8 Best Wholesale Body Jewelry Manufacturers

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Wholesale body jewelry can be very expensive due to the high demand for jewelry in 21st century. You shouldn’t be concerned! We will help you find reliable suppliers.

Body jewelry can be a lucrative business venture as people are constantly looking for new fashion trends. It all depends on the quality and price of the jewelry. Your jewelry products will be loved more if they are of higher quality. You will also be able to outdo your competition if you offer affordable products.

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for top suppliers of wholesale body jewelry all over the globe. Check out our top 9 wholesale jewelry suppliers. We’ve selected the top suppliers at the most affordable prices.

Wholesale body jewelry supplies at a lower price will give you more profit margin, allowing you to increase your sales.

APM Body Jewelry:

APM Body Jewelry, a wholesale supplier of body jewelry, is based in the USA. It was founded in 2001 and has been a hit with jewelry lovers ever since.

They can be found at St. Vincent Jewelry Center in Los Angeles.

Overview of

* You can expect faster shipping and delivery.

* The lowest direct factory price.

* On request, material certifications can be obtained

* Accepts OEM orders

Orders over $300 qualify for free domestic shipping

Orders over $500 qualify for free international shipping

* Discounts based on order size You get a discount of 5 percent if you buy $5000 jewelry, and 25% if $5000.

* They have a showroom at 640 S. Hill Street #240 in Los Angeles.

* We offer all types of body jewelries, including wholesale piercing jewellery.

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APM Body Jewelry is an excellent choice for large orders because of their discounts. You have a better chance of getting it shipped for free if your order is larger than usual.

Monster Steel:

Monster steel is a well-known wholesale supplier of body jewelry, focusing mainly on piercing jewelry. It has been operating for more than 13 years. They have proven to be a reliable supplier of wholesale body jewel supplies, especially Maryland where there are many tattooed residents.


* Wholesale online suppliers of jewelry related to tattoos and piercing.

* You can check the status of your order once you have placed it. Simply enter your email address along with your order number in the order lookup section.

Orders over $200 qualify for free shipping if they are shipped to the US. Delivery takes on average 5-10 business days.

* International shipping rates will vary depending on where you are located and the goods being shipped.

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Monster Steel is the best option for purchasing wholesale body jewelry if you’re shipping from America. Enjoy fast shipping and free shipping.


XPjewelry, a wholesaler of body jewelry, is based in Hong Kong. They offer a variety of body jewelry including stainless steel jewelry, gold-plated jewelry, body jewellery, and all other types of jewelry.

It can be both a jewel manufacturer and a vendor.


* ODM and OEM orders are accepted by custom jewelry manufacturers.

All items require a minimum order of 2-12pcs. The type of item will determine the number of pieces.

* Payment methods available include PayPal, bank wire transfer, and Western Union.

* Large orders can be paid using L/C and TT.

You will need to pay a 30% deposit before any order can be shipped. The rest must be paid before shipment can begin.

Recommendation for

XPjewelry can help you create wholesale body jewelry and send them anywhere in the world. Its wide network is why it is so popular.


JewelryBund is a wholesale and manufacturing supplier of jewelry with three factories in China. You can find every type of accessory for jewelry at very reasonable prices.

The site offers valuable new body jewelry.


* Customers can find products easily on their website by using a refined selection criteria.

* They operate only online. They do not have any local stores. You can order only through their website.

They are very affordable. They produce most of the jewelry. This means that you can get it wholesale at wholesale prices without any additional costs.

* Partnership with UPS, EMS and DHL for easy shipping of items worldwide.

* Ships on weekends

* Minimum order $80

* Your delivery should be within 5 business days of placing your order

* PayPal, Western Union and Wire Transfer are all accepted payment methods. Credit Cards Payments (through PayPal)

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It’s a wholesale shop for body jewelry, especially for Western jewelry fashion and current trends.

JewelryBund is available for weekend delivery.


jswbodyjewelry, a wholesale supplier of body jewelry, is located in Omaha (USA). In 2004, they became an eBay seller before becoming a wholesale supplier of jewelry online.


* There is no minimum order.

* Delivery takes approximately 1-2 business days.

* Different discounts are offered depending on the order’s value. Orders $100-$250 qualify for a 5% discount, orders $250-$1000 qualify for a 10% discount, and orders $1000+ qualify for 15% off.

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Jswbodyjewelry can be used by jewelry dealers who want to sell at shows or online shops.


Everybodyjewelry, a wholesale distributor for body jewelry, is located in Montebello CA. They are a wholesale distributor of piercing jewellery.


* They have very affordable prices.

* They have a Montebello warehouse facility.

* Free shipping on orders above $300 and orders over $700 internationally

* You can get free samples if you are in the US. These samples will be sent directly to your destination.

* Minimum order $50

Fedex.com allows you to track your order.

* They are ICO-certified.

Recommended for

Everybodyjewelry.com recommends businesses that deal with piercing jewellery. You can also enjoy free shipping if you purchase jewelry valued over $700.


This wholesale supplier of body jewelry is the oldest in the world. It was established in 1999. They specialize in tattoo and body-piercing jewelry.


* Own a warehouse in Hanover MD.

* Do not allow bargaining.

* Payments can also be made via PayPal, MasterCard or Visa cards.

* Wholesale orders require a minimum order of $100

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PainfulPleasures has become the online wholesale destination for tattoo artists and body piercers.


Achadirect, a wholesale supplier of premium body jewelry from Thailand is available.


* Minimum order $150

* The discount is greater for larger orders.

All orders over $350 qualify for free shipping

* All countries are eligible for shipping. You can ship using EMS or FedEx.

* Payments can be made with any of the following: Bank Transfer or PayPal, Moneygram, credit card, Western Union, or credit cards.

* At their factory, they produce 14kt gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and piercing jewellery.

Recommended for

Achadirect is the best online supplier of wholesale body jewelry for large quantities.

Where can I buy wholesale body jewelry in the UK?

The UK is the main market for wholesale body jewelry suppliers. Every wholesale supplier wants to sell jewellery in the UK, which is one of the largest jewelry markets. Chinabrands, Xpjewelry, and jswbodyjewelry are some of the top wholesalers of body jewelry in the UK.

Is there a supplier of wholesale body jewelry with no minimum?

Yes. Yes. Although most wholesale body jewelry suppliers require a minimum order, some others do not have minimums such as Chinabrands.

How and where to find the best wholesale body jewelry manufacturers?

There are many wholesale body jewelry companies around the world, but you need to take care to find the best. Wholesale body jewelry manufacturers should be able to produce all types of jewelry, and also accept OEM and ODM orders. These manufacturers can sell their products at an affordable price.

This list includes some of the most reputable wholesale body jewelry companies in the world.

Do you know of any wholesale websites that sell cheap body jewelry with free shipping?

Yes. Most of them have an order minimum that you must meet to be eligible for free shipping. Some have different order targets depending on where you live.


Wholesale body jewelry at a low price is a good idea.

These wholesale suppliers of body jewelry are among the best. You can rely on them to supply quality products at affordable prices for your body jewel business.