15 Top Branded Bags Wholesale Suppliers Worldwide

This article will help you to identify authentic suppliers of wholesale bags from China, Europe, the UK, and the Philippines.

You can also find FAQs that may be helpful when you start your wholesale brand bag business.

There are new online markets for wholesale bags that have emerged. Not only is it no longer necessary to visit many websites, but it is crucial to know which new markets are strategic for profit generation and cost reduction.

I will share with you some of the best wholesale bag suppliers in different countries.

China Wholesale Bags Suppliers

2. AliExpress.com

Aliexpress.com, also known as Alibaba.com, is a leading brand website based in China. It has many branches around the globe. This online shopping site offers a unique experience in China in terms of wholesale bags. They sell millions of authentic designer handbags at a fraction of the cost. They offer top-quality wholesale designer bags at affordable prices. AliExpress offers a wide range of brands bags. There are many payment options available, including bank transfer, Visa card, MasterCard and Western Union.

3. Made-in-china.com

Made-in China is a top supplier of wholesale bags from China. Their clients have shared their wealth of experience to ensure that good products arrive at your doorsteps. Made-inchina.com offers high quality handbags and duffel bags as well as back bags. Made-in-china Company is located in the heart China. It guarantees high quality internal control. You can also buy wholesale designer bags at very low prices. They deliver wholesale bags professionally to their customers. They are able to supply wholesale prices, which allows resellers to make a profit.

4. En.china.cn

Although En.china.cn’s interface is somewhat cumbersome, it offers many useful features and can be used to find Chinese suppliers. As a supplier of wholesale brand bags in China, they have a very-easy-to-remember URL. China Suppliers provides their customers an incredible buying experience. Their brand bags are of the highest quality. You can purchase products from En.china.cn by following four easy steps: register on the China Suppliers members list, search products, contact sellers and then post your order to receive a quote.

5. Dhgate.com

Dhgate.com is a trusted Chinese supplier that makes it easy to find authentic designer handbags wholesale. They provide high quality products at wholesale prices. They offer a wide range of products.
Wholesale brand bags They are able to source reliable sellers from all over the world, making them a trusted brand for quality control and trust. All products shipped to China by Dhgate.com are free of charge.

Europe’s Wholesale Bags Suppliers

1. Bagista.co.uk

Bagista is the online destination to shop for luxury handbags, and accessories. It is one the largest suppliers of wholesale brand bags throughout Europe. This platform allows fashion-conscious individuals to create a community and trust a marketplace to re-cycle luxury accessories. You will find a wide range of designers and brands, from Gucci to Prada and Chanel.

Bagista is known for their exceptional customer service and seamless online service that allows clients to sell, trade or swap unwanted designers. Bagista’s unique quality control measures ensure that each item displayed in-store is authentic.

2. Bleu-de-chauffe.com

Bleu de Chauffe bags are based in France. Each bag is made from the highest quality vegetable tanned leathers. They specialize in handmade manufacturing and workwear spirit. Their products are signed and dated by their artisans. All prices include VAT (20%), but do not include delivery costs. Customers outside Europe can shop tax-free. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and other payment methods.

3. Degrimm.fr

Degrimm, a Bordeaux-based wholesale brand bag supplier in Europe, offers a wide range of high quality leather bags. They are proud of the quality and design of their tanned hides. They accept Mastercard, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Visa payments. For prompt delivery, they work with highly-respected logistics companies such as Colissimo International, Rapid SSL, and DHL.

4. Eshermosa.com

Eshermosa Fashion & Shoes SL specializes in wholesale brand bags and fashion shoes. They provide services to many customers, shops, small and large enterprises, and offer the highest quality products, both in design and price. They are experts in the hottest brands and adapt them to your lifestyle. We have a large selection of high-quality products that are both stylish and durable. They do not offer wholesale prices, and they keep a daily check of their prices.

5. Zazzle.com

Zazzle is a leading supplier of wholesale brand bags in Europe. Zazzle, based in Croatia, offers a wide range of quality products, including shopping bags, back bags and wallets. They also offer duffel and gym bags. They are licensed wholesalers with products that have been subject to quality control. They offer wholesale prices at competitive rates that are favorable to buyers. Customers can personalize their products and track their orders.

Wholesale Brand Bags Suppliers in the UK

1. Pavers.co.uk

Pavers offers one of the most reliable services for wholesale bags in the UK. Pavers offer a large selection of bags. They offer a guarantee of quality products, which has attracted many customers. You get free delivery to your local store; express delivery is available at half the price for orders above PS60; and free returns to your local stores for any damaged, defective or incomplete orders.

2. Jcwholesale.co.uk

JC Unique, a wholesaler of fashion accessories and handbags, is based in Manchester United. JCUnique is a high-quality wholesale outlet for handbags and accessories, including evening bags and clutches. You can buy fashionable, high-quality handbags, purses and children’s shoes at wholesale prices. They offer discounts and specials for large orders and sell at the lowest price possible.

3. Bagzone.co.uk

Bagzone.co.uk is the place to go for wholesale bags from UK. These bags are high-street fashion, fashionable, high quality, and affordable for women. Bagzone Fashion Handbags has a wide selection of fashionable, high-quality handbags for ladies, including evening bags and purses. They are available to purchase from over 500 retailers, department stores, and boutiques in the UK and Europe. Bagzone is a wholesale supplier of fashion handbags at wholesale prices.

4. Wholesalebagsonline.co.uk

Wholesalebagsonline.co.uk is a leading one-stop wholesaler in the UK. You will find a wide range of high-quality luggage, stylish ladies handbags and evening bags, as well as wallets, purses, purses and accessories. They offer competitive prices, high quality bags, excellent shipping, and a great delivery experience. They supply more than 700 shops, department stores, retail shops and retailers across the UK and Europe.

5. Lsbags.co.uk

LS Wholesale Bags offer a variety of designs, simplicity in purchasing, a wide range of colours and high quality manufacturing. You can find wholesale designer bags at wholesale prices online. They are a popular choice for wholesale designer handbags in the UK. They offer the best deals and high quality handbags at a very low price. You will find designer handbags and purses, wallets, purses or clutch bags, wallets tote bags, shoulder bags and jewellery on their e-shelves.

Suppliers of Brand Bags in the Philippines

1. Zalora.com.ph

Zalora is a market leader in wholesale bags supply in the Philippines. They have one of the most efficient and fastest operations. They can deliver goods to remote areas of the country through a network of shipping partners. They only sell wholesale and offer unlimited selling opportunities and profitable selling. You can also get free shipping services if you purchase a certain quantity.

2. bowandwow.com.ph

This is a store selling brand bags and accessories. It offers great opportunities for sellers. They have a solid reputation that has been trusted by millions. Because of their low labor costs and low manufacturing costs, as well as high discounts and free shipping, they are still one of the most trusted wholesale bag suppliers in the Philippines.

3. Lazada.com.ph

Lazada was fully operationalized in 2012 and has since moved up to the top in quality supply and wholesale brands in online shopping. They are home to over 155,000 sellers, 3,000 brands and 560 million customers in Southeast Asia. They offer a variety of customized marketing, data and services solutions. Lazada has the largest selection of wholesale brand bags in all categories, with 300 million SKUs. You can choose from a variety of payment options, including cash-on delivery, customer service and hassle-free returns. They also have approximately 100 logistics partners.

4. Iprice.ph

iPrice gives wholesale customers the largest selection of brand bags and products, all in one place. iPrice understands the importance saving time and money, so it offers shoppers the opportunity to compare prices from its partners.

You can also find all the information you need to market safe and effectively, such as delivery times and costs, payment options, and great coupon deals.
iPrice has a strict selection process for acquiring partners to ensure that shoppers receive reliable and high-quality partners. The avid shopper will be able to search for products with just a click.

5. Olx.ph

OLX is a well-known brand for quality wholesale bags in the Philippines. Because of its high quality standards, it is popular with both local and foreign sellers. The OLX platform can handle large numbers of customers simultaneously, with a client base that exceeds a million in over 20 countries. OLX has everything you need, whether it is brand bag accessories or wholesale brand bags.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Brand Bags

Q. Where can I buy wholesale designer handbags at a cheap price?

A You can find authentic wholesale handbags at the following locations.

1) UK (Bagzone.co.uk).

2) China (Chinabrands.com

3) Philippines (Zalora.com)

Q: Are wholesale fake designer bags legal and profitable?

A.Wholesalers selling fake designer bags don’t get a license and their business is illegal. They could face sanctions if they are discovered. Because of the high demand for authentic brands, wholesalers of fake designer bags cannot attract customers or generate profit.

Q. Which brand of leather handbags for women is best?

A:Hidesign is ranked the number one brand for ladies’ leather handbags in India due to its quality materials, beautiful designs, strong zippers, and fasteners


This article has provided information about the top wholesale bag suppliers as well as answers to some of the most common questions. Visit these websites to take full advantage of the high-quality services they offer. Invest wisely.