Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers – How to find and select them?

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Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers

Supplier selection is a crucial move that must be taken by any dropshipping company. But while you’re looking for dropshipping suppliers, there are so many considerations that need to be considered.

Even if you already know which goods you want to sell and you’re confident they’ll prove good for your company, you need to make sure you find dropshipping suppliers who can provide the high-quality service your company deserves.

That is exactly why we put together this post. We will give you all the advice you need to find the best dropshipping suppliers for your shop, and we will let you know the difference between dropshipping vendors and wholesale dropshipping too. Plus we’re going to throw some red flags you can look out for while you’re looking for suppliers to dropshipping.

Let’s move in!

Find suppliers to Dropshipping

Generally speaking, dropshipping suppliers aren’t known to their customers for their ability to market themselves, so choosing the right dropship suppliers can be a challenging job.

You need to know in advance that it may take some time to find dropshipping suppliers for your company. Another factor you should remember when looking is that you’re choosing suppliers that are likely to be located in Asia – the language barrier could get used to a little bit.

Nevertheless you will find the best supplier for your company to dropshipping. Here are a couple of steps you can take to ensure you choose the right one:


Once you’ve decided on the products you’d like to sell, research which suppliers dropshipping are out there and which ones best suit your needs. Depending on the number of suppliers in your chosen product niche you may need to choose whether to go with a domestic or overseas supplier. When selecting suppliers, you will need to immerse yourself deeply in sourcing raw materials, delivery times and service potential.

Contact suppliers

Talk to the supplier on dropshipping that suits your needs and start a relationship with them. Speaking to them gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the service they provide. They may even provide you with contact information from some of their current customers so before you commit to them, you can get first-hand experience working with the supplier.

Maintaining a good relationship with your dropshipping suppliers from the very beginning means you’ll have confidence when you start doing business together. This will make it easier to get quick answers to questions, and disputes will be resolved immediately. You are on the same team, after all.

Order the Supplier’s Samples

Once you’ve chosen to do business with your top two or three suppliers, order samples from them yourself. Test their service quality, delivery times, packaging, and other supplier-related questions that you may have so you are completely happy with your choice. Ordering samples from a dropship supplier is an essential part of selecting suppliers as it will enable you to witness how your customers will experience your store firsthand.

Order from the competition

If one of your competitors uses the same supplier as you, you can find out how the supplier is packaging their products and providing their services, such as custom labelling. If your competitor is using other suppliers, you can order from them to get an idea of the level of service that you need to rank according to the competition.

Find the right provider for your business

When selecting suppliers, many may seem great when you look at their reviews and the products they offer, but they may not suit your audience once you dig into the business. This could be due to the raw materials that they use, the way they do business or how they handle returns. Be sure to talk to suppliers before you commit to working with them and get to know how they do business. Although after issues arise you may choose not to use a supplier, the damage may already have been done and your brand could have been harmed.

Dropshipping Services to stop

What dropship suppliers to choose from is hard to know but there are some tell-tale signs that a supplier must be avoided at all costs. Apart from poor reviews, negative feedback and cheap goods for amounts, there are other variables that can predict a poor supplier for dropshipping.

  • If a supplier of dropship insists on monthly or continuing payments for doing business with them this is a bad sign. Continuous payments may mean that a supplier is part of a group as opposed to one supplier.
  • Pre-order fees that increase slightly depending on the size or complexity of an order, or decrease with bulk ordering, are common. The research will illustrate vendors charging higher than usual pre-order charges that you want to keep away from.
  • Another thing to bear in mind when selecting a dropship provider is the minimum order size. Most of the time a supplier happily charges the required order price and fulfils the orders as they arrive. This means that if the minimum order size of a supplier is 200, you have to pay upfront for the 200 units but the supplier can deliver the orders when they come from your online shop. Suppliers that fail to do so should be avoided, since they are more appropriate for wholesale dropshipping.

Dropshipping Suppliers Value

Suppliers to dropshipping are vital to any company to dropshipping. Without vendors, dropshipping companies will not be able to support themselves because they will have no goods to sell to their clients. That’s why you need to know how to find dropshipping suppliers who will help your company flourish with no hitches. Let’s dive into our top tips to find Oberlo Suppliers dropshipping.

How to pick Oberlo Supplier Dropshipping

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is a marketplace where it’s easy to find great items to sell online.

With Oberlo you can connect in just a few clicks a vast array of different items with strong benefit potential. Whether it’s clothes, electronics , toys, cosmetics or the next hot product – Oberlo makes it easy for you to find and quickly add items from dropshipping suppliers across the globe to your own online shop.

With Oberlo dropshipping it costs nothing to add items to your store – you can use our free plan forever and start selling today.

How does Oberlo function?

By linking you to dropshipping suppliers across the globe, Oberlo lets you find goods to sell online. With only a few clicks, you can easily find dropshipping suppliers and search our marketplace to discover a vast range of items, and then add them to your shop.

When you have made a deal, your supplier will bring the goods directly to your customer’s door from their warehouse-you will never have to think about storing, packing, or delivering the products.

Instead, you should focus on the things that really matter – the brand growing and sales making.

Benefits of Dropshipping From Multiple Suppliers

When it comes to dropshipping, don’t feel you need to rely on only one supplier to bring your goods to the source. Many advantages come with selecting multiple dropshipping suppliers for your company. Let’s check them out below.

More goods on sale

When you find suppliers dropshipping for your company, you need to be thinking about the products the suppliers sell. One of the main, obvious advantages of choosing multiple suppliers for your company is that they are likely to be able to supply you with a broader selection of goods for your shop. It’s always nice to have more choices – if you have more choice, it will make it easier to find goods which your customer loves.

Many partnerships with company

As a dropshipper relationships are so important to your suppliers. After all, you won’t have items to sell to your customers without them. That means maintaining a good, productive relationship with your suppliers is in your best interests.

You have the opportunity to start and expand various business relationships if you plan to use several dropshipping suppliers to source your goods from. When your company grows and expands, this can end up being a great advantage to you.

Custom Labeling

AliExpress suppliers usually do not sell to Dropshipping Company’s custom labeling assistance. But if you can convince them that by selling their goods you can produce steady sales, you are more likely to open up opportunities for them to provide this service. Any drop shipping supplier can always be contacted via direct message and further inquire about this in person.

Assess Quality of your Product

When you choose suppliers to help you run your company, you’ll want to find those who can deliver high quality goods to you. This means that working with multiple dropshipping suppliers can help you better understand the quality of the goods you receive from your test orders, particularly when you start your company. If during your selection process you can compare items from different dropshipping suppliers you will be much more knowledgeable on which ones are better suited for your dropshipping shop.

Understand Your Customer’s Experience

It is critical, as a dropshipper that you try to understand the experience your customer has with your shop. This is particularly true when it comes to shipping your goods. Understanding your customer experience can help you find ways your dropshipping providers can enhance their service to your shop. This may be even more relevant if you drop shipping from various suppliers, as the service they offer may be slightly different.

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