How To Enable Checkout Page On Squarespace? Maximizing Sales

Squarespace provides an exceptional platform for creating websites that sell products or services online. Their builder consists of sections and blocks which can be moved around freely to customize exactly the look and functionality you want for your site.

Your customers can opt into your EZ Texting list during checkout with either the Checkout Button Block or individual product checkout pages, enabling a customized checkout form on your website.


Your Squarespace website allows for complete customization, including its checkout page. By personalizing it to suit the purchase process and make customers more relaxed while shopping from your online store, the checkout page can streamline and make customers feel at ease when making their purchases. To personalize it even further, add text, images, logos or custom fields that collect customer data – helping create an enjoyable shopping experience and increase sales!

Once you are ready to enable Checkout pages on your Squarespace website, the first step should be connecting a payment provider – this can be accomplished within the Commerce section of your Squarespace dashboard. After doing this, a new page for checkout experiences can be created and edited accordingly.

Squarespace allows you to modify most visible aspects of your site, but there are certain restrictions. For instance, Squarespace has locked down the code for checkout pages so as to ensure PCI-DSS compliance and ensure the logo of either PayPal or Stripe cannot be removed from display.

Squarespace does not allow merchants to accept currencies like Japanese yen as its payment processing relies on Stripe or PayPal which only support certain currencies. A custom form may allow customers to select their payment method directly, although it will not appear on either your cart page or checkout page.

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to customize your Squarespace checkout experience is by changing background color and button color. Making these adjustments can transform your site, giving it more personalized feel while also matching with brand’s aesthetic.

Additionally, in addition to changing the background color and button colors on the checkout page, you can set it so it displays a specific font style. This ensures your checkout pages match up with other parts of your website – especially useful if your multilingual site.

Payment Processors

Squarespace provides several payment solutions to help you receive payments, including Stripe, PayPal and Apple Pay. You can enable these in the “Payments” section of your dashboard – simply select your payment processor of choice and follow their instructions to connect it to your Squarespace account before setting up a checkout page and selling your products or services!

Your checkout page allows you to collect information from customers through custom forms. These forms can be useful for gathering email addresses or phone numbers, among other uses. To create one, click “Edit Page” and add the Checkout Button Block; once it is in place you can edit its name and URL; additionally you can set a default redirect URL after purchasing is complete.

A checkout page is an essential element of any online store. It enables customers to review order details easily, making purchasing easier for customers while simultaneously tracking sales and customer data for you and increasing profits for your business.

No matter if you sell physical or digital products, Squarespace provides a secure and professional shopping cart solution that can be easily customized with images to make the checkout page stand out from the crowd. Plus, adding custom forms allows you to collect customer data while offering them discounts or free shipping!

Use the Express Checkout feature of your Squarespace website to effortlessly direct customers directly to the checkout page, saving them both time and reducing cart abandonment rates. In order to use this feature, a plan that supports Express Checkout as well as a Stripe account are both required.

Sometimes it may be necessary to modify the font used on your checkout page. While this isn’t an option with every Squarespace site, changing this default font is still worthwhile in terms of making sure that your site is both visually appealing and functional.

Express Checkout

Squarespace provides businesses looking to open an online store a robust suite of tools and features, including an easy checkout page where customers can pay for products and services. To enable this feature, first connect a payment processor. Afterward, select Express Checkout in your Settings panel – this allows visitors to bypass traditional shopping cart experiences directly to checkout page.

When creating an Express Checkout page, there are a few things to remember when setting it up. For example, the address field cannot be removed from the checkout form, nor can its font change; you must always use Squarespace’s own Clarkson font in size and color specified by Squarespace. Furthermore, dates written out using non-US formats cannot be submitted, while all billing addresses must always be required as billing addresses; If you would like to add any additional custom fields into the checkout process using Checkout Button Blocks or adding Custom Checkout Forms onto pages or blog posts

Sometimes Squarespace’s Order Confirmation Page simply isn’t enough and you need to redirect users elsewhere. To do this, add this code snippet in your page header’s Code Injection.

This code will change the “Add to Cart” text on product list pages to “Purchase”, impacting all products listed there; however, more advanced JavaScript could allow for greater customization per product.

Squarespace makes it simple and effortless for you to create a flawless checkout experience for your customers, offering multiple checkout options and collecting minimal information and steps from them during their journey to purchase. By doing this, you can ensure their experience remains engaging and satisfying with every interaction on their journey to purchase.


One of the many great benefits of Squarespace is how effortless it makes setting up recurring payments on your website. Before getting started, however, it is important to be mindful of some details before getting underway – for example connecting to payment processors and creating checkout pages as part of Squarespace’s security measure for PCI-DSS compliance.

As your first step, set up a payment processor such as Stripe or PayPal. This secure means of processing credit card data should be in place before selling products online. To do so, access the main dashboard of your Squarespace account and select “Settings” on the left panel before selecting “Paid Memberships” in the list of options.

To create a checkout page, first open up the editor of the page you intend to create it on. Next, insert the Checkout Button Block which will automatically generate a form that customers can fill out to collect payment. Alternatively, if you would rather design your own custom form using HTML elements on this page instead.

Once your checkout page is in place, the Site Styles menu allows you to personalize its look to fit your aesthetic. Here you can change layout and font choices as well as header alignment and background color; and even make buttons match brand colors!

By clicking “Edit Title,” you can change the title of the checkout page, as well as add an introduction message that will put customers at ease and encourage them to complete their purchase.

Though Squarespace allows subscription sales, doing so is not as straightforward. Since the platform initially focused on physical product sales, and is still designed that way. When adding products, for instance, Squarespace prompts you for shipping details; which can become very tedious for subscription services when customers want to change details such as their address.