8 Best Wholesale Suppliers for Real Hip Hop Jewelry

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Hip hop jewelry is a trend in the jewelry industry. With its bold, big, and courageous designs, hip hop jewelry is taking over the world. Because of their bold designs, hip-hop jewelry was only available to a select few. Due to the rising prices of gold, silver and diamond, jewelers found innovative ways to make affordable items that are now accessible for everyone at wholesale prices.

This article will focus on the top-rated wholesale suppliers of hip hop jewelry from around the globe. These suppliers are experts in hip hop and offer the highest quality items at the lowest prices.

Below are some FAQs to help you understand the process and provide guidance when shopping for items from your chosen categories.

Wholesale The Best Hip Hop Jewelry Items

There are many styles and forms of hip hop jewelry. There are greater chances of you choosing hip-hop jewelry over other types if you have been exposed to many different jewelry styles. Designs like 50 Cent’s spinning G unit medallion, Rick Ross’s Ruby Gem, and many other were popular in the past. Now tiny pendants are replacing them in hip-hop.

There are many styles of hip-hop jewelry available on the market. These include pendants, watches and rings, as well as chains, rings, earrings, and jean chains. Belt buckles and necklace sets to wholesale are just a few examples.

Below are some of the most popular and voguish hip-hop jewelry items to help you make your first wholesale business.

* Hip Hop Pendants

The pendant is the most important item in hip-hop jewelry. It is the centerpiece of hip-hop jewelry. It occupies the central position on the body, so it draws most attention. You can find popular pendant sizes and styles in silver, gold, and platinum.

These pendants can be adorned with precious jewels or gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. The base of hip hop pendants is made from thick, heavy metal that is then either gold-plated or silver-plated. Prices will determine whether the stones are original or duplicate.

* Hip Hop Chains

Chains are a must-have item in hip hop. The most unique and labor-intensive chains on the market are hip hop chains. These chains are often in the box-style links, which can be mixed with another type of box stlye design. These chains are more long than traditional chains.

It is becoming a popular trend for men to wear diamonds and set them in chains. The most popular styles are the iced-out and row iced-out chains. Chains are usually made from thick metal and have plating of precious metal to give them a heavy look.

Hip Hop Watches

Since the rise of hip-hop, hip hop watches have been in fashion. For Jay-Z, P Diddy, and Kanye West, simple watches like Rolex or Cartier were not enough.

The iced watch trend swept the market. These watches are made from thick precious metals, with heavy Japanese or other movement, stainless back, genuine leather bands, and mineral crystals. These watches can also be made with original and imitation diamonds.

* Hip Hop Grillz

In the 80’s, rappers used grillz to signify fashion. It took a long time for designers to create the and so it’s fashion slowly died. Recently, the grillz fashion has been revived as a key component of hip-hop jewelry.

These grillz are universally suitable and can be used for hip hop. They are made of metal and coated in silver or gold. These grillz can also be equipped with diamonds, depending on the preference of the customer.

* Hip Hop Rings

Since the rise of hip-hop artists, rings have been a popular choice for male jewelry. These rings are unique in hip-hop. These rings are heavy, thick, and made of precious metals. They can be adorned with gems or diamonds.

* Other Items

There are many other products, such as bracelets and earrings, that can be found on the market. These items are made from heavy metals with thick gold or platinum plating. To give them a heavy, expensive look, jewels can be embedded in them.

All these hip-hop jewelry items may seem very expensive but they are all available wholesale. It will cost more to get original metals and diamonds. You can shop wholesale for the best replicas with superior quality if you are looking for high-quality items.

List of Wholesale Suppliers of Hip Hop Jewelry

2. Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesale

Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesale offers the most diverse collection and latest styles, since it focuses on hip-hop jewelry. You can find grillz, LED and LCD dogtags, belts and buckles, as well as chains, watches and rings.

* All products are in stock at all times

* Order minimum $200

* The stock includes more than 3000 pieces of hip-hop jewelry

* They offer volume discounts by using promo codes

* Free Shipping to the USA

* Profit margins as high as 30%

* All items are silver, rhodium or gold plated

* Return policy is not available unless the item has been damaged.

3. 25 Cents Body Jewelry.com

25 Cent Body Jewelry is both a manufacturing company and a wholesaler. They have their products shipped all over the globe and created their own hip-hop designs. They offer high-quality surgical steel jewelry in 316L at low prices.

* Quality is their hallmark

* Wholesale packages in small quantities are available

* Provide fast and reliable services

* No minimum order restriction

* They do not offer dropshipping and only sell wholesale.

* Exchanges and returns for defective pieces can be made within 3-5 days

* Purchases above $100 qualify for store credit.

4. Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

Cheap Wholesale Jewelry has been selling quality, low-cost jewelry for more than 25 years. They constantly update their catalog with the latest trends. They are a great choice for wholesale hip-hop jewelry.

* Hip-hop rings are made with pure zircon

* Bracelets and chains can be made with gold, silver and rhodium plating.

* Claim to be the cheapest wholesaler among other websites

* They also carry designer jewelry

* Promo codes are combined with discounts

5. Dhgate

Dhgate is an online store that is located in China. It is one of the most popular wholesaling websites, offering the lowest prices starting at $1. They offer a wide range of services.

* 33,000,000 products listings

* 1.2 Million global sellersw

* Access to more than 230 countries

* Transactions every 3 Seconds

* Services offered in 7 languages plus

* DHL Express, FedEX and MasterCard are their top partners

* 24 hour customer service

* The quality inspection standards are extremely strict

* All customer information is protected from hackers

6. Alibaba.com

Alibaba was established in 1999 as a global wholesale site. Alibaba is the perfect place to wholesale cheap iced products and has a large catalogue of hip-hop jewelry.

* There are 40+ product categories

* Access to more that 190 countries

* Provides a customer service that responds to over 1000K messages per day.

* Services offered in more languages than 16.

7. HipHopBling

HipHopBling, a wholesaler and retailer of hip-hop jewelry, has been in business for more than 20 years.

* They have chains, rings and earrings in their catalog.

* These items are made from heavy pure metals such as gold, silver and platinum

* They offer a 30-day return policy

All orders over $75 qualify for free shipping

* Products made with quality and certified production

* Ship immediately after your order has been placed

Wholesale packages include sales and discounts, as well as promo codes.

* Exclusive deals for new accounts

8. Ice Versa

Ice Versa, a New York-based brand, manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler, is known for its innovative products. It sells its products wholesale and invites other wholesalers, retailers, and suppliers to its website for selling and purchasing hip-hop jewelry.

McAfee security is used to secure the site

* Ice Versa is a certified’verified merchant’

* All orders within the USA qualify for free shipping

For defective items, the item can be returned within 14 days

Sign in to track your orders

9. The Bling Source

Bling Source is in business since 1999. Bling Source has been in business for more than 15 years. They only deal with high-quality products. Bling Source is the best place to find wholesale iced jewellery.

They offer:

* Discounts for buying more policies

Get 20% off your purchase of $3000

* The minimum order is $300

* There are 4000 styles to choose from

Their specialty is bling bling and hip-hop styles

* All items are very affordable

* Great place to make great profits

What are the Best Hip Hop Jewel Wholesalers in India

Ans: The best hip-hop jewelry wholesalers are Indiamart, Dhgate and Chinabrands. These sites provide the highest quality at very affordable and affordable prices. You can also find hip hop caps, jackets and other accessories.

Where to Wholesale Hip Hop Shirts/Jeans/Jackets?

Ans. Alibaba and Chinabrands are well-known for wholesaling hip hop products in all categories, whether you need jackets, shirts, jeans, or caps. These sites offer the finest selection from certified companies all over the globe to satisfy your customer needs.

Where are the best places to wholesale iced out watches?

Ans: Bling Source & HipHopBling specialize in iced watches made from the original heavy metal. These watches come with the best imitation diamonds, gems, and zircon gemstones.

Which are the best wholesale distributors for iced out jewelry?

Ans: Ice Versa and BlingSource are the best distributors of wholesaling iced-out jewelry. These jewelry items are of high quality and at the most affordable prices.


Wholesale hip hop jewelry is becoming more popular every day. Hip hop artists love to buy items, and their fans look for wholesale websites that sell identical products. These websites are top sellers of hip-hop jewelry at a low price. They will help you make profits and make your customers happy.

Chinabrands is a trusted website for wholesale hip-hop items. Don’t wait any longer, get the best deals on the site and earn more by spending less.