11 Best Asian Wholesale Suppliers (Free and Paid)

Because of the ease and many benefits of selling online, eCommerce entrepreneurs are growing in popularity. Dropshipping is a unique selling method that automates business processes through collaboration with suppliers. They will package and ship products for sellers, so store owners can concentrate on supporting customers and promoting their products. This special time of year is when eCommerce is even more appealing as the world wants to shop from their homes.

You would depend on your suppliers to make products that are sellable in eCommerce. This is why finding the right supplier partner is crucial for your success. Your products must be appealing, durable, and easily accessible for international buyers. Asian wholesalers are a popular source for quality products at affordable prices.

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There is a good chance you found what you needed here. This article will give you a list with the top Asian wholesalers websites and companies regardless of where they are located. This guide will help you find Indian manufacturers in China, Thailand or India, no matter where you live.

Why not buy from the top Asian wholesalers

Over the years, Asia has experienced steady economic growth. Asia has experienced a tremendous growth in nearly every sector, including eCommerce, travel, online media and eCommerce. The region’s manufacturing companies have been known for producing high-quality goods at affordable prices. They also have a solid approach for product development for international markets. For example, brands like Samsung, Panasonic and Huawei are popular in Japan, China, and Korea.

By 2020, eCommerce in Asia could reach $25 billion. The internet makes it easier than ever for sellers to reach out to and work with regional suppliers. Dropshipping can be done by suppliers of all sizes and for any goods. Dropshipping can be done for items such as fashion, electronics and furniture. You also have the option to choose jewelry, cosmetics, or other products. Customers from the US and Europe can now receive their orders in as little as one to two weeks.

There are many Asian wholesalers available, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Let’s find out who they are.

Top Asian wholesalers

China is an important player in the supply chain. The rapid growth of the internet has led to impressive eCommerce growth in China. Many of the Asian wholesalers on this list will come from China. There are many other wholesalers from India, Vietnam and India that are growing in both production quality and number. I’ll do my best to include them all.


It was established in China in 2010 as a sub-website to Alibaba. Since then, it has been a well-known name in dropshipping. Aliexpress is a great site for dropshippers. It has English support so that sellers from all over the world can collaborate. The site has a number of benefits, including the ability to find suppliers who are willing to sell products on a per unit basis.

They offer a wide range of products, including clothing for men and women, cellphones and computer & office equipment, jewelry & accessories and luggage & bags.

You can buy even more if you learn Chinese. Alibaba is the largest wholesale marketplace. It is owned by Jack Ma, which you probably know.


Chinabrands has a strong reputation among dropshippers around the globe and is now available in over 200 countries. Dropshipping is its main focus. You will find many features that can assist you in selling, including an API that can automatically process orders and sync with your store. With just one click, you can access thousands of listings.

Chinabrands operates 36 warehouses all over the globe, which can greatly reduce shipping times. You don’t need to worry about missing certain product categories.

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Dhgate was established in 2004 and is an Asian wholesalers website from China. Dropshippers around the world trust Dhgate for their high-quality products and affordable prices. It hosts more than 30 million products across a variety of categories including Consumer Electronics and Apparel & Accessory, Computers & Networking.

Dropshippers can get protection plans, secure refund policies, shipment tracking and express delivery from Dhgate. The site is worth looking at if you’re looking for new products to add to your online shop.

Global Sources

Global Sources is another popular wholesale directory that will help you get started dropshipping internationally. The site has a variety of Chinese dropshippers, suppliers and wholesalers that all work together. This site was established in 1970 in Hong Kong. It is the oldest Asian wholesalers address we have. You will have access to top-quality products at very low prices.

Global Sources’ interface is what I dislike. The site’s design is outdated. It doesn’t make it easy to navigate products and images quickly, which can slow down sales.

Auraa Fashion World

Let’s now try an Asian wholesale website, which is based in India. Auraa Fashion World, a wholesale website specializing in clothing manufacturing, is available. It can produce all types of apparel using different fabrics, textiles, styles, and materials. The company was founded in 1990 and has provided its customers with high-quality products ever since. This company is ideal if you’re interested in dropshipping your own clothing line.

Auraa Fashion World boasts an impressive infrastructure, including a design studio and a printing unit, weaving unit and embroidery unit. They also have stitching, quality control, packaging, and inspection. These are both processed by humans as well as machines. Good infrastructure will ensure that your products are produced more quickly and sells better.

Leather Skin Shop

Leather Skin Shop is an Asian wholesaler based in Pakistan. This company produces original leather jackets in a variety of styles and materials. The company is also trusted for dropshipping fashion items. This company is a great choice if you want to reach people who love jackets.

You can find leather shoes for women, leather bags for men and leather hats and caps for both men and ladies here. You can quickly ship your products to customers in other states because there is a US warehouse. Leather Skin Shop offers a flexible return and exchange policy as well as a money back guarantee, so that you can sell your products with ease.

Silver Bene

Silver Bene is a wholesale supplier of silver jewelry from China. The site offers a wide range of sterling silver jewelry, including earrings, collars and bracelets as well as pendants. You can purchase many items at great prices and dropship or resell them.

It was established in 1994. The company offers over 900+ sterling silver jewelry, accessories, and findings. The company was founded in 1994 and has been trusted by over 2000 jewelry retailers around the globe. To ensure the highest level of support, all items must conform to the EU EN-1811 and EN-12472 jewelry standards.

Shenzhen Mascot Jewelry

Shenzhen, a popular modern metropolis, is well-known as a shopping destination. Companies based in Shenzhen have a strong reputation for their products and dropshipping services. Shenzhen Mascot Jewelry is a notable name in jewelry.

There are many styles of jewelry you can choose from that will excite your customers. You can find rings, pendants and jewelry sets in a variety of materials, including opal, rings and pendants. With a 400-square-meter manufacturing facility and 100 employees, the company can produce over 10,000 high-quality products. This is the perfect place to start your own jewelry business.

Style Korean

Korea is the best place to find high-quality cosmetics products. Korea is obsessed with maintaining a beautiful appearance for both men and women. The products are of high quality and affordable price. Dropshipping software is also available from the company.

Style Korean was founded in 2012 and offers products from many international and domestic beauty brands. You can search for products in their original names using the website’s three languages: English Chinese and Japanese. This company is great to work with, whether you’re looking for wholesale products or dropshipping small quantities.


KollectionK is another top Asian wholesaler company that sells popular cosmetic products. They offer a variety of products for skincare, body, hair treatment and makeup. You can also get insane quantities and price discounts from it. With orders over $60, you can receive discounts. If you’re interested in dropshipping Korean cosmetics, this makes their dropshipping program even more valuable.


Chinavasion, as the name implies, sells products from China, particularly electronic goods. You can make more money by reselling or dropshipping products, as the price is very reasonable for the quality. Access to many products, including Android TV boxes, projectors and Android tablets, as well as Android phones and smartphones, is possible.


Sunsky is an alternative to the top Asian wholesalers for electronic devices. Sunsky offers dropshippers and resellers a broad range of products, some of which can be truly innovative. You can find smartphones, security cameras and portable speakers as well as drones.


Chinacift, an Asian wholesaler of automobile products, is a reliable source for all types of automotive parts. The three main categories of products include automotive cable, automotive gas spring and automotive brake line. Products have been exported to the US and Europe, South America as well as the Middle East and Asia. Chinacift is a great partner if you’re looking for additional automobile products to resell.

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Final word

Wholesalers in Asia can supply any type of product from all regions of the globe, including the US, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and beyond. Because the products are high-quality and affordable, more people choose to buy products from Asia. Once you have found the right Asian wholesalers and dropshippers, it is time to build a long-lasting relationship.

To appreciate their collaborations, you need to know some of their culture and language. We have seen people work together more through the digital age. Don’t be concerned about distance, and you can start selling products in Asia right now.

What products do you have in mind? What country in Asia would you like to import products? What is your business’ strategy to succeed in this special time for eCommerce? Please feel free to comment below and share your thoughts. Best of luck with your eCommerce journey, as always!