Do I Really Need a Mentor to Learn Dropshipping ? 

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Last Updated on July 04, 2020

Publishing this post to save Dropship beginners to save from the scammers in Facebook groups with the fake sales data.

Some Essential Stuffs need to learn before start Dropshipping:

1) Where to start ? eBay or Shopify.

2) How to select niche or go with general ?

3) How to promote my store ? SEO or FB ads or Google ads

4) How to build a professional store to bring maximum conversion ?

5) How much time and money i need to invest ?

6) How to convince customers if the shipping delayed, wrong item delivered or item damaged in transit ?

7) How to deal returns and refunds ?

Dear Dropshipping Newbies,

I strongly say you do not need a mentor to learn the above stuffs. Because these things already discussed tons of times in online forums, blogs and communities. Just google it. 

Start your research and try to learn yourself. It will be helpful for long run. 

Don’t waste your money with people who conduct paid courses for Dropshipping when everything available for free.

Some of the issues i faced initially: 

When i start Dropshipping my Facebook ad account blocked for the violation of their policy. 

My Facebook personal account banned since my business page violated Facebook terms. 

My credit card got blocked in Aliexpress for security purpose. Waited 3 days to recover it. 

Faced many disputes in PayPal for delayed shipping. 

Still many issues. But i didn’t went to any mentor, used forums and blogs to find solutions and learnt myself. 

How to find Trending Products and Searches Keywords for a Niche ?

Now everything going fine for me. Only from my experience i am sharing this post. 


Some of the recommended Free Youtube Mentors to succeed in Dropshipping

Dan Dasilva


Wholesale Ted


Braden Wuerch

Flying Start Online

Tristan Broughton

Learn and Earn. Wish you all the best for your Dropshipping business.

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