SOL vs DOGE — Common Features

Reading Time: 3 minutes Solana is a blockchain network that supports smart contracts and offers a scalable solution for decentralized apps in an effort to become a more viable alternative to Ethereum. Dogecoin is an altcoin, and it started as a meme on social media. Today, it’s a crypto payment option and a token used by millions worldwide. At […]

Tips for Making Slideshow Smaller in Squarespace

Reading Time: 4 minutes How to Make Slideshow Smaller in Squarespace Squarespace provides many blocks to help you showcase images and videos, including a slideshow or carousel gallery block. Squarespace recommends creating images no wider than 1500 pixels and keeping file sizes below 500 KB to ensure sharp, crisp results when resized for different screens. Use a Spacer Content […]

Taking a Look at Proxy Servers: A Buying Guide to Assist You

Reading Time: 2 minutes Proxy servers have become tools that are useful to both individuals and businesses in the present digital age due to the significance of keeping online privacy and security while also gaining access to content that is restricted. This is because to buy proxy server allow individuals and businesses to access content that is banned while […]

Tricks to Change Color Of Titles Of Work In Squarespace

Reading Time: 2 minutes Change the font size or color of a text block within Squarespace can be complex. In this article we’ll outline how you can do so using custom CSS. Squarespace provides color themes to keep your site consistent, but sometimes more flexibility is desired. In this article we will outline two methods that can help break […]