Mobile Phone Accessories Dropshipping in Malaysia

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Dropship mobile accessories in malaysia

One of the fastest growing areas in the world is Southeast Asia. This region is slowly gaining popularity for mobile Internet. According to relevant data, 120,000 Internet users will become active every day in the next five-years, while nearly 3.8 Million users will be created every month in the Southeast Asian market.

Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao report shows that many people now own more than one phone in an era where almost one man-machine is a reality. The survey revealed that the Malaysian public spent RM6.8billion (approximately RMB10.76 billion) last year to buy smart phones.

A report by the German sales investigation agency GFK states that there is a rise in Malaysians buying smart phones. According to the report, Malaysians spent RM5.4 billion, or approximately RMB 8.5 trillion, on smart phones in 2015. The report stated that Malaysians spent RM5.4 billion (approximately RMB 8.5 billion) on smart phones in 2015. The report shows that the majority of smartphones favored by Malaysians are mid-priced handsets priced between RM900 and RM1050 (roughly RMB1424 to RMB1662).

Dropship phones in Malaysia

Malaysians can purchase a variety of mobile phones: Apple, Samsung and Sony as well as Nokia, HTC, Lenovo and Huawei. Mobile phones with Chinese brands are the most popular in Malaysia. Huawei, Xiaomi, and others.

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Glory 9 Youth Edition launched its first sales in Malaysia on March 9th. 500 Glory 9 Youth Editions sold out in 5 minutes. On average, 2 units were sold every 3 seconds. This is a new record in local e-commerce sales. The second round of flash purchases that afternoon saw 1,000 glory 9 youth editions sold out quickly. This record was the first win in the glory 9th Youth Edition Malaysia.

Malaysians can also buy accessories for their phones online. You can also buy accessories for your smartwatch, such as spare parts for various types of mobile phones, memory cards, power banks, OTG, battery chargerAudio and speaker, cable and connector, microphone and speaker, Bluetooth, mobile extend display, HDMI wifi bridge, HDMI wireless display bridge, universal stander, stand / charging dock for car and bike, camera kits for mobile phones, SIM cutter tray, sim tray, music equipments, smart wristbands, universal phone cases, spare parts, and screen protector. Many people buy Bluetooth and converters.

Surveys of 7,500 Malaysian online shoppers revealed that discounts and limited-time sales are the most important factors in a customer’s order. Next came free shipping and minimum price guarantee. Ninety-seven per cent of respondents indicated that they would create a shopping list based on whether there are discounts, limited time sales, or discount coupons.

Male users love mobile phones and peripherals. Mobile phone promotion orders were 60% male in the past. Respondents are sensitive to commodity prices and 25% stated they would wait more than a month to purchase high-priced products such as mobile phones or home appliances to get more favorable prices.

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Dropship phones in Malaysia: The benefits and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of droship phones in Malaysia have become more prominent with the rapid growth.


Malaysia’s basic conditions are superior to those of other Southeast Asian countries. Malaysia has a population totalling 30 million. There are 22 million Internet users. Its per capita GDP was US$9502 in 2016, and it has maintained a high growth rate. As many as 22 million people use social networks. Their main social apps are Whatsapp, Instagram and Wechat. There are 20 million users of mobile social networks.

Logistics Foundation: Malaysia was 32nd in 2016’s World Bank logistics ranking, with 75% of its population living in urban areas. The rapid growth of the ecommerce market in Malaysia and the introduction of many Chinese technologies this year has seen the Malaysian logistics sector also experience rapid development.


However, if you don’t choose a regular dropshipper for a mobile phone purchase, you might experience a situation in which the goods aren’t on the board, your business loses credibility and the customer suffers losses.

According to Malaysia’s Nanyang Business Daily, a Malaysian-Chinese man purchased an HTC Desire 820 smartphone online. The box contained the phone’s mobile phone, which he removed from the box. The mobile phone was valued at RM1,217 (approximately RMB2,175). It has an eight-core processor that is compatible with 4G dual card dual-network phones.

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CHEN claimed that the courier did not pay much attention to the mobile phone when he handed it over to him. After signing the contract, CHEN discovered that all accessories, including chargers and batteries for mobile phones, were missing from the box. He stated that he immediately reported the matter to the police station and then submitted the paper to the appropriate online retailer.

The company stated that they would investigate, but did not provide any positive response. He stated that there have been previous purchases from this shop. He said that the company transaction was successful, but that this time he encountered a problem.

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