6+ Free and Best US Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify

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The Internet has made it possible to start a business at a very affordable price – dropshipping. This business model requires no initial investment. It is therefore cost-effective. This is probably why you decided to dropship, right?

Dropshipping can be difficult. Choosing the right dropshipping supplier to partner with is one of the most difficult decisions. Dropshipping partners will handle all logistics, including packaging and delivery to customers.

It is crucial to choose the right dropshipping partner. Your reputation and your business depend on them. Although you are responsible for the sales and marketing of the product, this is only part of running a business. It is the difficult part of getting customers to recommend you to others or buy from you again. Customer service, including on-time delivery and after-sales policies, is key to enabling this.

Your reputation can be severely damaged if you partner with the wrong dropshipping business. This is because your partner may deliver late or ship defective products to your customers. This means that you will not receive any referrals or good testimonials.

Now that you understand the importance of selecting the right dropshipping partner for your business, let’s look at our list of top Shopify dropshipping suppliers.


Aliexpress, a division within the Alibaba group, is one of the largest Ecommerce corporations in the world. Aliexpress was founded in 2010 and has been a popular Ecommerce platform for customers outside of China. Aliexpress was designed to serve the international market. It is available in English as well as 15 other languages. Aliexpress sellers sell smaller quantities to buyers than Alibaba’s B2B platform. This allows dropshipping. Aliexpress is the best place for international dropshippers looking to source products and sell them in their markets.

Aliexpress Pricing

The Alidropship plugin costs $89 for a one-time payment. There is no monthly fee, or commission. The plugin includes personal support and unlimited updates. This plugin allows you to import unlimited products and create your price markups. You can also process volume orders.

Aliexpress offers packages to help you create an Ecommerce store if you don’t have a website. There are three plans available: the Basic plan ($299), the Advanced plan ($499), and finally the Ultimate plan ($899). There are three options available: Basic ($299), Advanced ($499) and Ultimate ($899). The most important difference is the number products included in each package. More information is available at this link.

Aliexpress Advantages

  • Products can be purchased wholesale at very low prices. Aliexpress products are made in China so it is unlikely that you will find lower prices anywhere else.
  • Shipping costs are not required to be included in your pricing. Dropshipping with Aliexpress will allow you to ship the products directly from China to your customers. Aliexpress suppliers allow you to ship internationally for no cost. This allows you to avoid having to add shipping costs to the retail price of your items.

Aliexpress Advantages:

* You might encounter a false advertisement. Although there are many products that you can access at low prices, which allows you to make substantial profits, the quality of these products may not meet your customers’ expectations. The supplier may provide pictures of their products that are high quality but they will not be as good when the product arrives at your doorstep. This is false advertising and is common on Aliexpress.

These are some things you can do to avoid this problem:

  • Review the feedback from customers. Suppliers with ratings between 4.7 and 5 stars should be considered. These sellers are trustworthy to work with.
  • You can read reviews about the products you are interested in purchasing. You should filter for stars between 4.7 and 5 stars.

When you are looking for suppliers to work alongside, you will need to do your research. This will allow you to make as many complaints as possible about the product’s quality. If there is a dispute, it will also save you tons of time.

  • The shipping time will take longer. Shipping times will be longer because your order will be shipped from China. Shipping times can take anywhere from one week up to one month, and even up to two months before your customers receive their order. It is important to communicate with your customers about shipping times. This will allow them to have an expectation of when they will receive their order and will avoid complaints about slow shipping.
  • It will cause headaches for everyone. If your customers are unhappy with the quality of your product, it will be a headache. It is important to have a clear policy regarding what you will do if this happens. Refunding customers’ money is the best option. Suppliers should also return their money. Dropshipping with Aliexpress is not an option. Aliexpress will help you settle any dispute you have with your supplier.


Oberlo, Shopify’s dropshipping division, is here. Oberlo is a dropshipping company that has yet to be heard of. This is how well-respected Oberlo in dropshipping.

Oberlo is the best platform for finding dropshipped products that you can sell online through Shopify. Orbelo connects suppliers and merchants. Suppliers will then ship the products directly to customers when orders are placed. The entire process can be handled by both suppliers and merchants within the Oberlo system.

Oberlo Pricing:

Oberlo offers a free plan for those who just want to get started, with a limit of 500 products and 50 monthly orders. After your business is established, you can upgrade to $29/month, or $79.90/month for more advanced functionality. This will allow you to grow your business.

Oberlo Advantages:

  • Beautiful, intuitive user interface.
  • One click to import products
  • Free account

Oberlo Disadvantages:

  • Shopify is compatible for selling
  • Aliexpress is the only platform that can be used to source products.


SaleHoo currently has over 8,000 suppliers. This gives them a staggering 1.6 million products. Each supplier is carefully vetted by the SaleHoo team to ensure that you are able to trust their quality and services.

SaleHoo Pricing:

SaleHoo offers two pricing options for your membership: $127 per year or $67 for a lifetime. You will receive a full refund if you cancel your subscription and find that they do not have any products for you to sell. has more information about their policies and pricing.

SaleHoo Advantage

  • SaleHoo’s best feature is the community they have created around their platform. This community allows you to learn from and interact with other like-minded people. SaleHoo also has a blog that teaches you how to dropship and make money online.
  • Their Market Research Lab can help you determine which products are most likely to make more profit.
  • They offer great customer service.

SaleHoo Disadvantage

  • You will need to pay for their service before you can get a trial. They do offer a 60-day guarantee of your satisfaction, so don’t worry.

Wholesale 2B

Wholesale2B is very simple. You can scan their listings for any item or category that you are interested in selling. Once you have found your favourite products, you can simply list them on your website. Wholesale 2B will ship your order to you once it has been placed.

Wholesale 2B Pricing

Wholesale 2B’s pricing structure is complex. They have a plan that will work for you, regardless of your status. These are just a few of the many pricing options that Wholesale 2B offers. View the pricing page for more information.

Here’s how it works:

  • Dropshipping and selling on online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay is possible.
  • Dropship DataFeed is available for websites that are already powered by Shopify or BigCommerce, Zencart, Zencart, Magento, or Zencart. This option will give you a feed of products.
  • Dropship Website plans are perfect for those who don’t know how to put together a website.
  • Wholesale 2B also offers a DYI plan (Do It Yourself). This plan is for those who do not want dropship plans but want to only sell products from Wholesale 2B. This plan allows you to display any of the products they offer on your website. However, when a customer places an online order, you must process it from your Wholesale 2B account.

Wholesale 2B Advantages

  • Access to more than 1.5 million products will be available.
  • No matter what your needs are, there’s a plan for you.
  • You can also sell on Amazon and eBay.
  • Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce allow you to integrate in real time.

Wholesale 2B Advantages

  • Wholesale 2B cannot be reached by phone or email. This can make it difficult to resolve urgent issues. They can only be reached by submitting tickets and you will have to wait to hear back.
  • It does not provide effective tools for analyzing the sales and performance of the products that you sell.


Spocket allows dropshippers to quickly find high-demand products and fast delivery. You can choose from a vast array of suppliers, most of which are located in the US or Europe. Spocket products can be added to your ecommerce store in seconds. It’s easy.

Spocket will give you a healthy profit margin because their products are 30% to 60% cheaper than their retail prices. Spocket takes care of all the logistics, including order fulfillment and inventory.

Spocket pricing is available in four options:

  • Basic: US$9/month plus 14-day Free Trial
  • Pro (US$49/month – plus 14 days Free Trial)
  • Empire (US$99/month – plus 14 days Free Trial)
  • Unicorn (US$299/month – plus 14 days free trial)

Spocket Advantages

  • Automatically, your inventory will be updated. Spocket automatically updates its inventory in real time, so your stock levels will always be current. Spocket will not let you sell anything that is out of stock.
  • Tracking of your order is possible in real time. You can track your order at each step of the process, even after it leaves the warehouse. This will allow you to keep your customer informed about the delivery date and notify them if there are any delays.
  • With just one click, you can import products directly to your website. This is a huge time-saver! Spocket allows you to import products in one click. No more manually adding images or writing descriptions. It’s even more convenient that you can still edit the details before your products are published on your store. You can remove product variants that you do not want from your supplier.
  • Automated order fulfillment. Your Spocket supplier will receive customer information from the checkout page when they place an order. An email will be sent to you confirming that the order has been received by the supplier. Your supplier will then pack and deliver the order to your customer. During this entire process, you don’t need to do anything!

Spocket disadvantages:

  • This service is only available to US and Euro residents. Spocket’s suppliers are mainly based in the US and Europe. If you live outside these regions, shipping costs will be higher and delivery times will take longer.
  • Spocket prices do not include taxes and duties. This is important to know. Spocket doesn’t include taxes and customs duties in their pricing. Taxes and duties can vary from one country to another. To protect your bottom line, these costs will be reflected in your retail price based on where you plan to sell it.
  • You cannot sell on certain Ecommerce platforms. Facebook, Shopify and Instagram are all available for selling. However, you can’t sell on Amazon, Etsy or eBay. Wish, Groupon, and Wish are not allowed.
  • Your packaging can be customized. Spocket doesn’t offer the ability to customize packaging. Spocket is not the right dropship option if you need to personalize your packaging to reflect your brand image.
  • Spocket suppliers cannot be reached directly. Spocket is not for entrepreneurs who are looking to build strong relationships with their suppliers. Spocket doesn’t allow you to directly contact suppliers. This is due to the fact that their suppliers are unable to respond to the many questions from merchants who use Spocket to dropship. Spocket’s support staff is the only way to get answers to your questions.


Doba will save you the headaches of dealing with suppliers. Doba is one the best platforms for dropshipping. Doba is a platform that not only gives you detailed information about wholesalers and manufacturers, but also allows you to sell the products you are interested in without needing to partner with multiple dropshippers.

Dropshipping allows you to sell products from 30 different suppliers. You will need to partner with them all. This will take a lot of effort. Doba allows you to choose the products that you wish to sell and then place them in your store. The platform eliminates the need to work with suppliers and allows you to directly communicate with them about your orders.

Doba Pricing:

The basic plan is a good option if you are just starting out. As your business grows, you will need to upgrade to the higher plans.

Doba Advantages

  • Doba offers over 2,000,000 products from more than 200 suppliers. This platform offers the most product options on the market.
  • There are no hassles in working with suppliers.
  • You’ll get the best bang for your buck.
  • You’ll receive regular updates on discounts, seasonal/trending products, and new suppliers within the market you are in.
  • Compatible with many platforms

Doba Advantages:

  • None in my opinion.

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale will give you access to over 15,000 products. Dropshipping products can be sold on Amazon, eBay or your website by Sunrise Wholesale. This platform is optimized to facilitate import and export of products directly into your system.

Sunrise Wholse works with Bigcommerce and Shopify. They just formed a partnership with an importer company and now have a warehouse of 600,000 square feet to distribute their products from their suppliers.

Sunrise Wholesale Prices:

Sunrise Wholesale does not offer a free account but they offer a free trial that includes full functionality. You can then sign up for one of the two plans that best suits your needs.

You can view their complete pricing details .

Sunrise Wholesale Advantages

  • Sunrise Wholesale responds quickly to orders and does so efficiently. The Better Business Bureau also gave them an A+ award.
  • Every account is provided with an eBay Listing and Research tool, which makes selling on eBay easy.

Sunrise Wholesale Advantages:

  • For any products returned by customers, the restocking fee will be 20% This is quite high.
  • They do not offer as many products as other dropshipping platforms.

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central does not offer dropshipping tools or support, but it claims to be the largest B2B directory for wholesale products and suppliers. This website has thousands of suppliers for all types of products. It also provides powerful sourcing tools that will help you locate wholesalers, dropshippers and distributors.

Wholesale Central is one of the most reliable dropshippers . You don’t need to register or pay any fees to search the site. To get access to premium features and additional benefits, you can also join the Buyers Network for free.

Click on the link to go to the supplier’s site. You can then work with them directly and place orders. Wholesale Central does not act as a broker, but rather connects buyers and wholesale sources. This will maximize both parties’ profits.

Although it may seem like a great deal, Wholesale Central is actually a division Summer Communications, Inc., its parent company and leading publisher of trade magazines for the wholesale goods sector.

Wholesale Central reviews each company listed on their site. This is done to ensure that they are all legitimate wholesalers. Every buyer complaint is investigated and any company found guilty of fraud will be removed. Despite this, it is important to be cautious when working with suppliers listed on Wholesale Central. However, they are always available for help if you have any problems.

Wholesale Central Pricing

It’s all completely free.

Wholesale Central Advantages

  • Wholesale Central has a huge database of suppliers. Wholesale Central will allow you to search for suppliers for any product you wish to sell.
  • You can feel less concerned about fraud because they verify the suppliers.

Wholesale central disadvantages

  • In my opinion, no.


Megagoods, a distributor of consumer electronics and a specialist in drop shipping, is specialized in direct distribution. Megagoods distributes items by stocking high-demand products in their warehouse, offering fast processing and private label shipping.

MegaGoods Pricing:

Megagoods can be tried for 30 days free. After that, you will need to pay $14.99 per month for a membership.

MegaGoods Advantages

  • Megagoods charges the lowest monthly subscription fees on this list.
  • Megagoods is the right choice if you are looking to dropship consumer electronics at the lowest prices, but don’t mind if it lacks research tools or other support features.

MegaGoods Advantages:

  • Megagoods has only about 2000 product options. Megagoods stocks all their products, which is understandable.
  • There are no analytics or research tools.
  • Megagoods acts as a wholesaler, but focuses on dropshipping. Megagoods is not a technology platform so there aren’t any web integrations.

Inventory Source

Inventory source is a veteran in dropshipping. It has been around since 2002. Ecommerce professionals founded the platform. It provides dropshippers with all necessary information, tools, and resources to help them find the best suppliers. Inventory Sources offers many features that will make it easy to run a dropshipping business.

Inventory Source Pricing:

Here is the pricing structure for Inventory Source.

Inventory Source is free to get started, but you will only be able to access their suppliers directory and other basic features. Although you won’t be able to sell anything, you can research suppliers and look at the seller community before making any investment.

Advantages of Inventory Source:

  • Flexible services will be available to you. Inventory offers a variety of services including inventory/order automation and personalized storefronts powered with Shopify or TurnKey. Based on your requirements, you can choose the best service for you.
  • Access to many product options will be available. Inventory Source will give you access to hundreds of quality suppliers and over 1,000,000 products. You can contact their support team if you are looking for a product not listed in their inventory. They will assist you in finding it.
  • Automated inventory and order management are possible. Inventory Source receives inventory updates from suppliers in real time. Your customers can place orders online and their shipment details will automatically be routed to you without your involvement.
  • Your free account is valid for a lifetime. Inventory Source grants you a free account that you can keep for as long you like. You can’t sell from this account as it doesn’t allow you to, but you can still use it to search for suppliers through the platform’s directory and to try out community features before making your investment.

Inventory Source Advantages

  • Each supplier will be charged a separate fee. The Basic Plan ($50/month), allows you to link only one supplier’s product feed to one sales channel. You will also need to pay additional fees if you have items from multiple suppliers or you wish to sell on multiple marketplaces. If you plan to sell many types of products, these extra fees can quickly add up.
  • Inventory Source does not offer market research tools. This is a major disadvantage for Inventory Source as it does not offer tools to help you measure your product’s profitability or check the competition.


Modalyst offers dropshipping products in a variety of price points and categories. Modalyst connects dropshippers online directly with thousands of suppliers. Modalyst’s unique product offering includes made-in the USA brands and designer products. This platform is the only one that allows dropshipping brand-name products to US customers. Delivery is guaranteed within three business days.

Modalyst Pricing:

Modalyst’s pricing structure will show you that you can test their services for free. Hobby is a free plan that gives you access to up to 25 products from Modalyst’s curated marketplace for your Ecommerce store. If you like it and find it useful, you can also opt for the more expensive plans.

These are their plans.

  • Hobby – While this plan doesn’t cost anything, it has a limit of 25 products. You can also process unlimited orders and pay a transaction fee of 5%. This plan is free, but you get many product automation features.
  • Start-up – For $35 per monthly, you can sell 250 Modalyst products. There is no transaction fee and unlimited orders.
  • Pro – This plan can be used for high-volume shops and costs $90/month. This plan allows you to access Modalyst’s premium suppliers and unlimited Modalyst products.

Modalyst Advantages

  • Locations. Modalyst suppliers can only be found in the US or EU.
  • Categorization. Modalyst divides the marketplace into four categories. These include the Low Cost Goods Marketplace (IBM), the Trendy, Affordable Marketplace (TMO), and the Name Brands Marketplace. You can quickly find the dropship product you are looking for by using each marketplace without having to go through the many millions of products available.
  • Pre-negotiated sales pricing. Modalyst works with its suppliers to get their products onto the platform. This allows you to make a deal directly with your suppliers without having to negotiate. Modalyst allows suppliers to list their products at 60% off their MSRP. This will allow you, as a merchant, to mark up your products according to the profit margins that you prefer.
  • Universal return policies. Dropshipping can make it difficult to find a return policy that is both fair for you, your customers, and your suppliers. Dropship suppliers are known for having inconsistent return policies. It can be difficult to organize everything when you work with multiple suppliers at once. Modalyst understands this problem and works with suppliers to create a common return policy for all users. This reduces the headaches for both you and your suppliers. You can also rest assured that all returns will be dealt with as efficiently as possible. Modalyst offers a 14-day return policy. It requires that the item be in good condition, not worn, and that tags are still attached.
  • Your store or customers will receive their goods quickly. Modalyst has an agreement with its suppliers to expedite shipping. Working with suppliers based in the US or EU will give you this advantage. Your customers’ orders will arrive much faster. Modalyst suppliers can deliver directly from Modalyst to your customers. They can also ship to you so your customers can pick up their orders.

Modalyst also wants to avoid shipping costs eating into your profit margins. Therefore, every Modalyst supplier must follow a flat rate shipping policy. There will not be any surprise shipping costs. There are some suppliers that offer free shipping for both domestic and international orders.

  • Tracking and shipping information will be sent automatically to you. Tracking information for each package is provided by the shipping process. This information can be accessed in Modalyst dashboard. You can then locate any order at any time. Every supplier automatically provides this functionality. It includes the shipper’s name and tracking details as well as tracking links.
  • Shopify and BigCommerce Integrations. Modalyst integrates directly to two of the most popular ecommerce platforms: Shopify, BigCommerce. You can automatically connect to Modalyst by downloading the Modalyst App from the BigCommerce or Shopify app stores. Direct integrations are essential because they allow you to seamlessly add products to your website with all the details automatically uploaded. This allows you to display real-time information such as “Out Of Stock” information on your website. These are just a few examples of the benefits Modalyst’s direct integrations with the Ecommerce platforms. You will be able run a more automated shop.
  • There are no upfront inventory costs. There are no upfront inventory costs. Your customers orders will be sent directly to suppliers.
  • Convenience. Modalyst dashboard makes it easy to manage every step of your sales process. You can also add products to your Modalyst store by simply clicking on the images and pricing buttons.
  • Communication is easy You can easily communicate with your supplier via Modalyst if you have any questions.

Modalyst Advantages:

  • Automating all processes is not possible. Placement of orders cannot be fully automated. After your customer has placed an order in your store, they must log into Modalyst and pay first. Only then will the supplier fulfill the order.
  • Transaction fees. Modalyst pricing plans will require you to pay a transaction fee of 5%.
  • Access to suppliers is limited. Modalyst has limited access to suppliers. Sign up for Modalyst Pro or the Business plan to get full access.
  • Your brand can only be customized in a limited way. You won’t be able to personalize the packaging because your suppliers will deliver your orders on your behalf.

Last words

I hope you found this article helpful in finding great suppliers for your dropshipping business. Please leave a comment if you are aware of any other dropship suppliers I haven’t mentioned. Thank you for reading! 🙂