15 Best Wholesale Supplier Websites in the UK

This article will provide a list of the best UK wholesale websites. You can also find some reviews and details about wholesale in the UK.

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Best Wholesale Websites in the UK

Are you a retailer? Are you looking to buy stock? Wholesaler UK is the online destination for stock to sell. You will find hundreds supplies from UK wholesale suppliers. They can supply large quantities suitable for independent retailers, and they can also provide variable contact details.

Gem Imports UK

Gem Imports was established in 2017 and Supplies a large range of wholesale products to a diverse customer base including National retailers, Online retailers :including eBay and Amazon sellers across a wide range of commercial sectors.

They are one of the UK’s premier online importer and wholesale supplier of discount product ranges and pound lines. These are just a few of the types of businesses that they supply: pound shops and pound stores as well as businesses in the Education, Hospitality, and Leisure sectors.

They aim to offer the very best prices from a trusted network of reliable and ethical suppliers which gives a high profit margin for their customers.


The company was established in 2001 as an online wholesaler and supplier of pound. The company has been a household name in the UK wholesale market. They offer discounted products that have made them a top wholesaler and the best online discount shop.

The online store offers a wide range of wholesale products including seasonal goods, tobacco papers, toys and garden products as well as wholesale tools. There is also a large selection of clearance household goods, clothing, stationery, and other items.

DK Wholesale

The company was founded in Manchester over 35 years ago. They have been the top distributors and exporters since then of brand-named Electrical Domestic Appliances, Personal Care, Fashion Design Watches, Clocks, and Watch Repair Accessories.

Clearance Footwear

It is a Cambridgeshire-based footware company that sells wholesale footwear for children and elders. They also sell Ex-catalogue and overstocks footwear.

The lowest price means you’ll still be able to find the best selection, and there is no minimum order limit. They not only sell wholesale footwear, but also purchase surplus footwear.

Clearance Sale UK

Karl Baxter founded this company in Pool, Dorset in 2005. It is a British wholesaler of footwear, boots, clothing, jewelry, pallets and trainers for the public and trade.

You can be sure of high-quality quality because they only buy from well-respected shops on the high street. Each pair is checked before being shipped to ensure that the customer receives high-quality trainers and shoes.


Parisian is a well-known brand that is growing its market share through the wholesale of beautiful and elegant dresses, tops and t-shirts. This is a fashion brand that has been inspired by celebrities and is dominating the UK wholesale clothing market.

J 5Fashion

The company website is your best choice for fashion. You will find the highest quality products at affordable prices. Therefore, J 5 fashion is easier to wholesale and cheaper than retail.

Babez London

This website has the best selection of maxi dresses, tops and skirts. You will be delighted by their best deals. They only source the best manufacturers and suppliers in the UK, which ensures that the quality of the products are of the highest standard.


This is where you’ll find an enormous range of new products at wholesale prices. There are more than 10,000 products in over 30 categories. His site is more fun and recommendable because customers can negotiate the prices.

They will process your order within 24 hours.

Wholesale Deals

They have collected the best wholesale and dropship deals on this website. This website has a list of products that you can successfully sell online and can be purchased from wholesalers or drop shippers at as low as 95% off current Amazon and eBay prices.

Before products are allowed to be sold, they go through a rigorous quality control. All sources are also monitored on a regular basis.

Wholesale deals offer new deals every day to ensure customers receive low-priced goods that they can sell at a profit.

Eapollo Wholesale

It is the largest online wholesaler in the UK, offering more than 20,000 products. Eapollo wholesale.co.uk launched in 1989 under the name Apollo. It has since grown to become a trusted UK supplier, distributor and online wholesaler.

Sparks Gift Wholesalers

Sparks Gift Wholesale is the UK’s leading wholesaler of gifts. They have the most current themes and designs, and they keep up to date with all the latest trends. You will find a wide range of Christmas decorations, ornaments, and traditional advent calendars.


Cut-price, a London-based import-export business that specialized in bathwares and homeware, was founded in London. As the market demanded more products, Cut-price expanded its product portfolio to include products from other market leaders.

The company selects only the best products to distribute to all market segments and ensure that all clients have access to high-quality products.

Kidderminsetr Footwear

In 1865, a Northampton shoemaker started the wholesale business. The wholesale business is the largest supplier of high-quality footwear in both the UK and around the world.

They provide footwear for both multinational and local stores. The latest color trends are regularly added to the footwear.

Euro Lots

Euro Lots stocks a variety of products that are fully licensed for reselling and selling. You will find brand new merchandise in a minimum 90% giftable condition.

There is no additional charge for Euro Lots and there are no processing fees. There is room for price negotiation and a range of payment options, including bank wire and PayPal.

Armstrong Richardson wholesale

These wholesalers are the largest UK suppliers of fertilizers, feeds for horses, and pet food. They deliver pets and equestrian feed regularly; they also sell accessories and supplements to independent retailers across the country. Their dedicated team aims to provide customers with a first-class experience and a wide variety of products at affordable prices.


Bidfood offers a wide range of food products and ingredients to suit your tastes and needs. Their team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and is ready to listen to customers. Through sustainable and commercial partnerships, the company creates real value for its customers.

Thumbs Up

Thumbs UP adds fun, quality and value to technology, home and the marketplace. It quickly brought products to retailers small and large. To bring you 100% satisfaction, they aim to create high-quality household technology, lifestyle and home products.

Once you know where to find wholesale websites, the next step is to learn about some of the challenges that wholesale direct from UK can present and some common questions that may arise when starting a wholesale business.

The Challenges of Wholesaling Direct from the UK

Every industry has its challenges, including wholesale from UK. These are some of the challenges that you might face when wholesale direct from UK.

  • Disintermediation

Wholesale distributors are the link between the manufacturer and the retailer. Wholesale distributors must make profit by selling your product at a markup to make money. If you are in the middle, then you could be at disadvantage.

You must offer value-added services to your wholesale customers in order to remain competitive and relevant during disintermediation.

  • Tight Margin

Distributors must keep prices competitive when retailers buy direct from manufacturers. They also need to offer value-added services to retain customers.

You will need to keep your wholesale business as small as possible to be able to make a profit and still have a profitable business. How can you do this? You might first try to manage your inventory so you don’t have too much stock. It is not a good idea to have dead stock.

  • New Technology

Wholesale business must be agile enough to keep up with new trends. This means that you need to be able to adapt new technology quickly. Technology doesn’t have to be expensive.

Technology can be used for inventory management as well as to create B2B commerce portals. You won’t be able compete with your competitors if you don’t adapt and evolve the technology.

  • Inventory Issues

A good inventory management system will allow you to sell many products. Your inventory should include a wide range of products that are easily accessible to customers whenever they need them. You must have an inventory system that generates profits, not losses.

  • Keeping up to growth

It is not a good idea to start a business and then fall behind in customers. Customers are more flexible to adapt to changing trends quicker. Wholesale businesses must be able to adapt quickly to the demands of growing and reaping profits. You should also be patient and not rush to grow your wholesale business.


The seller must conduct a thorough survey of all available websites and compare their goals to find the best one. Online marketing is the best way to market this year, and in the future, as it offers endless opportunities for manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers to wholesale. Online marketing platforms are superior to other ones. It’s like comparing apples.