20 Top Private label Clothing Manufacturers Worldwide

This article will give you a complete list of private label clothing manufacturers for small orders in different areas. I also compare domestic and overseas manufacturers. You will also find useful tips and FAQ here. This will help you select the right manufacturer to manufacture your private label clothing line.

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Private label clothing is a profitable venture that has seen widespread adoption in recent years. Private labeling allows you to create clothes that are tailored to your designs. The final decision on the design used in the clothing production is yours.

Private labeling eliminates the need for wholesalers. You can directly contact the manufacturers to have your product manufactured by them. This will allow you to create unique products that are not available on Amazon.

I’ll share first some top private label clothing wholesalers.

Manufacturers of Private Label Clothing in The UK

Here’s a list UK private label clothing producers

DSA Manufacturing

This clothing manufacturer is located in the UK. This company collaborates closely with Chinese companies to create high-quality garments at an affordable price. Each company they work with has a different specialty.

This clothing company is the UK’s leading manufacturer of small orders. They know that not all brands are interested in large orders so they only work with small orders.

Our company was founded with the goal of helping you overcome any hurdles that may arise when trying to find the right manufacturer for your clothing designs.

Plus Samples Ltd

Plus Sample Ltd specializes in high-end clothing production in small orders of 1 to 200 pieces. Established in London 10 years ago, the company has a great reputation for its high-quality garments and excellent customer service.

With a passion for their work and a dedication to excellence, the company employs a team of skilled experts. The company offers clothing for all ages, including children’s and women’s clothing. They are also happy to tackle the most difficult tasks.

Design Create

The company was created with the goal of making it easy and affordable to create your designs and have them made available on the market. The company specializes in swimwear and fashion apparel.

Design Make Produce will ensure that you get the best quality and all the design elements you need for your garment construction. Your samples will be made by the company at no minimum order.

Canadian Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

Here’s a list Canadian private label clothing companies.

Dutch label

Dutch Shop label produces high-quality, custom-made woven labels in small quantities. This is a cost-effective alternative for mid-sized and emerging brands. For a professional and complete product, the company offers four types label: brand, size and care.

They take great pride in the quality and customer service of their clothing. Therefore, they will create a label that matches your brand’s integrity.

Red Wood Classics

The company is located in Toronto, Canada. The company offers a range of in-stock apparel, including classic and timeless pieces that can be customized to your specifications. You can choose from a range of styles for children, men and women.

The private label solution offers a great solution for customers who are looking for garments that can be personalized, embroidered and embellished. Simply select the style you prefer and add the desired color.

Manufacturers of Private Label Clothing in the USA

Below is a listing of American private label clothing companies.

Moy Fashions

This is the leading wholesaler of women’s label clothing in the USA. You can get white label clothing from them. After you purchase their private kit, you’ll be able receive fabric samples to you feel, make, and process the information. Finally, you can fill out a simple application.

They determine the amount of ink required to create the colors in your logo. Your logo should only contain one color.

Their minimum order quantity for private label is 500 pieces. However, this does not mean that all 500 pieces will be the same style. You can have different shopping kits.

Vapor Apparel

This company manufactures black apparel for digital sublimation printing. The Sublimation Certificate Line, which is black apparel, has helped to expand the market for digital shops in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Australia.

What makes apparel-vapor so special? The latest manufacturing technologies are used in the creation of their fabrics. M-Shield keeps the fabric looking fresh, and then there is Pure-tech wicking technology. This prevents fabric from fading during washing.

Alanic International

Alanic is a top-rated manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of high quality apparel and accessories for children and adults in the USA. This wholesale company offers a wide range of apparel and custom needs at wholesale prices for bulk purchasing.

Alanic International uses art, design, and technology to produce high-quality clothing products. It also advances the business process and continues to lead industry standards in social and environmental responsibility.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in Australia

Here’s a list with Australian private label clothing producers.

CB Clothing

This privately owned business has over 15 years of experience in the clothing design and manufacturing industry. They use 100% Australian cotton as their primary manufacturing raw material. They aim to produce the finest cotton garments for both digital and traditional printing.

CB Clothing offers services such as wholesale printing and private label markets. CB Clothing has the highest quality products, and a dedicated team that sells and distributes the product at the highest quality.

Hot Springs

Hot springs designs, manufactures and sources apparel clothing for top Australian retailers and brands. Because they are able to develop core competencies in design, manufacturing, delivery and design, they have been awarded “preferred supplier” status with major clothing retailer brands.

They are a leading private label clothing producer in Australia. They produce clothing for women, menswear, and sportswear. Hot springs possess the ability to innovate, have the business acumen and produce high quality clothing at a competitive price.


It was founded in 2013 as a clothing production company. Its primary goal was to assist large fashion brands and independent fashion labels with their sourcing and production needs.

They manage the supply chain, including designing, sourcing fabrics, creating samples, bulk apparel production and packaging, as well as quality control assessments of the products.

Bryden sees each project as a partnership in which quality and the enjoyment of creating products are paramount.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in the Philippines

Here’s a list with private label clothing producers in the Philippines.

Apparel Win

Apparel Win is the top clothing manufacturer for small orders in the Philippines. Apparel win takes care of all the details, including sourcing the fabric, sample production and delivery.

They will use the most up-to-date analytical tools and models, based on years of experience, to design the best solutions for you. Apparel Win is responsible for every stage of production to ensure small orders.

Apparel Empire

Apparel Empire is an apparel manufacturer that specializes in customizing apparel for all brands. They use fabrics with water-, fireproof, moisture, and heat-wicking properties, as well as cutting-edge printing without any hand fill.

The company specializes in the creation of high-quality private labels and custom-made fashion brands for companies and organizations in a quick turn around time.

Customers can get a wide range of designs, logos, imprints, and fabric technologies.


Are you looking for a particular clothing design? Belford can help you create a custom-made clothing design that stands out and is both functional. Belford is a cutting and sewing company that creates fashion apparel with the help of professional staff and a variety of machines.

They specialize in uniform manufacturing. They can help you maintain uniforms by providing repair services or small minimum order qualities for reorders. They ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining high quality standards.

What are the pros and cons of domestic vs. overseas manufacturing?

1. Manufactures domestic

1) The pros and cons of domestic manufacturing

*Easy Communications

Poor communication with your manufacturer can make it difficult for you to have a smooth production. Language barriers can be a problem when doing trades, and can have a negative impact on the market. Domestic manufacturing has made it easy to communicate with each other.

* It’s easy to find reputable manufacturers

It is easier to check the productivity and quality of domestic manufacturers when sourcing. How do you achieve these? It’s actually quite simple. The best manufacturing companies receive many positive reviews from customers.

*Intellectual property Security

Domestic manufacturing is 100% secure and there are no worries about the product being stolen or altered.

2) The Cons of Domestic Manufactures

* High manufacturing costs

High manufacturing costs have been caused by the high cost of labor and currency. The equivalent of 6.66 Chinese Yuan to an American dollar is 6.66 Chinese Yuan. The average Chinese worker earns $2, whereas $ 23 is the American equivalent.

*Less Product Choice

Products made in America are less expensive than those made overseas. When a product is in high demand, imports from overseas are the only way to get it.

*Rarely is cost-competitive

Except for a few exceptions the cost of manufacturing in the United States is much higher than that of overseas. The American laws that require minimum wage for workers, and cleaner, safer facilities are the main reasons.

2. Overseas Sourcing

1) The pros and cons of overseas sourcing

*Low manufacturing costs

Most countries in the world have a lower standard of living than America. The main cost other than the raw material is labor. Because of the high availability of labor in Asian countries, production costs are significantly lower than domestic manufacturing.

* A wide range of manufacturers are available.

There are many overseas manufacturers that can produce your products on a cost-effective and convenient basis. You can choose the manufacturer that you feel will produce the best product from your product.

* One-stop shopping

One-stop shopping services like AliExpress and Amazon have revolutionized the manufacturing industry. You can now access a complete list of manufacturers from one website. You can now choose the verified manufacturer that will be able produce your products from the site.

2) Cons of Overseas Sourcing

*Little intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property security is a critical issue when it comes to your product. Some offshore companies are known to reverse engineer and alter products they make for other companies.

The ill-gotten designs are then reworked into their own products. No one wants to be able to compete with cheaper versions of their products.

*Costly for verification of manufacturer on-site

We most often search online for manufacturers from overseas. The transactions and agreements can be done online or over the phone.

Due to the high cost of travel and verification, it can be difficult to travel to these countries to verify that the manufacturer of your product is authentic.

*Product importation and custom clearance

To allow the products to clear customs, they must have a certificate. This process can be costly and time-consuming. Sometimes, products are not allowed to enter the country due to certain standards or regulations.

FAQs about Wholesale Private Label Clothing

Q1 – How much do clothing samples cost from a manufacturer?

A:Rear to see a manufacturer selling samples. These samples are usually shown to you at a wholesale show, or by a road representative. There are exceptions, however:

* Sample Prototype – These are samples that have been customized.

* Pre-production sample- shows the production pattern, cost, consistency, and quality.

*Production Sample – This is the final version that has been approved before it goes into mass production.

Q2 – What is the average profit margin for apparel retailers?

A In 2013, the average gross margins of apparel clothing retailers was 47.02%, while net margins ranged between 5% and 7.6%. According to market analysts, retail clothing profit margins are typically between 4% and 13%.

Q3 – Does China have a reliable private label clothing wholesaler?

A.Chinese suppliers can generally be flexible and make products to customer specifications, but they do not have private label clothing wholesalers. They still operate according to OEM (make-to-order) processes

Steps to Starting Your Private Label Clothing Business

Choose your niche

* Create your business plan

* Organize your business

Agree on design

*Create your brand

*Start Manufacturing

*Test you product

* Take it to market


Last Word

A reliable clothing manufacturer is behind every brand that succeeds. Find manufacturers that will help you achieve your commercial goals and provide high-quality products. You can be sure of a great experience and all the support you need if you have forged a strong relationship.