How to Start Dropshipping International Shipping?

How to Dropship Internationally? 

This article will show you the international dropship operation, global shipping problems and, most importantly, the international dropship companies and suppliers.

First, let’s understand what is international dropshipping?

An example of the international dropship process

A tripartite partnership between the retailer, consumers and foreign drop shipping firms is international dropshipping with the sole purpose of making purchases or trading comparatively more straightforward.

International dropshipping is also a market model that makes it possible for international dropship businesses to operate and work efficiently without needing a physical warehouse to store their goods. They can also work without needing an inventory or without having to sell goods themselves to their clients.

To put it more clearly, assume you’re Mr. John, an online store vendor, collects the customer’s order, and delivers the customers’ demand and information directly to the dropship seller who provides the products now to the customer on behalf of the company.

In brief, the retailer collects orders from consumers through its internet shop and communicates to the buyer who makes the distribution on his behalf with the overseas dropship companies or suppliers.

Based on this case, we will learn that it is not so challenging to run dropshipping internationally. How to pick the providers of dropshipping, then?

Domestic Dropshipping Supplier vs. Overseas Suppliers

It is crucial to choose the right drop ship companies and suppliers because the selected dropship companies remain a significant factor in deciding your business’s development and performance.

The domestic supplier and the overseas supplier are two kinds of dropship suppliers.

A domestic drop shipping provider is a domestic scope supplier that does not serve more than one region. On the other hand, worldwide coverage is available from overseas dropship providers. In more than one country, overseas suppliers will produce. Both domestic dropshipping services and overseas providers have advantages and drawbacks.

Advantages of domestic drop shipping suppliers

One of the strengths of the domestic drop shipping vendor is that it has a recognized target market. As the proposed clients are all under a single jurisdiction, it is simpler to enter the market. Another value is that delivery is made relatively smoother and quicker. It is much more cost-competitive and has a versatile venue.

Disadvantages of domestic drop shipping suppliers

The domestic dropship provider’s big downside is that it is confined to a specific territory by its clients. Compared to overseas dropshipping providers, there is a cap on the potential profit margin from this.

Advantages of overseas dropshipping suppliers

Since the overseas dropshipping provider is not limited to a country, it naturally has a broader target market. Compared to domestic dropshipping providers, this also reflects the potential to hold a higher profit margin. Therefore, it is relatively simpler to scale and expand because there is no need for such specifications such as a physical store, inventory, and so on.

Disadvantages of overseas dropshipping suppliers

High transportation prices are the most significant drawbacks of the overseas dropshipping providers since it requires shipping through many countries’ ports. It also takes longer turnaround times and requires more supervision than domestic vendors for dropshipping.

All in all, selecting the dropshipping business relies on more complex variables, such as:

Do they provide delivery internationally?

What kind of global shipping do they offer?

Which markets will they ship to?

What about the expense of the freight and the other charges?

Will the shipping time and arrival time be accepted?

Various providers provide different offerings. The domestic dropship business will distribute efficiently and provide prompt customer support in general. The overseas dropship gives you more chance to find lucrative goods, but the shipping should be considered. It’s up to you what kind of one you want.

What do you need to know about shipping internationally?

Shipping carrier

In dropshipping, working with a shipping carrier that meets the exact shipping specifications is essential. You’d best partner with a foreign dropshipping provider with worldwide shipping coverage to be secure and effective.

UPS gives an excellent example of an international shipping carrier. Shipping choices, prices, monitoring or visualization software, delivery time, costs, package capacity, and regulations are some shipping specifications that must be carefully considered.

The other international shipping carrier:

  • DHL
  • FedEX
  • AliExpress Standard Shipping
  • E-Post

If you find a dropshipping firm, you can explain what kind of foreign shipping carrier they will use, which is linked to your goods’ delivery time and expense.

When you buy a drone, you will see that the website can show you the fastest way to ship the items with shipping cost and shipping time. If you want more options, you can click on the list to find other shipping types.

Destination Country Regulations

There are specific laws and regulations in various countries that guide the way operations are carried out. In dropshipping, a corresponding case applies.

Countries have laws, clearances, and prohibitions on the importation of packages into the region. Therefore, it is essential to be familiar with the items and commodities laws shipped in. Failure to comply with these countries’ laws and regulations also draws fines. These sanctions will vary from the payment of penalties to the confiscation of the shipment.

Shipping rates

Shipping rates usually depend on shipping carriers, shipment size and weight, country of origin and country of destination, customs regulations, and shipping rates.

Delivery time

Time is of the essence of the industry. A significant aspect to be addressed in foreign shipping is arrival time. Many factors often influence the delivery time. The arrival time is influenced by the destination location, shipping carrier, laws, and so on, and this ranges from one country to another.

Customs clearance

It is essential to take into account customs clearance when it comes to the foreign dropship business. The requisite documents in respect of globally shipped goods shall comply within the appropriate formats. This will discourage delays, fines, and the seizure of merchandise from happening.

The demanded customs payments must be charged by foreign drop ship firms and are typically dependent on the amount of the object being sent out and the planned destination. Taxes must also be set, such as delivery fees, warehousing fees, and so on. For both of these, foreign dropship businesses can have varying pricing lists as it depends on the variety of their facilities and venue.


Until working with them, it is necessary to understand whether the foreign dropship firm provides tracking services. For products delivered, most foreign dropship vendors offer monitoring services.

You can monitor the shipments quickly with the monitoring services. You will know if the goods have been shipped to the requested destination, if there are delays and if the customs department stores the goods at the port.

Terms and Conditions

When you sign up for dropshipping, it is essential to be aware of foreign drop ship firms’ terms and status. It is also critical that their refund plans, payment systems, insurance, protection, express liability, assurances, and so on are fully understood. This tends to maintain confidence in foreign drop ship businesses concerning responsibilities, liabilities, and exceptions.

Where to Find International Dropship Suppliers?

It has never been tough to locate foreign drop-ship vendors. All appears to be so easy on the internet. There is an online presence for most foreign dropship providers or businesses. Everything that needs to be done is Google them out.

It is, however, rather essential to choose the correct foreign dropship suppliers. To get confirmation, it is necessary to study online about these suppliers and check for feedback thoroughly. A list of reputable foreign providers of dropshipping is below.

  • AliExpress.
  • Chinabrands
  • SaleHoo.
  • Doba.
  • Wholesale2B.
  • Worldwide Brands.
  • Wholesale Central.
  • Dropship Direct.
  • Sunrise Wholesale.
  • MegaGoods.
  • InventorySource.
  • National Dropshippers.

Any items should be taken into account after identifying a range of foreign drop ship firms or vendors before choosing which ones to use. This means you’re getting the best one.

Contact them- It is necessary to communicate to the dropshipping provider who suits the specifications as connectivity is essential for business performance. Look up their online contact information and place a call. This is a significant move, and you would like to ask more about their service because now you have read more online than you have. International dropship companies can provide their current customers with contact details to check the supplier before making a final decision. Talking to the provider will help to establish a strong partnership.

Ensure suitability- It is necessary to ensure that the vendors proposed for dropshipping are the best fit for the type of product to be transacted.

Order Samples- You might want to assess your services for work. This will disclose their service, shipping time, and packaging’s true consistency. It also requires you to become aware of the terms and conditions of the dropshipping organization.

Technical expertise- Another aspect to bear in mind is that strong technical skills must apply to the dropshipping provider. This helps to catch up and stay current with the times. It enables you to scale up your business. Your drop shipper needs to be able to keep up and not impair your progress. The technical development of the dropshipping industry is also an essential factor.

Dropshipping suppliers ship internationally?

You can use filters to determine the international shipping cost if you use Oberlo dropshipping.

Oberlo allows you to see shipping rates to certain countries by using the “Shipping filter” on product pages. To see shipping rates to the US, simply type the name of the country you wish to ship to.

There are several ways to determine the reliability of potential suppliers. Order product samples yourself is our favorite way to gauge the reliability of potential suppliers. Try to imagine yourself as your customers and how international shipping is from their point of view. This will allow you to inspect the packaging and delivery times, as well as contact the supplier with any questions.

If you believe you can find cheaper delivery options from your supplier to, consider free on board (FOB) shipping

For Oberlo users, the US, UK and Australia are major markets.

There are many more markets that offer fast shipping, especially if your understanding of international delivery is good.

Malaysia, Philippines are two examples of countries that have more dropshipping customers than their respective populations. This could be due to many factors. Both countries have large English-speaking population and high Facebook penetration. They are therefore tech-savvy and speak the largest language in ecommerce.

Both countries are also a stone’s throw away from China (at least when compared to other major markets). This allows for international shipping to be made easier on many dropshipped merchandise.

Scandinavia and Western Europe are also good markets for dropshippers. These markets offer solid international shipping options and disposable income.

You should be able to create custom shipping zones on your ecommerce platform. Merchants who want to maximize international shipping efficiency can save a lot of time and effort.

This is Shopify. You’ll find shipping zones on your shop’s Settings page.

We recommend that you set up a free shipping area that includes countries that you are able to ship to at a low cost.


With technology, the way business is done has changed. At any moment, a business can be carried out from any part of the globe. Dropshipping helps consumers and suppliers to be quickly connected, and the company is carried out without any actual meeting or trade.

Dropshipping shows that it is worth investing in because, as it has foreign coverage, it needs lower cost criteria, has lower costs, and guarantees the stable movement of goods and capital from the buyer to the seller.

You can quickly locate foreign drop ship firms online. Since no physical store is required, it is comparatively easier to communicate with them at one’s convenience. For quality assurance, don’t neglect to perform proper and sufficient research on these vendors.