11 Best Squarespace Template For Ux Portfolio Websites

Aisling is an attractive and professional template with ample negative space that allows each project to shine without distractions. Perfect for anyone who’s looking to build their portfolio online.

This 7.1 template comes equipped with all of the features you’ll need for your design portfolio website. Featuring a large image on its homepage and multiple options to showcase projects, this is sure to impress potential clients!


An UX portfolio is an effective way to demonstrate your abilities and attract prospective clients, while simultaneously showcasing creativity and your approach to problem-solving. A well-designed site should grab visitors’ attention by featuring large images, bold colors and ample room for text. Furthermore, including a blog can showcase writing skills while further cementing your reputation as UX designer.

Aurora is an elegant Squarespace template perfect for creative websites with minimal distractions, allowing your work to shine through. Featuring a striking wide image header that draws viewers’ attention and three images per row with enough room between each image to maintain individuality on project pages, its navigation bar is easily located and includes social media links for quick sharing.

This minimalist portfolio template is tailored towards photographers and graphic designers. Featuring a large visual hero image to attract visitor’s attention, and space for adding gallery of projects. Incorporating SEO best practices is key here too – plus this template comes complete with built-in blog functionality! Easy customization features makes this option accessible both 7.1 and 7.0 versions!

Dee Wolfe’s site serves as an outstanding example of Squarespace UX portfolio design. Her homepage stands out with a striking, full-width hero image accompanied by a clear call to action; furthermore, the remainder of the website is uncluttered and straightforward with clear navigation across devices – not forgetting mobile responsiveness!

For those wanting a classic portfolio experience, I recommend considering Brine or Margo templates. Both provide grid-based display of your work while being fully responsive and mobile-friendly. They both also include deep spaces for text which makes them suitable for photography businesses as well as businesses specializing in other areas like UX design. Although these may be less flexible than some other templates they may still work well if customized accordingly for UX.


Utica template is an ideal option for architects looking for an accessible website, thanks to its minimalist design that makes navigation simple, and video portfolio features that showcase work effectively. Furthermore, this mobile-friendly template will ensure maximum exposure and reach. If you require something more complex or robust consider Bleecker or Rey templates.

If you’re a graphic designer, Pazari Squarespace Template offers an ideal creative portfolio solution. Boasting large image galleries and minimal design elements that give your work an professional aesthetic, this template is ideal for painters and artists. Plus, its flexible nature means it can even work for other types of businesses! Additionally, architects may find this template suitable as it allows them to showcase images from projects in its gallery feature.

Chase Nevin is another fantastic Squarespace template designed specifically to display Ux Portfolios. Its grid-like layout creates an aesthetically pleasing environment for images to sit alongside each other – ideal for architects wanting to showcase their work elegantly and professionally. Furthermore, this template provides flexibility when displaying multiple projects simultaneously on one page.

There are various Squarespace templates designed for different industries and fields; all feature similar layouts. However, it’s essential that you find one that best meets your specific needs and aesthetic preferences – including responsive capabilities so your clients can view your site on any device they choose.

Make your Squarespace portfolio stand out by using striking visuals and vivid colors that draw visitors in with bold hues, creating a lasting impression with them and keeping them coming back for more! Be sure to include links to social media pages so visitors can stay up-to-date with news and updates from you; additionally, your portfolio should contain information on past projects worked on as well as your background and education for further understanding about what services you provide your clients.


This template is suitable for designers, photographers, illustrators, writers and anyone wanting to showcase their work. Its clean and modern layout focuses on images and text for maximum visual impact while remaining mobile friendly for ease of navigation on phones and tablets. One of the best Squarespace templates to showcase work if visuals are core to what you do; perfect for bloggers, influencers or artists too.

The Novo Squarespace portfolio template boasts large photos with bold contrast, an easy navigation bar and flexible layout options to meet your specific needs. You can create blog and contact pages easily. It is sure to make your work stand out among competitors! Additionally, its design will make an eye-catching first impression and stand out among others in your industry. Plus it is user-friendly; flexible layout can easily adapt according to personal preference allowing for customisability of each page of your portfolio!

This Squarespace template for Ux Portfolio is ideal for graphic designers or photographers to display their portfolio online. With simple descriptions for each image, visitors will quickly understand what they’re viewing. Furthermore, the template also allows for video intros as an excellent way to introduce yourself and showcase your work.

Tepito, designed specifically for photographers and creatives, is another fantastic template to use when building a Squarespace portfolio. With its beautiful minimalistic design and stunning homepage that will capture audience interest, Tepito allows users to display their location via their website.

Tepito is an elegant Squarespace template suitable for creative portfolios of any kind. The design is minimal yet stylish, featuring dark colors to make your content pop out more. Plus, this fully responsive template is simple to edit – easily changing colors or fonts as needed!

Although many Squarespace templates are similar, this one stands out as it uses a full-width header image to highlight projects you’ve completed. The rest of the page consists of grid projects arranged by category with detailed descriptions for each one. While this website is easy to navigate and visually appealing, it may not be ideal for certain forms of work.


This template is perfect for showcasing photography, design, or other creative work. With its clean and elegant design that will appeal to a broad audience, as well as its blog section allowing for blogging or news updates – this template can easily be customized and applied for any type of project.

Squarespace portfolios are an effective way to showcase your creative abilities and gain new clients. A professional-looking website is essential in the creative industry, and Squarespace provides numerous templates designed specifically to suit different niches. Utilizing one as your portfolio template saves both time and money while still allowing you to make it unique!

Squarespace is an exceptional tool for building websites, offering well-organized templates preloaded with all the features you’ll need for an online portfolio. These features include layouts, fonts, colors and pictures; plus you can personalize fonts and color schemes to suit your brand identity; add or delete pages as necessary and responsive mobile viewing support.

This template, which was designed using user experience principles, is perfect for showcasing digital design work. Featuring an attractive tile-style layout and easily customizable content management capabilities, the 7.1 version features two project pages, a blog page and Founder personal pages – perfect for presenting digital design work to an audience.

Are You Searching for an Elegant and Distinct Portfolio? Squarespace Templates for Photographers May Be Just the Solution

Before selecting a Squarespace template for your photography portfolio website, it is essential that you take some time and carefully consider what you want the website to look like. Start by compiling a list of elements you would like included, then compare this list against those of other professionals in your field to find one that best meets your needs and then narrow your choices down until finding something unique that sets you apart from competition.

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