10 Best Wholesale Maxi Dresses Suppliers in USA and China

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Are you looking for the best wholesale maxi dresses to resell? These are the things I’ll be highlighting in this article:

# The best wholesale maxi dresses distributors

# Why is maxi dress business a lucrative niche?

# These secrets will help you keep your business growing.

# Where to buy maxi dresses wholesale.

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How profitable is the Wholesale Maxi Dresses business?

Google Trends is a trusted authority for researching market trends for any product.

Google Trends proved that maxi dresses should be more popular than regular clothing. Opportunities are what business is all about. Summer is when wholesale summer dresses are in high demand.

According to Allied Market Research the market for online clothing is expected to grow at a 10.6% CAGR rate from 2017-2023, according to Allied Market Research.

Wholesale Maxi Dresses Distributors


Dear-lover is a well-known brand for women’s clothing in China and around the globe. There are 10 product categories, and more than 2.3 million products.

Dear-lover is a company that manufactures women’s clothing. They are both wholesale distributors and manufacturers, and they are the best because of their low prices and high-quality dresses.

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Dropshipping is available as well as OEM services. Normal deliveries take between 3-4 days in China.

It is important to immediately take precautions when placing an order. Notification of any defect must be received within three days.


Alibaba owns this Chinese company and it was founded in 2009. With a monthly website traffic of 703.6 millions, they are one of the largest online suppliers in the world. They have registered customers in over 220 countries.

AliExpress sells all types of products. The quality of each product is always verified before it’s published for sale. There are 40 product categories.

This summer season, thousands of wholesale sundresses will be available at a lower price than many other online sellers.

Most products ship for free, and orders are usually delivered within 2-5 business days.

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GCGme handles all aspects of designing, manufacturing, and distribution for their clothing products. This is the largest distributor for maxi dresses of all kinds.

GCGme, a USA clothing company, was founded in 2015. It specializes in women’s dresses. You can order up to 3 items and get free shipping.

Express service is available for orders within the USA and normal delivery takes 3-5 days. The return period for defective or incorrect clothing is five business days.

Tasha Apparel

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Tasha Apparel was founded in 2005. It is one of the most prominent wholesale distributors of summer dresses in Los Angeles, California. They are a distributor of hair accessories and apparel.

These products have all the features that resellers need to keep ordering more. They include:

* Zero minimum order requirement.

Orders above $300 qualify for free shipping

* There are three simple payment options: Amazon, PayPal and Credit Card.

* You can import product images into your online store.

* Superior customer service via all social media channels as well as phone calls

Ground shipping usually takes between 4-7 days. The product return policy is 5 business days.

Good Stuff

They are well-known for producing high-quality products that are sourced mostly from USA producers. They specialize in the distribution of wholesale clothing. They have stores all over Los Angeles.

Order processing takes 1-2 business days, and normal delivery takes 3-5 business days. Returns must be made within five days of the delivery date.


CityGoddess, a private company, is registered in England & Wales. It was founded in 2003. They are able to make wholesale custom-made dresses. They can also design and apply their label (CityGoddess), according to the customer’s specifications.

Customers located in Europe have no minimum order requirements and free shipping for orders over $200. The wholesale clothing UK is shipped worldwide by UPS, FedEx and DHL.

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Boohoo UK

Boohoo was founded in 2006 and now has more than 4 million followers on Twitter. It is a trusted site that receives 13.5 million visitors per month.

The customer care team is available 24/7 to answer any queries. They also have quality control personnel who are well trained to ensure that you don’t purchase substandard products.

Boohoo is a wholesale retailer that specializes in three product categories: wholesale clothing and shoes, as well as beauty/accessories.

Standard delivery within the UK takes no more than 5 business days.


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In 2013, they opened their first doors as a R&D, trading and manufacturing company. They are valued suppliers to Alibaba, as well as hundreds of other resellers small and large.

This clothing company offers many benefits, including low prices, customization of products, and easy to work with.

EveWholesale offers the best discount policy, which is based upon the amount of the order. The discount ranges from 5% to 12%. A loyalty discount is available monthly based on the quantitative analysis of your purchases.

All orders are shipped within 3-4 business days

Pro Tips for Wholesale Maxi Dresses

How well you know the rules and regulations of the wholesale clothing industry will determine the success of your business.

These tips will help you grow your business.

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i. The market trend

Each product has its peak season and lowest season. This is the summer season, and most women prefer to wear free dresses. Wholesale summer dresses are the best niche. Maternity maxi dresses are not the only thing you need to focus on. You can see the seasons to determine which women’s dresses are most popular.

ii. Prices for different maxi dresses

Prices vary between manufacturers. Online customers can compare prices. If your products are expensive, you will be the last to be eliminated.

iii. Quality of dresses

There are many imitations and substandard products flooding the wholesale clothing market. Your business will not last beyond 50 years if you don’t keep your shelves stocked with original products.

iv. Be unique

Stock only what is in stock. You might want to check out new designs from manufacturers or order custom-made dresses.

v. Promote your business

Social media can be used to create a website, promote your dresses and use it on your blog. Increased sales can be achieved by making your website and products easily accessible online.

What are the Top Wholesale Sundresses Suppliers In The UK?

Sundresses are a big seller in the UK. These are the best places to wholesale your clothing.

a. Dhgate.Uk

b. Redwholesale.uk

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c. Nouvelleuk

d. Thewholesaler.co.uk

Are there any best wholesale summer dresses in India?

Indian culture and traditions influence India’s desire for long dresses. This is one of the best places to wholesale summer dresses. These are the wholesale markets for summer dresses.

A. Shankar Market in Delhi

b. Jwalaheri Market

c. Bhuleshwar Market

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d. New Textile Market

e. Bombay Market

Where can I buy wholesale max dresses in the USA

All major suppliers around the globe have relied on wholesale clothing USA. The increased demand for clothing industry products has been due to their large population and financial strength. These are the best places to wholesale in America:


b. LA Showroom

c. A very small thing

Wholesale d. Bloom

Which are the Top Wholesale Maxi Dresses Manufacturers

Do you need wholesale cheap dresses? You can place your order with these clothing manufacturers

Thygesen textile

b. Urvashi Crafts

c. Riya Fashion

d. Tqclothing