SharpSpring CRM Pricing and Features Review

Every day, consumers receive marketing messages. This is a known fact. Marketing automation software is used to deliver many of these messages. Sharpspring CRM is a marketing automation software that helps to increase engagement in social media campaigns, website, video, and end email content. We don’t have to tell you that customers who are engaged with you will […]

8 Biggest and Largest Shopify Store Brands

Shopify is a subscription-based platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and then sell their products. Shopify POS can be used by Shopify brands to create physical stores. Shopify allows you to sync inventory and stock from both your online and offline businesses. This makes it possible for you to manage both accounts on […]

Narrative Shopify Theme Review and How to Redirect Cart?

If you’re looking for a creative and modern shopping experience, you should definitely check out the Narrative Shopify Theme. It’s got everything you need to create an online store that looks great and functions like a dream – plus, it’s easy to use. In this review, we’ll show you just how great this theme is […]

Shopify Scripts Generator and API Easy Tips

We love everything scripts do: simple promotions to complex promotions, and especially story-driven promotions. We want to show each Shopify Plus Merchant how they can run their first Shopify Script! We all remember when script jobs were in high demand and that they were expensive. We made the experience enjoyable for our clients by doing everything possible. […]

The Shopify Theme and APP CLI Tools Pro Tips

Shopify’s CLI is one of the most powerful tools to build Shopify apps. Shopify CLI assists Shopify Partners with a variety of app-building tasks. It includes the creation of Node.js, PHP and Ruby on Rails apps as well as developing app extensions, themes and Shopify Scripts (currently beta). Shopify CLI automates many of these tasks, which simplifies […]

Square Terminal Review and It Is Worth Use?

Square is a well-respected company that offers payment processing tools and systems. Square is a payment processing system that helps merchants of all backgrounds grow their businesses in today’s digital world. It offers everything you need, from online selling accounts to point-of-sale machines in person. To keep costs down, you can use your Square solution with an […]

Why We Say Shopify is the Best CMS? 10 Reasons

Shopify is an all in one e-commerce platform that’s ideal for small and medium-sized businesses of all sizes. For a flat monthly fee, businesses can set up an online shop to sell, market, and distribute products. Shopify was first and foremost an online e-commerce platform. Then it became a Content Management System. Shopify gives shop owners the […]

Can You Get Scammed on Shopify? Avoid this 7 Practice

Shopify powers much of the ecommerce industry.Scams are a real threat to both business owners and consumers.There is always money to be made and people looking to make a profit. Shopify is thriving and the platform offers more benefits than it has.But, it is important to be aware of all the potential downsides of such a […]

6 Best Drupal CMS Alternatives and Competitors

You will need the right content management software, whether you are creating a website from scratch or upgrading an existing one. Content management systems (CMS) are tools that allow you to edit and optimize your website in any way you like, without having to use complex APIs or PHP code. Although some CMS solutions give you […]

PayPal Subscription and Recurring Payments Discussed

PayPal Recurring payments is a great way to quickly create subscription plans for products and services. This is a great solution to manage and automate subscription billing. Continue reading if you are unsure if PayPal Recurring Payments is right for you. There are many topics to be covered, so let’s get started. What are PayPal Recurring […]