8 Best Wholesale Suppliers for Pakistani Lawn Suits

The global textile industry is booming. Designer lawn suits from Pakistan are some of the most popular clothing in Asia.

This article will provide details about the top Pakistani lawn suit wholesale suppliers that will help you take your business to new heights. Here you will find all the answers to your most pressing questions.

Why is lawn suiting fashion business the best business decision that you’ve ever made? According to research by Statista Asia’s fashion market is expected to grow 10.2%. This means that the fashion segment in Asia will grow from US$338,117m to US$498,017m by 2023.

Wholesale suppliers of lawn suits are a great way to excel in this business.

Top Pakistani Lawn Suits Wholesalers

Before we get into the details of 7 wholesale suppliers, here is a table that summarizes the comparisons made to all suppliers.


Indiamart is not the only one that has Pakistani lawn suit wholesale suppliers. This Indian wholesale supply company was founded in 1999 to connect buyers and suppliers. Indiamart offers thousands of products, and 97,000 to the buyers.

Service Overview

* Solutions for new product launches

* Provider of lead management systems

* Provision of a large marketplace for buyers and sellers

* Connecting buyers with suppliers

* Secure payment programs

* Creating distribution networks

* Promotional services for corporate partners

Delivery time for your products is not a concern. All deliveries are made within 3-7 business days of receiving your order. They have a low minimum order requirement. This varies between items, but it is usually 5-10 pieces.

Recommend for:

Indiamart is the best online wholesale Pakistan supplier if you don’t have the capital to purchase large quantities of products. Buyers who deal with many products should also consider this option.


This company is a designer clothing manufacturer that specializes in Pakistani lawn suits wholesale. All types of Lawn suit designs will be available here at wholesale prices and large price reductions on the items. This will allow you to maximize your profit.

Service Overview

* Shipping is free

* Order tracking

* Third-party links to sites that deal with similar products

* Secure Razorpay payment method

Although exact delivery times are not provided by the supplier, orders placed during weekdays are processed immediately and weekends orders are processed on Monday. Every order that is shipped in Secure Tamper Proof bags is carefully inspected to ensure it is the right product.

Recommend for;

YourLibaas is the best supplier for Pakistani lawn suits with chiffon dupatta. YourLibaas can deliver your products to India if you don’t have the funds to ship them.

The fashion station

The Fashion Station is one of the top wholesale Pakistani clothing suppliers India, offering a wide range of Top Unstitched Pakistani and Indian suits brands. The Fashion Station has been nominated by Power Brands for Raising Stars 2018. They are now one of the most trusted suppliers of top-quality clothing brands online.

Service Overview

* Bulk orders available

* Free and quick shipping within India

* 24hr customer query response

* Tracking system for orders

Cash delivery is available, but only for a small fee

The Fashion Station is committed to quality. All clothing purchased from manufacturers by The Fashion Station is subject to strict quality control. This ensures that every product sold in their stores meets the highest standards. They ship their products worldwide via FedEx, DHL or Aramex at an affordable price and in the fastest time possible.

Recommend for;

Fashion Station specializes in top-quality silk lawn suits. This company offers the best Pakistani suits and is a great place to place your order. This company is one of the few bulk suppliers for lawn suits. If you are looking to bulk buy products, this is the place for you.


Yellowmist, an Indian wholesale supplier company, deals with Indian and Pakistani suits. It was established in New Delhi in 2014. Its products are generally cheaper because they are manufactured in the company where they are made. Yellowmist.com offers Pakistani suit wholesale online to Canada, USA, Australia and UK.

Service Overview

* Shipping worldwide

* Bulk supply

* Customer orders can be customized

* Advertising services

* Order tracking services

This company specializes in Pakistani and Indian women’s clothing. If an order is not placed by a specific date, it will be delivered within 4-7 business days using air courier service providers around the world. All orders are shipped from their warehouses. Orders above Rs. 2,000/- qualify for free shipping

Recommend for;

This company is ideal for wholesale buyers who specialize in women’s clothing. Customers may need their lawn suits custom-made by them. Yellowmist is the only company that offers self-designed suits.


Chitku is an online supplier of wholesale supplies from Dubai. It offers a wide range of products, both old and new. It is an online platform for B2B selling all types of products at a very competitive price. To sell on this site, you will need an account. Chitku also offers partner companies promotional services.

Service Overview

* Rental services

* Promotional or advertising services

It’s a business directory

* A collection of both old and new

* PayPal payment services

The UAE directory features the largest number of product categories, most of which are third-party products. No minimum order quantity is required as most products can be purchased within the country. Chitku.ue offers services such as repairs, health/beauty, and auditions.

Recommend for:

Chitku is highly recommended for companies who deal with many types of products. Chitku is the place to go if you’re looking for chauffeurs, nanny sitters and writers.


MoonTextile, a Chinese company founded in 1984, is involved in the production and wholesale supply its own manufactured unstitched and stitched cloths. They specialize in textiles for men and women. Every month, new patterns for Lawn suits are created. This helps the company stay ahead of other suppliers.

Services Overview

* Flexible payment methods

* Fabrication of Pakistani lawn suits

* Improved quality and design of patterns

* For bulk orders, advance payments

MoonTextile offers free shipping for customers who pay in advance. The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces. A price hike is unavoidable for any purchase below the set MOQ.

Recommend for;

This Textile Company/ Wholesale Supplier will be a great choice for wholesale Pakistani clothing suppliers who are interested in new monthly beautiful. This is the perfect option for small buyers who want to sell in their own shops. They are just as valuable as bulk buyers, and delivery is made right at their doorsteps.


It is a B2B online directory. They also offer wholesale suppliers of all product categories from top brands around the globe at lower prices than you would find elsewhere. It is located in New Delhi, India.

Service Overview

* Connecting buyers with sellers

* Provide a platform for online traders

* Wide range of products

* Easy-to-use product listing policies

* No delivery charges for bulk orders

This company has a minimum order quantity of 7 pieces. Their prices range from US$ 8.90 to US$ 18.90 for the stitched. The delivery time is not stated. My experience with them is that it takes between 3-7 days from the moment the order is released.

Recommend for:

Go4WorldBusiness is best suited for buyers with low capital, as their minimum order quantity is 7. It is ideal for buyers who lack warehouses. The company ships most of its supplies directly from verified distributors or stores.

How to Locate the Best Distributors of Pakistani Lawn Suits Wholesalers in Mumbai

TradeIndian.com is the best place to find Pakistani lawn suits. This directory is one of the most popular B2B online directories. These companies can be found on Justdial.com.

What are your tips for buying Pakistani Suits online?

A) There has been an alarming increase in the number and quality of Pakistani replica suits due to increasing demand. It is important to distinguish the authentic from the copy.

b) It is important to source your products only from manufacturers who are familiar with the current fashion trends. Otherwise, you may end up with old suits.

c) There are some manufacturers that are very expensive. To maximize your profits, do your research and find the most competitive supplier.

It is worth looking at the simplicity of your supplier’s return policy. Many Pakistani suits look almost identical, so if your supplier refuses to return goods, it can really mess you up.

Where can I buy Pakistani Lawn Suits wholesale in the USA

You can also wholesale the Salaishop, which aims to expose South Asian culture in America, and the Dressrepublic.

Where can I buy Pakistani Lawn Suits in The UK?

Your Pakistani lawn suit can be purchased by many retailers. These are some online shops that you can sell to. Alibaba is always open to unique products, so you might not be able to meet their demand. These lawn suits are also in high demand on eBay.


It is easy to find the best wholesale Pakistani suits online. All women, young and old, are constantly on the hunt for the latest and most popular lawn suits. This is a great business investment that will grow very quickly.