Do I Really Need a Mentor to Learn Dropshipping ? 

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Publishing this post to save Dropship beginners to save from the scammers in Facebook groups with the fake sales data.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Some Essential Stuffs need to learn before start Dropshipping:

1) Where to start ? eBay or Shopify.

2) How to select niche or go with general ?

3) How to promote my store ? SEO or FB ads or Google ads

4) How to build a professional store to bring maximum conversion ?

5) How much time and money i need to invest ?

6) How to convince customers if the shipping delayed, wrong item delivered or item damaged in transit ?

7) How to deal returns and refunds ?

Dear Dropshipping Newbies,

I strongly say you do not need a mentor to learn the above stuffs. Because these things already discussed tons of times in online forums, blogs and communities. Just google it. 

Start your research and try to learn yourself. It will be helpful for long run. 

Don’t waste your money with people who conduct paid courses for Dropshipping when everything available for free.

Some of the issues i faced initially: 

When i start Dropshipping my Facebook ad account blocked for the violation of their policy. 

My Facebook personal account banned since my business page violated Facebook terms. 

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My credit card got blocked in Aliexpress for security purpose. Waited 3 days to recover it. 

Faced many disputes in PayPal for delayed shipping. 

Still many issues. But i didn’t went to any mentor, used forums and blogs to find solutions and learnt myself. 

Now everything going fine for me. Only from my experience i am sharing this post. 


Some of the recommended Free Youtube Mentors to succeed in Dropshipping

Dan Dasilva

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up


Wholesale Ted


Braden Wuerch

Flying Start Online

Tristan Broughton

Find the Right Mentor to Master Dropshipping using Online Platforms

So today, I want to delve into the world of dropshipping mentors and eCommerce companies. Whether you’re already running a business or planning to start a dropshipping business, I hope that this list has some value.

This is the best time to start learning from ground-zero and to scale up your business with dropshipping. To do this, you need to find the right trainer to use online platforms to learn dropshipping.

Dropshipping Business is not easy

Dropshipping business is not as simple as it seems to be. If you’ve ever tried starting a business, you know the drill. There are many questions to consider. What are you going to sell? Who’s going to supply you? And how are you going to build a solid marketing plan?

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Success is not arriving immediately. There can be years of struggle, experiments, trials, and errors to achieve it.

What’s your Solution?

You don’t have to go through all of it by yourself for this. Thankfully, other good dropshippers, who have already witnessed the highs and lows, successfully walked out on the other side, albeit perhaps with some battle scars. Previously they had endured the same challenges, which mean you will learn from their mistakes and streamline your success. These experts know what is working and what is not. You put in the hours. And you could be your mentor to these leading entrepreneurs.

What can Mentors do for your Dropshipping Business?

Such experienced mentors and businessmen will inform you early on of typical errors. They will solve your troubling issues and help shape your business. Meanwhile, in the dropshipping market, you will discover your full potential. This is the cleverest way to accelerate your progress, much more than with rigid self-learning methods alone.

Mentors are to be found in each dropshipping area. Good mentors improve mentee performance. Without a mentor’s backing, you’ll hardly find a true success story. According to Endeavor’s study, entrepreneurs with mentors are three times more likely to succeed as opposed to entrepreneurs without mentors.

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How to Reach Dropshipping Mentors in this Pandemic?

We recommend you try to find mentors using the internet in the company of dropshipping and the world the way it is now. We know from previous successful mentor relationships that mentoring doesn’t have to mean a physical meeting, nor does it mean you can ever talk to them. However, it would be nice to see the person who made a difference to your professional success!

For example, Warren Buffett got inspiration from his mentor’s book. Additionally, in whatever way your mentor has chosen, you may review the material. We can be found on YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, Linkedin, other social media platforms, online academies, forums, online groups, dedicated dropshipping business websites, etc. The list is a bit of an exhaust! Search engines are the ultimate solution to your questions in the first step, spending some time digging can help you find what you are looking for.

But, we know you might be short on time. We’ve researched some of the best influencers in the dropshipping business world to give you a head start and checked other methods to help you find an authentic mentor and establish a successful dropshipping company. To confirm your chosen mentor’s credibility, you should check their history of performance, credentials, and how they transfer skills to their mentees and audiences.

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Note that different mentors can add different kinds of values. For example, a mentor could be a highly successful business owner with 9 figure revenue dropshipping for you. But just as importantly, someone who is a consultant or supplier to the industry (such as developers of dropshipping software) can also provide useful insight that gives you the knowledge and perspective you need.

Top 5 Dropshipping Mentors in e-commerce business

Many leading online entrepreneurs have driven and mentored the eCommerce space after years of achieving the success they have won and are now expanding their e-commerce businesses further. But each mentor has a unique approach and method, so pick those you can identify with, and if you’re not on them and what they’re saying, keep looking.

Wholesale Ted

A good starting point for me is with a fellow Kiwi from the bottom of the New Zealand nation.

Sarah Chrisp (Wholesale Ted) is among the best dropshipping mentors and influencers I’ve seen online. Wholesale Ted is primarily a Youtube channel, with the most impressive and streamlined tutorials to create a dropshipping business. There are 140 plus videos and a free e-book about dropshipping covering the relevant issues you need to know.

She said that when she was 9, her father gave her the book “Rich Kid, Smart Kid” and told him she wanted to be a millionaire, according to her interview with Her father thought it was “Rich Dad-Poor Dad” version of the kid, but it wasn’t. She explained the book was hard, but she was clear with concepts about time, money, and wealth in early teens. That had given her a huge head start with a financial education that, to be frank, most kids never get – and that’s not something taught in school.

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She began working in a supermarket at the age of fifteen, like many a New Zealander. But she was not happy with what she did, as her opinion was that the 9-5 routine was a waste of time. She is not the kind of person who wants to waste time, and she believed that she could earn more by running a company. She quit her job at 16, and began her first successful business: an online store!

Sarah said this was no overnight success, like most successful businesses.

Persistence paid off, and their life changed. Now she can gain her free time by traveling around the world, and enjoy it. Okay, maybe not during Sarah’s Level 4 limitations, but we’ll all be satisfied when this lockout is over.

On her YouTube channel Wholesale Ted, you’ll find various case studies on successful e-commerce stores and various applications and online tools you can use to automate your dropshipping business. There are also low-cost methods for starting an e-commerce business, and marketing techniques, and videos related to legal issues that you may encounter while building your dropshipping business.

Most importantly, I like about Sarah’s content and advice because she doesn’t try to sell impossible ideas; she’s down to earth. She offers really practical and realistic advice to give a real chance of success to aspiring business owners.

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Wholesale Ted provides a complete and comprehensive course for people interested in running a profitable $67-per-month dropshipping company with a 7-day return policy. The content and process of the course can be seen on her website:

Steve Tan

Steve Tan is an e-commerce super-entrepreneur. Steve and his brother, Evan Tan, are helping other entrepreneurs who want to start a dropshipping e-commerce business online, or those who are facing problems.

Steve Tan offers an Ultimate eCom System course, a detailed four-week introduction (90 videos) to the dropshipping world. There he talks about the tools needed for a dropshipping business and all niches and products relevant to your business.

In a short period, the Super Tan Brothers changed thousands of their students’ lives. They are quite popular in the dropshipping community worldwide. Because of their accomplishments and expertise, you’ll find them appearing as guests on many YouTube channels related to e-commerce.

I like Steve’s approach because he provides small getaway retreats for top-performing companies and spends a great deal of time providing practical advice on scaling up with his real-life experience. When you’re accepted in one of these retreats, you’re doing pretty well now, so you’re trying to turn the 7-figure business into an 8-9-figure one.

With eCommerce Elites Mastermind, you can join their private group on Facebook

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Steve Tan began his e-commerce journey with the eBay auctions in 2007. He launched e-commerce stores over the next two years and began earning $400,000 to $500,000 a month.

Around that time and in the meantime, he was earning well; he was growing. He started a new startup in China in 2010, which hasn’t turned out as planned. He started another beauty company the next year, but it didn’t work too well.

Kreyos started as a huge success in 2012, moving one of the most popular crowdfunded watch products at the time, but he had to close the company in 2014. In 2015 yet another consumer technology startup crashed.

It all changed in 2016 as he jumped back into e-commerce again.

He is among the top entrepreneurs and influencers in the dropshipping arena, with the support of his brother Evan Tan. We will scale out your e-commerce company online.

Kevin David

Kevin David is another big-name businessman and has been mentoring thousands of drop shippers for three years. His YouTube channel Kevin David offers answers to many questions that seem confusing. Kevin shares the easiest step by step ways to start dropshipping and marketing based on Shopify using Facebook adverts. You can visit his website to learn more about the courses he offers:

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Kevin David is also a well-known international speaker on eCommerce, technology, social media, and digital business. He grew rapidly from a 9-5 accountant to the creation of multiple eight-figure companies.

Fred Lam

Fred Lam is a mentor and entrepreneur who teaches people how to run an online business. You can get great information about dropshipping companies related to ads on Shopify and Facebook. You can download his free e-book to learn his tricks. The e-book contains the best, cheapest, and most reliable ways of earning passive income and with minimal investment – something we’ll all be pleased about.

He commenced working as a dishwasher. Yet Fred began experimenting with the online business to find a better future and a vision to start his own company. Today, Fred is the CEO of several multimillion-dollar companies, including iPro Academy, after many hurdles. Fred has taught thousands of students worldwide and is continuing to share his knowledge at Starting from One.

Jessica Guzik – Oberlo

Jessica Guzik of Oberlo is an entrepreneur, owner, and mentor of e-commerce businesses. She strives to help entrepreneurs and get brands started. Her channel on YouTube is truly informative. They are also offering some free courses at present. So if you’re interested in dropshipping, you can get some valuable knowledge and visit her online.

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The course they previously offered for $50 is now free by Oberlo at the time of publication. Go to their website and enroll yourself: Oberlo 101. This course features 24 lessons. It will give you a complete insight into running a dropshipping business, even if you’re a newbie. You’ll make a complete dropshipping store using Shopify after taking this course, launch Facebook ads, and learn how to scale up your business.

Bill Stenzel

As an entrepreneur, over the last 20 years, has been to start a new business every year. He is owned by multiple online brick & mortar stores. With Amazon, Shopify,, and other e-commerce websites, he can help you establish and guide your business. He has available online courses on his website: https:/

Many Online Mentoring Opportunities

There’s a lot of different ways to find a mentor. If you’re fortunate enough, you will get a one to one interaction or experience. But otherwise, you might also find one in the following ways:

According to, they have decided to host all events online in the coming weeks for the health and safety of Meetup communities. is a website where you can meet in-person with people of equal interest. However, you can arrange online meetings with people around the world these days, and talk about shared interests to learn more about dropshipping.

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Ten Thousand Coffees

Ten Thousand Coffees is the same as, but with a little twist. Here it would help if you made your profile according to your skills and interests, and on that basis, they will suggest you mentors. Can you ask them for an in-person meeting, though the improbable right at the moment has?

So it’s probably the best way to collaborate and learn online to find a mentor.

At LinkedIn, you can find mentors, too.


Quora is another platform for finding answers to your questions, learning, and possibly finding a mentor. You can also consider yourself a mentor by reading some of the posts and replies in greater depth.

Social Media, Forums and online communities

You can find many people related to you on social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp groups). Likewise, you can also find potential mentors in dropshipping forums and online communities.

You can have a Peer group developed

You can become a community of like-minded peers too. Everyone’s going to have different ideas, but put your mind together, and you’ll achieve something quite special. Thus you can accelerate your progress and your personal success further.

Bottom Line

Mentoring is truly a very important tool for dropshippers to condense a substantial amount of knowledge into a smaller amount of time. You can learn from others’ successes and mistakes, and move much faster in doing so. There’ll always be a person out there who can somehow motivate you and take you out of the dungeons of demotivated smudginess and anxieties you’re going to face, and give you some perspective you get to the top of your play.