5 Popular Urban Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers Globally

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This article will help you find the right dropshippers for urban fashion clothing.

This guy is also a dropship merchant.

Urban clothing dropshipper experience

Allen is a clothing entrepreneur in Los Angeles, USA. He is a urban clothing dropshipper. He was an avid consumer of clothing before he started his retail clothing business. He was fascinated by urban clothing’s design and was constantly learning about fashion design. He began to consider starting a clothing retail business.

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He was born during an era of rapid Internet development. The e-commerce sector developed especially quickly.

At a gathering of friends from the apparel retail industry, he learned about dropshipping and was also familiar with a number of urban clothing dropshippers and manufacturers.

He became a clothing retailer through this partnership. He can also run a dropship company to supply other businesses with supplies.

Why choose dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a way to help merchants open stores. The store does not keep the inventory of the products it sells.

Instead, when a merchant sells a product, it purchases the product ( urban clothing or fitness clothing from a third party and sends it directly to the merchant’s customer.

The business did not even see or process the product he sold. He was also struggling to get commercial financing at the time.

He discovered that the internet is a great way to sell products and services. The start-up costs of dropshipping are often lower than those of traditional retail stores.

Allen is now a retail entrepreneur and a dropshipper of urban clothing. He is dedicated to providing quality goods for more merchants. Allen is thrilled to be able to sell the things he loves through his dropshipping business.

Check out this overview of urban clothing dropships

Urban clothing is a fashion category that is popular with international brands and local famous brands, many customers prefer reading fashion blogs online, and try to get closer to the fashion they recognized and loved.

You can find clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags and wallets in this collection. Designer-designed products are generally more popular among consumers. They can be found in shopping centers, retail stores, wholesale markets, and other places.

Most cases, it takes years to build a brand and corporate image. A customer can only trust the quality and reliability of the products provided by the seller if they have a certain level of brand credibility.

However, retailers and brands have managed to attract the right customers and established their brand image by expanding their product lines and offering more affordable products. The target market is young fashion-oriented people, so hip-hop items have been introduced with bold and rich designs.

The brand’s design is elegant, inviting and very attractive.

Dropshippers of urban fashion clothing: Business opportunity

Cross-border ecommerce is developing faster than ever, and there is an increasing level of openness in all countries.

Cross-border ecommerce apparel is another hot industry.

What are the potential opportunities for cross-border apparel?

What product lines should you be focusing on this year?

* Product line for women

Dresses: The first keyword for platform search volume is dresses. Global demand is high, especially in April and June.

Swimwear: These orders are mostly for small wholesale quantities, but have a good understanding of the most popular elements. The sales season runs from March through June.

Triangl Swinwear and Multikind One-piece Swimwear are predicted to explode. Maxi Dresses are also expected to explode.

*Men’s, underwear, cosplay, etc.

Men’s wear

Cosplay: Although the demand is low, this product has a high profit margin. This category should be focused on recent releases of anime movies and other popular elements. The peak season is August to December, which coincides with the release of the most recent anime movies.

Underwear: The season has not had a significant impact on the demand for this item. Wholesale orders are small.

Urban fashion clothing dropshippers: The benefits of dropshipping urban clothing

Fashion is a huge market. We all know that clothes are not necessary for every person.

Our needs are just different. The level of clothing, food and housing has increased with the advancement of society.

Our focus has become more critical. Fashion is a continuous cycle. Fashion is evolving, but the fashion sense has remained constant. Fashion is a pursuit.

Many urban clothing dropshippers have many business opportunities as a result of the constant change.

The apparel industry is driven by the film and entertainment industries.

Young people, in particular, love excitement. Visual stimuli, tactile stimuli, etc. All stimuli will stimulate our desire to consume.

Entertainment can be seen as a place to relax and entertain, which can lead to consumers becoming more interested in the industry. You might see a star actress wearing a particular fashion item or the clothes she wears in a movie.

You can also dance in this area. Young people who enjoy street dancing, such as hip pop dance, will love hip-pop clothing. Hip hop clothing dropshippers will see a lot of success with this consumer.

Retro-styled fashions are also popular with young people, who are always on the lookout for fashion. They are the target audience for vintage clothing dropshippers and dancewear suppliers.

Dropship’s business model appeals to many clothing companies.

Dropshipping is a simple and efficient business model. The merchant chooses the clothing product he would like to sell on his online shop based on his idea or customer request. He then publishes all relevant information about the product.

The wholesale price is taken from the supplier when a customer places an online order. The price is paid and then sold at the seller’s price. Only businesses deal with sales issues.

Other things, such as logistics and transport, apparel packaging, packaging external, logistics, and so on, are not something you need to worry about.

Businesses can also offer their own service, which they can do at any time, from anywhere in the world, and without geographic restrictions. This simple business model is possible when businesses locate urban clothing dropshippers.

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These are the top 5 dropshippers of urban fashion clothing.

I think it doesn’t matter if you are a distributor or urban fashion dropshipper. You should be asking where you can find urban dropshippers.

These five urban fashion dropshippers will help you find the right answer.


Brandsdistribution is a website that distributes online B2B designer clothes and accessories. It offers dropshippers for fashion urban clothing in more than 170 countries and has over 120 brands. This website has more than 300,000. Registered dealers. It is worth business trust.

Brandsdistribution does not require merchants to order minimum quantities. You can also receive emails every day with new apparel and accessories. Merchants can download images of the products. Sign up now for a free account


Coco-fashio was established in Poland in 2015. This online boutique specializes in haute couture and offers a wide range of business and casual styles, including blazers and jackets.

Coco updates over 50 products each week and focuses on local fashion brands. This is a targeted audience for fashion-conscious women between 18 and 35.

Shipping methods

1) Post office (airmail), each country has its national post office service.

* Delivery time is 6-14 days

*Freight is automatically calculated after you add items to your shopping bag

2) Express Delivery: Available by UPS, DHL and GLS

* Delivery time: 3-7 business days

*Freight is automatically calculated after you add items to your shopping bag


Many people choose dropship urban market clothes from this website. You can find suppliers easily here. It has over 1.6 million brand products and works with more then 8,000 wholesale and distributor suppliers.

Cost: $67/year (approximately $5.58/month). There are now more than 130,000 members.

599 Fashion

Everything is $5.99 or less at 599 Fashion. High quality fashion items like clothing, accessories and shoes. Allow merchants to have many options and offer new products every day.

It was established in Los Angeles in 2009. It began as a family business in a small retail store. Soon, it was expanding to other areas around Los Angeles. Today, there are 10 stores. 599 Fashion shut down its retail store in 2010 and shifted to online sales.

The key points to being an urban clothing dropshipper

You must understand that selling goods does not just involve your personal character.

To make a profit, it is better to buy in bulk at a wholesale price and to earn profits using reliable sales methods. We should also consider the different products that you sell. You should be especially careful if you are a seller of urban clothing.

The urban clothing market. It is important to understand the market for urban clothing.

What kind of urban clothing is most profitable? It is important to determine what business opportunities exist for urban clothing sales.

Which business model is best for you? No matter what product or business model you sell, it is important to be familiar with all business models. This can reduce stress in a significant way.

How do you find reliable suppliers? The quality of the supplier will directly affect the quality and quality of your product.

Last words

The garment industry should be very profitable, relative to other industries.

The demand for clothing is still high. This area is very popular for urban clothing. It has a lot of specificity, large audiences, and high demand. Dropshipping urban clothing looks very promising.

You can either be a manufacturer or a supplier of clothing. Chinabrands is the best choice of suppliers.

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