How to Select a Perfect Name For Your Dropshipping Store?

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Why Store Name is Important for a Dropshipping Business?

What remains in a name?

That’s what may cross your mind when selecting one for your online shop.

It can’t be a big deal when you’ve got a much larger fish to fry, can it?

Undoubtedly, in the beginning look, calling your dropshipping shop appears to be too minor to take it seriously.

You have things like social networks promo, customer support and a great deal of other jobs on your plate. Your success depends on looking after them, does not it?

Well, yeah … however here’s the offer. You can’t make bricks without straw.

I question that Nike would be as lucky as it is if it ‘d been called “Sport clothes business 23” or something. The name becomes part of Nike’s success.

Dropshipping is a competitive organization field. To win the competitors, you require to stand apart from the others.

Simply put, you need to develop your brand name identity. And your shop name plays a substantial part in this job.

For that reason, you require to make a point of selecting the best one. And the next pointers are going to let you pull this off.

Make it brief and remarkable

Pepsi, Starbucks, Apple, Google, Reebok …

All these business have brief and appealing names. As soon as you have actually heard them, they stick in your memory for a very long time.

So, if you think up something of that sort for your dropshipping shop, you’ll make a terrific damage in developing your brand name identity.

Your ad will absolutely capture client eye, and they will not misspell your shop’s name while trying to find it on the Internet.

There are a number of methods you might utilize to come up with a brief and unforgettable name.

You can follow the example of Steve Jobs. He selected “Apple” as a name for his business even if he was on a fruitarian diet plan at the moment. The comparable method was picked by Jeff Bezos: he merely called his online shop after the Amazon river.

The point is to select a common however appealing word and put it to utilize.

Another method to comprise a name for your dropshipping shop is to misshape a typical word. For example, a well-known freelance platform Fiverr simply included another “r” to “Fiver” to get it done. Google got its name by twisting the word “googol”. And Cisco was made by eliminating “San Fran” from “San Francisco”.

You can likewise integrate numerous words in one to develop an unforgettable name for your online shop. Most likely, the most popular example of using this method is Adidas business. Its creator, Adolf Dassler, whose label was Adi, simply combined his very first and 2nd names to develop the title.

In fact, this practice is widespread in organization. IBM’s title is simply the very first letters of “International Company Machines”, Intel is short for “integrated electronic devices” and so on.

If you desire your dropshipping shop’s name to consist of more than one word, you can utilize alliteration to make it memorable. For instance, Paramount Pictures, Coca-Cola, Finest Buy, American Airlines, and so on

So, you have actually got enough choices to use to come up with your service name. Nevertheless, you need to keep it in mind that utilizing more than 2 words for your company name isn’t the very best concept. Preferably, you require only one that strikes home.

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Ensure your dropshipping shop’s name is special

Standing apart from your rivals is important in dropshipping.

If your online shop has a name that resembles your competitor’s one, consumers might quickly blend you up. By doing this, you might lose lots of customers.

Not the very best potential customers, right?

Not to mention the reality that you may deal with some legal repercussions if you unintentionally choose some copyrighted name.

Hence, you require to perform some marketing research prior to comprising your mind about your dropshipping shop’s name. You must ensure that it’s special.

Do not curse, please

Have you become aware of BiC business?

Extremely likely, you have. You should have stumbled upon the pencils and razors made by this French company.

However, you might not know that the business’s creator Marcel Bich chose not to rack his brain much and called it after himself.

You might be questioning– where is the “h” letter?

Well, he decided to leave it out.


The factor is the English language.

He wished to produce a worldwide business. And the surname of BiC’s creator didn’t sound well in English.

You might quickly puzzle it with an impolite English word, although its spelling is a bit various.

Now, this looks sensible, does not it?

Dropshipping is a worldwide design of organization. So, you require to ensure that your dropshipping shop name does not have an offending or complicated significance in foreign languages.

You do not require to check out each existing language worldwide. Take 8 or 10 the most spoken ones such as English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and so on.

Do not ignore your domain

Who does not understand eBay?

It’s tough to discover a bachelor who is uninformed of it. This business is popular around the world and its name is short and remarkable.

However …

Did you ever question why? How come its creators wound up with eBay?

I can inform you.

In fact, we might have Echo Bay rather. That was the name eBay’s owners developed in the first place. When it comes to me, it was great likewise.

Nevertheless, the domain “” was inhabited. So, they altered “Echo Bay” to “eBay” to take the domain that matched the business’s title.

What you can gain from this story?

It is necessary to pick a domain that is the same or, a minimum of, extremely near to your shop’s real one. Otherwise, this looks illogical and fishy to consumers.

Attempt to make your dropshipping shop’s name SEO-friendly

Getting traffic is vital in dropshipping.

And SEO is an ideal tool to drive complimentary natural traffic to your online shop. If your site is SEO-friendly and your item pages are correctly enhanced, it’s going to settle actually quickly.

However, if you handle to work your keywords into your shop’s name, it will provide you excellent benefits. It’s particularly useful if you’re a beginner in dropshipping.

Nevertheless, it might be difficult to think up an SEO-friendly title.

In this case, it is necessary to discuss something. If your online shop’s name ends up being SEO-friendly however at the same time it sounds odd and off-putting, you ‘d much better get along without the keywords for your title.


Did any concepts on your shop’s name concerned your mind while checking out these pointers?

If not, there is a method to assist you get the procedure off the ground.

You can utilize among business name generators to come up with a name for your dropshipping shop.

Simply consider some words associated with your company. Then type them in the search field on the page of a generator you pick and click “Create”.

You’ll see numerous alternatives that you can utilize as your shop’s name.

Business name generators you might utilize are BNG and Call Mesh. Yet, you can discover one by yourself. There are lots of them on the Internet.

Nevertheless, while utilizing name generators, you should not completely count on them.

You require to select the alternative that measure up to the ideas we have actually noted for you.

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