Pro Tips for Effortlessly Duplicating Pages in Squarespace

Duplicating pages, posts, products and events in Squarespace can save time when adding new content or renovating existing websites.

This solution works for sites running 7.0 or 7.1 (excluding index pages). To duplicate pages, navigate to General Page Settings > Duplicate Page.

How to duplicate a page

Duplicating pages is one of the many useful features available through Squarespace, and I’ll be showing you how it can save time by simplifying its usage in this video tutorial for both version 7.0 and 7.1 of Squarespace.

Squarespace provides an amazing duplication feature, perfect for pages, blog posts and products alike. This tool makes reusing pages for multiple uses or creating similar layouts across your site even simpler! Especially useful is Squarespace’s duplicating tool; use it on pages for opt-in forms or services pages as well.

To duplicate a page, navigate to the Pages panel and locate it. Hover over it while hovering and click on its gear icon – this will bring up a popup window allowing you to select “Duplicate Page.” Once duplicate is selected, a duplicate of this original page will be created that mirrors its predecessor.

A duplicate page will have all of the same content, blocks, images and layout as its original page; its settings allow you to easily make edits like any other page on your website; its only difference will be its unique URL which will also appear in the unlinked section of your pages panel.

There are certain page types that cannot be duplicated, including index pages and project pages. Index pages appear in your navigation of your site and serve to organize content. Collection pages can however be duplicated; duplicating one will create a similar collection page with identical settings that can then be moved around as necessary on your website.

Project pages allow you to showcase projects on your site. They’re specific to the York template family and work similarly to gallery pages in that they allow multiple copies without duplicating images used on each one. While you can copy whole project pages and duplicate their images without worry of duplication affecting their performance or functionality.

How to duplicate a blog post

Squarespace offers numerous useful capabilities that make building websites simple and enjoyable, such as its ability to duplicate pages and blog posts – one such feature being duplication. Duplicating pages or blog posts is a time and energy saver when creating fresh content for your website; simply click the three dot next to any post you wish to duplicate and select “Duplicate”, creating an exact copy that you can then edit before publishing to your website.

Keep a few key things in mind when using the duplicate page feature. First and foremost is that duplicating a page won’t automatically copy over any images or other content from its predecessor, so any specific items must be manually transferred over. This can be especially helpful if using templates that include image galleries or other types of media that don’t transfer automatically over.

Be mindful when using the duplicate page feature that there are certain pages you cannot duplicate, such as cover pages and custom page types that require access via the page editor and cannot be duplicated from general settings page.

Duplicating a cover page is straightforward: head to your pages panel, hover your cursor over the desired page and click on its gear icon; scroll down until you reach “Duplicate Page”, click that option and confirm; your duplicated cover page will then appear in your not linked section of pages panel.

For more information on duplicating other types of content in Squarespace, be sure to read through our guide on Duplicating Pages and Other Content in Squarespace. This will give a detailed breakdown on what can and cannot be duplicated as well as strategies on how to take full advantage of this feature.

How to duplicate a product

As any e-commerce store owner can attest, adding products can be an arduous task. When selling various items it can be even harder to keep track of everything and ensure all pages contain your latest product info. To help make the task more manageable Squarespace offers a feature which allows users to duplicate products – this saves both time and energy when creating product pages!

To duplicate a product, navigate to your Site dashboard and choose Pages Create New Folder, before visiting Product Page and selecting Duplicate. This will create an exact replica of the original product with all its settings and information intact allowing you to make edits as necessary before updating and altering its information later on.

This method also works well for other collection pages such as events, portfolios, and videos – simply follow this guide for duplicating content in Squarespace.

When duplicating products, remember to change their names in order to prevent confusion with customers. Also go into product settings and make any necessary modifications regarding image, description, pricing etc. It would also be prudent to delete existing reviews for duplicated items.

If you are using forms on your website, be sure to duplicate them regularly in order to save yourself time when creating new forms and to more efficiently maintain navigation on your site. Simply click the three dot menu and choose Duplicate Form – duplication should happen automatically!

Although Squarespace allows for the duplication of most types of pages, including index pages, there are certain page types which cannot be duplicated – which can be frustrating, yet there may be ways around these restrictions.

If you’re developing a site for a client, it’s smart to utilize the duplication feature as much as possible. Doing so will speed up construction time while guaranteeing an attractive final product – plus help organize things and prevent any errors that might otherwise arise if copy-pasting content from page to page.

How to duplicate an event

Duplicating pages in Squarespace is an incredible time and energy saver, helping to streamline the design process while saving both time and mental energy in creating content from scratch. I will show how this feature works in both versions (7.0 and 7.1) so you can take full advantage of this capability no matter which version of Squarespace you are using.

Squarespace makes it easy to duplicate an event you create by providing the option to duplicate it with all of the same settings and information. To do this, navigate to your Events section of your site and hover over an event you wish to duplicate; when a cog icon appears click it then Duplicate Event; once duplicated it will be listed under Not Linked section in Pages panel.

Duplicating an event on Squarespace can be done for various reasons. Perhaps you need a similar event at different dates/times; perhaps your content needs moving across; or simply wanting a quicker solution. Whatever it may be, duplicating events on Squarespace is an easy and fast process that only takes 30 seconds or less to do!

Certain pages cannot be duplicated, like cover and index pages that help organize content by category or tag. If there’s content type you simply can’t replicate on another page, a custom template might be needed in order to recreate it on another.

Be mindful that when duplicating a page, images do not copy over. If your original page used Unsplash or Getty images, those will need to be uploaded again onto the duplicate. Furthermore, any custom CSS created for it won’t transfer.