12 Computer Parts and Accessories Wholesale Distributors

This article will provide answers to your questions if you’re a computer seller looking for cheap wholesale computers. We know the difficulties you face in finding the right computer wholesale distributor for you business. Often, if you don’t get past these hurdles and work with a distributor, the experience won’t be encouraging or worthwhile. Our team decided to help you overcome these obstacles by conducting our own research. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of reliable wholesale distributors who will make your day.

We are here to help those who are new to the computer wholesale business but don’t have any previous experience. This includes wholesale portable computers, desktop computers and electronic parts.

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We’ll then strengthen your reasons for why you should continue this business line with our own reasons, the benefits of computers and computer parts wholesale, and basic processes involved. Then we will list our top ten wholesale distributors of computer parts and wholesale computer suppliers. We’ll also address the frequently asked questions. Let’s move on.

What is wholesale computer and computer parts?

Computer wholesale is a business model where a distributor purchases computer parts, such as desktop computers and portable computers, wholesale from other manufacturers and suppliers. The distributor then sells these items to end-users.

The supply chain that connects the manufacturer and the consumer is how wholesale computers reach market places. The wholesalers and retailers are the middle men in the supply chain. There are many factors that can influence the difference between them, but it can simply be described as a difference of how many products they have.

This is where we would like to see you, the middlemen who buy computers wholesale and then sell them to end-users. It is nice to know where you fit in the business chain. This will help you to keep your goal of providing quality computers and parts at an affordable price to customers.

The computer wholesale business involves more than just the sale of computers and laptops. It also includes wholesale purchases and sales electronics parts such as motherboards, keyboards and mouse, processors, cooling products and controllers, cables and printer parts.

This industry includes accessories such as modems and projectors, CD/DVD drives. Media cars readers, headsets. Blank media, security accessories, rackmount accessory, and other accessories. If you are sure that you want to start a wholesale computer business, make sure you have the capital to purchase these items wholesale to meet the needs of all your customers.

Why wholesale computer parts and computers?

There are many reasons to invest in the wholesale business of computer parts and computers. This market has many benefits. We live in an age where technology is omnipresent and many businesses depend on computers for their survival. Therefore, you won’t run out of customers who need computers.

* The basic process of computer wholesale

It includes all the steps required to sell wholesale computers to end-users as a retailer. These are.

Create a template for your business plan. This template will help you decide how to structure your company. It will also determine whether you intend to focus on wholesale computer parts or wholesale computer parts together. This will help you determine if you need a loan to finance your capital. It’s easy to find business plan templates online.

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b. To determine the niche that you will be entering, take a look at the market for computer accessories and parts. Understanding that different business owners require different parts for their computers is important. You can decide to distribute computers and parts to business owners, individuals, or both. Learn about your demographics. This will help you determine where your business is located, which parts to sell, and what price range your products are. Demographic information such as income level and age, location, and employment status are important.

c. Partnering with computer parts manufacturers such as Dell and Sony. To learn more about the business requirements of partnering with these manufacturers, log onto their respective programs such as Dell’s partner program or Sony’s dealer supply program.

Register your business with government. If it is just you, register it as a role proprietorship or partnership.

If your state requires it, e.Apply to a state sales tax permit or vendor’s license.

If your country requires it, obtain an Employer Identification number or a related from government. Make enquiries if they require.

g. After agreeing to terms such as warranties, shipping logistics, and inventory price, you will be able to establish a contract with the manufacturer. Your manufacturer might ask you to provide the necessary paperwork.

You can then place orders for your shop. To attract new customers, you can offer discounts and run Ads on other sites.

Distributors of computer wholesale

Are you looking for cheap wholesale computers to stock up your store? We’ve done the hard work and have compiled a list of top wholesale computer distributors at some of the most affordable prices on the market.


Arrow electronics is a wholesale supplier of computer parts and has one of the best prices in the industry. According to records, they are a leading supplier of computer parts UK. This is far from their home country. Their reputation speaks volumes. Their inventory includes a variety of wholesale computers as well as PC wholesale. They have a wide range of products in their inventory, including desktops and laptops as well as all-in-one computers, servers softwares and data storage devices.


This company offers affordable wholesale computers, PC parts and wholesale accessories at low prices. They have a strong relationship with international corporations and are able to offer customers a wide range of wholesale computer models, accessories and parts at very affordable prices.


They have been able to maintain their vision of providing affordable wholesale computers with accessories and parts through many retailers after years of successful partnerships with various OEMs and manufacturers. You can join their network today to purchase their parts and wholesale computers at affordable prices.

They are a leader among computer wholesale distributors in Australia. Their online inventory includes computer hardware, software, and other IT equipments. Their location in Brisbane is what makes them stand out from other local distributors. They are large and can offer affordable products to their customers.

WholesaleIT offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. This allows you to spend more time on client relations and providing better service to your clients.


This company is a major part dealer in the midst other computer parts wholesale suppliers. To keep their inventory selling quickly, they try to sell at competitive prices as much as possible. They will lower the price if an item doesn’t sell quickly enough. If you are looking for wholesale computers at affordable prices, this company in Indianapolis is the right choice.

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This Miami-based company specializes in wholesale computer supply and wholesale PC supply. They offer a unique one-stop shop volume distribution for laptops and computers, gaming consoles and tablets, accessories, and parts. Et cetera. They are able to offer the most up-to-date products at one of their lowest prices due to their excellent relationships with manufacturers.


They are distributors of IT products, including laptops and desktops. They also supply computer accessories wholesale. The company has formed partnerships with companies such as Apple, Acer, Dell, HP, ASUS Lenovo, Panasonic,Logan, and many others. This allows them to offer a wide range of stock at very low prices.


They offer wholesale computer parts to resellers as well as computers from many popular brands. They also present customers with comparative options that will increase their profitability and competitiveness as their partners.

Their wholesale computer supply company is based in Miami, Florida. They are focused on Latin America, America, and Europe.


One of the few computer wholesalers located in U.A.E. They sell all the major brands of computers, peripherals, office equipment, and supplies. This company also offers wholesale computer accessories supply and competitive pricing as they buy directly from the manufacturers.

FAQ regarding wholesale computer and computer parts

1. Is it really affordable to buy wholesale computer markets?

Let’s compare Chinabrands with other wholesalers to answer this question.

These specs are what you get with the Asus Pro554UB8250 Laptop

– CPU. Quad-core 1.6GHz CPU clock

-RAM; 4BG, 2400MHz

– Internal storage: 500GB/1TB HDD

Display: 15.6inches (1366×768)

– Camera; 840P

– OS; Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

2. Which are the top wholesale computer sellers in America?

These guys are the best if you want to get great customer service and fast delivery of quality wholesale computers at an affordable price, and you live in the US.


b. Arrowdirect

c. Sumadistributors.

3. How can I open my own laptop and computer store?

If you are serious about buying wholesale computers to make profits, you may want to partner with a wholesaler who offers a great mix of low prices and quick delivery. We will use Chinabrands to illustrate this.

* How to open your computer store.

a. Get financing for your computer company. You can either borrow your own money, or you can tap into a retirement or investment account.

b. Register your business with your local government office. Get a vendor’s permit. You can also search business.gov for other required license documents in your state.

Next, locate a manufacturer or wholesaler for your computers. Choose a manufacturer supplier or wholesaler that has low unit costs for laptops and computers. Since we’ve already suggested you Chinabrands . Register on their website and create an account. Then contact their friendly customer service. They’ll help you rightfully.

d. Open a merchant account for your business to accept credit cards. Locate your business in high-traffic areas such as a business district or busy intersection.

e. Place your order for computers and setup your office once they arrive. If you require assistance, hire computer experts. This can be done by running Ads. To market your store, you can also run Ads.

* What are the benefits of this business?

Partnering with a wholesaler who offers low unit costs for computers and laptops. Chinabrands is an excellent example.


As the world becomes more dependent on electronics, the demand for computers will continue to rise. Electronics have already successfully impacted the banking sector, civil service, the private sector, and private business sectors. Its use will only increase with technological advancements. There are plenty of wholesale computer distributors so it’s not a bad idea to get into this business.

You can start your own business by purchasing computer hardware wholesale from these suppliers. You’re welcome.