How to Add a Cart to Squarespace Custom Template?

Squarespace provides user-friendly customization tools to create a shopping cart experience tailored to your needs, connecting Stripe or PayPal as payment sources while managing inventory.

Crosby is an eCommerce template perfect for promoting a band or side hustle, featuring an efficient checkout process to reduce cart abandonment.


Selecting an effective template for your Squarespace website is critical in achieving success. A custom template should be responsive across devices and screen sizes, with a consistent look and feel across pages; also featuring clean modern designs to reflect your brand’s intended atmosphere or tone.

An outstanding Squarespace template provides users with seamless e-commerce features, enabling them to purchase items directly from your website. This feature makes managing inventory, processing payments and providing an enjoyable shopping experience all easier – not forgetting Squarespace offers various payment options including credit card processing and AfterPay!

Add a “Continue Shopping” button to your cart page to make it easier for customers to return. This snippet works on Squarespace 7.1 and later and will display a button next to the Checkout button in your sidebar of your cart page – using visibility: hidden to mask its presence without changing its appearance on other header elements on the page.

Snipcart makes adding a cart to a Squarespace custom template easy; just enter a code snippet into the Header section of your Settings panel, save, and navigate directly to the page where you wish to add your cart before clicking on its snippet – it’s that simple!


Your custom Squarespace template must be responsive in order to offer customers an optimal customer experience across devices and screen sizes, increasing brand reach and credibility while reaching new audiences. Furthermore, the template should represent your visual identity while creating the right atmosphere and tone.

Squarespace goes beyond standard templates in its offer of premium features for commerce websites, including product catalog builders, automatic payment methods and detailed sales reports. These features can make your website more engaging while increasing conversion rates; however, some extensions may not work on older versions of Internet Explorer.

If you want a website with an eye-catching, unique aesthetic, consider selecting a template with custom fonts. Squarespace makes this possible if you subscribe to either their Business or Commerce plans; using custom CSS will allow you to do this; alternatively some competing builders provide code-free solutions (as an option).


Bloggers understand the significance of having an attractive blog design, which is why there are many Squarespace templates to meet any particular need. When selecting one for yourself it is vital to carefully consider its layout in order to provide visitors with a positive experience when visiting your website.

Apart from design, you should also take into account how the layout of your custom template will mesh with your content. Ideally, its layout should match that of your brand while looking professional; to do this accurately and quickly use fonts and colors within your custom template to find its best match.

If one post in particular draws many email opt-in leads, consider creating a separate section on your page dedicated to it so readers can read it without having to scroll through all the other blog content; this will also increase subscriber numbers.


Add a cart to your Squarespace custom template to make checkout from your site simpler for visitors. Do this by logging into your account and navigating to the “Commerce” section. Here, you can create a cart page that meets all of your needs professionally – add cart icons, set shipping and tax options and much more.

As a beginner to Squarespace, if you want a unique online experience you may wish to select a semi-custom template designed specifically for your industry and conversion. Such templates contain all of the design elements needed to build an appealing website while converting readers to clients – saving both time and money while providing a tailored user experience.

Beginners looking for their first website could benefit from purchasing a Squarespace template from a designer who will customize it specifically to their needs. They can help make changes without breaking the theme’s aesthetic and can add custom elements, such as sidebars on blog pages and multi-column navigation layouts in footers.

The GoLive Crew are experts when it comes to Squarespace templates and design kits, offering an amazing collection of styles suitable for creatives, photographers, bloggers and all. Additionally, they’ve provided workshops and freebies to support you as you create a winning website.