5 Best Retail / eCommerce POS System Integration

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Retail POS systems are increasingly sought after by brick and mortar shops.

Many retailers are trying to improve their point-of-sale systems. It’s not an easy task, considering you need to compare various retail POS systems and also incur potential high upgrade costs.

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You’ve come to the right place. This guide goes beyond the information we have provided in our best POS system article and reveals the most reliable retail POS systems.

Keep reading to learn all about the features, pricing details, and the target market for each POS system.

What is a Retail POS System?

Retail (Point-of-Sale) POS systems combine specialized software and hardware to allow for payments, record keeping, and management of core business elements.

Shopify POS

Shopify is most well-known for its online selling capabilities. However, Shopify POS adds to its robust ecommerce platform by providing a robust point-of-sale system called Shopify POS. This team is primarily focused on helping Shopify’s online merchants grow their businesses via in-store sales.

Although Shopify POS isn’t solely focused on retail, it has outperformed many other specialized retail solutions. It’s widely considered one of the top retail POS systems.

It offers a variety of features, including contactless payment processing and card based transaction, unlimited product management, customer data management, inventory tracking and reporting, analytics, remote selling, and customer information management.

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You can use the system as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. You can set up temporary stores anywhere you like and sell from any location.

Shopify POS allows you to quickly generate receipts, accept payments, process orders and locate products wherever you are.

The Shopify online platform makes all of this possible. It provides the foundation for its point-of-sale app. A web-based dashboard is available to help you manage your retail business.

Shopify can sync multiple brick-and-mortar stores and provide a unified management platform.

You can monitor employee activity, create staff PINs, monitor multiple payments channels, view cash register configurations and issue refunds.

Shopify POS allows for extensive customizations when it comes to product management. Your items can be organized based on many parameters such as price, vendor and sale, season, type and category. You can make as many product variants as you like.

Shopify POS offers a variety of tools to track, create, and control discounts, making it easy for you to drive sales. For example, you could offer minimum purchase discounts or limited quantity discounts. You can also define buyer parameters to get discounts.

Shopify POS card readers can process all major credit cards including American Express, MasterCard, and Visa when it comes to payment. But that’s not all. The system will accept partial payments, split tenders and gift cards.

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Shopify also offers a wide range of integrations. Most of these can be purchased directly from the Shopify App Store. You should be able customize your retail POS system with the addition of functionalities.

Shopify POS Retail System Hardware

Shopify POS is available for both Android and iOS. It also comes with a card reader that allows you to accept contactless, chip, swipe and swipe payments.

You can also purchase hardware peripherals for your retail POS system directly from Shopify.

Cash drawers, receipt printers, paper, barcode scanners and label printers, iPad stands, and tap and chip card readers are just a few of the units available.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify POS Retail System Pricing

Shopify Lite: Shopify Lite costs $9 per month and offers unlimited support, unlimited devices, unlimited product options, Shopify Payments compulsory Shopify Payments, Shopify payments in-person credit rate of 2.7% + 0C/, but without the ability to create an online store.

Basic Shopify Plan: Basic Shopify offers Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter sales channels, unlimited products and 2 staff accounts. Shopify Payments online credit cards rate of 2.9% +30C/ and Shopify Payments in person credit cards rate of 2.7% +0C/ are available. Ecommerce store integration is also possible.

Shopify Plan: The Shopify Plan costs $79 per month and includes abandoned cart recovery, professional reporting, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter sales channels as well as unlimited devices and unlimited products. There is also an additional fee of 1.0% to pay for external payment processor. Shopify Payments online credit cards rate of 2.6% + 30C/ Shopify Payments in person credit card rate at 2.5% + 0C/. Plus, ecommerce capabilities.

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Advanced Shopify Plan: Advanced Shopify offers you third-party calculated shipping prices, advanced report builder and professional reports. It costs $299 per month. Advanced Shopify also gives you gift cards, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter sales channels, unlimited devices. There is an additional fee of 0.5% to process external payments. Shopify Payments online credit rate of 2.4% +30C/, Shopify Payments local credit card rate at 2.4% + 0C/, and ecommerce capabilities.

Shopify Plus: Shopify Plus is available for large businesses and has custom pricing.

Why Shopify POS Retail System Should You Use?

Shopify POS is not available as a standalone unit. This means Shopify’s entire platform is perfect for offline retailers looking to open secondary shops.

It’s also great for accepting and selling on the go. If you are interested in pop-up shops, this system might be worth considering.

Square for Retail

Square is a well-known payment processing company. It was only recently that Square ventured into the world business apps.

Its specialties include point of sale. The company now offers a variety of cloud-based, high-quality POS system solutions. Square POS is the main point-of-sale software. It’s followed by smaller, but more specialized applications such as Square for Retail.

Although you can use Square for Retail’s main Square POS system in your retail shop, it cannot match Square for Retail. You will find point-of-sale features designed for retailers of all sizes.

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It also includes built-in payment processing.

Regardless of what you think, payment processing is the most important function here. Square has been an expert in payment handling since its inception.

There’s one catch. Square for Retail POS supports only one payment gateway. You’re correct, Square Payments is the only payment gateway that you will be permitted to use. (View our Square Payments review.

Square Payments, on the other hand, is very robust and simple. It can be used to accept credit cards as well as contactless payments such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

This is what you will get. Square for Retail can accept offline payments despite being a cloud-based retailPOS system. This feature is very useful if you have internet connectivity problems.

Square for Retail also has the ability to integrate ecommerce. This allows you expand your business beyond brick and mortar locations and into the realm of online selling.

To accept keyed transactions, however, you do not need this setup. Square for Retail allows your customers to pay directly from their browsers with credit cards. However, keyed payments have a slightly higher processing fee than swiped payments.

Square for Retail is also a leader in customer relationship management. Square for Retail’s CRM capabilities enable you to communicate with customers, create intelligent insights from customer data, automate segmentation, track customer transactions, and set up customer profiles during checkout.

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Square for Retail makes it easy to manage your checkouts. Customers can pay in part or submit split tenders. You can also apply store credit, gift certificates, discounts, or tips.

Once payment has been received, you will be able to send personalized text receipts, printed receipts and e-receipts to your customers.

Square for Retail covers back-office inventory management.

You can organize your vendor information, track your stock levels, create inventory notifications, monitor progress of purchase orders, make purchase orders, direct purchase orders at vendors, track multistore inventory levels and transfer items between stores. Match vendors with their products. Print barcode labels.

Square for Retail POS System Hardware

Square sells compatible hardware peripherals such as a Square POS Stand for iPad, Square card reader to accept chip cards and NFC payments and a thermal receipt printer.

Square For Retail POS System Prices

Each location register costs only $60 per month. Each additional location register costs $20 per month. Accepting cards costs 2.5% + 10C/ per swipe, dip, and tap.

Subscribe to Square For Retail and get instant bank transfers, Square Secure payments, Square Pay via magstripe, Apple Pay and Google Pay reports, including information about employee sales, inventory history (projection profit, gross sales data), inventory by category, and the value of the goods purchased.

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Square For Retail also includes tools for vendor management, inventory organization by category, multilocation stock management and purchase orders. It also offers low-stock notifications, barcode labels, integration with Instagram, as well as ecommerce integration.

The Square Retail POS System: Who should you consider?

Square for Retail offers a wide range of flexibility. Small businesses can easily adopt Square for Retail, whether they have one location or multiple locations. It should be easy to sync, transfer, and track stock across multiple locations.

Square for Retail’s powerful inventory management system makes it one of the most popular retail POS systems for large volumes of SKUs.

Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale

We mentioned Lightspeed in our recent Best Restaurant POS System Roundup. There are two versions of Lightspeed: Lightspeed for Restaurants and Lightspeed for Retail.

The Lightspeed RetailPOS system is just as effective as its restaurant counterpart. It is a cloud-based software designed for brick and mortar businesses that deal in home decor, sports goods, apparel, supplies, and golf.

However, this does not mean that other retail businesses will not be able use it efficiently. Lightspeed Retail POS systems offer a variety of flexible and solid functionalities that can be used by almost any type of business.

The software is known for its inventory management and reporting capabilities. It also has the ability to manage customer orders, quoting, and customer management.

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The Lightspeed Retail POS system is a great inventory management and analysis tool. It is easy to track your stock in multiple stores and coordinate the sales process.

You can assign each item a serial number which allows you to track stock numbers and generate insight about stock levels. You can even use the matrix framework to enter and configure item variants according to their material, size, color, etc.

Lightspeed Retail POS allows you to add the details of your vendors and their catalogs. You can place orders right from the system and replenish your stock.

If you have multiple stores, vendors should be able direct them to different delivery points based on stock levels. You can also move items between stores.

As customers continue to shop in your stores, Lightspeed Retail POS automatically saves their information. These customer profiles can be used to assess and offer discounts, make notes, or take note of specific individuals.

Lightspeed Retail POS system provides powerful analytics across multiple channels. This system gives you a complete view of your business by providing detailed insight into marketing efforts, employee performance and inventory. It also provides insights into customers, sales, customer, and other relevant information. It is also updated in real time to ensure maximum accuracy.

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Payment processing is another notable function. Lightspeed also launched its own payment processing platform in 2019, as it turned out. Lightspeed Payments is now integrated into the retail POS software. It can handle all major credit cards and debit cards as well as mobile payments.

Here’s the catch. Lightspeed Payments are only available to US-based retailers. If you are planning to open a business in another country, it is best not to worry about it.

The LightSpeed Retail POS system does not limit you to just its payment processing services. There are many options in the app marketplace. You can also integrate for marketing, reporting and CRM.

You also get Lightspeed’s integration with ecommerce, which allows you to grow your retail business through selling online.

Lightspeed Retail POS System Hardware

The Lightspeed Retail POS system can be used from both iOS and desktop computers. It only offers two hardware options.

For starters, the desktop bundle includes a USB barcode scanner and cash drawer. The iPad kit comes with a cash drawer, a receipt printer and a Bluetooth barcode scanner.

It is worth noting that you can mix and match peripherals to create your bundle in any way you choose.

Lightspeed Retail POS System Pricing

Basic: The Basic package costs $79 per month, or $69 per year, and offers the essential features of a retail POS system as well as payment processing.

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Starter: $119 per month, billed monthly, or $99 per year, the Starter package provides additional ecommerce integration and payment processing capabilities beyond what is required for retail POS systems.

Standard: $139/month billed monthly, or $119/month billed annually. The Standard package includes essential retail POS features and payment processing. It also offers accounting capabilities.

Advanced: $189 per month billed monthly, or $169 per year billed annually. The Advanced plan combines basic retail POS system features and payment processing integration with accounting and customer loyalty program tools.

Pro: The Lightspeed retail POS software feature set can be purchased for $259 per month (billed monthly) or $229 per year (billed annually). This package includes retail POS capabilities, payment integration, accounting, customer loyalty programs, and analytics.

Enterprise: This package is for large businesses or high-volume retail merchants who have unique needs. However, the pricing is flexible and will be determined on an individual basis.

Who should consider using the Lightspeed Retail Point-of-Sale System?

The Lightspeed RetailPOS can be used by any type of retail business, as we have shown. It has many settings that can be customized based on what products you sell and where your store is located.

The Lightspeed Retail POS system works well for home decor, sports goods, electronics, pets, supplies, golf, biking, and apparel businesses.

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Vend POS

Vend POS, a retail point-of-sale solution, is well-known for its outstanding inventory management tools and omnichannel sales framework. It is basically what you would call a holistic retail management solution.

You can access the software directly from a desktop browser via the cloud. If you plan to sell your items on the go, the iPad version might be a good choice. You can even process transactions offline.

That sounds wonderful. The Vend POS system’s greatest strength is its inventory management tools. A central console will allow you to manage, edit, customize, track, and track all your items.

This allows you to arrange your inventory according to your needs by placing your products into custom variants. You can also use product bundling for different product options.

As you distribute your products to the appropriate sales channels, Vend retail POS gives you several options for barcodes. It can print, as well as create and import barcodes for your items.

Vend’s flexibility, as well as its robust information structure, makes managing customers easy. The system allows you to collect data through custom forms, in addition to keeping customer information organized. You can also take advantage of its customer loyalty programs to increase repeat customers.

You might also consider adding additional sales channels to improve your customer experience. Vend’s retail POS system allows you to create an ecommerce website. It takes only a few clicks to design the entire thing. In no time, you’ll be selling online.

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The best part about such a system is, of course omnichannel selling. Your customers could browse, select and pay online for the items they want, then pick up their orders at your brick and mortar store. It’s simple, fast, and easy to make payments online using processors such as PayPal.

This is not the only option for payment. Vend’s retail POS system can accept almost all major payment methods: credit cards, debit cards and gift cards, cash, checks, and so on.

You could accept payments in the form or partial payments, deposits, tenders, or payment splitting between multiple customers.

Hardware Available for Vend POS POS Retail Systems

Vend Retail’s POS system can be used with almost any hardware. It should work with most standard POS peripherals.

You can also buy hardware directly from Vend. You can also purchase accessories such as iPad cases, iPad stands and cash drawers.

If all of this seems overwhelming, you can choose any one of these bundle options.

Mac Bundle: Includes a scanner, cash drawer and a Mac compatible printer.

The PC Bundle includes a scanner, cash drawer and a compatible printer.

iPad Bundle: Includes a cash drawer and printer, as well as an iPad stand and optional accessories.

Vend POS POS Retail System Prices

Lite: The Lite package is $119 per month if billed monthly, or $99 per year if billed annually. This package includes inventory management, small business reporting, 24/7 email support, unlimited customers, and 24/7 email support. This is ideal for small businesses that have a monthly turnover less than $20,000 and operate one retail outlet. Each additional register costs $59 per month, or $49 annually.

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Pro: The Pro package is $159 per month if billed monthly and $129 per year if billed annually. This package adds to the Lite plan functionality with API access, loyalty and gift cards, as well as unlimited user accounts. Multi-store retailers that have a monthly turnover greater than $20,000. Registers for additional stores are available at the same price as those in the Lite plan.

Enterprise: Vend provides a customized quote, all Pro features, as well as personalized onboarding and a dedicated Account Manager. This is for large businesses with more than six stores. However, each additional register is charged at $49 per month or $39 annually.

Who should consider using the Vend POS Retail System for their business?

Vend POS has many features, but the thing that makes it stand out is its inventory management capabilities. It is based on omnichannel stock management, reporting and other features.

It’s an excellent retail POS system for small businesses that have large inventories and offer a wide range of product variants.


SumUp is a popular retail POS system in Europe. SumUp is a top-rated retail POS system in Europe.

The US is a very different place. SumUp hasn’t been around that long. Although SumUp was only recently introduced to the US market, it has been steadily growing.

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Its users from both Europe and America have been raving about its unique approach to retail point-of-sale systems. Sum UP’s retail POS system was designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, rather than a rich feature set. It comes with the minimum features, which ensures retailers an easy experience.

A mobile device connects via Bluetooth to a SumUp card reader. The POS system itself is composed of a SumUp card reader and a mobile device. The reader will then facilitate magstripe and chip card forms of payment while the POS handles contactless transactions.

SumUp POS is available for both Android and iOS users. However, they must be connected to the internet in order to access its features.

We’re referring to inventory management, employee management and checkout management.

SumUp retail POS system allows you to manage your inventory with an intuitive interface. It can handle unlimited products and all their descriptions, prices, and photo fields.

This is not all. You can also include your custom variants of each product and the appropriate tax rates.

SumUp mobile POS allows you to add multiple employees to the system. The system tracks each account to give insight into sales data and employee performance.

Customers receive a virtual terminal that allows them to make quick and easy payments. They can enter card details and pay by tapping through the SumUp card reader.

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Here’s the catch. The SumUp retail POS system does not provide this service by default, even though the customer terminal is a very useful tool. It can only be obtained by contacting the company and submitting copies of tax filings, as well as your EIN.

You will have to rely on the default checkout options in the interim. SumUp retail POS system has a solid set of checkout tools.

You should also be able create invoices, issue refunds and configure tip amounts. Once payment is received, the system can print receipts using a Bluetooth printer or send virtual ones via email.

You can also process Bitcoin and cash payments electronically.

SumUP Retail POS System Hardware

SumUp, a mobile retail POS software system, is available in both Android and iOS apps. It should be easy to set it up on your Android tablet, iPhone, or iPad.

SumUp Bluetooth card reader is required for card payment processing. It’s available as an additional device at $19. A receipt printer is another peripheral that you may want to connect via Bluetooth.

SumUP Retail POS System Pricing

SumUp retail POS systems are completely free. The card reader costs $19 Its mobile apps and online dashboard are free to use.

When you start processing transactions, you’ll lose money. You won’t lose much, however, as card processing costs are charged at a uniform rate 2.65% per transaction.

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SumUp is therefore a budget-friendly option on our top retail POS systems.

SumUP Retail Point-of-Sale System: Who Should Use It?

SumUP retail POS is a mobile app that provides basic functionality through a simple and intuitive interface. It’s also completely free, and charges 2.65% per card.

This makes it ideal to start a small retail business, solopreneurs or freelancers.

Revel Systems POS

Revel POS, a PCI-compliant retail point-of-sale solution, is designed to streamline your in-store operations by providing employee management, customer relationship management and remote mobile tracking. It also allows you to process payments.

Revel’s retail POS system allows for integration of various online payment processors via an API. You should be able leverage your preferred payment processor to keep transaction costs low.

Revel Systems is also a top retail POS software in terms of customer experience. Customers can have their own customized display to make transactions easier.

Customers can view and make purchases, place electronic signatures, send tips, select email receipts, and choose to receive them by email. You can also use the customer display system to promote special offers and drive upsells.

Revel Systems POS also allows you to reward repeat customers through loyalty programs. Revel Systems POS allows you to reward repeat buyers with loyalty points. These loyalty points can be awarded for certain products, purchase amounts or transactions.

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Revel will track each customer’s progress in real time, and then it will do its part. You should be able monitor their progress and reward all qualified customers accordingly.

You can also offer discounts to your customers directly through the POS software. You can use it to create and award coupons, dollar-off discount, group discounts, percentage discounts, happy hour discounts, and other special discounts.

But that’s not all. Gift cards could be used to increase customer loyalty and attract new customers. All gift cards can be issued at this site and processed quickly during checkout.

The Revel retail POS system also provides tools for customer relationship management. These tools are designed to increase conversions by engaging with and tracking customers.

You can give them a shot if you decide to. The buyer’s journey begins with Revel’s customer display. This captures and stores your customers’ details along with their contact email addresses for future marketing.

You can view the profiles of your customers, add additional details, import lists and segment your buyers from external sources from the primary management console.

Revel Systems POS also analyzes this data to provide accurate insights into customers’ buying patterns and habits. You could use the results to target specific customers with relevant campaigns.

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You can also track customer information. Revel’s retail POS system can also be used to track inventory and manage it. It continuously monitors stock levels and sends alerts when they are low.

The system will allow you to quickly follow up by creating purchase orders. These are then sent to the appropriate product vendors for fast restocking.

Revel Systems is a great tool for managing complex inventories, especially for merchants who deal with a large number of products. You can use it to organize your product categories and the variants. You can then display your products in a neat, granular manner.

This retail POS system is also a great solution for enterprise management. It allows you to coordinate inventory, employees, customers and transactions across multiple stores. This system combines real-time insight with payroll processing and employee scheduling.

Revel Systems Retail POS System Hardware

Revel Systems POS provides all the hardware necessary to set up a fully functional retail POS system.

RevelGuard network diagnostics devices, scales. printers. mobile ordering devices. wireless routers access points. stand-alone self-service kiosks. cash drawers. tills. caller id devices. barcode scanners.

Guess what? Revel Systems partnered with Apple Financial Services in order to make it easier for business owners to acquire retail POS hardware.

You can save money by leasing instead of buying everything at once. You get the benefit from a partnership between these companies, and you can also cover the cost through an extended payment plan.

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Revel Systems Retail POS System Pricing

Revel Systems POS software costs you minimum $99 per month per point of sale terminal. You get an intuitive interface, cloud backup, always-on mode, unlimited users, personalized onboarding and 24/7 phone support.

The flat transaction rate for card processing is 1.00%-4.99%. This includes online statements and reporting as well as processing of all major cards. There is also an in-house support team, Apple Pay support, EMV support, and dedicated support.

If you want your POS system to be installed by Revel’s technical specialists, it will cost at most $649. This package includes setup, hardware installation, menu consultation training, system onboarding, and payment set-up.

Revel Systems Retail Point-of-Sale System: Who Should Use It?

Revel Systems POS has everything you need to support large retailers and mid-sized businesses. It supports multi-location enterprise management and has robust inventory management features that can accommodate up to 500,000 SKUs.

Combine that with the customer display system, employee management, and customer relationship management tools, you get a truly comprehensive retail POS system.

Revel Systems also offers restaurant POS functionality for online ordering, menu creation, kitchen management and table management.

It can also support food trucks, coffee shops and breweries.