10 Best Wholesale Vendors for Jewelry Making Supplies

1. Beadsnice.com

Guangzhou Yabead Jewelry Co. Ltd. is the real name of this company.
They are a China-based wholesaler of jewelry making supplies.
Visit their website to place an order online for jewelry accessories, jewelry bags and jewelry tools at wholesale prices.

A strategic partnership has been established with UPS, DHL and EMS as well as FedEx. This allows for timely delivery and shipment of jewelry and supplies. Beadnice.com offers discounts depending on how many you order. Beadsnice.com accepts PayPal, Western Union, and Bank of China.

2. PandaHall.com

PandaHall, an online marketplace for Chinese merchandise, offers wholesale jewelry supplies wholesales in Beads & Findings. It includes jade and silver as well as gemstones, lampwork glasses, crystal items, and more. for both small and large jewelry shops. Pandahall.com is a Square Trade verified seller of jewelry products. They supply high quality jewelry making supplies.

3. DHgate.com

DHgate is an online marketplace that’s based in China where you can find everything you need for your jewelry business.
Online market stores make it easy to find the best quality jewelry making materials. They offer wholesale jewelry bags, as well as wholesale jewelry tools and wholesale jewelry accessories from many wholesalers. DHgate ships products purchased from China to any part of the world via its delivery system.

4. Halsteadbead.com

Halstead Jewelry Supplies is owned and operated in part by a family. They are also a wholesale supplier of jewelry making supplies that can supply you with all the raw material required to create or make your own quality jewelry.
Halstead Online Store at halsteadbead.com stocks jewelry accessories as well as jewelry tools such as Pliers & Cutters and Hand Stamping Tools, Pliers & Slicers, Riveting Supplies, Pliers & Cutter, Hand Stamping Tools, Casting Supplies. Adhesives & Gauges are some of the other products offered by Halstead. These are essential tools for any jewelry artist.

5. Vintagejewelrysupplies.com

The Vintage Jewelry Supplies Company Inc., a wholesale jewelry supplies company, is involved in the wholesale supply of jewelry tools and accessories, including brass components, oxidized silver, sterling silver, brass and copper, as well as gemstones, Swarovski Crystals, Bavarian Glass stones and beads.

6. Riogrande.com

Riogrande.com has everything a jewelry designer or artist needs. They have a huge selection of wholesale jewelry making supplies at wholesale prices. Their online inventory of jewelry supplies includes wholesale jewelry tools, wholesale jewelry making supplies, and packaging for finished jewellery. Customers can also order shipping from any location.

7. Nbead.com

Wholesale jewelry bags and jewelry beads from China are supplied by the bead. Customers located far away can be shipped with DHL, EMS or UPS. The shipping cost is determined by the weight of the purchased jewelry supplies.

8. House of Gems, Inc.

Houseofgems is a leading supplier of high-quality jewelry accessories at wholesale prices. Their extensive network of designers, manufacturers and other suppliers allows them to source their stock from the best sources. This allows them to offer customers discounts

9. Firemountaingems.com

You can buy jewelry making supplies from fire mountain gems and beads like wire-wrapping wire, stringing material, and beads. Firemountaingems allows you to pay by PayPal. Platinum partner program is an exciting offer from Fire Mountain Gems for its customers. Customers who purchase large quantities of jewelry products are eligible for special discounts. Customers who purchase a high volume of jewelry products up to a certain level are eligible for this discount.

11. Jessejamesbeads.com

This is an online marketplace for jessejamesbeads that showcases all the unique jewelry accessories made from beads they source from different designers. This collection of jewelry accessories is sourced from trusted sources.

12. Alibaba.com

Alibaba.com, a Chinese-based online marketplace, sources jewelry products directly from many manufacturers and suppliers. This allows them to offer wholesale jewelry making supplies, tools and finished jewelry at wholesale pricing. You don’t need to place a minimum order. You can order as many jewelry supplies as you like on this website. Alibaba.com allows you to ship jewelry products to any place in the world via their delivery service. Alibaba.com offers free shipping on certain products.

13. made-in-china.com

Made-in China.com can be described as an online shopping center that sells made-in China products. Made-in-China.com has a large inventory of wholesale jewelry tools, wholesale jewelry accessories, and wholesale fashion jewelry. These items are directly sourced from a variety of Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. Made-in-china.com offers shipping services to deliver jewelry accessories and tools purchased from customers anywhere in the world.

14. Dollarbeads.com

Dollar bead, as its name suggests, specializes in the supply beads of all types. These beads can range from metals and stones to glass beads. Dollar bead offers many benefits to jewelry designers. They offer more than just selling jewelry making supplies at low prices online. They also provide guides for jewelry artists on how to create high-quality stock of finished jewelry.

15. Internationalcraft.com

International Craft is a UK-based wholesaler that supplies jewelry tools and accessories. It is family owned.

This company is strictly a wholesaler organization. You can order a minimum of PS25.00. Orders over PS100 qualify for free shipping to international craft. You can expect a prompt delivery service that will deliver your order within 24 hours from the UK.

Ten Popular Jewelry Making Supplies

Here’s a list with popular wholesale jewelry products.












We have now discussed 15 quality wholesale sites for jewelry making supplies. Now you know where to find your jewelry tools and accessories, as well as all the supplies needed to make quality jewelry such rings, pendants, pendants, earrings, etc. Your store.

It is important to buy quality supplies for jewelry making at wholesale prices. This will allow you to make high-yield profits. After reading this article, you should find that the problem of finding the right supplies shouldn’t be so difficult.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the website of any jewelry supplies supplier to get all the jewelry tools and accessories you need for your own Jewelries collection.