Aliexpress to eBay Dropshipping Step by Step Guide

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How to dropship from aliexpress on ebay?

E-commerce has grown dynamically over the years. Internet business models are increasing–you can sell the goods yourself or on behalf of electronic commerce brokers. We have noticed that nearly all popular producers and distributors have their own websites, where we can read an offer and purchase an article. We’ve surely been informed every one of us of the most popular online shops–from designer clothes to brawn to cars like Aliexpress or Ebay. However, do you know that these named online shoppers use a special retail compliance model, known as Dropshipping?

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Let us explain how dropshipping works before we focus on dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay. Generally speaking, a seller is a quasi-contractor between a customer and a manufacturer or supplier. This means that the client commands a product on the website, and the selling entity informs the selected supplier of the fact that the product must be shipped directly to the customer. A seller does not even see goods that are traded for all purposes. In Aliexpress, exactly, what does it look like?

Dropshipping on eBay from aliExpress

Many Ebay users have chosen a dropship method–the purchase and sale of aliExpress on eBay is increasing because it is operating low-costly, for example with relatively low price AliExpress products and lack of storage-related payments. Moreover, not all logistics processes burden the Seller and can focus on marketing and promotional items. This does not mean that AliExpress suppliers can have control over the actions of eBay sellers–they are the ones who create, pricing and advertise.

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How to sell on aliExpress?

As we know, many eBay companies are selling aliExpress ‘ goods, but there is a further fault-how to sell on aliExpress?

If you want to become an aliExpress seller there is a special procedure you should follow.

Register a Alipay account first. First of all. In this stage you must prove that you are working in legal companies and that the documentation is confirmed. You would not be allowed to sell aliExpress on the website if you are not licensed. In the event that the service represents a brand, a special certification is needed for the brand’s authenticity.

A special fee is also paid-the amount will depend on the category of company to which you belong. This payment is an essential component involving all sellers and suppliers. There is then an option to name your shop following your company’s approval and sending of money. You are obliged to write a brief description of the mark if you go under the official brand.

Finally, on Aliexpress, you are able to create your website, add products, photographs, data or sell. Note that it has been used by thousands of consumers and sellers as an international electronic trading platform. Check products similar to yours for the most effective sale-the Aliexpress catalog is a large product group, perhaps you’d just find the same item you have here.

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Does AliExpress dropship?

This question has already been answered. AliExpress is an excellent place to find various product categories. Of course, many people order articles for their own use, but many cases occur when a client is reseller and we are dealing with dropshipping.

In general, AliExpress works with a number of carriers, such as Singapore Post, China Post Registered Air Mail or Correos–it can be cheaper than selecting standard options by using several carriers. And we can usually choose two shipping options:

AliExpress Standard Shipping – This time may take about 15-45 days to AliExpress shipping. However, we can keep track of our order on our website.AliExpress Premium Shipping– There is a kind of transport for 183 countries available and this method is much quicker when compared with AliExpress Standard Shipping. After 8 –15 days you can receive your package.

How to dropship from AliExpress to Ebay?

AliExpress best buy – find your products now

Without products, what would dropshipping be? Firstly, do research, find the right items and consider your target market-might you want to deal with child items, mobile telephones or intelligent accessories?

AliExpress users have opinions about their accounts from customers. Please pay attention and only work with professional people. Moreover, the high standard also testifies to your bestseller answer to the product description.

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Many experienced resellers advise that branded products are not selected. The problem with fake articles is potential. You do not risk handling copycats by selecting only branded goods. If you have any questions, you can always contact AliExpress vendors–you may be given little helpful tips.

Article in stock

We have an AliExpress product–now we must include it in our eBay listing. In some sense this is a key to success, as we have descriptions, photographs and competitive offers in this part. Take a look at the product price and put your own payment proposal for that product or try to provide all the required information such as delivery terms and estimated transport times.

Sell the product by dropshipping

Our product has been bought by the customer–on our bank account is the payment, what next? You buy this product at AliExpress, specify your name and address and the rest of the logistics process is handled by your customers and the delivery group.

A seller from AliExpress should be advised that the purchase is some kind of dropshipping. This would not add an additional promo to a package by the AliExpress user.

You will receive a special link with your tracking number after all sales process. Take into account eBay emphasizes that within the timeframe you mentioned in your offer you are responsible for secure delivery. If you receive a package from a client, AliExpress will send you a message requesting confirmation of the delivery.

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Returns and refunds

Of course, there are various situations–for example, the commanded product cannot fit a customer to reimburse the customer. You are obliged to define the terms on your auction, so if you do not, eBay will use a default terms. You are obliged to determine the terms of the return of the auction. In the event of the damage to the article, you should request a photograph, forward it to the seller of AliExpress and return it.

Oberlo and AliExpress

In addition, Oberlo handles the sale to the final customer in this shop. The company also handles the import of dropshipped goods into the seller store. The market is available in each country and you need to register for the Shopify e-commerce platform if you wish to use its services. Oberlo is free of charge if every month you receive at least 50 orders. Here is a question: is Oberlo working with AliExpress alone? It is only available on Shopify, so you can run every dropshipper store as long as you are a user of this platform.

In addition, Oberlo looks at suppliers-a special checking process is in place to ensure that you work with the professionals, who ship goods on time.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Factors to Succeed in Aliexpress to eBay Dropshipping

More people are realizing that working with Chinese suppliers is profitable and pays off.

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You have two options to choose from: one supplier in AliExpres, or multiple dropshipping suppliers.

No matter how you choose to dropship AliExpress, the most important thing is a reliable dropshipping tool.

You need to be aware of several things when choosing a dropshipping tool that will work with AliExpress.

We want to make as much money as possible and minimize risk. It is possible to be at risk when working with Chinese suppliers. This could affect our eBay dropshipping business.

We need to select the right dropshipping software that will simplify processes and reduce risks.

All products must be supported by the dropshipping tool on AliExpress

The API is what most tools use to communicate with AliExpress. It’s the interface that the software uses to retrieve all information.

The API does not support all products.

Many profitable products are not supported by some tools, which is why we often miss sales.

It is therefore important and highly recommended that we verify that the dropshipping software we choose supports all AliExpress items and not just those that can be grabbed via the API.

Stock and prices must be kept up-to-date.

You’ve probably heard the expression “When working vis-a-vis China there is no need for inventory and prices to be monitored as they have large inventories.”

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It is partially true.

Although China has a lot of inventory, the most popular products are always out of stock. In a matter of days, the suppliers will resume stock, but you may find a defect on eBay during this time, which could cause your account to be suspended.

Prices can also vary widely depending on the demand. The more popular an item, the higher its sales. The supplier will eventually increase the price of the item.

Dropshipping monitors are essential for tracking inventory and prices in a timely manner and at high frequency (maximum 1 hour).

Dropshipping tools scan stock and prices once per day. We need to know how often our products are being scanned by dropshipping tools for price changes.

AutoDS Dropshipping Platform monitors stock and prices at an extremely high frequency (every hour), which reduces risk and increases credibility. It is vital to monitor inventory and prices regularly and in short time periods. It must be a top priority for your eBay dropshipping company to succeed.

Chinese templates to upload items

Shipping terms for China are different from those in the United States. It is therefore necessary to use an eBay template that is suitable for China.

Check that your dropshipping software includes these templates. If not, you can either use a paver to create them or search for software with Chinese templates.

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Keep the customer in your mind to increase positive feedback by around 60% and to sell more items!

Shipping times to China can be long so the customer will forget who we are by the time he receives the item. He will also forget to leave us positive feedback. Shipping is quick and takes just a few days for customers who buy from the United States. The customer will remember, return and leave a positive review. Or, he may even purchase additional items.

Drop shipping to China from AliExpress is a good idea. Keep communication open with your customer. Here’s how you do it. First, we send the customer a thank you note. Once the order has been dispatched, we send a thank you note to the customer. We also update the tracking number, which allows the customer to track the delivery. It is important to contact him one month later and ask if he is satisfied. We will ask him to leave positive feedback in this message. This will result in a significant increase in our feedback rate. We establish a relationship with our customers. This helps them to feel that we are there for them. We help him to be more satisfied with the product and store.

This option must be enabled in AutoDS, under the Orders Processor. These messages will be automatically sent to your customers and they will feel important.

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And uploading A/B variants

AliExpress sells many variations of most items, such as purses in different colors.

This is fantastic for us as eBay allows us to upload multiple product variations. Each variation can be a unique item. We pay eBay per listing, regardless of how many variations it may have.

AliExpress variation uploading is a great option. This feature must be included in the dropshipping monitoring that we will use.

AliExpress may have the same prices for all variations. For example, you might see 6 different colors for the same price. We can still use this advantage and upload the item to eBay at a different cost for each variation. This will allow us to increase the prices for certain variations.

This is a great way to make extra money on each sale. The customer will only pay for a particular color. It works out the same. The profits are therefore higher.

Dropshipping software doesn’t support variations or partially supports them. This means that variations cannot be uploaded at different prices for the same item on ebay. Our profitability will be affected if the monitor does not support this feature.

Upload the items to eBay with as many details as possible

AliExpress vendors invest heavily in item details. It is therefore recommended that you copy them to your items. This helps eBay to promote our listings more.

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AutoDS is unique in that we can automatically upload all AliExpress items with all their specifics. This will make it easy for you to save hours of work and time in front of the screen.

Automatic updating of tracking numbers

Due to low competition and reasonable prices, AliExpress orders may exceed dozens each day.

We will be able to update tracking numbers continuously all day. It is recommended that you use a dropshipping software that allows automatic updating of tracking numbers. We provide tracking numbers to customers as soon as possible.

Shipments as fast as possible

Sometimes, an order for an item may be placed at night. The item’s cost may have gone up when you wake up the next morning.

As mentioned in the previous section it can take us many hours to ship multiple orders.

To avoid these issues and to fulfill your orders,
It is recommended that we use automatic orders systems when we’re asleep.

Prices for auto orders can vary depending on which tools are available. They start at 0.16 cents. It is worth the effort and the money it may cost if the price rises. You need to ensure that the dropshipping software you choose fully supports AliExpress auto orders.

AutoDS supports automatic ordering and tracking number updates for AliExpress orders.

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Bulk uploading is one of the best ways to sell on Amazon, and AliExpress. This is because of the low competition and the grabbing all the item details we have discussed.

It is important that your dropshipping software supports bulk uploading to AliExpress. Importantly, the software must upload all variations of the item. Otherwise, we will lose a lot in commissions to eBay. We can also miss hot items that are not included in the various variations.


There are many eBay users who can use AliExpress items to achieve success from others. The issues being presented are becoming an ever greater aspect of e-commerce and become an even greater aspect of some literature, like Andrew Youderian and Mark Hayes ‘ “The ultimate guide to dropshipping.”

Dropshipping is an easy way to sell goods without any concerns regarding storage or shipments. Just search for the items and reliable sellers on AliExpress (check top one of AliExpress products). Pay attention to promotion of sales, write attractive descriptions and prices. Let your business flourish and pass logistical problems on to professionals!

Dropshipping tools are essential if you want to work with AliExpress. You should include all of the features that we have described.

All these features are available in the AutoDS dropshipping platform. There are many other reasons to choose AutoDS.

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Let us know if there are any other things that you feel a dropshipping tool should have.