4 Best Magento Hosting Providers in the UK

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Although many hosts can meet Magento’s basic hosting requirements, Magento stores have unique needs when compared to other websites hosted on different platforms like WooCommerce and Joomla. This is especially true for eCommerce stores that receive a lot (traffic) and/or have a lot in stock.

It is important to select a web host that meets all the requirements of Magento hosting. This will help your Magento online store load quickly and reliably.

Your hosting provider should have certain essential features. Consider, for example, is the server’s location within a reasonable distance of your primary audience? Is your web hosting provider fast enough to handle large amounts of traffic? What compatibility does this hosting offer with Magento? What security features does the hosting offer such as SSL certificates and two-factor authentication? Consider factors such as ssd storage or Magento optimization.

You need to answer these questions in order to choose the right host for your Magento site. The exact features of a hosting plan will determine the type of service you use. The best plan for you business depends on many factors, such as your monthly traffic, your product offerings, and so forth.

To put it simply, you must review the features offered by each host and determine which one is best for your brand. It’s important to offer fast page loading for customers. This is why it makes sense to pick a host with features such as caching and closeby servers. If you receive a lot of UK traffic, you will want to choose a web host service that has servers in the United Kingdom. This will ensure that your website loads quickly and is accessible to search engines and users.

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This roundup includes 7 of the most trusted Magento hosting providers in the UK. These include options for professional shops that can pay hundreds of dollars per month, as well as options for small online stores and individuals who are just starting out with Magento.

This information will help you choose the best host for your website. First, let’s answer some questions.

Let’s get started.

What is the importance of finding the best Magento hosting in the UK?

Magento is arguably the most used CMS by thousands of ecommerce websites. The platform is used by global brands like Paul Smith, Christian Louboutin and Caskers. The CMS is preferred by most businesses for its flexibility, scalability, and international sales. These amazing features are not enough to support your website’s needs. This is why choosing the wrong web host to host your Magento store could cause major website problems and technical issues.

How to Choose Hosting Providers

Before we move on to hosting services, it is important to mention that Magento has 2 editions.

  • Commerce – The Commerce edition lets you buy and receive features like page builder, cloud delivery and other B2B options.
  • Open Source – The free open-source edition is available and you can download it. You will then need to build your own website.
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The Adobe Commerce commerce edition was recently renamed. The commerce license is already integrated with Cloud services and hosting, so you don’t need to worry about hosting. This version is best for enterprises as it costs $22,000 per annum. Open-source software is also great and can manage a website with many products, high traffic and custom features.

Despite this, you will need to maintain your Open Source hosting. The choice must be made carefully. Magento doesn’t have any band limits. However, some hosting plans may not be scalable enough to withstand high traffic spikes. Your hosting service should be ready for this. If you make a bad choice, you could miss out on the powerful Magento features available to you. You also risk spending money on unnecessary resources and losing prospects.


SiteGround provides excellent customer service and security. SiteGround also offers free automatic Magento installation via Softaculous. SiteGround’s main selling point is its affordability. SiteGround’s Magento plans, especially when compared to other hosting providers, are more affordable than others, especially with the introductory discounts. It offers the best value for money in terms of the features it offers.

This best Magento host in UK includes automatic upgrades, ultra-fast PHP, GIT Version control, one-click staging and unmetered traffic. It also offers unlimited databases, caching outside-of-the box, daily backup, daily backup, daily backup, daily backup, unlimited databases, and unlimited databases. SiteGround has servers worldwide and offers location-specific hosting. SiteGround offers data centers in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the UK.

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SiteGround’s speed is exceptional, even during high traffic spikes. SiteGround’s server response times make it one of the fastest hosts. SiteGround allows you to easily upgrade to a higher or lower plan. This allows you to scale your store as you grow. All plans come with top-notch customer support.


SiteGround offers three plans for Magento users

SiteGround offers three major plans that offer the same features, but with greater capacity. SiteGround offers higher plans with additional features like priority support, on demand backup copies, white label customers, and staging + GIT.

Startup: This plan is $4.99 per Month

GrowBig: GrowBig costs $7.99 per month.

GoGeek: This plan is $14.99 per Month


SiteGround offers very fast servers.

SSL and CDN free

The hosting company offers 24/7 customer support via email, chat, or phone.

There are many server locations.


You will need to pay a setup charge if you select the monthly billing option.

SiteGround has very limited storage space.

Best for

SiteGround is the best option for Magento users with low to medium traffic in the UK. It’s affordable and features-packed.


Nexcess provides managed Magento hosting services that are focused on security, speed, and scaling. Nexcess offers features such as dedicated IP addresses, auto-scaling, speed testing, and advanced caching to ensure super-fast loading. You can even get a CDN built in that covers 22 locations. This is a great option if you have international traffic.

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You also get 24/7 support from Magento experts and security monitoring. This is the best UK hosting service. You can also save 50% on your initial 4 month Nexcess managed Magento subscription.

All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Nexcess is more expensive than SiteGround and offers 50GB of disk space. If you select the cheapest plan, you can only support 20 concurrent users.

However, all plans can have more than one domain name. The first plan allows for 10 domains. All plans offer free Magento site migrations, and all plans are PCI compliant.


Nexcess has 6 pricing options, as shown below. Each plan has a different price depending on how many concurrent users you have, disk space available, permitted domains, bandwidth, and other factors.

XS: The XS Plan costs $49 per Month.

S: This plan is $99 per month.

M: $179 per Month

L: The L plan is $299 per month.

XL: This plan is $549 per month.

XXL: The XXL plan is $849 per month.


Nexcess has over 20 servers via CDN which increases the speed of your site.

Nexcess is a PCI compliant host service. This means that you can securely process payments and protect your customers’ data.

Support is available 24/7 via chat, email, and phone. There are also platform experts with Magento expertise who are available to assist you.

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All plans include free Magento migration


Concurrent users have a limited number of options

There is not enough disk space

This web host provider comes in at the top of the list when compared to other options.

Best for

This plan is ideal for owners of e-commerce websites with multiple stores and who wish to expand their reach.


Hostinger is a top UK hosting service for Magento. It offers a free domain and some of its plans within your first year. Hostinger offers plans that can accommodate medium traffic, from 10,000 users per month to 100,000.

Hostinger’s compelling features include storage starting at 30GB, dedicated IP and free SSL certificate. You can also get build assistance from Magento experts. Hostinger is a great choice for your Magento because of its cache manager, which speeds up load times and speeds, PHP configuration and multiple PHP versions availability.

Higher plans include daily backups, domain registration and SSH access.

Hostinger offers powerful features and a very affordable price for Magento hosting. Hostinger’s pricing is very similar to SiteGround.


Hostinger offers three primary plans. Most of the plans offer the same features, but the higher plans have more capacity.

Single Plan: Single plan is $1.39/month. This plan does NOT include daily backups or SSH access.

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Premium Plan: Premium plans cost $2.59 per Month. It doesn’t include daily backups.

Business Plan: The Business Plan costs $3.99 per Month and includes daily backups.

All plans include 24/7 support via live chat


Hostinger offers 24/7 customer support via live chat.

You get a domain for free with the Premium or Business plan.

All plans include weekly backups.

It is very affordable.


Only the Business plan provides daily backups.

Hostinger uses a customized panel. While it is easy to use, it may take some time for users who are more familiar using cPanel to get it right.

Best for

Hostinger is a great option for Magento users in the UK looking for an affordable solution with lots of features.


Because GoDaddy is so ubiquitous, you can’t make a list about hosting without it. They are often synonymous with low prices and good performance. GoDaddy is more expensive than other Magento hosting providers in the UK.

GoDaddy for Magento has a few compelling features, such as the one-click installation. Godaddy’s hosting is a great choice for anyone who wants to start in the eCommerce industry. You can also purchase SSL certificates and domain names so that you can keep everything under one provider.

GoDaddy may not be the best choice for Magento store owners looking for speed and security, but it does offer many features that will help newbies get started. GoDaddy is PCI-compliant. This means that customers’ payments will be safe with the host. However, if you require card information from customers for your eCommerce store, the user must verify it for PCI compliance.

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Other great features include GoDaddy’s 99% uptime guarantee and daily website backups. You can also set up automatic accounts.


GoDaddy offers several business plans, but one specifically for Magento is Grow. It costs PS25.99 per monthly for the first year, and then it is renewed at PS52.99 each month thereafter. Grow offers unlimited traffic, unlimited websites and databases, and unlimited SSL.


GoDaddy offers the industry-standard cPanel to manage backup and security, app installation, and app installation.

All plans come with a 1-click installation

The UK Magento hosting offers unlimited traffic, databases, websites, and more.


GoDaddy is not the fastest when it comes to loading speed.

Magento plans offer limited storage

It is more expensive than other items on the list.

Best for

This plan is ideal for users who need a quick way to start their eCommerce store.


Bluehost is one the oldest web hosting companies on this list. Bluehost offers excellent support and fast servers, which is what top Magento hosting providers offer. Bluehost offers a variety of hosting plans to suit both small and large businesses. Bluehost can handle high traffic efficiently without slowing down your eCommerce store’s load times.

You can set them up in just one click. The UK Magento host uses the standard cPanel to manage its hosting. Bluehost offers support via a large number of videos and written guides. You can also contact them via phone or live chat.

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BlueHost offers four primary hosting plans

Basic: The Magento hosting plan is $2.95 per Month. Renewal is $8.99 per month

Plus: The Plus plan is $5.45 per Month. This plan is $11.99. After the first year.

Choice Plus: The Choice Plus is $5.45 per Month. This plan renews for $16.99

GoPro: For the first year, this plan is only $13.95 per monthly. Renewal is $26.99


BlueHost offers a free domain after signing up

This Magento host guarantees 99.97% availability.

BlueHost offers a variety of plans to suit all budgets.


Signing up for more is a very aggressive way to sell. You may need to remove any unnecessary ones.

Domain renewal price is quite high.

Best for

Magento users who plan to scale their stores will find this plan most useful.


Cloudways offers a unique approach to Magento website hosting in UK. Cloudways does not offer hosting infrastructure. Instead, you can choose your cloud hosting service from a variety of options, including Vultr and DigitalOcean. Linode is also available.

Cloudways will help you choose a hosting provider and Cloud VPS resources that you want to use. They also secure it for you to make sure your Magento website is safe and running smoothly.

This allows you to enjoy great performance at a low price. It does however add some complexity to the ease of use. This is not the best option for hobbyists.

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It includes full-page caching of Magento 1 stores. There are also additional caching options such as Memcached and Redis.


Cloudways offers two major Magento plans, each with its own pricing options:

Standard Plan: This plan includes 6 plans. The most popular plan is $40 per month. It features 80GB storage, 4TB bandwidth, and costs $40 per year. Standard plans are $10 per month, and offer 25GB storage and 1TB bandwidth.

Premium Plan: This plan includes 5 plans. The most popular plan is $50 per month. The cheapest premium plan is $12 per month.


Cloudways allows you to choose your cloud hosting.

All plans include 24/7 customer service.

CDN add-on available to increase speed

Cloudways plans all feature advanced cache options.

Cloudways uses a Magento stack to speed up loading times.


Cloudways pricing for popular Magento plans is very expensive. The starter plans, however, are very affordable.

Cloudways can be confusing for beginners who don’t have a lot of knowledge about hosting.

Best for

This plan is ideal for Magento users in the UK, who need a lot more flexibility and a plan that’s tailored specifically to Magento.

Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub offers many compelling features for Magento hosting, including 1-click Magento installation and hassle-free Magento transfer with zero downtime.

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It also offers support from Magento experts. This hosting service also comes with a $150 credit for Yahoo! Bing.

Additionally, you’ll get the same benefits as most Magento hosting providers: a free domain name, a free SSD, a free SSL, unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, unlimited bandwidth, storage, and unlimited bandwidth. However, backups cost $1 per month.

Web Hosting Hub offers the option to select the best server location for your eCommerce site. This is a great feature. The provider offers a few bonus tools to help boost your store such as a website designer to personalize your store and the ability to add blogs.


Web Hosting Hub offers three pricing options for Magento hosting.

Spark: This is a great starter plan. It costs $7.99 per monthly if you select to pay for one year, and $5.99 per months if your choice to pay for three years.

Nitro: This plan is ideal for small businesses. It costs $9.99 per monthly if you choose to opt for 1 year, and $7.99 per month for 3 years.

Dynamo: This plan provides the most resources and is designed for dynamic websites. It costs $11.99 per Month if you select 1 year, $9.99 if 3 years.


Web Hosting Hub provides a free domain with every plan.

Yahoo! offers 150 advertising credits free of charge Bing.

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It also includes a 1-click Magento install.


The pricing for the chosen plan will be significantly higher if you don’t sign up for 3 years.

Web Hosting Hub charges additional fees to ensure security and backups.

Web Hosting Hub may sometimes require additional information, such as a call to verify your account.

Best for

Web Hosting Hub is the best choice for Magento beginners who are looking for a low-cost, Magento-focused web hosting provider in the UK.


It is essential to find the best Magento hosting UK for your eCommerce store. This will ensure that your customers have the best possible experience. SiteGround and Nexcess offer fast load times and server responses due to their multiple server locations and out of the box caching feature. Nexcess is also PCI-compliant. This means that you can securely process consumer payments without worrying about their safety.

Cloudways and Web hosting Hub also offer flexibility, allowing users to choose their cloud host from a variety of options, such as Vultr and Google Cloud.

Your specific requirements will determine which hosting service is best for you. Hostinger, BlueHost and SiteGround all offer great options if you are looking for affordability. If you are concerned about payment processing, Nexcess is PCI-compliant. Match your website goals to the features offered by the hosting provider.