Designing an Engaging Squarespace Website for Musicians

Squarespace provides musicians with plenty of benefits. Their template collection offers a diverse range of designs that can help connect with fans, promote music and sell merchandise. Your site features pages dedicated to CD sales and show promotion; plus it makes adding a blog easy so you can share performance recaps and other news with […]

Undoing a Squarespace Deleted Page – Recovery Options

Thankfully, Squarespace makes it possible to restore accidentally deleted pages by creating backups of your site in case this ever happens to you. To prevent such an embarrassing oversight from occurring in the future, backup copies should always be created of any new website created using Squarespace. Squarespace stores deleted pages for up to 30 […]

Pro Tips for Effortlessly Duplicating Pages in Squarespace

Duplicating pages, posts, products and events in Squarespace can save time when adding new content or renovating existing websites. This solution works for sites running 7.0 or 7.1 (excluding index pages). To duplicate pages, navigate to General Page Settings > Duplicate Page. How to duplicate a page Duplicating pages is one of the many useful […]

Sending Multiple Emails from Squarespace Forms Made Easy

Create and customize forms to collect visitor data. Form blocks can help collect simple or complex requests like inquiries, submissions, or email subscriptions. Forms can provide website visitors with a quick and effortless way to contact you directly, eliminating email overload and confusion among contacts. 1. Create a new form Squarespace Forms provide an efficient […]

Tips and Tricks for Resizing Text Blocks in Squarespace

Working with text blocks in Squarespace differs significantly from working with traditional word processing software. Utilizing CSS, you have complete control of how they appear on your website in terms of font, size and colour. To change a block ID in Squarespace, use the Squarespace ID Finder. Line Spacing Control line spacing just like font […]

Ultimate Tutorial on A/B Testing for Squarespace Websites

Squarespace is an intuitive website builder that makes creating beautiful websites simple without needing to code extensively. Utilizing A/B testing can help you compare different versions of content on your site to determine which performs better, potentially leading to increased conversion rates, leads, and business revenue. How to do A/B testing on a Squarespace site […]

Quick Steps to Add Expires Header in Squarespace

There are various extensions you can connect to Squarespace that will assist in streamlining and automating business processes like shipping, inventory management, accounting and more. Unfortunately, not all extensions offer equal solutions. Add expires headers as an effective strategy to speed up your site; but be mindful when using them and how often. Adding Expires […]

Easy Tips To Center A Form on Squarespace

Web forms can be an effective way of engaging your website visitors, but mistakes with Squarespace form blocks could quickly go amiss. Squarespace’s built-in form blocks don’t allow you to efficiently filter spam responses or integrate with services like 17hats; fortunately, you can bypass these constraints. Headings Squarespace’s form blocks provide a powerful way of […]

Common CSS Problems on Squarespace and How to Resolve Them

Have you spent hours, days, or even weeks finding fonts and colors that embody your brand perfectly? Unfortunately, when it comes time to coding your website, mistakes are bound to occur. Due to Squarespace’s limited support for code customizations, you are left to your own devices if something goes awry with your code customizations. Don’t […]