8 Best Oil Burners Wholesale Suppliers US and UK

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You have to decide what to sell and to whom. As a seller, you have to find a business that has a large customer base and a high profit margin. The best business doesn’t always exist. Trying to follow the crowd will only increase the competition.

You don’t want your potential reseller to be like everyone else. Instead, look for a business that has more demand than the competition. Are you sure that such a business isn’t possible? Let me introduce one: “Oil burners wholesale for the resale industry”.

It’s obvious that the wholesale oil burners business is not the most popular and it’s certainly not the most glamorous. But think about this: When everyone follows the crowd, there is more competition, which increases the struggle for buyers. However, when you become a wholesale oil burners distributor, there are fewer competitors and a larger customer base.

Although it may seem like every business is easy, in reality there are no guarantees that it will be a success. I’m sorry to disappoint you if this seems like an easy business. However, as with all businesses, your chances of success are high. This could be your ticket into six figures every month if done right. You risk losing all of your capital. This is something you don’t want.

I am here to help.

Consider these Factors Before You Buy Wholesale Oil Burners

It is not enough to decide to be a wholesale oil burner vendor. When it comes to selecting a distributor, materials, places to sell them, and brands to purchase, you have to make the right decision. Let’s start with the categories of products we want to sell.

How to sell

There are many oil burner products, including wicks, wax melts, fragrance lamps, and wicks. These products can be made from different materials, such as ceramics, glass or metal. You want to be the best reseller. It is not a coincidence that certain products sell better than others. One product is more popular than another.

Modern home decor materials include ceramics, glass, and crystal. These decorations make our homes look elegant and classic. This shows you care about aesthetics and your taste.

This fact means that products made of these materials will appeal to customers who have high expectations. This product will increase your profit margin as you sell to the upper class, who have the money to buy without complaining.

However, the demand for products made of metals, brasses, fabric, and other resins is slowly declining. They are considered outdated and outmoded.

You have the option of either going into general oil burner wholesale, or choosing one of the many products. Whatever your decision, it is important that you choose a product with high demand such as wholesale fragrance oil burners. Everybody wants their apartment to have a beautiful look and a pleasant smell.

Distributors of top wholesale oil burners

Wholesale oil burner sellers want the best deals from distributors. Finding a trustworthy distributor with positive customer reviews is your first challenge. It’s not about quantity, but quality. While it is true that you may want to purchase products at a lower price, it is important to ensure they are satisfactory in quality. Your business will end in failure if you are trying to make profits at the expense of your customers.

Distributors with proven track records and a reputation for selling high-quality products are best if you plan to sell wholesale fragrance oil burners.

Some brands specialize in selling oil burners, like Versace is to fashion. You have many options when it comes choosing an oil burner brand to wholesale your products.

Below are the top home decor products from Nike and Adidas:

* Puckator

* Carousel home

* Yankee candle

* Sophia

* Klass home collection

* Lotusandlime

* Something different



* Artist haat

* Piquaboo

These manufacturers are not available for direct purchase. It is necessary to purchase from their distributors. These are the top wholesale oil burners distributors you can trust.

1. Zlifearoma

Zilfearoma, a Chinese company located in Huizhou (Guangdong China), is the home of this brand. This company is a manufacturer of aroma diffusers and fragrance oil burners. Their customer base includes North America, Africa and South America.

Service overview

* Manufacture

* Factory suppliers

* Service is first-come, first-served

* Offer high-quality products at an affordable price

Zilfearoma is the manufacturer of their product, which is different from other companies. You can order at the company’s price. This will increase your profit margin. There are many products on their site, including electric oil burners and essential oil diffusers. They also sell wholesale oil burner lamps. These products can be purchased through the company’s approved supplier.

Recommendation: Zilfearoma should be recommended to mini importers who are serious about starting a wholesale oil burner business. These products are inexpensive, but they usually have a minimum order quantity of 500. This is discouraged for small-budget mini importers.

They offer ODM and OEM services. You can order a sample product to reduce the chance of receiving substandard products before you place your bulk order.

2. Ouwave Aroma

This company is a space-aroma diffuser company, and it’s located in Shenzhen (China). They are the leading distributors and manufacturers of home appliances in China. They offer essential oil, home oil burners as well as wax melts and scent machines. Ouwave allows you to get both a burner lamp and a fragrance all in one. They are known for their expertise in more than 70 countries.

Service overview

* Production of essential oil

* Branding

* Olfactory marketing

* Sales and distribution

* Dealer in home appliance

Distributor of high quality scent diffusers

* Installations

Recommendation: Ouwave is a great choice for sellers who want to try modern oil burners or electric scented machines. Importers won’t find it the most suitable because of the weight of the products. This will result in a high shipping cost.

It’s a good idea to give ouwave an opportunity if your customers are interested in digital scent diffusers.

3. Ashleigh and burwood

If you live in the UK, Ashleigh and Burwood are the best places to find all your home fragrances and accessories. You can find incense holders and scented candles as well as oil burners lamps wholesale. You can only burn Ashleigh or burwood by going through their sales representative. This agent will be available to you after you sign up for a trade account.

Services Overview

* Distribution and sales of home fragrances

* Good customer service

* Sales aid

* Delivery

Recommendation When you buy directly from Ashleigh or burwood, the prices are lower than those from Amazon and eBay. If you live in the UK, it is easier to buy wholesale directly from the manufacturer.

4. Puckator

There is no better wholesale distributor for oil burners than puckator. They carry a variety of oil burners, including the Eden collection, which is made from metal, glass, and stone. They also offer a wide range of wholesale products, including oil burners.

Service overview

* Gift shop

* Sales and distribution

* Wide range of products

* Over 100 unique designs to pick from

Recommendation at puckator you will get the best price on all products. Wholesalers won’t find better deals than you will here.

5. Ancient wisdom

The original Ancient Wisdom gift shop was located in Sheffield and Derbyshire. They are now one of the most highly-respected producers of aromatherapy products, including essential oils and fragrance bottles.

Service overview

* Delivery within 3-4 Days


* Designs that are not in the box

* Private label branding

Recommendation : ancient Wisdom is especially suitable for wholesalers looking to get rid of regular for creativity like owl oil burners or classic Buddha oil burners.


Etsdesign was established in 2003 as a wholesale oil burner business. It is located in Georgia, USA. They are known for their exceptional glass designs and top-of-the-line fragrances.

Service overview

* Electric oil burners

* Fashion jewelry

* Accessories for the home

For importers and those living in the US who want to start small. This store sells classic electric oil burners starting at $4


Aromar is a distributor, wholesaler and manufacturer of oil burners and other fragrance products. The product range starts at $1, and sales are not open to the public without a vendor license.

Service overview

* Sale at a competitive price

* Deliver both the sale and the delivery

* Strict marketing rules

* Exclusively wholesale

* Top manufacturers of touch oil burners

Recommendation: For sellers in the US their strict rules make navigation difficult for individuals unless they are licensed vendors.

8. Nomivex

Nomivex is not just a manufacturer, but also a distributor who wholesales oil burners to retailers in Australia. They stock some of the most beautiful oil burners at a lower price.

Service overview

* Warehouses with more than 5,000 products

* Serve as a middleman between retailers and suppliers

* Importers

* Manufactures unique quality giftware’s

Recommendation for Australian Retailers:


Eroma is based in Sydney, Australia. However, they have a showroom in Preston. They are Australia’s largest home appliance manufacturer and dealer. They offer wholesale fragrance oil burners and a wide range of glassware, wicks, oil burner lamp, and 500 fragrances to choose from.

Service overview

* Website that is user-friendly

* Pick up service for offers

* One or more orders

* Soap and fragrance making

* Allows you to design a personalized fragrance

The Eroma Service is only available within Australia. This service is ideal for sellers who wish to order small quantities of products before purchasing more.

Where can I buy the best oil burners at a wholesale price?

You don’t want your time wasted selling your products in pieces after you have purchased your products from distributors. There are many e-commerce websites that can be used to sell your products, including Chinabrands and Amazon. Amazon is the most well-known, but it’s better suited to small orders. AliExpress and Chinabrands allow you to sell wholesale to people around the globe.

Is there any UK supplier of oil burners wholesale?

There are many, and I could go on. But here are a few to keep in mind:

* IEP wholesales

* Wholesalers of Sparks gifts

* Geetees

* Jones wholesale

* Aromatize

Where can I buy wholesale glass oil burner pipes?

UK, US, and Australia sellers

* Amazon

* eBay

* Design your own website

* Offline

China wholesalers

* Chinabrands

* AliExpress

* Alibaba

* DHgate

Is there an oil burner wholesaler in Australia?

Although Australia isn’t a very popular place for wholesale oil burners there are a few suppliers that can help you get them.

* Asra aromas

* Malik traders

* Oil burners


Wholesale oil burners business offers you a wide range of options when it comes down to the products that you want to sell. You can save a lot of time by using already established platforms like Amazon or eBay to sell your products.