there. The list has been provided, but it is up you to decide which wholesale site you want to order your products.