Tasha Apparel Dropshipping Review for Women’s Clothing

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Fun, flirty and trendy wholesale clothing company that offers the most current styles and fashion trends.The top department stores, high-street chains, boutiques, as well as online fashion websites, are quick to snap up our collections. Since 2005, when Tasha Apparel was founded and tashaapparel.com launched in 2008, our client base has grown rapidly due to our ‘work smart’ attitude and marketing expertise.

Tasha Apparel is a leading US fashion wholesaler thanks to ZOJ’s experience in fashion design for some the most prominent names in the industry. Uziel has also been a fashion designer for some of the largest brands in the business.

Tasha Apparel is quick to pick up key trends and delivers them quickly! Celebrity fashion is also a priority for us. We are proud to be among the first to have great “look-alikes”, almost as soon as celebrities walk out on the Red Carpet. Fashion is something we believe in, and not a privilege.

We have more than 15 years of experience and can provide the most current fashion trends at a reasonable price. Our in-house stylists understand how important it is to women to look their best at affordable prices.

We collaborate with designers and manufacturers of unique, fine clothing from the most coveted fashion hotbeds.

Los Angeles , New York and Miami all with complete quality control and delivery dates.

In 2005, our redesigned eCommerce website was launched to further enhance our reputation for delivering vibrant and fashionable’must have’ fashion online. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and easy-to-use online shopping experience that allows customers to shop for the fashion they desire, whenever and wherever they wish.

We are the only supplier that carries the latest fashion at a wholesale price of between 50% and 80%. Since we started our online wholesale clothing business, we have a deep understanding of the fashion trends. We care about our customers and offer support. We update our items daily. All the fashions you want, including wholesale tops and wholesale pants, wholesale jeans or wholesale skirts, wholesale dresses, wholesale plus-size wholesale jackets, wholesale sweaters, and wholesale tops are available.

Tasha Apparel Alternatives for Dropshipping


Oberlo allows you to drop-ship low-cost products from AliExpress. Oberlo allows you to instantly import bulk products into your dropshipping shop.

This tool is only for Shopify dropshippers. It gives you access to reliable drop ship suppliers. Oberlo provides a list of verified suppliers with a proven track record to avoid any mishaps.

It automates the entire order fulfillment process. You can instantly prompt the supplier to ship the product after the buyer has placed an order. Even if a cart contains products from different suppliers, the process works seamlessly.


This is a more refined alternative to dropshipping. Spocket hosts suppliers in the US and Europe, unlike Oberlo. Spocket’s unique selling point is its inability to focus on products sourced directly from Chinese suppliers.

This platform allows dropshippers to source products without incurring upfront costs. Spocket is a top-ranked Shopify dropshipping app.

It also connects to WooCommerce, Shopify’s closest competitor. Similar to Oberlo, it doesn’t require you to worry about shipping or warehousing.