6 Best Wholesale Suppliers for Chinese Dresses

Over hundreds of years, Chinese fashion has drawn many people to its beautiful design. This niche offers great opportunities for wholesale businesses.

This post will introduce you to some of the top Chinese dress wholesalers as well as the tricks and tips in the Chinese dress industry.

Let’s get started without further delay…

Why is Chinese Dress so Popular?

People are becoming more fond of Chinese clothing and have become loyal fans. Here are some reasons people love Chinese dress:

. Unique Fashion Design

The Chinese have been fashion-conscious since ancient times. They wear traditional dresses and flowy materials. From hundreds of years, the Chinese girls have been wearing simple and elegant single-piece dresses.

. Traditional Chinese Culture

Chinese dress is the emblem of Chinese traditional culture, and many Chinese culture enthusiasts are drawn to this unique design.

. Influencer Broadcasting

Actresses wear Chinese clothes like Hanfu and Cheongsam to make them more popular with the female population.

. Extraordinary Gift

These fashionable, chic and flowing fashion garments from China are the perfect gifts to show off the graceful beauty of women. These vintage garments are difficult to find in other parts of the world.

Chinese dresses have evolved with the times. They are no longer traditional and now feature modern designs, latest fabrics, sews, and hems.

China’s Best Wholesale Suppliers of Chinese Dress

Shenzhen Yali Clothing Co. Ltd.

Sincere efforts are made to design and manufacture high-quality Hanfu for their clients. The company has grown to be a multi-service exporter with a large supplier base in China.

Since 25 years, they have been able to source nearly any manufactured product that involves fabric weaving. They live by the motto “Strive for Perfection.”

Yiwu Zhong Lai Commodity Co. Ltd.

They are experts in traditional Chinese dress, such as Evening dresses and Party dresses. To give the dress a graceful look, they use A-class satin, charmeuse and chiffon as well as taffeta, georgette to make it.

They have full-fledged departments for research and development, manufacturing, quality control, purchase, administration, finance, and sales to ensure the highest quality products on the market.

Through their advanced machinery and high production capacity, the company strives to design unique and high-quality dresses. To give customers the perfect dress, we make ends meet.

Yiwu Blue Home Commodity Co. Ltd.

A wide range of high-quality products are available at reasonable prices. You can easily contact them via their website through an online inquiry form.

Their motto is “Quality, Credit, Price, and Prompt Delivery” and their management of work follows the principle “zero defects, zero complaints” in order to produce high-quality products.

They create unique designs and their stitching is excellent to please customers. International trade is a benefit for clients because they can communicate with other regions around the globe.

Dongguan Hui Li Industry Co., Ltd.

A wide range of high-quality products are available at reasonable prices. You can easily contact them via their website through an online inquiry form.

They believe in quality first, service first and continuous improvement to meet customers’ needs. Their work management is guided by the principle of zero defect, zero complaints to ensure high-quality products.

They have unique designs and the stitching is flawless to please their customers. The company’s annual output value is between US$50 million and US$100 million. All orders require a minimum lead time of 1 month.

Guangzhou Z&Z Digital Textile Co. Ltd

This unit is used to produce beautiful products by digitally printing. It combines high-quality fabrics that have been sewed together.

There are many products available, from pure silk fabrics like silk georgette, silk chiffon and silk CDC to silk habotai, sheer satin, and fabrics made of other materials such as cotton, wool, cashmere, and nylon cloth.

The company is made up of highly qualified employees, the latest equipment, and automated management. The company can deliver approximately 5000m of fabric per day. It promises to deliver bulk orders on time and customized.

High quality products and a highly skilled team are the assets of this company. They strive to provide client satisfaction. They welcome customers from all over the world to do business with them.

The company’s annual output value is US$50 million to US$100million with 41% to 50 percent exports.

Shanghai Story

Shanghai Story is a well-known brand that offers units for garment processing, design, production, sales, and export. The company has grown steadily and with continuous hard work.

With a steady partnership and long-term business relationships for bulk orders, the range of products can be sold to 36 countries.

The company enjoys a better business reputation around the world. Shanghai Story is an innovative apparel brand that combines traditional culture and modern styles.

The company maintains the Chinese tradition while combining elegance and creativity.

Shanghai Tang

This company offers a great combination of high-quality Chinese tailoring and chic designs and fabrics. It is difficult to maintain the elegance of tradition in modern gowns with changing trends.

Shanghai Tang is the ultimate solution. Their expert team blends old and new to create their masterpieces.

Modern and retro mix in celebration of contrast, as the company’s slogan says. To create their signature collection, the company collaborates closely with designers.

All orders will be shipped via standard service courier. Please allow time for delivery.

How do I find Chinese Dress Vendors?

Many people are confused about how to find reliable suppliers for their Chinese dress business. Some take a lot of time to identify great suppliers so I have included some tips to help you locate a good Chinese dress supplier.

. Google is your friend

Google is a great resource for any business, whether it’s a start-up or an established Chinese clothing company. You can search wholesale eyelashes distributors online and find suppliers that you can work with.

. Locate Businesses that are Exiting the Industry to Place Bulk Orders

This is an excellent way to get wholesale deals for your Chinese dress shop. Many businesses exit the industry and sell their stock wholesale. Some stock will be priced below wholesale.

It is vital that you buy products out of passion and not because they are inexpensive. You should ensure that stock is in good order. Before purchasing stock, verify that the business is not closing for the right reasons.

. Use the Yellow Pages

Look for wholesale stocks on the Yellow Pages within your area. Find wholesalers that sell the products you are interested in and offer competitive prices if you find one.

Shipping is now easy. You don’t have to limit yourself to your local area.

. Buy from International Companies

This option is great if you’re just starting out or if you have a tight budget. This option is best if you are able to wait for stock to arrive. Many large international companies offer products at affordable prices.

Verify that the Chinese dresses you receive from large companies are high quality before making a purchase.

. Bulk Wholesale Orders

Some companies compile lists of wholesalers that offer different Chinese dresses. This list will help you to avoid having to search for every supplier.

How do you choose the best Chinese dress suppliers?

There are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing the best Chinese dress supplier. These are:

1. Reliable Shipping

You could lose a lot of money if a Chinese dress supplier arrives late to your order. Unreliable suppliers can make your business look bad to customers.

Look for a wholesale supplier that offers product traceability, automated shipping alerts, as well as an understanding of the shipping requirements of the industry.

2. Price

Wholesale Chinese dress suppliers should offer the best prices. The following factors could impact the price:

* Shipping distances.

* The relationship between the wholesaler and the manufacturer.

* Based on geographic locations, currency exchange rates

These factors show that price is not determined solely by volume. It is important to work with suppliers that allow you to make large profit margins.

3. Customer Service

There are some questions that you should ask before you decide to work with a Chinese clothing vendor. These questions include:

* Can I reach out to customer service to discuss a problem?

* Do you have a support number or live chat?

Before you decide to work with a supplier, make sure you have the ability to get answers whenever you need them.

4. Product Offerings

Before you decide to partner with a Chinese dress distributor or retailer, verify that the supplier has the products you want.

It is a good idea to work with suppliers who have a clear and easy-to-search catalog. Check how readily available the products are. This will ensure you have enough stock.

The Best Selling Chinese Dresses for Business Inspiration

You don’t have to be afraid to wear a traditional Chinese gown for a special occasion. It will give you the perfect look you have always wanted. These are the top four vintage Chinese dresses that clients most desire.

1. Modern Cheongsam

Modern cheongsam comes in a variety of beautiful colors and prints. These dresses are beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear. It is a desirable addition to any wardrobe.

This vintage-designed dress can be made in a variety of floral prints, including striped or geometries.

To make it stand out, combine silky fabrics with modern cuts and sewn. You can also choose a modern cheongsam with mermaid cuts for a better fit.

2. Retro Chinese Dress

A retro Chinese dress can make you look elegant and stylish. You can choose from silk to satin depending on your body type and how it fits.

Choose the length that suits your style and comfort. Many retro dresses can be worn below the knee, but you have the option to choose full-length versions.

This retro Chinese dress features a high collar neck and floral print. You can choose to have a lower collar or a button neck. Traditional Chinese couture is known for its fit and cut to enhance your body.

3. Vintage Cheongsam

For its beauty and tradition, many designers and tailors have included vintage cheongsam in their collections. Many of them offer a variety of vintage fabrics so you can find the perfect vintage cheongsam to suit your special occasion.

The dress is gracefully wearable by sticking to the old floral designs and silk fabric.

This is the perfect way to add a modern touch to this stunning one-piece.

4. Hanfu

Hanfu, another traditional Chinese dress, is very popular with young Chinese. Hanfu has a cross collar and a knee-length skirt. It can be wrapped with either a trouser or skirt.

The dress’s beauty is enhanced by the puffy sleeves and silk cuffs.

The Best Tips for Buying Chinese Dress

Here are some quick tips for buying Chinese dresses

* Size and shape

It’s a well-known fact that Asians tend to be of small stature. It is important to consider the size before you buy any Chinese clothing.

The built in the USA is much larger than that of Asians, particularly the busts. If you are looking for a dress that is small or medium in Asia, don’t buy it if your build is larger elsewhere.

Before you buy a dress, make sure your measurements are accurate.

* Quality

All that glitters is not always gold. While what you see online may be a high-quality image of a dress, the actual item sold might not be.

These dresses often look like fashion brands, and are usually made from satin or other thin fabrics. Before you make a purchase, it is important that you verify the quality and weight.

* Communication

It is always a good idea to speak to sellers before making a purchase. You might check with the seller before purchasing a dress, as the size charts can vary between countries.

You can avoid unnecessary shipping costs by getting complete information from the sellers to save you money on return shipping.