How to Find and Contact Potential Dropshipping Suppliers?

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Listing down the finest drop shippers will absolutely build a headache, but if you accomplish the task before time, it will redeem you with money and effort mutually. The time you are done with the searching of the drop shippers, all you need to do is instituting a peaceable relationship with them. 

The quick tips for hunting the most exquisite drop shipping suppliers

Stay familiar with the supply chain

The leading step to distinguish a reliable drop shipper belongs to the supply chain. Let us not forget that the entire process begins with the manufacturers. These are the ones, from where the production actually commences. It means you will have the opportunity to meet with the lowest pricing, and the profit margin will also exceed. Working with manufacturers requires answering two questions – are they going to sell the products in wholesale mode or drop shipping. Not every manufacture you deal with may have drop shipping services. Therefore, you might come in contact with the other drop shippers who will take the products from the manufacturers and will sell you at elevated rates. 

In this scenario, you should be cautious with terms of finding the exact source of the supply chain. Well, many secondary wholesalers will also contact promising that they are directly buying the products from the manufacturers. The story is something else, as they are acting as middlemen. All this will raise the bar of pricing and will trim down your profit too. In case you are satisfied with the drop shipper, however, the range of pricing and profit will not be the same for all. 

Evaluation of drop shipping needs from the supplier

Begin with listing down all you need from the drop ship suppliers. It will aid you in removing the unwanted struggles and will help you in saving money too. Keep everything within the aspect of the pin-pointing range only. Confused, don’t worry, here is an illustration for your help – if you work in the business where the profit-making is based on every product and the same time, the volume is high; then stay stuck with the same evaluation process. Drop shippers are interested in making a relationship with the ones with whom they are expecting a long-lasting business. If you are giving them good business, then they won’t fall into unnecessary terms and conditions. 

Put forward all your questions 

We are living in a world where a large number of people have already entered into this business. Therefore, you will surely find many drop shippers from your friends, family, or relatives. It is why we recommend you ask all the questions or doubts, if any, in the chapter. Along with this, the social media channel will also act as a major support in enlightening you about the drop shipping. Try to stay regular with Facebook, Quora, and other podiums to gain knowledge. Here you might also get good referrals, guides, and other valuable information. Also, if there are any suppliers spending time on such podiums are finding it challenging to manage the orders, then you will be guided in the right direction. 

Analyzing the drop shipping suppliers 

Every drop shipper that you see in front of you will not be sharing the same pace. It is because each one of them has a unique pattern to work with respect to quality, pricing, and so on. You must get involved in significant areas and drop shipping policies to gain evaluation. 

Never overlook the credibility of the product

It is one such step which is not given utmost importance, but it can cause major trouble in the latter days. While the time you are searching for the products. Make sure to deal with the suppliers that are trustable instead of going for cheap rates. This rule applies to all kinds of products like jewellery, fashion, electronics, etc. Here are some tips to help you 

  • Suppose, if the product title or descriptions are holding grammar errors, then for first, it can be associated as a simple error. However, if it is of a repetitive nature, then you need to think about it. 
  • If the prices are very much affordable and luring, then it can also result in a major setback considering the product quality too. 
  • If you are dealing in the electronics, then stay more cautious from the Chinese drop shipping as many scams start off there. 

The reseller customer support service 

To play the role of a reseller, it is obvious for you to deal with the sellers who are responsive every time. If the orders are not being answered on time or the seller is not responding for the wrong product, returns, or refund, then will suggest you not proceed any further. Such reactions are likely to result in long term problems between the reseller and seller.

The viable option for shipping and warehousing 

Where your customers are located or from where you are getting the products; are two vital questions. For example, if the target customers are in the US, Canada, or anywhere international, then better try to connect with the sellers holding warehouses in such locations. Also, these days, sellers have multiple warehouses making it easy for the drop shippers to connect with the customers and lesser complaints. 

A look on the return policy 

Returns are hard to avoid and part and parcel of any retail business. Therefore, you should open up with the return policy of the suppliers in order to cope around with such situations, which have the propensity to arise anytime. 

The daily inventory feed

The drop shippers are known to sell a large amount of products with a thin margin line. To sustain with the requirements, it is crucial to maintain the SKUs and inventory feed on a daily basis. With inventory feed, we mean titles, product images, descriptions, categories, series of suppliers, and the list goes on. All this information should be attained by the suppliers that need to be maintained on a regular basis. 

The secrets of establishing an amicable relationship with the supplier

Starting with the communication

Once you are comfortable with the results that you have gained until now on the basis of various distributors. After short listing the suppliers, you might be excited to take off with the business immediately getting approved for the position of the reseller after applying for the drop ship supplier. Next comes the process of enlisting the products, images, information, pricing, etc. However, during all this, you should also focus on establishing communication with the partner supplier. 

To get approved for the first time only, it is crucial to avoid making any kind of mistake. First of all, the entire process of applying as a reseller looks seamless, but a minor error can hump the process too. 

It is a great saying that the first impression is the last and final impression. Which indicates; you will surely not get a chance to create the same impression the very next time. Especially when you are targeting for the position of a wholesale supplier along with asking questions too. 

The only way to master the first impression is the way or manner you are presenting yourself. At this point, you should put down the questions wisely in addition to the comments. With this, the hurdles of making a personal relationship, even through an application or email, will be successful. It hereby is the deciding factor behind the long-lasting relationship with the supplier too. 

Let us help you with an example, suppose you are sending an email to the supplier, and it is written this way

“I want to sell your products and making an eBay store along with a website. Pass on the list, catalogs of your bestsellers only as a priority. I am lacking behind with money and need to sell the product to get rid of my bills as soon as possible.”

What will happen if you will send this email to the supplier?

  • Some sellers will send you the information required without much ado. 
  • The rest ones will straight away cancel or delete the email without bothering to respond as well. 

It is not necessary that everyone will send emails in the similar format that we have discussed right above. Whereas, the context of the explanation is how beautifully you are representing the communication at the initial stages. All these are directly proportional to the approval of the application and relationship with the seller. 

Are you confused about the communication part, don’t worry, we are now sharing some potential tips for your assistance:

  • Buy a domain name – this is the first step that you must perform if you are considerate about making a business. To work like a business, it is imperative to appear like one such. Having your own domain name will help sellers and the customers in easy identification. It will be further help to you in making an ecommerce website with BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify. Added to this, you can use to for Amazon and eBay too. In the coming days, the domain name will surely turn out to be your brand name. 
  • Email from your own name – Wondering how, until now, you must be sending email through Hotmail, or Yahoo right? But, what is the need to do so when you can accustom it with your own brand name i.e., domain. It is not a tough nut to crack, as while you will buy the domain from a registered provider, say Godaddy, it will cost you approx 9$ for a year. Plus, they will offer you with email service for free of cost. Now you can send an email as Stacie_grey@your instead of Think about it, and you will be able to find the difference.
  • Always review your email before sending – for successful communication with your supplier, you should work with safe hands. Though you have written a perfect email, try to check it once more instead of rushing down the corner. The corrections are with regard to capitalization, grammar mistakes, right spaces, etc.; the overall goal is to present it in a professional manner. While writing a business email, ensure of not using any kind of emojis or slangs. 
  • Place the subject line correctly – Subject line is the key to reaching the supplier’s attention. So, place subject lines like “Request Application Question for the Wholesale Reseller Account” or “Question for New Wholesale Account,” etc. With such simple subject lines, you will also make the work of the supplier easy in filtering the right application forms. 
  • Check their policies first- Prior to making questions that you want to ask from the suppliers, you must hold the accountability of your task. Have a thorough look at all the FAQs, shipping, return, and other policies. There are chances that you will get most of your answers here and will remain with the shortlisted ones only. Asking questions that have already been answered by the seller will cut you down from the application list as well. 
  • Confirm the detail, if any – Don’t stay in the corner, thinking about whether I should ask on the shipping policy, etc. for the seller or not? Though the seller has shared every bit of detail on the website, it is evident for one to raise questions of clarification. Try to frame in this manner, “I have gone through your return and shipping policy, but still have some questions in mind.” It will put the right impression, and you will get your answers too. 
  • Make use of email signature – one of the most ignored tasks which you should not follow. Try to site the contact details, including phone numbers or brand names, in the section of an email signature. 

How to preserve supplier retailer relationship long-lasting?

Putting extra efforts on maintaining a relationship with your supplier will give you good returns for the long term. Many benefits like pricing, discounts, product availability, upgrades, regular feeds are the common ones. It will, in turn, benefit you in helping with customer satisfaction, which will be in your favour again. 

Picking up various business models, only one will raise the profit bar, and it is the online retail business model. In this model, the supplier purchases products from the merchants, and then it is sold to the seller. You can understand the concept with Amazon and eBay perfectly.

To sustain this business model, the only secret lies behind how well a supplier and retailers are carrying together. It is only the supplier who is holding the grasping power of price, terms, shipping, etc. 

If you are walking with this business model then, put all your focus not only on the maintenance part but on the foundation. Once the relationship with the supplier is established, it won’t burden you in exercising it any further. 

Ideas for creating a well-built connection with your supplier 

Timely payment 

Just you wish your customers to pay on time, in the same manner, the supplier you are working with will expect. There is no fuss about it, and this is the main reason you must never settle with pending payments. Always pay your supplier on time and make a note of it. 

When retailers is paying on time, the distributors start noticing them as valued customers and are ready to share more benefits. In addition, the working terminologies of the wholesale distributors are based on cash flow in the midst of a thin margin ratio. Therefore, timely payment falls in the deserving part. 

The new technology CRM also is known as Customer relationship management software, keeps a note of payment and duration. If you are making the payment on time, then you will be awarded a rating, which will eventually result in rewards on the orders. 

Uncertainty can arise anytime, and if you are unable to process the payment on time, then without delay, rush to the supplier and look for an alternative. Never stay late or think, as it will increase the pending bills. 

Help them understand your business 

All the vital information or changes that you are planning to make in your business that needs to be told the wholesaler should not be restricted. Share them in the loop like if you are changing the employees, price changes, discounts, etc. through this, it would be effortless for them to bridge the gaps if necessary. Also, remember, the wholesaler with your working will have a list of many other suppliers and drop shippers. With some piece of business information, you will be able to contribute to better communication resulting in better understanding.

Share the approximate sales expectations 

Whatever sales target you have planned for your business should be shared with the drop shipper supplier. It is because; the suppliers can sort out the product availability along with the sales figure. Not every supplier will be able to furnish you with last-minute changes. Together with, it will create issues with you and your customers too. 

Therefore, do not get involved either over or underestimating the sales figure. Your efforts on the approximate sales figure will curate a healthy relationship with the supplier. 

Arrange all the essential documents 

Yes, your drop shipper supplier will need some of the essential documents, and it is your responsibility to furnish the documents on time. Apart from this, it will curtail down the level of miscommunication too. Documents like spreadsheets of the products; Electronic Data Interchange, etc. might be some of them. Perform this task and avoid unnecessary delays. 

Focus on the conversation in regular terms 

There is no doubt that emails are doing great these days and are extremely fast as well. However, you must not limit yourself with it only. It would be a great thought of you to reach out to the supplier personally or by making occasional phone calls. Bring in your sale and supply team in the communication to ease up the work. 

Always treat your suppliers as your trustworthy advocates. They are the ideal ones to resort to you with the errors and will help you in rectifying them as well. 

Stay geared up for the mishaps 

The entire process of drop shipping can’t be declared as safe and precise. A number of problems can arise in the middle ground and can pop anywhere be like inventory, delivery, customer support, shipments, etc. sometimes, even the supplier won’t be able to find a solution, so your task is to hold patience. 

In case, if something goes out of the track, try to wait instead of pushing complaints on the suppliers. A small mishap has the potency to damage the relationship of a drop shipper with the supplier. Take it as a harsh timing and wait for the solution. 

On the whole, if we try to conclude with the post, all it belongs to maintaining a positive and trustworthy relationship with the supplier. It will reward you with endless benefits and amazing buybacks. A good relation with your supplier will always keep your inventory in stock at improved pricing. 

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